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Leonardo DiCaprio: Rent My Malibu Home!

Leonardo DiCaprio: Rent My Malibu Home!

Leonardo DiCaprio keeps his head down while chatting on the phone on Friday (June 21) in New York City.

The day before, the 38-year-old actor was seen riding a bike with his gal pal Emily Mace in downtown.

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It was recently announced that Leo is currently renting out his Malibu pad for $75,000 per month for a six-month lease, but it can be rented out for $150,000 on a month to month basis. His beautiful home has a four-bedroom main house, two-bedroom detached guesthouse, a gym and a fire pit.

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  • Mrs. Gatsby

    thanks for all the Leo posts, JJ.

  • Mrs. Gatsby

    … to continue our conversation… and here’s another example of property usage.

  • Leokas

    The things I would do to be in bed with Leo ….

  • Wizzer

    Leo, your white socks………..I’m weeping. *sobs quietly*

  • observer

    hey leo! you’re always wearing the same short and shoes, i can lend you some! but first you lend me one of your girlfriends!!

  • Sarah

    So he never succeeded in selling his Malibu home.

  • Mrs. Gatsby

    *comforts Wizzer* It’s okay, hon’. It’s just 5 months until the WoWS premier. Be strong.

  • socks

    white socks + sandals or shoes is a very german thing to do. i guess he’s trying to keep w/his roots. my friends would talk about going to Oktoberfest in Ohio and said that you should always wear birkenstock with white socks as a perfect German outfit. ha…

  • what?


  • Ava

    My dad is 75 , bald and he too wears Leo’s type of hat everywhere… Add the stupid shoes and white socks with long shorts almost falling off … Leo dresses like a 65 year old retiree And looks like he has the body to match…And doesn’t he have enough money he rents out one of his houses, a guy who’s supposedly paranoid about his privacy, strangers living in one of his homes… All these liberal actors greedy money hungry hypocrites .

  • broken heart

    I’m loving all the Leo pics!

  • kelly

    Why don’t you tell us how you really feel about this situation.

  • Jo

    I love him. Even with his white socks. Please never change you, Leo <3

  • Kat

    Where is Lukas ?

  • Leo Fan

    Taken on June 20, we can see additional pap photos of Leo with Danny A.

  • Mrs. Gatsby

    Somebody sounds a teeny, tiny bit bitter.
    @Ava: Ava, dear, many people have rental portieres. Leo tried selling that house awhile back, but, probably because of the soft house market, it didn’t sell. In my opinion, the next best thing would be to rent it out, and hope that a perspective renter may want to buy it.
    And…… many people buy properties to fix them up and sell OR rent. It’s an investment.
    @kelly: lol. Exactly.

  • Mrs. Gatsby


  • Anonymous

    @Mrs. Gatsby:
    The property market is brutal right now though

  • Mrs. Gatsby

    @Anonymous: What goes down will go up. With investments you think long, not short term. He has the money, so he can safely invest in properties. I also think of it this way. He’d be helping to create jobs by purchasing investment property that needs renovating (which one of those condos definitely did).

  • Tina

    Leo you have the worst fashion sense but I still luv you.

  • Saturday

    He still sends my heart fluttering after all these years. Leo you still got it.

  • Aww

    Aww babe, why those white socks? He srsly doesn’t give a fug hahahah. It’s probably a lot better than white socks and birkenstocks or smth. I believe we’ve seen him wearing that combination as well. God, he’s my favorite idiot.

  • Josh

    what polo is he wearing?

  • Aww

    ^Judging by the logo i believe it’s a Ralph Lauren.

  • SarahN

    Frankly, I can’t wait to see him all dressed up on the red carpet with Margot for the premiere of WOWS. She is so cute, has a standard feminine height and will make him look even more manly…..

  • Mrs. Gatsby

    @SarahN: That was a sizeist comment. Are tall women unfeminine and cause those standing near them to be emasculated? Ridiculous.
    I am not disparaging Margot in the least when I say, from Leo’s history, I think that he rather likes a tall, gamine beauty.
    Newsflash, @SarahN, there are industries built around tall, beautiful women. Don’t be sizeist if you happen not to be included.

  • Pixie

    He looks hot but I dont like those pants and those socks.

  • Leo Fan

    @Sarah N
    I agree, Leo and Margot are going to look awesome together on the red carpet and on the screen. Thanks for the picture. Margot is truly beautiful.

  • Anonymous

    @Mrs. Gatsby:
    Well said. Still NOT loving the white socks lmao

  • medusa

    He really needs to wear tighter shorts/jeans or combine them with a belt ‘cos from what i always see in the pictures they are on their way to the floor lol

  • Lotus Eaters

    Margot is pretty, but sort of like a chubby version of Jaime Pressly.

  • @31


  • Emma

    From the moment I saw her I thought she looked a bit like Emma Stone. Esp. in that ‘What’s wrong Daddy’ scene. Emma is prettier tho I think.

  • @33

    margot isn’t ugly but not a beauty like the OP is carrying on about. shell look good at the premier but they wont be together together so it doesnt matter what she looks like beside him.
    emma stone has a real delicate beauty and dancing eyes.
    margo is two years younger than her but looks older.

  • What

    C’mon on who are you to criticize Margot’s looks..???
    Margot is gorgeous, and this is precisely the reason why she was chosen to play Nadine in the movie.
    Besides, Leo, Margot and Jonah seemed to get along fine during the filming as she was seen with them partying in NY and Leo even invited her over to Vegas. I don’t recall he’s ever done that with previous costars while filming.
    Emma Stone has turtle eyes…

  • Well

    I think Margot is prettier than Emma Stone.

  • Go Em!

    Emma Stone >>>> Margot

  • Go Em!

    Margot looks like 30! Em looks so fresh and so clean

  • Beautiful!!!
  • @35

    “C’mon on who are you to criticize Margot’s looks..???
    Emma Stone has turtle eyes…”

  • http://Looksli News Reporter
  • @35

    Nobody cares about Margot here. Comment on her post. Oh. Wait. The last post she was in was four months ago and it got five comments. I don’t hate her, but lets not make her out to be something that she’s not.

  • also…

    It seems like Leo left NYC for the Bahamas…

  • lup

    @also…: how you know??

  • lup

    @also…: or bora bora?

  • op
  • #44

    There are multiple sightings from different people on Twitter that he’s there. Seems legit.

  • ace11

    I can only imagine how much sex has taken place in that malibu house

  • @35

    Spotted Leonardo Dicaprio in Hopetown Abaco, Bahamas. #ikidyounot #hewaswearingafannypack #prettysweet

  • Bahamas

    I wonder who he’s with. He doesn’t like to travel by himself. Usually has his entourage (or at least a part of it) with him. Good for him if he’s alone though. Change is good!