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Leonardo DiCaprio: New York City Bike Ride with Emily Mace!

Leonardo DiCaprio: New York City Bike Ride with Emily Mace!

Leonardo DiCaprio goes for a bike ride around town with his friend Emily Mace on Thursday afternoon (June 20) in the downtown area of New York City.

The 38-year-old actor was last spotted arriving on a flight at LAX Airport last week after spending an extended amount of time traveling around Europe.

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In case you missed it, check out the trailer for Leo‘s highly anticipated movie The Wolf of Wall Street, which was directed by his frequent collaborator Martin Scorsese.

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leonardo dicaprio new york city bike ride with female pal 01
leonardo dicaprio new york city bike ride with female pal 02
leonardo dicaprio new york city bike ride with female pal 03
leonardo dicaprio new york city bike ride with female pal 04
leonardo dicaprio new york city bike ride with female pal 05

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  • C/G

    You asked for bike riding pictures. Here they are. Lol

  • Brunette Beauty

    Who’s the lady Leo? ;}

  • What’s next

    Bike ride? Check
    Toni? M.I.A.!

  • Lucy

    Looks like his friend Emily to me. She is the wife of one of his friends.

  • lup

    @Lucy: really? you have a pic of emily?? cuz she wear on BIG ring :O

  • Jeep passenger?

    Are these two guys the same person? The passenger and the guy second from the left without the touque.

  • Leo Fan

    The female pal is definitely Emily Daniels Mace:)

  • haha

    you can even see the ring on her wedding finger. and she also has a kid with leonardo’s friend

  • loveablescar

    Pretty sure that is emily mace. Wasn’t she pregnant at one time? Or am i just crazy?

  • Elodieee

    Wait…. A brunette???? Hmmmm…

  • loveablescar
  • NY bikeriding

    Nice new pics, but who is Emily and how is she related?
    Frankly I was expecing to see him bikeriding with his new 20 year-old blonde puppy…not a good-looking more mature brunette, LOL!

  • Yes it’s Emily D Mace

    She was with Leo at the last GG after-party.

  • loveablescar

    @NY bikeriding
    She is married to one of his friends named Alex Mace. They are all good friends.

  • Yes it’s Emily D Mace
  • LOL

    Clear lighting, Secluded Area, 2 participants, No random passer bys
    Why is Leo hiding his face so ardently in obviously ARRANGED pics?

  • @8

    yep her ring is very prominently placed in the light so no one gets any ideas

  • lup


  • @16

    Agreed. Don’t forget if his biking partner in these staged shots were a blonde the comments would have been 100% nastier

  • Leo Fan

    Here is one of the many occasions where both couples Leo/Bar with Alex/Emily enjoyed a good time.
    They used to spend many New Years and holidays all four of them together.

  • Anonymous


  • TBH

    Someone saw Leo and Toni at Chiptole in NY

  • loveablescar

    Shes really pretty though. Reminds me of zoe saldana.

  • Ahem

    I still don’t understand why he would arrange photos at this point. Can anyone explain?

  • haha

    @tbh where do you see this?

  • LOL

    I can’t explain. Maybe its just to say ‘I’m alive’? ‘I give you this you back off’? Just guessing. No idea.
    But the fact that there appears to be no other human in the vicinity in this public park coming or going in these close up pics mean it was pre planned. JMO. Not condeming it or anything lets be real most celebs do it

  • lup

    @TBH: WHO?

  • Ahem

    Yeah I know most of em do but Leo doing it doesn’t make sense to me. Oh well.

  • Z

    What’s the problem with people here? A thousand celebs are papped more than once in ONE SINGLE DAY and than when Leo is caught biking is such a big deal, come on, I thought he was a celebrity, I thought he was target from paps easily knowing he’s a MOVIE STAR, so yeah he can be caught without call any paps. Like this happened so many times before. Let him live his life!

  • LIKE

    @tbh Where did you see this sighting?

  • What’s next


    If that is true I bet the NY post will report about it soon. LOL

  • facts


    Leo does not do set ups like this, his head is down he hates paps more than anything in the world…. He is gonna bang his head into a sign like Kanye West soon too …. Leo Hates people taking his photo … the paps know when he is nyc from the airport then they sit at his place and follow him when he leaves, NOT PLANNED !

  • Ahem

    Yes. He hates the paps..and then calls them to arrange photos….and then hides his face while being photographed? Sounds paranoid to me. I doubt he staged these.
    Btw yeah TBH, can you reveal where you get that from?

  • Lie

    TBH is lying. If those freaks @ bellazon cant find a tweet or anything it didn’t happen. And we all know they are the best…fortunately or unfortunately…

  • raven

    @Canada girl: I haven’t stayed at either of those hotels. I went to the Bellagio for like 10min last time. It’s nice inside. I stayed at the palms and I really liked it. It is away from the strip though. I had a rental car so it was nice to be able to get away from the strip and go there when I wanted. The aria is a new hotel, that looks nice too.

    No summer travel plans for me. I think I might be able to take a short trip during the fall. I’m trying to decide when I should go.

    Unfortunately I don’t live near the Canada/US border, but one day I will make my way around there :)

  • no clubbing?

    are we absolutely sure Leo is not clubbing? yes? no? lol i think not.
    looks like he’s back at his fave spot, The Darby:
    New York Nightlife ‏@NYNightlife 2h
    The Wolf of Wall Street is at The Darby Downstairs right now.
    Collapse Reply Retweet Favorite More

  • no clubbing?

    and here’s another one:
    Keith Himmel ‏@hurricanehimmel 2h
    Expand Reply Retweet Favorite More

    And apparently there was a raid at The Darby’s tonight. NYNightlife tweeted about it and another person as well:
    ρєтє ‏@KungFuMarsupial 49m
    Literally just hid in the batroom of darby w Leo Dicaprio as a brawl broke out
    Expand Reply Retweet Favorite More

  • also…

    Yeah, it seems like he is clubbing. And so was Toni last night based on her tweets. I don’t know if it’s the same event but they both show up in NYC at the same time, no sighting and then both out the same night…

  • also…

    They were at separate event couple of blocks away.
    Is that also a coincidence? I think they are in but it’s a fling or just casual / friends with benefits. But I’m skeptical about that sighting g since there’s no source and the person who posted it disappeared not answering any questions…

  • miinie

    jeez, leave the guy alone. It’s ridiculous to take pics of a person riding a bike

  • Well..

    I know she looks way older than her age, but is Toni G legit to be clubbing yet?

  • also…

    @41: She is turning 21 soon ( a JM necklace might have been ordered already ) so not in the US.

  • @34

    Why lie? Maybe that poster lives in NY and actually saw something rather than base it on twitter, which is an act according to you only ‘freaks’ do

  • also…

    I`m not saying it`s a lie but there`s no source, no additional info and the poster won`t answer questions. That makes it hard to take it seriously but blaming it on bz people… why?

  • TVgal

    Why keep your head down Leo? If you don’t want to be photographed, stay indoors.

  • pt109

    Nice to see Leo hanging with Emily.

  • Nessa

    The idea of an almost 40 year old man hiding in the bathroom if a club while a brawl is going on kind of makes me chuckle… Not gonna lie. Oh, Leo… I still can’t quit you. Lol

  • Sarah

    Who can possibly imagine Leo in NY and not clubbing.C’mon. Most of his club owner/manager pals are in NY.
    And we sure can expect to learn he might be spotted with Toni here and there at clubs or parties. After all they were seen traveling and hanging together in Europe so I doubt they wouldn’t hang out again in NY.
    These bike ride pics are cool. I remember when we used to see many pap photos of the happy foursome.

  • LOL

    @Anonymous – Leo dumped it over 2 years ago. But if its not jewellery watch its something else to cling onto. They can’t move on. Even Erin fans aren’t as sad. Wheres Tinkerbell??

  • Wizzer