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Katie Holmes Lunches on New York City's Upper East Side!

Katie Holmes Lunches on New York City's Upper East Side!

Katie Holmes is all smiles as she lunches with a pal at Amaranth on the Upper East Side of New York City on Wednesday (June 19).

After lunch, the 34-year-old actress hopped on the subway and headed on her way!

Tom and Katie are in a really good place,” a source told E! News about Katie and her ex Tom Cruise. “They have a good relationship. Soon after the split, obviously, they didn’t. But they have managed to mend their relationship for the sake of Suri. Things are cordial right now.”

FYI: Katie is wearing Coach sunglasses.

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  • Yuck

    This woman has no fashion style whatsoever. Fashionista, my ass.

    Oh, and she needs to lift her saggy boobs.

  • kim26

    She looks so much more happy & lively since she’s not with Tom Cruise. What a liberation it must be for her, after 6 years of being a zombie.

  • OhCanada


    Your face needs a lift more than her boobs

  • Suri the meal ticket

    After the lunch, she needs to shop for a pair of bras to help her sagging boobs.
    Now that Tommy Girl stopped sharing his plastic surgeon with her, she may have to pay for her own enhancement. Given the report from People mag, that she’s struggling to find work, I would suggest a pair of good bras as the cheapest solution.

    But I commend her for wearing the long long skirt to spare the innocent bystanders of her tree trunk legs.
    Heck, where’s Luke? Thought they were in LUV and KHo wants to bear his children. LOL!
    Rupert Murdoch just fired his latest wife, currently accepting applications.

  • poor katiepoo

    She needs a bra. Her boobs are sagging.

  • Yassine

    She looks lovely and so happy, glad for her.

    Saggy boobs? “Lift” your eyes ;).

    @Suri the meal ticket:
    [ she needs to shop for a pair of bras to help her sagging boobs.]
    No. You can’t even make the difference between sagging boobs and “visible” boobs, that’s clearly two different things. That’s what happen when you regularly see big/lifted boobs —–> so normal boobs= sagging boobs [unfortunately].

    [Given the report from People mag, that she’s struggling to find work]
    It’s good to read something but don’t lost your critical mind: it is actually a joke -> she has 3 movies: mania days, days and nights and responsible adults, face and spokesperson of #Bobbibrowncosmectics and #AlternaHaircare ->I wouldn’t say she is struggling to find work.

    [Heck, where’s Luke? Thought they were in LUV and KHo wants to bear his children. LOL!]
    The fact that they’re working together does not ‘necessarily’ mean they are flirting ^_^”.

  • Pat

    Bohemian lesbian chic?

  • Chris

    She looks great and effortless

  • Thornton

    She looks great, and seems very happy.

  • Just a comment

    #2 – She didn’t look like a zombie, after the first 2-3 years of the marriage she looked tired and sad. But it wasn’t just her unhappiness or “selliing out of her soul” which I think took a toll on her and really shook her core, she was also clocking in as much work for her career as possible: Mad Money, appearing on Broadway for All My Sons and physically moving to New York, then filming The Extra Man, Who’s Afraid of the Dark in Australia, back to New York for The Romantics, Son of No one, Jack and Jill, appearances on television, Eli Stone, So you think you can dance?, and flying back and forth to whereever Tom Cruise was filming his movies to get those photo opportunities, plus being involved in her fashion line Holmes and Yang, and the countless appearances on award shows and premieres, etc. AND of course take care of her little girl Suri with the help of her nannies and staff and let’s not forget she became a Scientologist so she had to go through auditing and classes. Our girl Katie was on the go, busy working, getting her name out there to bid for an A list career. And here we are ONE YEAR LATER after the split. Good luck to her and Suri and Cruise.

  • Tiff

    Cute! And happy!!

  • @just a comment

    Lol! She was barely working. Angelina Jolie has 6 kids and look what acting she did during the same time period. Not to mention her Oscar and the fact that she does real humanitarian work as opposed to a couple of hours work with the Dizzy whatever. Still can’t believe katie using that to promote her dancing career.

    Michelle Williams is a single mother. She’s one of the most celebrated actresses today. Again, during the same time that Katie was doing bit roles.

    Naomi Watts, Kate Winslet, Cate Blanchett, Nicole Kidman, Amy Adams…all busy, busy, busy and mothers.

  • annie

    it’s a cute outfit, and judging by her friends outfits , hers is nice.
    I must be blind but I don’t see saggy boobs, natural yes, inflated soccer balls no…
    And her hair is up in a top knot, next day in a bun next day loose and natural, pony tail, whatever, and when she goes out, her hair is always lovely.

    @ just a comment
    The Extra Man only took her 10 days to make, same for Son of No One again 10days, these were just supporting roles.
    Jack and Jill was made in LA, so she was close to home, with Suri on the set all the time.
    She was here in Aus for a couple of months for Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, and The Romantics was filmed just out of NY for about 4 or 6 weeks.
    She spent more time following Tom around the world for his movies, than anything else.
    She lost her chance by turning down Batman, things like that lead to bigger things.
    The thing with Tom Cruise, was at that time he was trying to rebuild his career after the bad publicity he got.
    Katie would have been on location for a few months with Batman, he would have been on location for Valkyrie, so what was her choice?
    Her choice seemed to have been.. make Mad Money quickly.
    She was never away for long periods, at all.
    Tom wanted a comeback desperately, you think he was going to follow her around on her sets, looking after Suri, he was lining up one movie after another.
    Luck doesn’t knock on your door all the time, if you don’t grab it there and then….well you lose it, and just as she was taking off in the movies she fell pregnant and took a year off ….so there’s 2 yrs, gone at the most promising time in her career.
    That’s why I get miffed when people say , she married him to further her career, an actress who is desperate, does not take 1year off to stay home with her baby, in fact very very few actresses do.
    Really I ‘m tired of defending her from people who seem to know very little about Katie Holmes or who don’t know anything about anything concerning her.
    I’m really tired of people who disregard obvious facts just for the sake of being nasty.
    People have on here have been whining about her for years, she still gets endorsements , her Holmes/Yang is still going.
    She has never, gone on tv shows promoting her line like VB used to, and who I think used Katie to be seen, and heard , when she came to the US, not to mention how she took advantage of KH wedding to make herself noticed at every opportunity.
    Katie probably woke up one day , looked around at all the fakeness surrounding her, on one side, and the constricting presence of everything Scie on the other , and probably wanted to run for her life.
    I don’t know how she’s going to change things around for herself, things seem to be stuck in the Tom Cruise period for her.
    I would give anything at times, to have communication with MARY, poster from TomKat crazy site.
    Maybe that’s what a leading astrologer meant when she said Katie will never be free of Tom!

  • Just a comment

    #13 – I agree with most of what you said but I do think Katie was busy during the years she was married. I don’t think Suri’s biological father is Tom Cruise but he has claimed her publicly so I will now say he’s her father. I believe this marriage was a contract and Katie knew she was pregnant going into this marriage with someone else’s child and Cruise stepped in to claim Suri and was happy to market this new family and so the charade began. Cruise would now be able to UP ONE from his previous marriages where there were no biological kids but with Katie he would claim Suri was his and perpetuate the image he desperately wants to maintain, successful, heterosexual movie star, father, and husband. Its an image that the public has of Ben Affleck, Brad Pitt, David Beckman, etc., they have good looking wives with careers and good lucking children. That is a dream everyone that gets married wants, good looking partners, healthy and good looking kids, a beautiful home, cars, success. That is what Cruise was going for but it didn’t happen that way. With Katie I think her deal was she would get door opened to her career and she had to promote this “family image with her and Cruise as a perfect couple who were Scientologists and successful with a photogenic daughter.” But things went awry…

  • Just a comment

    I think when children are little, one thinks they will stay that way but Suri started getting older and she became a paparrazi magnet and that was something Cruise LOVED and didn’t expect because his other children Connor and Bella were NOT paparrazi magnets and Cruise needed publicity during that period of his career 2005 through 2012 when his movies were not doing well and he had become controversial celebrity in the public’s eyes. And the rumors of Suri’s development was floating around several websites including TOMKAT Crazy. So I think as Suri started growing, Katie had a lot on her plate and I am betting it was more for Suri that Katie felt she had to leave the marriage. Katie went into that marriage knowing she would leave the Catholic church but Suri didn’t have a choice in the matter. Katie brought her into this situation and she made the choice to leave. Only when you dance with the devil, and you see the luxury and fame, for some its not easy to completely leave. Katie wants the life (fame and wealth and recognization) that she saw possible while married to Cruise ONLY she doesn’t want it at the price of giving up her daughter to the church of Scientology. I doubt Katie will become an A list actress or business woman. She doesn’t have the discipline, nor doesn’t understand the public image she must portray to the public. She looks ordinary in public and that’s not what people pay $$$ to buy products, see movies, etc.

  • annie

    @just a comment
    If I ask you a question ….will you answer it honestly?
    Obviously you think that it was all a contract from the beginning, then why get out of a lucrative contract.?
    Does that mean that her father was in on this ?
    Why just not stay around , enjoy the perks, and whatever comes with it, after all it’ a contract .
    Why not pretend to like Scie, if it was a means to end.
    Why drive around in a mini cooper when you have a sporty merc, and when asked what you want for your birthday , you say a new sewing machine, after all I’m sure the contract stipulates you can have anything.
    Why not stay , and just lead separate lives.
    Do you guys realise that she had a career before Tom, that is until April 2005 .
    Why did she need to enter into a contract when she was already starting to doing well!
    It was after the contract that it went down hill.
    Sorry maybe it’s just me, maybe I’m just a realist, maybe I’m wrong , or I have a lapse in memory, but back then she didn’t need to sign any contract to further her career.

    Maybe HE needed all that for his image , but it could very well be, he forgot to tell her what he wanted her for, then! We are talking about real people here, with feelings, not things but people.
    Why be so sad sometimes, when you supposedly knew the game.
    Sorry , could be true, but I just don’t buy the contract bit.
    And what about the real father, then, HE must have an idea that Suri is his. HIS daughter, whoever he is
    So I guess he must have been paid off in some way too, and he’s in it as well.
    All this goes from bad to worse, honestly.
    Guess we can also disregard the fact that Suri looks like Tom.
    And if the media hadn’t come up with the question of Suris paternity, only and only because he didn’t have any kids with the other 2 wives , would anyone have questioned it……don’t think so.
    But then Nicole Kidman must be in on it too , because she said she fell pregnant 2 times while she was with TC!
    My god this is crazy!

  • annie

    Then I guess that Jen Garner, doesn’t understand anything about public image because nobody on this earth is more ”ordinary”.
    But again …..another question why does somebody so ordinary as you put it, get endorsements, when there are other so not ordinary actresses who would sell their soul to get these endorsements.
    Before Katie, it was Kate Moss who did H Stern, did you see those videos at all of KH.
    Have you seen how Kate Moss looks like sometimes when she”s not modelling.
    Seriously this could go on forever.

  • annie

    Also if Suri has a development problem , how come she goes to a normal school , with normal children, and doesn’t go to some special school.
    I’m sure there is an answer to that one too!

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Just a comment: Who ever spills the beans and writes a book ( unhappy sister, Bella, Maid) will be set comfortably.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Just a comment: Don’t believe it was a contract… At least in her eyes. I Believe she fell in love in the Top Gun poster. So glad to see her learning from her mistake and making wise choices. She even looks happier. I’ll be disappointed if she doesn’t spend at least a couple years as a single mom especially after saying how Suri is a handful. …….And we ALL KNOW THAT!

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Yassine: Wow. Sorry for saying u have a crush on Katie. The blogs are pathetic. I (a woman) agree with u; she looks classy.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Sincerely concerned: #20 – spelling correction: “WITH the Top Gun Poster”. On that note: there were only 3 good movies he made: Risky Business, Top Gun and A Few Good Men. These were BEFORE he changed agents. Now it is just Tom Cruise Unchained. And/or, the Real Tom Cruise.

  • Just a comment

    #16 – I will answer your questions as much as I can and I don’t know if you will accept my answers because we all have our own opinions. Do you know who Rock Hudson is? He was also a VERY POPULAR, FAMOUS, and LOVED actor who happened to be gay. He married a woman to protect his image of handsome, hetereosexual man. Surely his agent, the studios, and anyone close to him knew about this and possibly encouraged it. Surely all his co stars like Doris Day who was his leading lady in several popular movies knew about it, etc. This happens a lot in the entertainment business because it is also a lucrative industry. It literally can change your life financially and your families. Do you know who the actress Loretta Young is? She was also a huge star back in the day and she got pregnant by Clark Gable the very famous actor who appeared in many films including Gone with the Wind, etc. Loretta Young went away to have her daughter and it was never exposed to the public until years later. Everyone knew about it but kept it secret. Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracey were lovers for many years (over 30 years) and he was a married man and the public did not know about until years after. There are many secrets that are kept in Hollywood and not exposed to the public. Did Katie’s father know about it? Of course. Isn’t it strange that Katie was raised a Catholic, went to Catholic schools and then lives with Chris Klein for 5 years without being married and then converts to Scientology. As Katie’s mother Kathleen said on Good Morning America, Katie was a headstrong child. Probably Suri is the same way. But getting back to Katie and Cruise, I do believe this was a contract and Katie did not know all that it entails. Its one thing to save you are a Scientologist and then its another to start becoming a practicing one, renoucing Christ, your beliefs, etc. Who knows what she went through where she said no way. And not only her, but also Suri. And I do believe that Cruise still has connections and influence in Hollywood. I think her father knew about it and both him and Katie’s mother supported her at the wedding or they knew they would lose her forever. They did what most good parents do, stayed near by so when Katie came to her senses they would be there to help her get out of this. Katie or no one knew this was going to go from bad to worse. Katie had to take this path, cry tears to learn the lesson. She wanted an A list career and thought this was a quick path to get there. The doors might be opened but you still have to have talent and that “it” quality to last.

  • Just a comment

    I think what saved Katie is that she never completly lost touch with her parents or family. Had that happened she & Suri might have stayed with Cruise and become spokespersons for the CoS. Thank God that did not happen. I’m surprised this website hasn’t “moderated me.”

  • Just a comment

    All of Cruise’s immediate family, his mother, sisters, Connor are practicing Scientologists, except his only biological daughter Suri? I don’t think so. Cruise would have fought tooth and nail for Suri if she was his biological daughter.

  • Just a comment

    Suri physically resembles several people, Katie Holmes, and a mixture of Chris Klein, Joshua Jackson, Hartnett, and Cruise’s cousin Thomas Mapother.

  • Just a comment

    - Sorry, I meant to write Cruise’s cousin William Mapother and the actor Josh Hartnett.


    She used Tom. Now she plays the victim. She needs to go back to Ohio and stay there.

  • annie

    why is she playing the victim….she hasn’t said anything, not gone on tv to make snide remarks about him, when she gave an interview for a mag a while back, she said she didn’t want to talk about Tom , and didn’t .
    If she was playing the victim, she would talk about him all the time, like the one who was previously married to him , and another who was married to somebody else….I think you know who I’m talking about.

  • Just a comment

    - I am betting Katie had to sign a confidentiality agreement to NOT discuss her marriage and divorce to Cruise; not to divulge specifics. I love to read and see documentaries and biographies of Hollywood history, the studio moguls, and (not only celebrity gossip but real biographies of the actual people) and I recently saw the documentary on David Geffen, “Inventing David Geffen” and let me tell you it shows you how some of these movers and shakers are connected. Before David Geffen was previously known as a gay man ONLY to his close friends and associates. He even dated Cher after her and Sonny Bono split up, and after they broke up David Geffen “came out as a gay man,” revealed he was gay at a benefit. Today he is a billionaire and a very powerful mogul. He has been involved in the music, movies, and philanthropy industry, etc. He produced Tom Cruise’s first successful movie, Risky Business. This documenary is only one of many documentaries that reveal how a lot of people in the entertainment industry are connected, from Paramount Pictures, Warner Brothers, to the King of Hollywood Lew Wasserman who ran the entertainment business to the days of Samuel Goldwyn, Louis B Mayer, Harry Cohn, Mike Ovitz, director George Cukor, to Red Sumner, etc. so many private lives and deals different from what the public knows. I believe there is a casting couch because the financial benefits of a successful career are too great. As the actor Sylvester Stallone said “you deserve the big paydays because on the way up the ladder they chip away at your soul.” This is a business where art meets commerce. I really think there are VERY FEW if any that get ahead in this business without some connection or influence from someone important. People just don’t talk about until their careers are over because what does it say about them?

  • annie

    just a comment
    Yes i know who Rock Hudson is, seen him on the The Movie Greats channel on tv, which is great, enjoy some of those older movies.
    There was something about him in the news the other day, something about the day his wife found out he was gay .
    Yes, I think that back then there seemed to be a lot of secrets, not sure tho whether it’s the same today, so much info around.
    I agree that we all have our opinions, but for me personally, something has to make sense in my mind.
    It may very well be true that Suri is not Toms daughter, seeing that he seems to have so little access to her.
    I realise also that for Katie to have custody of her daughter, and that she is the one to make all the decisions, regarding Suri, is somewhat strange…..I know people who have kids together, not even married, and the mother can’t make a move without the fathers consent to everything, so yes there is something going on , that obviously we don’t know about.
    I guess if your dad is a divorce lawyer…..
    There is a possibility Katie has a lot of info that might be of interest, but might not be in Toms best interests if it were to come out in the open, and yes he didn’t seem to fight for anything more, seeing he takes the legal road with situations that he doesn’t like.
    As for Katie being raised a catholic, and having a relationship with CK, how many millions do the same thing.
    He seems very close to Conner, because I think that Conner idolises Tom, and Tom does like being idolised.
    I don’t know, still think Suri is his, and still think Katie has something over him.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @annie: Completely agree, #30.

  • anne

    A year ago we’re discussing this “marriage” of the two opportunists. Let’s change the subject. Let us conform, Cruise is gay, bi or asexual and sterile. All his “marriages” are contracts. He married his profession. Suri is the daughter of William Mapother, Katie got full custody because she threatened to go public, Cruise had most to lose from the scandal. Over time, these visits with Cruise/Suri, will disappear. After this PR disaster, Cruise will be more cautious with the 4th “wife”. Now, excuse me, I’ll enjoy myself. By.