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Johnny Depp: 'Lone Ranger' Disneyland Premiere!

Johnny Depp: 'Lone Ranger' Disneyland Premiere!

Johnny Depp hits the red carpet at the premiere of his new film The Lone Ranger held at the Disney California Adventure Park on Saturday afternoon (June 22) in Anaheim, Calif.

The 50-year-old actor was in attendance at a special fan screening for the film in Oklahoma just the day before, where he wore a Tonto necklace!

The Lone Ranger, about a Native American warrior who recounts the untold tales that transformed John Reid, a man of the law, into a legend of justice, hits theaters July 3.

25+ pictures inside of Johnny Depp at the Lone Ranger premiere…

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johnny depp lone ranger disneyland premiere 16
johnny depp lone ranger disneyland premiere 17
johnny depp lone ranger disneyland premiere 18
johnny depp lone ranger disneyland premiere 19
johnny depp lone ranger disneyland premiere 20
johnny depp lone ranger disneyland premiere 21
johnny depp lone ranger disneyland premiere 22
johnny depp lone ranger disneyland premiere 23
johnny depp lone ranger disneyland premiere 24
johnny depp lone ranger disneyland premiere 25

Credit: Jason Merritt, Kevin Winter; Photos: Getty
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  • namers

    He cleans up nice.

  • YIB

    hola better here johnny looked he really losing the hear from the front..


    Racist movie

  • derek117

    He is looking more and more like Mickey Rourke. And, that’s NOT a good thing.

  • Lala

    Johnny looking good

  • niagirl

    yeah, he’s 50.

  • lol

    Wow, they must REALLY be afraid that this movie is going to flop.

  • xristina

    He looks so beautiful!!!I’m gonna see the Lone Ranger for sure!!!!!!

  • 55vineyard

    Why do you think this is racist? I watched the original TV show as a kid and loved it – Hi Ho Silver, A!way

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @lol: why? is doing a big premeire for a big budget movie is a weird thing now?

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @derek117: are you kidding ? he looks nothing like MR !

  • margo

    ughh can this man ever looks bad? its like if he’s getting better with age he is looking gorgeous in all of his new photos!

  • KeepRocking

    he hasn’t look THAT good in years.He really is gorgeous

  • eww

    He should be ashamed to have taken a role that should have been played by a Native American. Shame on you, Johnny.
    I won’t be seeing this movie, that’s for sure. And based upon a lit of other comments across the web, neither are a lot of people.
    Serves the producers right for casting a white man as Tonto.

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @eww: um no there is a lot of people who are gonna see it i see so many people excited about it in the facebook and such

  • Sarah

    @eww: Johnny Depp has Native American heritage. I can’t understand why he shouldn’t play an Native American, he is an actor and actors plays characters who sometimes (or always) are very different (including phisically) of them, Depp is not the first actor who did that.
    Do you also refuse to see movies with american actors playing french, british, japanese, german (and many others nationalities) characters talking english with an american accent? (almost every movie that Hollywood does!). Do you also refuse to see movies about slavery with afro-american actors playing slaves because only africans are the real blacks? Do you refuse to see movies with heterosexual actors playing homosexual characters and vice versa? Oh, please!

  • ellen

    @lol: what the hell are you talking about? do you want a big budget blockbuster without a huge premiere?

  • brenda

    Johnny Depp looks AMAZINg and sooo sexy there and that is something the haters can’t deny ..don’t you think @2,@4 and@6?’ And @4: What the f*ck are you looking at?..No way..Johnny dosen’t look like that AT ALL you fool! And I’d like his movie will be awesome and all the people go to see it ..I wish him the best and good luck for his movie ..God bless you Johnny!

  • holy f_ck

    that young man looks fantastic! too much gorgeousness .. i can’t handle it anymore

  • Eddie Scissorhands

    I’ve never understood this rabid frenzy that Depp stirs up.
    Maybe when he was with Kate Moss but…actually I never got it.
    Especially not now.
    He is so gross. Just gross. Like every crevice of his body is full of nicotene sweat.
    Like he doesn’t shower and smells musty.
    Just gross.
    Those teeth!
    I don’t think I’ve enjoyed him in any movie since Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and even then he was playing what he always plays “hyper-active quirky”.
    Such a dirty bore.

  • Eddie Scissorhands

    I love how his fans rationalize the way he left Vanessa Paradis and his children!
    He gets to be unconditionally loved because he’s “fragile and quirky”.
    Please, he comes across as very (pervasively) childlike which is sad for a man of 50.

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @Eddie Scissorhands: woow you posted the same $hit you posted in that article here!

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @Eddie Scissorhands: first of all : f_ck you cheap hater go f_ck then kill yourself.
    your stupid opinion of his movies doesn’t matter at all because his best and most acclaimed and memorable roles were after fear and loathing and he got all of his 3 oscar nominations and golden globe and sag win after that so go f_ck yourself again

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @Eddie Scissorhands: woow why all the hate? what have he done to you? why did you even bothered click on to read about him if you hate him that much and so grossed out by him? get a life you loser you are so gross ! can you show us a picture of your ughly face? come on we want to have a laugh! how the f_ck is he a childlike? he acts and dress like if he’s 70 all the time! GO TO HELL and die in your jealousy of this amazing beloved human being

  • Ecarly

    @Eddie Scissorhands: He didn’t leave his children…he only left their mother! -wink-

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @Ecarly: yup he just broke up with that ugly slut just like any normal freaking couples.


  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @Ecarly: yup he didn’t leave his children because THEY ARE LIVING WITH HIM IN L.A AND ATTENDING SCHOOL THERE and aren’t we sick of bringing up fanissa in every article about him? they just broke up like any normal couple and moved on and so should you all

  • @16

    His “native American heritage” is equivalent to a drop of water in a pond. Tonto is supposed to be a full blooded native American. Having some white man play him when there are so many wonderful native actors is offensive.
    It’s like a white actor playing an African slave in blackface because their great-great-great-great grandmother was black.
    And if you think that race is equivalent to accent, then I think that you have a serious problem.
    And BTW, if an “American actor” played a Japanese person, don’t you think that they would choose an actor of Japanese decent? RACE is not the same as NATIONALITY. Do you really not understand the difference? Are you really that stupid?

  • wane

    @@16: yaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnn

  • lol

    Don’t you love it when truth and sound reasoning is considered boring by these ridiculous fans?

  • Maria

    So handsome!

  • Skyhawk

    Johnny Depp is “playing” Indians in more ways than just physically. He and Disney will laugh all the way to the bank. If he really cared in turning the stereotype around and helping Native children, he would set-up a Foundation and fund it. I doubt that would happen, So, yes, JD is “playing ” Indians.

  • @32


  • Anne

    @@16: Keanu Reeves is canadian with chinese decent and he will play a japanese in 47 Ronin. Penelope Cruz is spanish and made a movie years ago where she played a brazilian woman (brazilians and spanishs are not the same!, they don’t even speaks the same language!), and the movie was speaking in english! Scarlett Johansson is american and her Black Widow in Avengers was russian, does she looks russian, speaks russian or had a russian accent in that movie? And Lucy Liu? how many times she played a chinese, korean or japanese character? and no, they are not she same thing!
    I could spend the rest of the day talking about many other actors who played characters with different nationalities OR races in Hollywood movies, but I won’t!
    Do you really think that Disney would choose a 100% Native American for this part? REALLY? are you dumb or what? they want publicity and Johnny Depp brings publicity for this movie! or do you that people will watch this movie because of Armie Hammer, who is not so famous as Depp?
    And please, show me at least 20 full blooded native American actors who could play this role and who are also so famous as Depp!
    Americans are so fake pretending how they care about racism and U.S. still are the most racist country on Earth! The way you treat and typecast muslims, asians, latins and black people prove that!
    You won’t convince how you disaprove racism with this whining about a white guy (with native decent) playing a Native, if you don’t like the guy then don’t watch his movie!, but don’t pretend you won’t watch it because of how racist it is!
    Btw, the morons whining about Depp playing a Native are the same who celebrates Thanksgiving (the murder of Natives), right? LOL

  • Chloe

    “Bla bla bla Johnny Depp is white and played a native, he should be ashamed, he is so racist… bla bla bla… I’m one of the stupid americans who loved The Help, Argo and Zero Dark Thirty (three of the most racists movies EVER)… bla bla bla Johnny Depp is racist”
    Yeah, do you care so much about racism… but only when the subject are natives…

  • rebbeca

    he looks absolutely stunning! such a beautiful man

  • @34

    Wow. Quite the rant. Did you bother to read what you wrote?
    Because the hypocrisy is ASTOUNDING, even for an irrational fan girl.
    You think that by calling out other Hollywood miscastings you make this one look better? And how racist can you be to proclaim that there aren’t any Native actors CAPABLE of performing TONTO, a NATIVE AMERICAN????? They wouldn’t need Johnny’s fame if it was a good movie. And they would certainly not lose customers who are no longer content to sit by and watch the whitewashing of characters of color. And then you go on to display more racist / xenophobic behavior by calling all Americans racist?
    You are just trying to find excuses to pardon Johnny from this debacle. And in doing so, you are revealing your own racism.

  • miinie

    Johnny looks good and I like his style, jewelry looks good on him.

  • mark

    This entire movie wouldn’t have happened at all had it not been for Johnny getting together years ago with Jerry Bruckheimer and talking about his ideas for a remake of The Lone Ranger TV show, and how he wanted to portray Tonto in a way that would help alleviate some of the pain the Native American community has felt for decades about how their people have been portrayed in Hollywood films.  Johnny has put a lot of his own blood, sweat and tears (and money) into this movie for years.  He was instrumental in working with the screenplay writers on the script throughout the process.  He researched for years and he came up with the look for Tonto and knew how he wanted Tonto to be portrayed in the film – not as a sidekick, but as the one telling the story and as an equal to the Lone Ranger. He was the one who decided that Tonto should be portrayed as intelligent and as a strong warrior as well as being a spiritual man. 

    So, for all those trolls and Native Americans who are continually bitching about Johnny playing Tonto in this movie…the alternative would have been that the movie wouldn’t have gotten made at all.  There wouldn’t have been an opportunity for any Native Americans to work on this film because the film wouldn’t have gotten greenlighted by any studio and wouldn’t have gotten made without Johnny’s vision, passion, involvement, his clout in Hollywood and his star power that will bring fans to the theaters in order to help pay for the $215 million production costs.

  • @39

    So he’s “helping” native Americans by portraying them as monosyllabic clowns?
    Gee. I’m sure that they appreciate that.
    And if he really wanted to help “alleviate their pain”, he wouldn’t have slapped them in the face by playing Tonto himself. Why not just put his money where his mouth is and HIRE a Native American to play Tonto, while he played another role? You would still have his box office draw (not that there’s much left of that anymore), and he WOULD be helping the Native American community.
    But no. He wanted to play ‘cowboys and indians’, and he didn’t care if he offended an antire people.
    He really should be ashamed of himself.

  • funny gurl

    @@39: “not that there’s much left of that anymore”
    oh really? lets not forget about potc4 and alice which both made a billion dollar

  • Anne

    @@34: Hey moron! I didn’t proclaimed that there aren’t any Native actors capable of performing Tonto, did you read what I wrote? of course, not! I said: “show me at least 20 full blooded native American actors who could play this role and who are ALSO SO FAMOUS as Depp!” – I’m still waiting the list, show me please!
    “They wouldn’t need Johnny’s fame if it was a good movie” – Are you really that stupid? this is a f*cking DISNEY movie! is not a indie movie! they want publicity, that’s why they chose Depp, this is so f*cking clear!
    “So he’s “helping” native Americans by portraying them as monosyllabic clowns?” – So it wouldn’t be a problem if a native american was playing a monosyllabic clown instead of Depp? LOL Yeah, I really believe that you will not see this movie because of its “racism”. You’re such a liar!
    Sorry, but any american who slams a actor for playing a native and still celebrates Thanksgiving LIKE YOU and don’t believe that other kind of racism exists or are not so bad, are purely HYPOCRITES!
    YOUR hypocrisy is ASTOUNDING to me! YOU are the one who should be ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!

  • ha

    Don’t you love it when the fans are confronted by truth and logic they spiral off into vulgarity and nonsense? Completely ignoring their own racist comments that they made in defending the whitewashing of a Native character?
    BTW, to the ignorant psycho #42..
    Thanksgiving is not racist. In fact, it’s a celebration of the ability of two peoples to come together to help each other.
    Things all went to h*ll AFTER Thanksgiving.
    And you sound so proud stating that a Disney movie doesn’t have to be good, it’s just there to make money. You called Johnny on selling out, and don’t even realize that you did it! LOL!

  • ha

    And BTW, I’m 1/2 Shawnee. So if anyone here has a right to voice their opinion of this mess, it’s me.

  • amanda

    @ha: F_CK Off

  • Anne

    @ha: “Thanksgiving is not racist. In fact, it’s a celebration of the ability of two peoples to come together to help each other.”
    You’re so stupid that you can’t see how moron you are!
    You should stop watching fox news and learn a little bit about THE REAL MEANING of Thanksgiving and what you really celebrate is the MASSACRE of indians by YOUR PEOPLE!
    If you care so much about indians rights, so you should give back the lands that your ancestors STEAL from them!
    I love the American Hypocrisy! it’s so funny when they call someone else “racist” even if this person only dresses up like an indian for a fantasy party, for example, but they don’t care so much when someone else thinks like Adolf Hitler, for example. lol
    By the way, if you hate so much white actors playing characters from different races, don’t you forget to campaign against Angelina Jolie or any other white american woman with green/blue eyes who will play Cleopatra – A REAL PERSON who was a black and african woman! or only indians are intouchables and can’t be played by actors who have indian descendant? It’s a rhetorical question anyway, I know how your answer will be hypocritical like everything you said!

  • @46

    Wow. You really are crazy, aren’t you, Crazy, vulgar, ignorant, racist and xenophobic.
    And you’re the one think like Adolf Hitler. Discounting disrespect for other races because you don’t want to admit that what Johnny is doing is wrong.
    And you are especially hypocritical when you think that it’s horrible if a white woman plays Cleopatra, but it’s just fine if a white man plays a Native American. A white man whose native ancestry is something that he even admitted to being vague and diluted (and possibly a complete sham).
    Here is a great article on the subject. Maybe if you read it, you would understand exactly how ignorant you really are.

  • Julie

    Until now I didn’t see any Native American complaining about this movie neither calling Johnny Depp racist because he is not 100% Native, only white people keeps saying that… Interesting, huh?
    It’s funny how white americans likes to determinate what is racist or not against Natives. How about ask Natives what they think about it?

  • love

    @Eddie Scissorhands: Wow, so much hate for a harmless person that you don’t know. You are basically hating on him because many find him attractive and you don’t?

    Who the f cares whether you find him attractive or “get” it or not? He’s a very handsome, sexy man with a heart of gold and if you can’t see that then it’s your problem.

    The only gross thing here is your comment. He cleans up very nice and smells AHMAZING in person. Everyone who met him said he smells amazing.

    I’m pretty sure that he showers more than you do.

    Are you sure you’ve seen enough movies of him since Fear and Loathing? I don’t remember him playing “hyper-active quirky” in Blow, From Hell, Chocolat, Sleepy Hollow, The Ninth Gate, Finding Neverland and on and on and on.

    Such a dirty bore of a waste space you are