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Miley Cyrus: 'We Can't Stop' Video Premiere - Watch Now!

Miley Cyrus: 'We Can't Stop' Video Premiere - Watch Now!

Check out the premiere of Miley Cyrus‘ brand new video for her latest single “We Can’t Stop”!

The video wasn’t supposed to debut until later this evening, but the 20-year-old entertainer wanted her fans to see it sooner so she released it this morning!

“Can. Not. Wait. Any. Longer. Can I just show you all the “We Can’t Stop” music video now? #PremiereWeCantStopNow,” Miley tweeted.

“Let @VEVO know you want them to #PremiereWeCantStopNow,” she added.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the video for Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop”?

Miley Cyrus – “We Can’t Stop” Video
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  • Liv

    loved it, very lovely :)

  • May

    This girl seems troubled. She gives me the impression she got big issues with her sexuality.

  • Bluebell

    the song is great!! the video is not so bad either

  • Cary

    her and the music are so adorable.

  • elle

    she looks soo hot! woo go miley!

  • Jenna

    She’s being trying so hard since 2007, when will it stop?

  • b

    Vulgar Trash. Miley Cyrus is new Kesha.

  • b

    Vulgar Trash. Miley Cyrus is new Kesha. And she is only 20.

  • b

    Only reason why Liam still stay with her is because she is slu*t in bed. For him she is just se*x pot.

  • Sophie

    I love her song! But gosh, she’s such a disgrace!

  • justina bever


  • tryin to be black

    She went full wigger I see. The video is retarded. LOL at the obvious lip balm placement. We get it you wanna show how skinny you are on all fours, congratz !!!

  • Cary

    I love her! your body and wit are enviable.

  • em

    I feel like I lost brain cells watching that video. I’m sorry but she looks ridiculous haha. I like the song but she seems like she’s trying too hard to be something she’s not.

  • ha ha

    d0chebag miley

  • LillyRP07

    Hated it! Digusting!

  • Natalie

    I find the video very immature for someone who’s claiming that is a GROWN UP y’all .

  • pornification

    OMG so nasal especially the ‘we cant stop’ part HAHAHA
    we run things, things don’t run we
    we don’t take nofin from nobody HAHAHAHA
    spread eagle, V sign on the tongue, trying to get a line in the bathroom -_-

  • http://@torioos Victoria Schulenburg

    All of you guys are just hating, this sounds great and Miley look great. I’ve honestly never been a fan until now! She’s trying something new, going for a new look and creating her own way in a wild but classy way… I mean look at Amanda Bynes and then tell me that Miley isn’t rocking it out in all of the right ways! All I can say is hopefully the train of success that this new look leads to her keeps her staying fresh, hot and real.

  • disgusting

    she looks like a rat, she can’t sing for SHIT and everyone in this video looks like a Tumblr hipster blog threw up all over them..

  • Chouka

    Ridiculous, trying so hard to look sexy that is just boring and the song…. just sound like all the others singers of her age. Nothing new.

  • Katie

    Miley Cyrus is better every day! She is so beautiful.

  • Alis

    I feel like it has been done before. Like this whole concept is stolen from somewhere else and it’s a bit “old”…. I dont like the sexiness because everything becomes meaningless and over-the-top. I agree with people who think Miles has some issues deep within. Cover it up, girl, if you want to be taken seriously. I mean,,,rihanna can get away with it because she is on another level, she’s mature and there’s undersanding of womanhood and being confident in your skin… but this…sorry, no….2|10

  • Alison

    beautiful music :)

  • Aria

    Woow i feel so bad for her i actually really used to like her back then when she had this amazing songs like the climb or when i look at you, now shes just a mess desperate wannabe, she doesnt even look sexy shes trying very hard, its sad and delusional this video, she has no class and Rihanna work this whole slut/party/dgaf way better than her shes just naturally sexy and Miley sorry but shes not, she should take some notes from Selena who has a sexy image right now but with class.

  • http://kevinredondo KRP

    she looks hot

  • kami

    the music is not that bad, but the video is terrible. i may need to wash my eyes out with bleach. seems like miley’s number one priority is to prove she’s sexy. i get a strong sense this girl was sexually abused when she was young.

  • Alison

    she is so hot

  • Moreen

    OMG!! Why?? I really like the song but the video is….too much!Miley girl, relax a little bit. You have a great body but don’t try to be sexy and hot and whatever it is you are trying to show us…you are beautiful without pretending you are f****ing the bed.



  • Arlene

    No words! so sad, beautiful and talented with so much potential, what a waste, disgrace to herself, family & boyfriend.. And for those that thought it was a good video just goes to show what direction our world Is heading. No respect, No morals, do whatever, with whoever, however! s; God help us…..

  • EndOfTime

    she need to stop

  • nina

    this song is so adorable I do not get tired of hearing.

  • Marika

    Trashy and slutty. Miley, it’s all downhill from here.

  • talia

    not trying to be mean but the video is trashy – that’s my honest opinion

  • b

    She did this instead of marrying Liam. Well alrighty then.

  • willians

    the music is very good, for sure will be successful.

  • ouch

    Sorry, couldn’t listen to that for more than 10 seconds. It doesn’t sound good. And she should become a female again. She looks horrible and is much too skinny.

  • Katie

    I loved the video.

  • Ignorance isn’t necessary

    @tryin to be black:
    How dare you refer to her as a “wigger” Not only are you disrespecting her, you are disrespecting the black community. Ignorant comments like yours stunts the growth and betterment of humanity. Next time you want to spew uneducated comments, please pause to think of the pain your words can create.


    I love Miley and always liked her music
    but she has some Rihanna issue right now

  • Liv

    I loved it! music is addictive :)

  • Shelby

    She’s absolutely disgusting!!!

  • Jennifer

    wow, that’s bad

  • Ava

    SO HOT <3

  • kylie

    Is it me or is this just awesomely bad? I was so embarrassed for her I couldn’t even watch the whole thing.

  • no_way

    The entire video makes me cringe. She is so white trash, it’s unbelievable. Her hair, her terrible white outfit, her nails…the fact she actually wore grills?! What is wrong wit her?! No wonder Liam has packed up & gone – he is way too good for her.

  • Sidney

    Miley Cyrus always beautiful

  • solecito

    I’m done with the slutiness, the over sexualitzation, the auto-tune, and worst of all, her tongue sticking out every five seconds of this video. Music is dead.

  • Sheri

    @Victoria Schulenburg: there is NOTHING classy about that video. The constant gyrating and sexual innuendos are in poor taste, especially in view of the age group she appeals to. The singing is just OK, although even that is overdubbed and likely autotoned.