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Miranda Kerr: Bikini Babe for 'The Edit' Swimwear Issue!

Miranda Kerr: Bikini Babe for 'The Edit' Swimwear Issue!

Miranda Kerr shows off her fabulous bikini body in the swimsuit edition of Net-A-Porter’s digital magazine The Edit.

Here’s what the 30-year-old model had to share with the mag:

On ending her contract with Victoria’s Secret: “Ed [Razek, current model casting agent for the brand] and I are really good friends, and we both decided it was impractical for me to continue. I have such fond memories of working with them.”

On her marriage to Orlando Bloom: “I am quite dominant in my career, so what really works for me when I come home, is to relax more into the feminine side. If you’re really an alpha female, you don’t allow [your partner] to have the space to feel like the man in the relationship. Maybe I am too traditional, but men feel important when you ask for their help, instead of thinking you can do it all on your own.”

On being featured in Bling Ring for the lingerie theft: “It could have been worse, that’s what I always say about everything. I mean, no one was hurt.”

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Credit: Mariano Vivanco/Net-A-Porter's The Edit
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  • pika

    the most overrated VS model. beautiful but extremely overrated.

  • http://firty yesgirl

    She is so hot

  • ohp

    She’s hotter than me.

  • Anne

    Man, she really thinks alot about herself… she is just a Human Hanger.

  • Wow..

    Miranda’s promoting Kora Organics her OWN skincare line, she’s her own best advertisement with her flawless glowing skin.

  • @Anne…#4

    You make no sense, she’s modeling, it’s part of her JOB….Duh!

  • Sophie

    This guy is Miranda Kerr’s crazy stalker! Read more here:

  • @1…

    Overrated….Mmmm lets see, Miranda has a Jalouse, 2 Vogue covers & others already this year.

    She’s also now expanding her OWN skincare line Kora Organics into the US, UK & Asia through the luxury site Net-a-porter.

    As well she’ll soon be releasing a follow up to her best selling book.

    Tell us which other CURRENT VS model is as globally successful as Miranda???

    Jealous much???

  • @Sophie. #7

    Yes it’s very creepy.

    This guy reminds me of some “haters” who write delusional conspiracy theories & make vile nasty comments about Miranda out of spite & petty jealousy!!!

  • pika

    @@1…: jealousy has nothing to do with it since i clearly stated she is very beautiful and nothing can take that away. however, dont you think the other models are equally as beautiful and deserve some sort of recognition?
    Miranda is seen everywhere nowadays and i believe that some of this can easily be avoided. thats all. jealousy = none, but she is stunning.

  • Sure

    Much too skinny women (Miranda is not a girl, remember), have probs with their father, according to the world wide known and prooved
    opinion of Psychology.

  • zelda

    sounds like she’s been drinking Gabrielle Reese’s cool aid.

  • xenia

    yikes wow.
    this is like anorexia modeling.
    she thinks this is sexy?

  • camden

    looks like a poster advertising ED.

  • Jeremy

    i’m sorry – but there’s nothing remotely “anorexic” looking about any of these images. she’s an extremely healthy model with a gorgeous figure. to the people commenting on how “skinny” she looks and how it’s an ad for “eating disorders” — maybe you oughta take a look around you and at the people you see in your day-to-day life. my wager is that the vast majority of them would classify as officially overweight, if not obese. a woman doesn’t have to be fleshy in order to be healthy, or in order to be feminine.

  • Anon

    Miranda is beautiful. I am going to try her Kora products because they are organic.

  • Lou

    Not my favorite model, but she looks absolutely gorgeous in these pictures. And this “anorexic” blah blah blah is ridiculous. Some women are healthy and sexily thin. And, as it was said above, average women in the US are overweighed.

  • Anne

    LOL Anon is so a PR team of Miranda

  • ahah

    I’m sorry for her. She will never be the Victoria’s Secret queen

  • @10

    Sure, there are a lot of beautiful models that never get that much attention. Just like there are many amazing singers who can’t sell a record if they gave it away for a penny. These people are lacking that all important ‘x factor’ that draws people to them. It’s not their fault. Hard work helps, but no one can learn it. You either have it or you don’t. Miranda has it in spades. Disliking her because people pay attention to her just doesn’t make sense.

  • @19

    Yeah, poor Miranda.
    She’s just wasting away on the cover of Vogue.
    I bet that she just cries on her super rich and hot husband’s shoulder all of the time. At least when she isn’t cuddling her beautiful, healthy son or getting ready to publish yet another book, or expanding her successful skin care line.
    Poor, poor Miranda.

  • two sheds

    “If you’re really an alpha female, you don’t allow [your partner] to have the space to feel like the man in the relationship.”

    She is really pretty, but that comment is some sexist bullshit. Being a strong woman doesn´t equal being the “man” in the relationship, but that you are equals. Especially since she seems to be a pretty independent woman.

  • @22

    You can be a strong woman without trying to dominate your husband. Just as a man doesn’t have to dominate a woman to be masculine.
    But there are roles to play in every relationship. And it’s important to a man’s psyche to feel needed, and that he is the ‘protector’. It’s in our genetic memory, after all. Women are natural born nurturers, while men are natural born protectors, who have always been responsible for providing for the family. Take that role away from them, and they can feel lost and superfluous. It’s just a basic understanding or how the sexes are wired. You can still be equals. But equality doesn’t mean that each does the same job. You can have different roles in a relationship, and still respect each other. Understanding that is the basis of strong marriages.

  • an

    Her comments are embarrassing. What a bimbo.

  • sara

    She’s so beautiful!

  • Amy

    she is so dumb. I hope girls don’t use her as role model. Her comments reek of sexism and its even more disgusting when women do it.

  • Sally

    Trying this again since by browser decided to reload itself and I lost my original post.

    @23: In what way is that in our genetic memory? Genetic memory exists in humans and animals in the form of instinct. Instinct is a predictable behavior in response to a FAP – fixed action pattern. A FAP is a natural action undertaken by a another member of the same species. Take for example: a baby crying (FAP) causes the mother’s breast to leak (instinct). End of. Human behavior is the result of experiences and learning. We are a culture species.

    FAPs are considered by science to be stereotyped by the intellectually lazy to account for chosen behavior created by societies. “Men are biologically incapable of remaining monogamous! They have to spread their seed!” Um, no. You’d be amazed at how many people never bothered to actually read any of those studies and just accepted the interpretations of the media (who are renowned for their understanding of science, obviously). The same media that has convinced the world that Multiple Personality Disorder is an actual thing and that we all only use 10% of our brains.

    What is considered masculine and feminine varies from one society to the next – and even within each society. Math is masculine America but not in many countries around the world (such as Japan where a book called Math Girls is a bestseller with multiple sequels). In those countries, as many mathematicians are women as are men. In America? Only 27% of math PhDs go to women. Yet girls are testing on par with boys. Why? Several studies tested how much our performance is affected by what societies tells us; before taking a test the girls were told the test never showed a gender difference and they scored *higher* than the boys, but when they were told that girls rarely scored as high as boys? They, more often than not, scored lower. Hear that you’re dumb? Think that you’re dumb. Hear that, hey, it’s in your blood to cheat? Well, you’re less likely to feel guilty about betraying your significant other. It’s your biological imperative, after all.

    That Miranda Kerr feels she has to pretend to be incapable of doing things she’s perfectly capable of doing in order for her husband to feel like a man has nothing to do with biology or our ancestors. In nature, the female of any given species doesn’t get help from the male. Lions don’t assist lionesses in bringing dinner back to the pride. The lionesses just get it done because they can.

  • DEE

    I’m sorry but I find her incredibly annoying. She’s such a hypocrite sometimes. Is she always looking for publicity? Adriana Lima seems to love her husband & children dearly. She really did sacrifice part of her career to spend more time with them. Yet she manages to do everything out of the public eye. She would never pose for Net-a-Porter magazine and dish on her marriage while giving out advice. Adriana is genuine, Miranda is a fame-seeker!

  • @sally

    Genetic memory is the basis of human society. Yes, much else is taught, but there are still reasons behind our actions.
    A baby’s cry will also put every female, even strangers, on ‘alert’. Men? They just find it annoying. That’s because women are the nurturers. Always have been. Men, until just the last century, have always been the providers. Their pull to hunt, farm, protect, etc., has been ingrained since we dawned as a species.
    Step away from your books, and observe human ( not animal ) behavior. Just watch couples interact in the mall, or the airport. You will see women smiling at babies, and men subconsciously step between their ‘mate’ and any perceived, however slight, danger. It IS instinct. That type if behavior cannot be learned.
    As for Miranda, she has proved that she is a strong minded woman who willing to make decisions on her own. Orlando has said in interviews (Ellen) that she is a strong willed woman. He is evidently proud of her strength. The fact that she becomes less dominant at home does not lessen the fact that she is a strong woman. But if does let her get in touch with her instinctual feminine side.

  • @dee

    You’re right. Adriana would never pose for Net a Porter.
    That’s because she will never have her own line of clothing, jewelry, or skin care. You see Net a Porter is a high end, online shopping site. Think a designer version of HSN or QVC.
    Miranda is posing to help market Kora. And she looks amazing while doing it.
    But when did Adriana ‘sacrifice’ for her family? Staying home to lose the baby weight is not a sacrifice. What did she do? I mean, besides putting her children’s faces online?

  • two sheds

    @@22: The reason why humans survived so long successfully is their ability to adopt to enviromental circumstances. In western Europe nowadays it is becoming quite common that men take time off after they had a baby and the wife goes back to the job shortly after having the baby. Sometimes the wife earns more than the husband and both do the same jobs in their marriage.
    If that works for them, then good, but Miranda has been working a lot more than Orlando after having Flynn and they seem to equally take of him, so I don´t know if there´s that much truth to her statement or if this is just part of her image and catering to her target group.
    For me the only kind of marriage would be one, in which both partners are equals in pretty much everything, do things in the household, take care of the kid etc.

  • @Sally

    I think you misinterpreted her words. I never read her say that her husband can do things better than her. She just said that at home he is the dominant part of the couple.
    I think that in most cases there is one dominant member in every couple, sometimes the man, sometimes the woman, which doesn’t mean that one is more competent than the other, it’s just that one is more flexible while the other is more assertive. There’s no need to start a war of sexes out of this.
    The real sexism comes when the dominant part of a couple is a woman, and people say expressions like “she owns his balls” or things like that, ridiculizing a man for having respect for the decisions of his wife/girlfriend.

  • @31

    She never said anything about her work, just about her home life, so she can’t be a hypocrite for working.
    Sure the environment has shaped our behavior. Men no longer have to hunt for their own food, or plow their own fields, but what goes on in the actual relationship is what counts. The nurturer/provider pull is still there.
    And the man staying home with the baby is fine is he is a ‘house husband’, but it doesn’t make sense if the baby is being breast fed.That puts even more pressure on the woman, so she has no free time at all. That situation is actually taking away her freedom, instead of adding to it. The man staying home may be a financial decision, but it is not a cultural one. Physically and emotionally it just isn’t the most desired scenario for the majority of people.
    And this has nothing to do with couples sharing household duties. It’s about attitude and compromise. We both work. We both clean house. We are both involved with major decisions, but the smaller ones are divided. I make some household decisions. My husband makes others. But I still think that it’s important to let him ‘protect’ me, just as it’s important that I make him feel that I am taking care of him. It gives both of us pleasure when I work hard to make him his favorite dinner. A dinner that made in a beautiful, safe home that he provided. And it makes me feel cherished when he hands me a glass of wine to relax as he does the dishes. Roles have changed, but the instinct is still there. Even if all things are equal.

  • @32

    Yeah, that’s yet another hater hypocrisy.
    She’s strong, assertive and successful in her own right, so they call him “ball-less”.
    Shouldn’t they be praising both of them? Her for being an assertive woman and not being afraid to go out and start her own business. And him for being a willing supporter of her ambition?
    Of course, these are the same people who claim that she is setting the women’s movement back by posing in lingerie.
    Such hypocrites.

  • wow

    She looks gorgeous!
    VS, eat your heart out!

  • NYC

    @ohp: lol
    she’ll always be hotter than most of us.

  • Dieter!!!!


  • Righto…

    Miranda….hot…hot…hot as always. And I love your sexy hubby & beautiful son. Thats all you need you lucky woman.