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Taylor Lautner Sweats It Out for 'Tracers' in Queens!

Taylor Lautner Sweats It Out for 'Tracers' in Queens!

Taylor Lautner films scenes for his upcoming movie Tracers on Wednesday afternoon (June 19) in the Queens borough of New York City.

The 21-year-old actor wore a pair of sweatpants, a gray tee, and PUMA FAAS shoes for the scene.

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The day before, Taylor showed off a hint of his chest while working on the flick in Central Park. The film is about a new York City bike messenger (Lautner) who is wanted by the mafia and escapes into the world of parkour after meeting a beautiful stranger.

FYI: Taylor is wearing Puma sneakers.

20+ pictures inside of Taylor Lautner filming his new movie Tracers

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taylor lautner sweats it out for tracers in queens 01
taylor lautner sweats it out for tracers in queens 02
taylor lautner sweats it out for tracers in queens 03
taylor lautner sweats it out for tracers in queens 04
taylor lautner sweats it out for tracers in queens 05
taylor lautner sweats it out for tracers in queens 06
taylor lautner sweats it out for tracers in queens 07
taylor lautner sweats it out for tracers in queens 08
taylor lautner sweats it out for tracers in queens 09
taylor lautner sweats it out for tracers in queens 10
taylor lautner sweats it out for tracers in queens 11
taylor lautner sweats it out for tracers in queens 12
taylor lautner sweats it out for tracers in queens 13
taylor lautner sweats it out for tracers in queens 14
taylor lautner sweats it out for tracers in queens 15
taylor lautner sweats it out for tracers in queens 16
taylor lautner sweats it out for tracers in queens 17
taylor lautner sweats it out for tracers in queens 18
taylor lautner sweats it out for tracers in queens 19
taylor lautner sweats it out for tracers in queens 20

Credit: Ivan Nikolov; Photos: WENN
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  • Wolfie

    He claims he is not Native Indian but he looks more Native than white.

  • tara

    Taylor looks good in anything. And he said that he has Native American blood. I’m sure he’s mixed with a lot of things. All of it adding to how gorgeous he is!

  • csfw12367

    Didn’t stephanie meyer or someone involved in the films say only those who had native american heritage could be in the movie and play the wolves?

  • kristen

    after that horrible “abduction” abortion of a movie, who the hell gave him another movie to star in??
    lets face it he looks nasty and can’t act for $hit

  • Suzie

    @kristen: Agreed! I wonder who’s going to watch this movie, only his “fans”

  • nina

    @Kristen you and Suzie Q don’t need to be rude! If you don’t like like him then why is you ass on here! GTFO!!

  • Ruby Rose

    Taylor Lautner while an attractive guy, is NOT an actor. He received the “luck of the draw” in Twilight, which made him a millionaire. I can already smell the smoke from this bomb. It will be an EPIC FAIL at the box office, if it doesn’t go straight to the DVD, dollar bin at Walmart.

    There is no BANKABLE audience for him outside of Twilight.

  • aquarius64

    @Ruby Rose: I agree. Taylor can’t pull the 18-49 male audience needed for a successful action movie. Abduction was a strong example of that. I know he’s angling for a spot in the Fast and Furious franchise (any news on that?) To give Tracers the benefit of the doubt, it may help him shake the Jacob image, depending on the story. So far the synopsis gives me pause.

    As for his leading lady, she’s attractive ( Taylor has a history of hooking up with his on-screen love interests, especially if it’s a romance to help sell the movie. 19 year old Maika Monroe has some stiff competition against the 27-year-old Marie Avgeropoulos.. With Marie, she and Taylor can go to the clubs together; Taylor would have to wait two to three years before he can take Maika. And he has dumped girls, it just doesn’t get much press.

  • Ruby Rose

    @aquarius64…. Taylor Lautner is a CELEBRITY, that is different than an actor, as are Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattison.
    When you consider what a brilliant actor is: Russell Crowe, Anthony Hopkins, Edward Norton, Christian Bale, Denzel Washington. I could add more, but I believe you get my point.,You know these actors bring an A+ game… every freakin time!

  • aquarius64

    @Ruby Rose: I’m not saying Tracers is going to garner Oscar and Golden Globes nominations. Action movies on a whole do not require Shakespeare level skills, but they require you to deliver a line without looking like a block of wood and have the audience like you. Taylor has to prove he’s a draw beyond Twilight, as do Rob and Kristen. Rob’s and Kristen’s acting have been called into question because they have been mostly tabloid fodder, especially after last July. All three have something to prove.

  • Ruby Rose

    @aquarius64…. I agree; though, I know this is impossible. You nailed it when your said “Tabloid Fodder.” Nice discussion, thanks!,

  • aquarius64

    @Ruby Rose: You’re welcome. What do you think of his new co-star? Will history repeat itself?

  • http://nicolefair nicolefair

    These “debates” are always interesting to me, for two reasons really. 1. I never understand the gauge for talent or lack thereof you dime store critics are using. And 2. I always wonder how much time many of you spend trolling subjects you dislike so you can reply multiple times…in some cases on several sites. Its just weird. But your lack of an actual life is your problem, not mine.

    Anyway, I’m a fan of Taylors, for the superficial reasons most people are fans of anything. I like it…that’s it. It doesn’t matter to me how much money each of his movies rake in (for the record the handful of movies he’s actually done show more profit than many seasoned actors) or whether chest thumping dildos with personalized beer cozies and potbellies like him as much as I do. What matter to me and I assume many of his fans is that he keeps making movies with me in mind.

    Its ridiculous to say he’s not an actor. Numbnuts…he’s working, steadily, in films that have a targeted, faithful audience. That IS being an actor, whether or not you like his acting skills is personal…whether or not you’d pay to see anything he’s in….completely up to you, but to decide unequivically that he’s not part of the profession as a whole is just…well…you know.

    He’s young, grounded, beautiful, dedicated and seemingly smart. Time will tell if the trajectory of his career is bright…or will burn out. I like him, I’m betting on the latter.

    Those of you who don’t, I won’t have to guess.

    BTW. EVERY actor has an ABDUCTION on their repertoire. Oscar and Razzie winners alike.

  • aquarius64

    @nicolefair: Reality Check: studios don’t care if his acting is personal; they care if his acting is PROFITABLE for them. He lost Stretch Armstrong, he was reportedly turned Expendables 2 because Abduction tanked, the Gus Van Sant project is still in mothballs. Right now he is trying to get into the Fast and Furious franchise; and comments on non-Taylor fan sites are coming back mostly NO – from men and women. We are expressing our opinions to his ability to lead a movie on his own and have it make money and his skills as an actor. Playing Jacob all the time does not prove him as an actor. And for an action movie to be successful it and he have to appeal to that group you have such disdain for, plus his fans. Their money spends just as good as yours, and that group tends to outnumber the fan girls. If those ” chest thumping dildos with personalized beer cozies and potbellies” aka the 18-49 males that go to action flicks – don’t like the end product and who’s selling it, they’ll vote with their wallets and go elsewhere. Studios take that into account before considering hiring an actor. Show business is that, a BUSINESS in for profits, whether you like it or not.

    He’s getting a second chance with Tracers, thanks to the Twilight connection with the decision makers. Jacob better not show up (even if his fans like it) and this movie better not be Abduction 2.0 when it comes to style, story and acting. He needs to grow in his skills and not just only appeal to his fan base if he was a long, successful career in Hollywood.

  • aquarius64

    @aquarius64: ….wants a long successful career in Hollywood.

  • http://nicolefair nicolefair

    aquarius64…I feel like you just make crap up. Like seriously. Its a jumble of run-on sentences that connect dots that only you see. According to you he doesn’t have a bankable career, yet he is a verifyable money maker for Summit…and even Lionsgate. Last I heard how studios define profit is if a movie makes more money than they spent. That’s kinda all it takes. And each of his movies, including Abduction have a bottom line that’s in the black.

    Every. Single. Comment you make is borderline obsessive at best extremely delusional. You weren’t in the room, you don’t know how movies that were on the table got taken off. Its Hollywood….its business and MILLIONS of movies go undone for reasons most of us will never know and it doesn’t matter. So stop spouting fiction for fact, just because YOU believe it doesn’t make it true.

    Every actor that started out as a child appeals to their own fanbase, the roles they choose and how they execute them as they age determine if their fanbase sticks around. Most hope they will…and if they’re lucky they gain a few they didn’t think would come along. That’s how it works. Hit or miss. That’s all.

    Its not that bloody serious. Neither is who and how he dates, while I’m at it. Thats a dot you need to erase all together.

  • aquarius64

    @nicolefair: I’m not the only one that questions his career viability, fangirl.. Just because Abduction eeked out a profit thanks to foreign market box office receipts, it’s still branded a bomb because how it did in the US. $28 million in 12 weeks for an action movie is considered BAD. As for his dating history, his exes are seen as beards to cover up his alleged homosexuality by many and to help promote his career. I just see him as a little doggish, and that’s my opinion. I’m not going to stop writing what I think because you don’t like it. Others have said worse about the guy. This is not a Taylor Lautner fan site where only rosy comments are allowed.

  • dina

    haters gonna hate.
    Come on, boy, work and you will do it.
    Taylor deserves a chance just like everyone else.
    Failures and setbacks happen at all.
    Pattinson and Kristen get their projects despite the fact that their films fail miserably at the box office and receive negative reviews.
    Taylor is still very young.
    He is not the worst actor in the world.
    After a black band always white, that’s life ..
    I wish him good luck.
    He has a huge fandom and ordinary people (not his fans) sympathetic to him because he really is a great guy.
    God bless you,Taylor.

  • aquarius64

    @dina: “Haters gonna hate”. And shippers will never want to deal with honest, non-fangirlish assessments of talent and ability, even from well respected film critics in the industry. Rob, Kristen and Taylor can’t coast on Twilight fame forever. They need to show they can stand tall without the franchise crutch. Jennifer Lawrence proved she’s more than the Hunger Games thanks to the Oscar she won this year at the age of 22. She’s back for X-Men playing Mystique, and acting through heavy face and body make up takes skill. Besides the MTV and Nickelodeon popularity consents, what serious acting awards have they been nominated or won? Kristen’s BAFTA is popular vote driven, too. Let’s check back in 5 or 10 years to see if they have really made it.

  • aquarius64

    @aquarius64: contest.

  • nicolefair

    @aquarius64 Why do you think calling me a fangirl is an insult? I am a fan…I’m a girl. And?

    We can compare Taylors career to many of his peers in a similar age group and I think the common denominator will be that they’re all working steadily and are rich as hell. Works for me.

    You can keep going though. Keep googling Taylor and his terrible acting so you can comment on any and every site that dares to mention him in an article. You can keep speculating about his dating life, and what breed of K-9 you think he is, keep sympathising with women you don’t know, pretending you’re close enough to even guess what’s going on.

    You can keep being you…curiously I think you might be Taylor’s ultimate fan. Sad and demented…but pretty darn dedicated.

  • aquarius64

    @nicolefair: Fangirl generally means girls drooling at his shirtless posters equating wealth to true talent. You admitted you like him for superficial reasons -HIS LOOKS. You can’t get past the abs to give an honest assessment of ability. You think his body qualifies him to be cast in serious dramas like HBO’s Game of Thrones? The young actors in that production – Jack Gleeson, Sophie Turner, etc. can act CIRCLES around him. Taylor will never be on that higher level unless he markedly improves his acting. If you think he should get an Oscar and/or a Golden Globe because he has a fat bank account and a buff body you have the nerve to call me demented. Taylor could reach that level – IF he hones his skills and break loose of the fangirls that only want him around to satisfy their fantasies. That adoration is why he is slammed as a joke BY OTHERS, along with lack of skill. I never pretended to be an insider; I read and give my opinion just like you. I’m not going to change your opinion, and you’re certainly not going to change mine.

  • MBogs

    Taylor & Zac Efron should co-star in a movie (as rival characters perhaps). And if it happens, we expect brawl/fight scenes, shirtless showdowns, uhm.. what about pool fight in speedos, mma fight in tight trunks, sexy muscle battles? LOL
    - Any hollywood producer smart enough to think about that?

  • misti

    @nicolefair: @nicolefair I think you have a hard time facing reality. He may be a celebrity and an actor, right now, but if he doesn’t step up his game, his only title will be celebrity. He’s gonna need to sink his teeth into something really gritty and outside his comfort zone in order to prove himself above who he is right now. Using the martial arts alongside dating his co-stars will only get him so far.

  • misti

    @aquarius64: @aquarius-Amen to that!!!