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Adam Levine Fragrance Ad & Video - Watch Now!

Adam Levine Fragrance Ad & Video - Watch Now!

Check out Adam Levine looking super sexy in the ad and his video for his new fragrance, which is now available in Macy’s stores nationwide.

“All right, I typically hate celebrity fragrances. It’s not that I hate celebrities and it’s not that I hate fragrances. It’s that when I see them, I don’t necessarily believe the people who were promoting them were particularly connected to what they were making,” the 34-year-old Maroon 5 singer says in the clip, directed by Travis Schneider.

“You don’t want to be alarmed by a scent. You want it to be alluring or mysterious in some way. You don’t want to feel like you ripped a page out of a magazine and rubbed it all over your body,” Adam adds. “You want to have something that is uniquely your own, and that’s how I feel about a lot of things.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Adam Levine’s fragrance video?

Adam Levine Fragrance Video

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  • Uh

    What a hypocrite Last year, he tweeted: “I also would like to put an official ban on celebrity fragrances. Punishable by death from this point forward.”

  • mar5sucks


    another talentless hack trying to sell “perfume” that smells like his a$$

  • Sam

    He’s Hot.

  • ??

    Anyone see the picture NIna Agdal tweeted? That Adam’s dog??

  • gino

    What does this video even mean? some random chicks, old ladies with flowers, bikes.. The director messed up. Rotten video.

  • Rachel

    @??: Are you trying to say that Behati and Nina are carrying on an affair with a dog that looks like Bones?

  • Rachel

    @gino: Travis Schneider (aka bootswallace on IG and Twitter) is responsible for this piece of crap.

  • Shevine is real

    Adam can do whatever he wants! and I want it!

  • prismneedsyou

    That guy was born with everything, his singer carrier is a way to express himself artisticly speaking ( but it is also lucrative) then WHY does he still feel the need to pollute the world with some more cheap perfume. Can’t he just be greatful?

  • Ava

    This guy has to be a queer… He voice and mannerisms are so gay…

  • Dolce

    I actually like the video. Yeah, it was a little random seeing the women – not sure what exactly the connection is there (well, Adam Levine’s perfume is also for women, so that could be a reason).

    But, the video is nice. And I don’t think Adam is an a** for saying what he said in the video. I think he was just clarifying that YES, he still does hate celebrity fragrances and he’s mentioned that before, but he’s trying to explain why he still went ahead with a celebrity fragrance despite disliking most of them. I’ve seen him talk about his fragrance on Jay Leno before early on in the year. It’s similar to his reason of taking up The Voice. He’s disliked reality shows and fragrances, but taking them up is like a challenge for him seeing if he can do anything new with them. I don’t think that’s douche-y. But hey, it’s my opinion.

    I did smell the fragrances though at Kohls, and have to say without any bias, that the fragrances smell amazing!! Very, very classy like Adam mentioned. Not at all overpowering, just the right amount. It really does smell good.

  • Gino

    Thank you rachel. I hope directing videos is not his daytime job. Wasnt he the dude who used to put up pictures of Adams ex behootie or some name like that? Maybe he should just go back to doing that.
    This video does nothing for the fragrance. It uses cliches, like Harleys and two women smelling flowers when Adam mentions fragrances. So 1960s. And the two women in Dominatrix costumes? What was that all about?
    Want to see a good ad for fragrance ? Calvin kleins Encounter with Skarsgard and Lara stone. That is a good one. This video is a piece of c rap.
    I hope Adam hires a good director to direct his next ad.

  • British Latin American

    @mar5sucks: What are your talents?

  • Kay


    That dog sure does get around, doesn’t he? ;)

  • ItsTheTruth

    @Kay: I wish these models would try a different approach.

    Maybe Nina and Behati are the same person? Both are unexceptional.

  • AmyR

    I see there are fights between people on Behati’s IG calling Adam a jerk, etc. because he never publicly acknowledged her.

    That’s because Behati was a rebound, nothing more. She was messing with Adam while he was still with Anne. What does that say about Behati? That’s not a nice thing to do.

    Her compensation for her efforts was that Adam slept with her for a while, then got rid of her. He was never going to seriously date her. Behati knows his reputation, like every other woman does. It’s her own fault for getting involved with him, if she wanted more. That’s what happens when you start out as “the other woman.” Hopefully, she’s learned a lesson.

    I don’t think that Adam ever misled her into believing he was in love with her or anything like that. In that case, no, Adam isn’t being a jerk. I’m sure he was upfront with her about their arrangement. And you know something? Behati benefited from the attention too. It’s not as if she walked away emptyhanded.

    If people want to call Adam a jerk, then fine. But make sure you also call Behati a jerk, if only because she was the other woman in Adam’s previous relationship.

  • Irena

    When will these ladies knock off these mind games, obivously geared towards Adam’s fans?

  • vane

    i agree that the vid isn’t all that. adam u need another vid director. not this. lingerie clothed women, even leather clothed women whipping each other, not really sure how that connects with your female fragrance. adam, you deserve a better vid than this. more rock guitars, motorcyles, cars, stuff that you love, your band members if could be. but not this kind of vid. its a waste of film and at the end… WHHAAAAATTTTTT was this vid all about. good luck with future vids. it. be it cologne or perfume, i still think that the best smelling one is COOLWATER DAVIDOFF. you should try it, me thinks nina would like it.

  • AmyR

    Travis Schneider should never get another chance to make a video if he thinks this is art.

    Hell, Terry Richardson could do a better job and he’s creepy as hell.

  • Bonesxox

    First off, the video SUCKED!! I as a fan was like I hope that perfume doesn’t smell how this video looks S.H.I.T.T.Y Helen Keller could have done a better job than bootywallace. And 2nd Behati gets exactly what she deserves. When you take someones man what makes you think he can’t be taken from you. And as for Nina who is hoing on vacation with adam she’s a S.L.U.T don’t be fooled just cause she has a cute face she is going to give adam a run for his money. Nina did to behati what behati did to anne. So at the end of it all nina will get her karma just like behati got hers.But eventually its all gonna catch up to adam who thinks he’s invincible.

  • Dolce

    I thought Anne broke up with Adam because he wasn’t ready for marriage? At least, that’s what I heard.

    Also, I doubt Nina did anything to Adam and Behati’s “relationship”. They did not have an actual relationship to begin with. So Nina, in no way could have broken it or come in between them. Adam and Behati’s relationship was long over before Nina came in to the picture. We’re not even sure if Nina is even in a ‘serious’ relationship with Adam, or she’s in a relationship with him at all. He never confirmed or denied the rumors, in fact, I don’t think anyone has asked him yet, or Nina herself. Some ‘source’ just told all the media people that they are dating. And if Adam is dating her, well he is definitely hiding her very well.

  • Truth Be Known

    @Dolce: Nina’s 15 mins are about up & in a few weeks all will be reveled. “Serious Relationship”? First you have to be in a relationship. “Source” via Nina’s camp. HA trying to make 3x hookup more.

  • GetOverIT

    @Truth Be Known:

    In a few weeks, seriously!!! What is going to be reveled? NOTHING! Everyone keeps saying that crap and guess what, nothing is going to happen! Just like each and everytime before that. You all need to quit your lame stories and move on. Let Adam relax and have his fun for right now, if that is Nina so be it. But quit trying to act like you know some big secret that is going to come out when in reality you don’t know anything.

  • ItsA#sGame

    If Adam brought $ it be splashed everywhere by now. His pap pics are worthless hence no pics to be found. The huge paydays are drying up. The fragrance video is an extreme attention for headlines. The Kmart line is a last ditch effort to keep his name out there. His popularity on the voice is in decline. Rumor has it he may be replaced for Season 7. Mr. Levine is Overexposed!!!!

  • AmyR

    Adam and Nina aren’t dating. That’s a rumor that Nina’s camp started.

  • Rachel

    @Truth Be Known: What do you plan to “revel?” Oh, you mean, reVEAL.

  • Bonesxox

    Nina and behati knew each other hence they were both pink girls and sorry to say but Behati is a better model than nina. I can’t stand behati but she’s a VS model and Nina models Arie lmao Behati is the face of several brands and nina just models “for” SI. But pay attention people don’t be blinded nina and adam are dating may not be serious but she’s allowed to post pics and behati wasn’t. Shes going on vacation with adam too. Look how sh it went down last year. Anne broke up with adam and he went on vacation with behati (to a friend wedding) but still. Expect pics from nina.

  • Elli

    You know, I kinda had hope for Nina at first. I mean, she’s gotta be better than Behati, right? Not hope for settling down but hope that she wouldn’t be an embarrassment. She seems cute and I obviously don’t know her, but after watching a few interviews she seems like nothing more than a pretty face and a warm hole. She comes across as a total airhead … and a massive fan of “The Biebs”. Although I’m sure Adam isn’t interested in her brains (IF they’re actually together), I just can’t imagine being stuck anywhere with that.

  • Tracey

    @Bonesxox: A wedding is hardly vacation? Did you expect him to go alone? He never goes anywhere alone!! This vacation is probably a group one too. Whoever he’s dating better get use to the ideal of living w/ several people!!!!

  • Tracey

    @Elli: IF is the key word. I have serious doubts he’s w/ her.

  • kelly

    Wonder if Whitney’s instagram was aimed at anyone in particular ???

    Unselfish love is what it’s all about. Sometimes the most unselfish thing you can do is let someone get on with their life, without you. #love #selflessness #letitgo #thistooshallpass #liveyourlife

  • Tracey

    @kelly: Words to Behati or Nina?

  • Truth Be Known

    Did anyone notice JJ never posted New Couple Alert on Adam & Nina? I thought Adam & JJ are friends.

  • ItsTheTruth

    @Truth Be Known: They are. And Jared’s also friends with Gene. You know, the guy who lives in Adam’s guest house.

    I’d also like to point out that Gene is dating a model who knows Nina, but Adam and Nina are *not* a couple.

    Bonesxox is trolling. Either it’s Behati, Seaoftime, or one of Bee’s other minions. Ignore it.

  • ItsTheTruth

    I believe Seaoftime is “freak1031″ or something to that effect on IG.

  • Rachel

    @kelly: Well, that certainly fits in with Whitney posting “Stop it” on Behati’s IG pigs picture.

    Someone here posted that she saw it as a joke. I doubt it. It seemed to be more of a direct hint to Behati.

  • Elli


    Also, I’m not sure how close Adam is with Jake G. anymore, but he is now apparently with one of Nina’s SI model friends as well. What is going on over there?

  • Bonesxox

    @itsthetruth get your facts straight before you make an ass out of yourself. I did in fact state I didn’t like behati but however she has more going on for herself than nina.

  • Rachel

    Any person who pines after an ex long AFTER the breakup, especially in a rebound, needs to have her head examined. Adam moves on pretty quickly and here Bee is chasing his crew members.

    I’m not sure I’d say Bee is better off. She seems desperate. She also doesn’t work that much. She hasn’t in years. Nina is still a bit younger and trying to make her way. At least, she’s not Cara D.

  • Bonesxox

    @kelly I saw that and instantly thought it was aimed at behati

  • Gotcha

    Bonesxox sounds a lot like ablackburn from IG.

  • cassie

    im so confused by everything.

  • Bonesxox

    @gotcha Do I? If I am or if I’m not how does that benefit you? I’m still going to have an opinion. You people crack me up with your guessing games like it matters, if it helps you sleep at night sure ill be ablackburn ;) lmao someone earlier said I was a mermaid, seaoftime now I’m ablackburn. IM ABLACKBURN EVERYONE, no wait I’m really behati prinsloo, noooooo I’m seaoftime, anyone else has someone they need me to be?

  • ItsTheTruth

    @Elli: There has been a rumor for a long time that Jake G. is gay. Based off his past relationships, there’s a strong possibility of that being true.

  • hilarious

    Jake is not gay.

  • Dolce

    @ItsTheTruth: Jake has only been with girls, as far as I know. So what do you mean by ‘past relationships’?

  • Dolce

    Adam and Nina are dating, or just having fun, who knows. They were pictured together yesterday in Mexico:

  • Janet

    There’s a group of like 20 “friends” down there in a private place. Wonder who took that pic? And why?

  • Truth Be Known

    It’s called a “group” vaca. There’s models all over the place & there destruction is being marked.

  • Bonesxox

    Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaa ooooooooook! People stop down playing this. He’s withher whether we like it or not.