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Vanessa Hudgens & Ashley Greene Learn to Surf in Bali!

Vanessa Hudgens & Ashley Greene Learn to Surf in Bali!

Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Greene go surfing during the Oakley Bali Pro/Learn to Surf event held on Wednesday (June 19) in Benoa, Bali, Indonesia.

The bikini-clad ladies were joined for the afternoon of fun by Vanessa‘s boyfriend Austin Butler, who showed off his sexy shirtless body during the lesson.

“War wound from surfing today with Oakley. The reef ate me up. #worthit,” Ashley tweeted that day.

The night before, Vanessa and Ashley posed in front of the step and repeat at the event’s kickoff party.

10+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Greene surfing in Bali…

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vanessa hudgens ashley greene learn to surf in bali 01
vanessa hudgens ashley greene learn to surf in bali 02
vanessa hudgens ashley greene learn to surf in bali 03
vanessa hudgens ashley greene learn to surf in bali 04
vanessa hudgens ashley greene learn to surf in bali 05
vanessa hudgens ashley greene learn to surf in bali 06
vanessa hudgens ashley greene learn to surf in bali 07
vanessa hudgens ashley greene learn to surf in bali 08
vanessa hudgens ashley greene learn to surf in bali 09
vanessa hudgens ashley greene learn to surf in bali 10

Credit: Jason Reposar; Photos: Wire Image
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  • Maika

    She looks pretty, and her personality! Wow! Love her

  • armand0

    wow!!!! I love vanessa

  • Anna

    She’s ugly girls…will never understand the hype around her…

  • florence2

    I’m surprised zac’s not there isn’t thus event one that he does regularly?

  • samatha

    whoaaaaa! Vanessa looks so gooooooooooooooooooooodddd!

  • robpatzzforever

    why do you hate Ashley<? they both are gorgeous.

  • robpatzzforever

    zac who?

  • rob

    Vanessa the hottie!

  • Tomax

    Did the paparazzi follow them to Indonesia????

  • robpatzzforever

    Vanessa and Ashley, this is like 2009/2010 all over again! i’m loving this! Austin is a really attractive man..

  • Revenge-Is-Sweet

    @florence2: You can be sure that he turned it down. Why would he be there? I think he proved often enough that he DOESN’T want to have anything to do with her anymore. Leave Zac out of this. You’re nothing but hater of him. And he has really more important things to do, like working, to prepare for the shooting of his next movie. Autobahn will be shot in Germany. That’s probably time for him to relax from the annoying paparazzi in LA.

  • Raynnah

    are you stu*pid?? its an event -just like the one back in 2010, Vanessa has already teamed up with oakley- there tons of surfers there

  • .

    eww there´s not need to bring stripper lover here.Believe me, if he was involved in the event, im sure Vanessa would have turned everything down, she can´t stand him or any of his friends!

  • Proudofzacnessa

    Vanessa really needs a new project,
    i love her but…..always she is on the beach, mall,
    yoga, parties

  • kylie

    Zac has such bitter fans. Why not just leave this girl alone and stop bringing him up here. She is just doing her thing at this surfing event which she was invited..she actually knows how to surf and has been doing it for years.

  • TC

    Why would you surf (or do any activity in the water) with your hair extensions in?

  • .

    but… what if she doesnt want to do anything right now? and im sure she would never care about someone with your name.. ZACNESSA hahah pathetic much? come one she hates that boy, we would appreciate if you or any of his fans would just leave her alone, she is happy with her life, her projects and the love of her life, aka AUSTIN.

  • quinCC

    Vanessa has a really toned body, she looks hot as hell!

  • Raynnah

    pretty much, she has the perfect body, i mean, she is really toned, but at the same time she has some killer curves, and i love her legs so much.

  • Raynnah

    lol zanessa, i can’t believe they still exist.

  • marie

    man hard work has paid off. get it gurrrrrrrrrrl she looks awesome.

  • hannah

    i want her body.

  • Proudofzacnessa

    Dear “point”
    That is the name of my twitter
    im her fan since 6 years ago
    I dont say “ZANESSA FOR EVER” or something like that
    i didn’t say bullshit abput her or her relationship
    what is the problem with you?!
    I’m fan of zac but i’m not crazy how do you think :S
    calm down point, calm down

  • (the original) Xo

    V looks so cute! And Austin ……..damn son

  • Revenge-Is-Sweet

    @.: And before you open your big mouth, prove that anything is true about the stripper rumors. Where are the pictures. Why doesn’t even exist one. Such pics would bring millions of $, so where are they? Not one single pic exists. People always develop such stories to make themselves important and maybe to get the big money. It doesn’t work. Such people usually have to deal with the lawyers of the celebs and you can be sure, that’s a pretty expensive hobby, especially if you don’t have the necessary little money.

  • hannah
  • pika

    that was quick. a nice body tho

  • Emma

    Austin cunt face get the hell out of here it’s zac place and always will be your’re such a famewhore

  • Elli

    Austin get lost

  • Proudofzacnessa

    Come on dear Emma, Zac was her boyfriend…was…
    if she is happy with Austin, leave her alone…!
    And…this is a post about VANESSA, not him

  • .

    there are some pics in instagram, and “lisa” tweeted about the hottub party early in feb/ march + the camping thing, if you know where to look , im pretty sure you would find out, theres a reason why his team didnt make any comment about it. And they usually deny every single rumor about the “pretty boy”. But im also sure he is going to use the little star article to promote any of his films, as usually, or maybe he would drop another condom or a
    blah blah blah… i know this is a VH post, im sorry but i really cant stand stripper fan´fans. i dont know what are they doing here

  • Annie

    I really think that hating on austin is not nice, whereas i do believe that i don’t see a future for them. Right now she clearly looks happy but soon enough i think they’ll break up. What she had with zac no one can ever replace that and i can say that when both zac and vanessa accomplish whatever they want regarding there career and all they’ll eventually find a way back to each other:) NO HATE PLZ

  • samatha

    tbh, i love Austin, Van lookd more happy with him.

    ugh, the ex fans are so annoying! can’t they all just disappear or something

  • Proudofzacnessa

    @.: I’m a fan of VANESSA too, i didn’t said thing about Zac
    but you said me “bad things” only for my nickname…ERALLY?!

    come on
    i read you new comment and it’s clear, you really hate him xD
    Lost your time talking about Vanessa and not him

  • samatha

    i respect your opinion, but i hope they never get back together, i dont want Vanessa with Zac and his friends, ughh i hate his friends! i dont want Vanessa with the pheed boys they are gross, the party all the time, they smoke, drink, im sure they are always doing drugs, they are disgusting. i’m not talking about zac, but at the end of the day, birds of a feather flock together
    While Vanessa is more of a healty person, she loves camping and hanging with her friends, she isnt really into the party hard scene like them.And i dont know about Austin, i think they are happy right now, but i’m sure if they ever end their relationship they would remain friends, because Austin is really good to Vanessa and her family.

  • Haters Suck!

    $crew efron. This isn’t about him. I know his fans can’t grasp the concept that the world doesn’t revolve around him but it doesn’t. This is about Vanessa and her boyfriend Austin who she seems much happier and freer with, and about Ashley aswell. Vanessa looks breathtaking and just seems to be a high energy fun person to be around.

  • scarlett

    Those Pheed guys are complete losers. I don’t know why Zac even hangs with them..they are just gross. Whatever happens, I wish Vanessa the best. She is beautiful inside and out!

  • tina

    Vanessa is having the time of her life with the PERSON SHE WANTS. This is Vanessa and Ashley’s post there is no earthly reason to bring the ex up. She’s in great shape. Good to see her enjoying herself.

  • aryanna

    @(the original) Xo: Austin barfler isn’t hot they are just friends now

  • lol

    @aryanna: alert! girl in denial right here. trying to convince everyone but just needs to come to terms with reality. zac and vanessa ended 3 years ago DAMN thats a long time ago lol. get up. move on. end of.

  • Haters Suck!

    You are hands down the deepest person in denial I’ve ever seen. I’d laugh if I didn’t think you were serious.

  • maria

    @.: Amen. Thanks. Now let’s hope that clueless chick goes away. No one cares about him here. I could care less who he’s hooking up with. That is NOT Vanessa. She is NOTHING like him. She is monogamous, healthy, happy, spiritual, grounded, and not narcissistic. And she looks fabulous, enjoying some summer fun before she heads to Europe for promo. Love a girl who can get into the moment and enjoy.

  • aryanna

    @lol: you cant tell me want to do zanessa didn’t break up for good they are getting back together

  • kelly martineau

    Looks like fun. Hate ashley. Get rid of that Aust pitchure. Don’t want to see his’s augly body. I agree with 14. All v does shop beach yoga go to the gym. Miss seeing her with her sister or her mom . To much involed with Austin.

  • kelly martineau

    Austin get lost forever. Hate see you in every pitchure with v.

  • Nibe

    Why aren’t there any clear pic of Ashley? She looks gorgeous and I want to see more pictures of her.

  • yets

    i love Vanessa.. and Austin is so HOT.

  • BO

    oh puh lease , anyone who doesn’t know the history , the reason why these pumper lords hate Zac with such passion is cus he didn’t turn back when the big relationship ended .he didn’t go tailing after her begging for recoincilation .he gave her a chance to get back together with him and when she didn’t , he just moved on , started working non stop on movies .there was at one time a fear for us fans ,of him breaking down , but that’s gone now .he’s working , working working .he won’t let anything hinder his goal or his work .he loves his craft , he is on demand , he’s determined , he’s ready to give everything.he will one day reach his goal ,get married , have kids and be a laid back private successful hard working person whereas famewhores will end up …..???

  • BO

    and why exactly are they showing that abdomen of buttler .there’s not a speck of six abs there #tryingtofigureout

  • maria

    @BO: There are many reasons I dislike him, and NOT ONE is because he didn’t “run after” her. He did, to North Carolina while she was filming. It has NOTHING to do with that. I am sure there were really good reasons why their relationship ended. If she was unhappy with him or their situation, why on earth should we want him to chase her?? NO FREAKIN’ WAY. Dream on. It’s not in your level of intelligence to understand some women don’t want a man who is only interested in himself, his work, and can’t commit. Those are reasons a woman RUNS the other way. And Vanessa did. Smart girl.