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Brad Pitt: 'World War Z' at Moscow Film Festival Opening Night!

Brad Pitt: 'World War Z' at Moscow Film Festival Opening Night!

Brad Pitt continues his world tour for his upcoming flick World War Z at the opening night of the 2013 Moscow International Film Festival held at Pushkinsky Cinema on Thursday (June 20) in Moscow, Russia.

The 49-year-old actor was joined on the red carpet by famous Russian filmmaker and actor Nikita Mikhalkov.

World War Z hits theaters in the US tomorrow, and hits theaters in Russia on June 27! Be sure to check it out.

Earlier in the day, Brad released a statement about the death of his friend and former co-star James Gandolfini.

20+ pictures inside of Brad Pitt promoting World War Z at the Moscow Film Festival…

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brad pitt world war z at moscow film festival 01
brad pitt world war z at moscow film festival 02
brad pitt world war z at moscow film festival 03
brad pitt world war z at moscow film festival 04
brad pitt world war z at moscow film festival 05
brad pitt world war z at moscow film festival 06
brad pitt world war z at moscow film festival 07
brad pitt world war z at moscow film festival 08
brad pitt world war z at moscow film festival 09
brad pitt world war z at moscow film festival 10
brad pitt world war z at moscow film festival 11
brad pitt world war z at moscow film festival 12
brad pitt world war z at moscow film festival 13
brad pitt world war z at moscow film festival 14
brad pitt world war z at moscow film festival 15
brad pitt world war z at moscow film festival 16
brad pitt world war z at moscow film festival 17
brad pitt world war z at moscow film festival 18
brad pitt world war z at moscow film festival 19
brad pitt world war z at moscow film festival 20
brad pitt world war z at moscow film festival 21

Credit: Kristina Nikishina; Photos: Getty
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  • Alia

    yuck. if JP fans seriously consider this a good luck they are delusional.

  • Sabrina

    he is p i m p i n g this movie real hard. doing Fallon and a million events a day. the budget is 300 million + after promotions and they are hiding it. the cartoon movie monsters university and man of steel will beat WWZ this weekend i bet.

  • Anna

    He’s an attractive 49 years old man. I like his long hair. Brad is not plastic/botoxed like Tom Cruise.

  • http://justjared saira

    The “experts” say that this film will need to gross at least $400 to break even. Not impossible.

    What amazes me is that all the haters keep predicting this movie will fail. No one has said anything about that sh*tty looking Lone Ranger movie that cost over $250 mil BEFORE it shut down production for a while.

  • Anna

    In other words, Brad Pitt looks like a real man, natural looking for his age. He’s not obsessed about his wrinkles. He’s natural.

  • http://justjared zce

    Good for Brad, he’s showing he has good work ethics, promoting and traveling to get this movie in good perspectives and make you want to see, you go Brad. GOD BLESS the JOLIE-PITTS.

  • YIB

    Yes he went I was thought a thread will happen by the time… and right.Brad is working the hottenesss and the red carpet as he has been.. not clue who the person is next to him jared said a russian actor must be so.

  • YIB

    @Anna: @Anna: troll dude or simmy trollite. can you just nothing.

  • fyi

    Box Office Report: ‘World War Z’ Opens Strong in Australia, South Korea
    Paramount’s World War Z is scaring up strong business as it begins rolling out overseas, scoring stellar opening-day numbers in South Korea and Australia on Thursday.

    The Brad Pitt zombie extravaganza took in $1.1 million in Australia, on par with Christopher Nolan’s Inception, likewise an original tentpole. Inception posted a weekend opening gross of $6.7 million.

    In South Korea, World War Z grossed $1.2 million, just ahead of the $1.1 earned a week ago by Superman tentpole Man of Steel on its way to an $8.6 million weekend. Inception’s opening-day gross in South Korea was $941,000.

  • Love

    @Anna: It’s coz he has something real & solid in his personal life, a long term relationship with Jolie, which allows him to flourish while getting older.

    Tom, on the other hand, has nothing authentic in his life, or just beards, fake relationships, arranged past (and future?) ‘marriages’.

  • groundcontrol

    ALRIGHT BRAD!! Looking good. He may yet convert me to liking the long hair. He CAN wear it beautifully.
    WWZ looks like it’s getting off to a great start.

  • groundcontrol

    You’re absolutely right about Brad’s ethics. The studios love that he works hard for his films – before in helping them get financing and bringing great people to the project, while he’s filming and after in his willingness to pull the weight in getting the word out.
    Now that’s a true A lister.

  • So

    WWZ opens more than Superman in South Korea. Brad Pitt rocks


    Why dont u asssssholes who complain about his hair not realize that until the promos for WWZ are over, he is maintaining the look of the character he plays in the movie. Also, ITS HIS OWN FUKKKKING HAIR! HE CAN WEAR IT ANYWAY HE WANTS. BTW Brad knows that you fukkkers always whine and complain when he doesnt conform to your ideas about how he should look so next time you whine about his hair or his clothes or anything else about his appearance, please remember thats Brad way of saying: “FUKKK YOU, TROLL”


  • Brad bad-ass biker

    Brad show that he is in good shape and spirit of mind.

    He looks relax and friendly with all. I like very much her stile, it´s a bad-ass biker stile. The leather pants are nice and i like is choice of unfinished black pullover. It give him a rebel attitude, a modern stile full of biker-glamour.

    He looks more young and happy than ever. i like this kind of look.

    Well, i know that the Fashion-Police will attack like dogs this outfit, Brad will be criticize for is movie, is hair, that i think it is great, again, his blond long hair give him a fresh and free stile, and the long black pullover and the black leather pants. But i think he was amazing in this outfit. incredible bad-ass attitude.

    I hope Brad be praised for he work he had with this movie and that WWZ be a world success. the hater will run like dogs.

  • awwwww

    Brad looks gorgeous

  • Media Wh@re MANiston


    Brad looks his age with long hair. He looks much younger when he has short. But I’ll bet anything the trolls will say Brad has work done when he gets his hair cut short. The haters b7tch about everything. If Brad looks good, he has work done. If he dresses casual, he lost his looks. They are haters. It’s their job to hate everything about the JP. Why bother responding to them.

    Anyway, Brad looks so freaking hot in leather.

  • Liz


    thank you for the info/post.

    JP fans let us support Brad…..I will be there this Friday and weekend

  • YIB

    I liked the russia permier pictures at brangelian forums. All nice. just found out shi and zee travel with him. They looked happy and wide eyedish at the airport… lucky kiddies… it is fun to be a jp kid.. nice he change them up and spent time with him see places with daddy it be good memories..:)

  • lurker

    Looking good so happy wwz is rocking the box office

  • YIB

    @fyi good news hope all role out well. And tomorrow fans if not this weekend… I got to go tomorrow I really jsut want to see what it is made to be as much it is brad’s movie

  • YIB

    Brad andAngie buzzy bussy in other side of the words…

  • sunny

    LATimes’s Steven Zeithik predicts WWZ will do well at the US boxoffice
    It will also have a longer leg than many naysayers had expected.
    …Meanwhile, a tight battle is unfolding for second place, as Paramount Pictures’ “World War Z” looks to come out ahead of last weekend’s winner, Warner Bros.’ Man of Steel.” The films are expected to gross between $50 million and $55 million each, according to box-office forecasters, though Paramount executives estimate the “Z” take at no higher than the low-$40 million range, pointing to the box-office ceiling on movies not based on a well-known existing property.
    Directed by Marc Forster from a novel by Max Brooks, “Z” stars Brad Pitt as a U.N. investigator hopping the globe to combat a deadly zombie outbreak. The film faced numerous production challenges in the past year. A new ending was written and shot after principal photography had wrapped. The studio hopes its reworked conclusion — along with an extensive marketing campaign — will boost the film’s word-of-mouth and help it play strongly deep into July.

  • Dc

    I bought my tickets yesterday for Friday show. Five of us are going. So looking forward to seeing WWZ and Brad.

    Brad looks awesome! He rocks those leather pants. I love the long hair. Not every man can wear his hair long. Brad can. Brad is loved and adored, he draws huge crowds.

  • usa today

    Brad Pitt’s battle to make ‘World War Z
    HOLLYWOOD—There’s no fuel like the fury of the undead.

    Just ask Brad Pitt. He’s spent weeks running on it, circling the globe, crashing movie theaters and introducing audiences to his mega-zombie thriller World War Z, in theaters today.

    After years of being “drawn to the smaller, more intimate films,” like Tree of Life and Killing Them Softly,Pitt has done an about-face with World War Z. “It’s a monster of a film,” he says, made for two young zombie fans: his oldest boys with Angelina Jolie, Maddox, 11 and Pax, 9.

    The popcorn flick hits theaters six months after its original release date, thanks to re-shoots and a newly scripted ending. But if you were expecting Pitt to hedge about the sweat equity involved in finally releasing this morphing 3-D blockbuster, you’ve got the wrong man. . “Listen, I’m pretty proud of this film,” he says on a warm Los Angeles afternoon in May, hair tied back and dressed in all black, those famous blue eyes twinkling. “I’ve really enjoyed especially this last six months, getting back in there and fixing it.”

    More on that later. In War Z, Pitt plays Gerry Lane, a former United Nations investigator confronted by a raging worldwide pandemic of rabid zombies. This is apocalypse by extinction, and Lane is forced to leave his wife (the Globe and Emmy-nominated Mireille Enos) and two young daughters to combat a threat multiplying by the hour.

    Even amongst zombies, Gerry Lane might be the most relatable character Pitt’s played in years: a father as tough as Bourne but fairly fallible, steadfast as Bond, yet hardly as skilled. “He’s someone who has special skills and has been in war zones, and crisis was his background. But at the same time he’s this everyman,” says director Marc Forster (Quantum of Solace).

    “Gerry Lane,” Pitt chuckles. “One of the worst names in film ever. It was appropriate. I don’t know why it’s appropriate. Gerry with a ‘G’. He’s the anti-action hero. It’s an anti-action hero name.”

    Candid, self-effacing and passionate: Pitt vacillates between all three describing War Z’s mutation from concept to screen. Pitt’s deployment into the zombie canon began in 2006, when his production company Plan B optioned the novel World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War by Max Brooks (son of Mel). The novel is told in the past tense, through first-person vignettes, but the film veers sharply, putting the onus on Pitt in present day.

    Pitt was fascinated with its SARS-like themes and the pandemic’s geopolitical consequences. He and Forster worked to perfect how their zombies would look and lurch, creating unconscious monsters that attack rapidly, teeth first. “We’re dealing with a genre that’s been pretty well mined and done really well,” says Pitt, whose zombies borrow from the movements of Malaysian bees, docile until triggered into a swarm. “We’re not the gore of The Walking Dead. Ours operates more of as a thriller. Ours is really intense.”

    As a producer, Forster calls Pitt “inspiring to work with. And he has such good taste, he’s so gifted….I felt like our sensibilities were going in a similar direction.”

    Pitt’s battle to make ‘War’

    But big films invite glaring spotlights. In the June issue of Vanity Fair, Pitt’s face is splashed across the cover under the headline “Brad’s Big Bet,” coupled with a damning story on his blockbuster’s woes: the spiraling production costs (World War Z cost $190 million to make, according to Paramount), a completely reshot 40-minute last act and questions about Pitt and Forster’s working relationship. The story quotes a variety of sources, including Forster, Paramount executives and the film’s screenwriters, but not Pitt. In this USA TODAY interview, Pitt’s only long-form newspaper interview, he sets his story straight.

    War Z is “the biggest film I’ve done, period,” he says, easing back in his chair, leg crossed over a knee, sipping a latte. “It’s pretty damn good, isn’t it?” He grins. “No one knows what they’re talking about.”

    Nor does he blink when asked to describe the day he screened the film’s self-defeating first cut.

    Instead, he chuckles. “It was just atrocious,” says Pitt, with the spark of a man retelling a saga in which he prevails as victor. “You see some first cuts and you go, ‘Oh, it’s everything you want it to be and more.’ It’s working on certain levels that you didn’t even understand when you were shooting it. Like, I had this feeling seeing Moneyball. And here was the exact opposite.”

    Pitt ticks off the issues: the rhythm was off and scenes weren’t working as intended, but they had the footage to correct that. What was most worrisome was the crescendo the movie built to, a bloody zombie battle in Russia which veered too far from the source material’s intelligent focus. “Our summation of the thing was just a complete failure,” he says. “You develop this sense I guess as you get on in your years, and we all knew. We just didn’t know how much it would smell. And it was pretty rank.”

    There’s that grin again.

    “So this is what happens: you go, ugh. And you’re debilitated for the rest of the day, (and) the next day. And then after that you go, ‘OK, we’ve got to get back in there. We’ve got to tear this thing apart and we’ve got to make this thing work.’ ”

    To launch his fix, Pitt invited Lost creator Damon Lindelof to watch a cut of the film. “I was really excited about everything that I saw,” says Lindelof, who signed on to script a new ending with Drew Goddard. Together, they removed Pitt’s character from the battleground and flew him into a different part of the world where a more intellectualized, chilling finish awaited.

    Pitt’s longtime producing partner Dede Gardner calls his work ethic tremendous. “He’s the first person to say ‘Let’s keep going.’ And that’s hard, you know? Everyone has lives and families and multiple responsibilities. It’s easy to get to ‘OK’ and he’s not satisfied with ‘OK.’ Which is I think a remarkable quality.” (As for industry rumors that he and Forster stopped talking, “That’s just not true,” says Pitt simply.)

    During reshoots, the cast regained balance. “I think a lot of the stress in the original shoot came from not being 100% confident that the end of the film was right,” says Enos. “Once they knew that they had that right and they’d written it and we were doing it, the energy was really fun.”

    What resulted is a heart-racing, CGI-enhanced zombie thriller critics are cautiously embracing, awarding War Z a 61% positive score on “We did it right,” Pitt says. “That’s what we owe the audience.”

    ‘We just stick together’

    The battle moves now to the box office. War Z opens just one week after Man of Steel launched to the tune of $128 million, and box office analysts say that behind new kid flick Monsters University, the race between Man of Steel and War Z will be closer than people expect.

    At the theater, “there’s a lot of momentum right now,” says Paul Dergarabedian, chief box office analyst for, who predicts Superman and Pitt will see weekend takes in the $50 million range. “Man of Steel is still a major threat, but I think there’s plenty of room for both films to do well in the marketplace.” Analysts are also betting on positive word of mouth for War Z, a strategy that greatly benefited The Great Gatsby in May. “I don’t think folks were prepared for it to be quite as good as it turned out to be,” says Jeff Bock, senior box office analyst for Exhibitor Relations.

    There’s a lot at stake here for both Pitt and Plan B. If War Z works, it’s a turnkey franchise-starter for the actor, with much content left to mine from Brooks’ novel. “It would be nice for Brad Pitt to have a franchise like Johnny Depp with Pirates of the Caribbean or Robert Downey Jr. with Iron Man,” says Dergarabedian. “He’s one of the best working actors today.”

    By publicity standards, Pitt is going toe-to-toe with Superman. He co-designed Paramount’s massive rollout, which included premieres in London, Paris, Berlin, Sydney, South Korea and New York, yodeling alongside Jimmy Fallon, plus a 24-hour blitz popping into screenings in Atlanta, Philadelphia, Chicago and Austin. “I think it’s a stamina somewhat unprecedented,” says Gardner. “But his thinking behind it was very much one of wanting to reach the fans.”

    By his side has been a radiant Angelina Jolie, now recovered from her preventative double mastectomy and reconstruction, the news of which broke at midnight before this interview. Today Pitt is a man basking in the “wonderful relief to come through this and not have a specter hanging over our heads,” he says. “To know that that’s not going to be something that’s going to affect us.”

    To keep Jolie’s privacy this spring, Pitt closed ranks while continuing to work. Even Gardner, president of Plan B, says she “was stunned” the day Jolie’s news dropped. “And incredibly moved. And of course quickly flipped through my memories and recollections of the past six months and thought to myself, ‘Oh my god, how did you do this?’ But being impressed by him is not a surprising feeling to me.”

    Big as it is, War Z struck a chord with Pitt, who cites family safety as his chief concern. And in the end, this is a family affair: Maddox, who created a zombie-baby movie with his friends in the backyard, is “actually a zombie in this film. You can’t really see him but he’s in there,” says Pitt. And the girls? “They don’t really care,” he says with a smile.

    As for whether the film is too violent for kids, Pitt leaves that up to you. “For some kids it definitely is (too violent),” he says. “It’s PG-13. And my kids aren’t even 13, my boys. But I know my boys and, again, it’s parental guidance. Some will poo-poo me as a father, but I think my kids are coming out all right.”

    Later this year Jolie is due to begin directing Unbroken (based on Laura Hillenbrand’s best-selling book) and Pitt is slated to release the buzzy historical drama Twelve Years a Slave (out Dec. 27), which he produced and has a cameo. “It’s an incredibly important story,” Pitt says, of a free African-American man kidnapped and sold into slavery in the mid-1800s.

    But for now, life for the family of eight is back to normal at Base Camp: Los Angeles. “I don’t know if it’s normal but it’s ours,” he says. “And we just stick together.”
    He has the access and means to collaborate with any designer in the world he chooses, yet Brad Pitt has been mired in a style rut lately. He’s literally been around the world promoting ‘World War Z’ and has stuck to a monochromatic, baggy uniform that been — frankly — just plain dull! USA TODAY’s Arienne Thompson does a style rewind on this newly drab Brad.
    He has the access and means to collaborate with any designer in the world he chooses, yet Brad Pitt has been mired in a style rut lately. He’s literally been around the world promoting ‘World War Z’ and has stuck to a monochromatic, baggy uniform that been — frankly — just plain dull! USA TODAY’s Arienne Thompson does a style rewind on this newly drab Brad. Alexander Zemlianichenko Jr, AP

    He has the access and means to collaborate with any designer in the world he chooses, yet Brad Pitt has been mired in a style rut lately. He’s literally been around the world promoting ‘World War Z’ and has stuck to a monochromatic, baggy uniform that been — frankly — just plain dull! USA TODAY’s Arienne Thompson does a style rewind on this newly drab Brad.
    Pitt practically blended into the dark barrier separating him from fans at the New York premiere on June 17. He wore a loosely structured blazer, a charcoal sweater, baggy black jeans and boots. That’s no fun, Brad!
    On June 11, Pitt ventured through the Gimpo Airport in Seoul with his son Pax Thien Jolie-Pitt in tow. He sported a long spring coat, black trousers and a little bit of bling for this outing. Pax followed his famous father’s lead, wearing head-to-toe black in the form of an Adidas tracksuit.
    Finally, he wears color! Well, sort of. When Pitt and Pax arrived in Seoul on June 11, he mixed things up a little, wearing khaki drawstring pants, desert boot-style shoes, a gray-green jacket and aviators. Pax, 9, accessorized his casual look with a large purple bear from Legoland, natch.
    Another red carpet, another drab look. He chose a heathered polo and raw-edge blazer for the June 9 premiere of ‘World War Z’ in Sydney, Australia.
    For the Berlin premiere on June 4, Pitt at least had a ray of light in the form of fiancée Angelina Jolie, who looked stunning in a white Ralph , Russo peplum dress. One could make the case that Pitt didn’t want to outshine Jolie, but he definitely could have tried harder than all-black everything topped with a leather jacket. Snooze.
    The golden couple arrived in Paris on June 3 for the ‘Z’ premiere, and unsurprisingly, they both wore black. Jolie is known for her simple, almost minimalist sense of style, but we’ve become accustomed to seeing more panache from Pitt.
    In her first public appearance since revealing her double mastectomy, Jolie stepped out in an elegant Saint Laurent gown with sheer detailing. She joined Pitt, in a blazer, V-neck sweater and chinos, on the red carpet for the London premiere June 2.
    CinemaCon is not known for bringing the world’s most stylish people together, but Pitt went way casual and way dark to introduce a clip from ‘World War Z’ on opening night in Vegas on April 15. At least he’s wearing a cool ring!
    Not even the bombastic, over-the-top MTV Movie Awards could bring out Pitt’s more colorful side. He hit the stage in top-to-bottom black on April 14.

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  • anustin

    ahhhhh… poppa pitt,here i come!!!!

  • T&L

    I’m going to see WWZ this weekend w/ my hubby and my 14-yr old son, and my 18 yr old said he’s going too but w his friends. I don’t normally see these types of movies, but it’s a Brad film so I’m going to support his efforts.

  • naturegirl

    There you go my man

    I love you Mr Pitt……

  • Now showing

    JP fans manny city are showing WWZ now … I’m going after work 7 pm ticket#15 dollars well worth it … I’m happy.

  • reeven

    Tomorrow is the Day!!! WWZ

    Love u Brad, and he looks huggable :D

  • a lurker

    WWZ is trending..

  • a lurker

    WWZ is trending twitter now.

  • Rose

    @anustin: Hi Anustin, are you ready for tomorrow? Papa Pitt is looking great. WWZ is still getting great buzz. I hope I’ll not freak myself out watching it this weekend, lol. You know I always supports the Jolie Pitt’s. Anustin, there are some really great pictures on BRANGELINA forum of both Brad and Angelina.

  • mrst

    Brad Pitt, baby!

  • Rose

    @a lurker: Hi Lurker, did you know Brad and Jimmy yodeling has more than a half million viewers on you tube? I thought trolls said no one cares about Brad.

  • Crowdfundingguide

    You guys should check out this article on a new noir thriller starring Lindsay Lohan created by Bret Easton Ellis, Paul Schrader, and Braxton Pope:

  • anustin

    rose,i only have 2 windows……..BRANGELINAFORUM and JUST JARED.

  • were the morons

    @Rose: Word??? YAHAHHAHAH poor trolls. Brad still got it all these years later.

  • were the morons

    Even cracked out Lindsay Lohan gets better roles than ticky… Womp

    Sucks to be ticky

  • lurker

    Am going at 8:30 cannot wait

  • facts

    these types of movies bore the he ll out of me same old stuff recycled over and over and over again , yawn !

  • Danny

    I got my tickets for 11.20 showing tonight, me and my son. I don’t usually like this type of movie but only because its Brad’s. I can’t wait to see it

  • Catherine

    Bought my WWZ tickets, me and my kids tomorrow afternoon. love you Brad.

  • YIB

    Yes I like the threads a little quieter but normal no nagging fight

  • YIB

    :( I am gonna be working and everyone not get out until night so I am going 6-9ish no spoliers nothing untill then with fream simmy like she did last time I remember she is mental.

  • http://computer Susan

    @Rose: Here’s a movie for you Saturday night, The Jodi Arias Story, “Dirty little Secret”
    Lifetime 8 or 8:30.
    The actress looks like Jodi, can you believe this movie is out already.
    Angie is one of a kind, a reporter once asked her if she can reach any leader in the World and modestly, she said yes.

  • The future FLOP

    Has been moved to August 7th. Lmaooooooo guess they got scared of the competition!

    Anyway, WWZ this weekend!!!

  • Pitt Fan

    Is RT ever going to certify WWZ ? It’s got over 120 reviews counted already. MU got certified after like 50 reviews.

  • LOL

    Brad looks re tarded

  • BW

    I can’t wait to see the movie.