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Johnny Depp: 'The Lone Ranger' Surprise Screening Appearance!

Johnny Depp: 'The Lone Ranger' Surprise Screening Appearance!

Johnny Depp flashes a smile while making a surprise visit at a screening of his latest flick The Lone Ranger held at Carmike Cinemas on Friday (June 21) in Lawton, Okla.

The 50-year-old actor was seen walking the red carpet with his adopted Comanche mother LaDonna Harris.

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“I’m so proud to be here and so proud to be a part of this. If I can help in any way to pass the message along to the children, to understand that where they come from, they are warriors and nothing less,” Johnny shared at the screening.

20+ pictures inside of Johnny Depp surprising fans at a screening of The Lone Ranger

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johnny depp the lone ranger surprise screening appearance 01
johnny depp the lone ranger surprise screening appearance 02
johnny depp the lone ranger surprise screening appearance 03
johnny depp the lone ranger surprise screening appearance 04
johnny depp the lone ranger surprise screening appearance 05
johnny depp the lone ranger surprise screening appearance 06
johnny depp the lone ranger surprise screening appearance 07
johnny depp the lone ranger surprise screening appearance 08
johnny depp the lone ranger surprise screening appearance 09
johnny depp the lone ranger surprise screening appearance 10
johnny depp the lone ranger surprise screening appearance 11
johnny depp the lone ranger surprise screening appearance 12
johnny depp the lone ranger surprise screening appearance 13
johnny depp the lone ranger surprise screening appearance 14
johnny depp the lone ranger surprise screening appearance 15
johnny depp the lone ranger surprise screening appearance 16
johnny depp the lone ranger surprise screening appearance 17
johnny depp the lone ranger surprise screening appearance 18
johnny depp the lone ranger surprise screening appearance 19
johnny depp the lone ranger surprise screening appearance 20
johnny depp the lone ranger surprise screening appearance 21
johnny depp the lone ranger surprise screening appearance 22

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  • KeepRocking

    He looks gorgeous and happy!

  • busted

    Now where oh where did Johnny get the idea to do that.. hmmm

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    He looks youthful and so gorgeous! Can’t wait for TLR

  • WWZ – movie promo

    They learn with Brad “Genius” Pitt this new technic of movie promotion.

    J. Deep must send a present to Brad with “thanks buddy for show me the way”.

    Brad Pitt still rules the show.

  • paradis
  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @WWZ – movie promo: You are so funny! I think johnny should sent him a text like “stop coping me you mofo”

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @paradis: Oh look,we have an idiotic fan of the dumb ugly A$$ slut fanessa farafis ! Yea he’s drunk in the vid so what? Is he the only one to get drunk or what? Btw That was 2 years ago he stopped now

  • pup

    Wow, he looks great here.

  • sara

    Just look at how he’s so kind and nice and sweet to the fans

  • haha

    Well, I guess that’s why he always wore his hair pushed forward into his face. He has a receding hairline! LOL! Hey, Johnny. It’s time to accept that you are getting older. Even the makeup is settling into his wrinkles.

  • uhm

    His face looks puffy and bloated. Is he drinking or doing drugs again?

  • Not your friend

    He looks the fact that he is respectful to them! Cant wait to see it

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @uhm: @haha: Oh you posted from two different names ? You are the same cheap hater? Makeup? What makeup? I don’t ser any! Jealous that much because he looks amazing? And ofcourse you don’t know that he stpped drinking ha? Drugs? Ahahahaha just get the hell outta here and Get a freaking life instead of hating on a great human being and a better person than you ever will be.

  • Matte

    He looks amazing. I’ve seen the pictures in the press conference and all those idiots talking about him being bloated have to see that, he is very thin but looking really nice and so young.
    Also he stopped drinking alcohol for over a year.
    And those linking this what Pitt did. This has nothing to do with that, Pitt went to normal screenings, Depp was at a premiere in little village just for his native people. Not random screenings with anything to do with the movie just for publicity. Depp was at an screening that has all to do with his character

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @uhm: @haha: See** btw F_CK YOU LOSER

  • uhm

    @the fan
    I bet that Johnny is so proud if you are an example of his fans. Vulgar, rude and obnoxious.
    FYI, this ISN’T a fan site, and people are allowed to express their opinions.
    MY opinion (and yes, just mine, I don’t use socks) is that his face looks puffy. I really don’t care what you think of my opinion. But it’s the truth.

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @uhm: if you don’t have anything good to say then shutup okay!
    He doesn’t looks puffy and even so he looks FANTASTIC so die in your jealousy hell

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @uhm: it is the truth your A$$ he has lost a lot of weight and all the ppl who follow his new photos said that

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @uhm: opinion? Do you call that an opinion? Woow the hateful and trollish comments are opinions now?

  • Marie

    Love seeing his hair short again. He looks fantastic. Such a handsome man!

  • uhm

    You really need a dictionary if you don’t know what the word ‘opinion’ means.
    A dictionary and a valium.
    You also need a sense of perspective.
    You need to accept that not everyone likes this man. Especially after his comments about Polanski, photography equaling rape, and his criticism of the US after The Tourist tanked.
    Like/adore/worship him all you want. But calling people who don’t fall at his (dirty) feet names just makes you look psychotic.

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @uhm: oh i rememberd you! you repeated this same dumb A$$ $hit in all of the of his past articles.
    well IF YOU DON’T LIKE HIM THEN DON’T CLICK ON TO READ HIS ARTICLES AND POST $HIT. what US criticism of US? oh you mean when he said its small country compared to europe? back in 2003 which was 7 years before when the tourist came out!
    no calling names the dumb A$$ cheap haters who hates on him and post the same hateful BS in every article about him is a good thing

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @uhm: all of his** btw did i say to you F_CK YOU? if i didn’t then F_CK YOU


    50-yer-old man dating a 27-yr-old. I hope someone does the same thing to his daughter.

  • Johnny Depp Fan is he the first one in the planet to date a younger woman? how about 40 years old dicaprio who is dating a 20 years old model?

  • alex

    why does the trolls bring up subjects that has nothing to do with the article? get a life you trolls

    ageless johnny is looking incredible as always

  • big bang you are so right. usually karma exists and what he is doing know and all that he did in his life will return through his kids. his son will be an drug addict and alcohol user who drops school and his daughter the new lindsay lohan and on her 27 will date an old papa

  • sara

    @big bang: what a terribly awful and harsh thing to say! you are talking about kids afterall! people have absolutely no class these days

  • sara WTF? why do you hope someone does the same to his daughter? what did he did? and why do you think his daughter will date this older someone? its all none of your business you sick person

  • big bang

    @sara: MS Sara, if you’re an kissing a$$ fan it’s your problem. it’s a free world and we can express our opinion even it’s good or bad, same or different. it’s not your world and for sure not your website, so go to h e l l . I can say no matter what. it’s my opinion. and yes…usually all the wrongs and parents mistakes reflect on kids and they repeat the story. and stop offending me because you don’t know me. i did not offend you or someone.

  • sara

    @big bang: are you that troll who was trolling in the first page about that johnny looks puffy? anyway this is not an opinion this is hating and no you offended a good man and his poor kids. how the hell do you say that about a 11yrs old kid and a 14yrs old girl?

  • big bang

    @sara: I don’t know who is on the first page and i don’t have to try to be someone else. I’ m not taking about this kids that they will t\be like that now. I used future in my sentence…can you pay attention. and no it’s not hate. it’s just on opinion, let’s say it from an
    psychologist who saw some pictures of her daughter in the last 2 years and she’s not okay. children are the mirror of their parents after all. bye, I have to work and I cannot answer anymore.

  • sara

    @big bang: there is nothing wrong with his daughter she is just a teen whose acting like a normal teen who lives in california

  • @22

    Actually, when The Tourist BOMBED in the US, he said that maybe the film was too “intellectual;” for the American public.
    Then it BOMBED in Europe, too. LOL! I guess that he thinks that the movie was too intellectual for Europeans as well. LOL
    I guess that was a big (to quote our, oh so ladylike fan) F_CK YOU!!!! to Johnny and his ego, wasn’t it.
    Oh, and he looks greasy, old and bloated in these pics.
    So gross!

  • me

    You are all very funny, guys! Judging and offending people who you don’t know is really easy in the www and a good recreational activity for stupid people and cowards!

  • brenda

    Oh..the haters..@10 and @11 are the same person ,they can’t accept that Johnny looks good and sexy at his age like no other..he is the best! And like I always say..he’s changing all the time..sometime for good and know .But we all know that Johnny Depp is beautiful but he doesn’t spend all the day looking in the mirror like other actors…he doesn’t care about it and he still looks good even without don’t say bullshit! I don’t care what other say..I wish him the best forever and good luck..we love you!

  • yep

    Johnny looks great!

  • brenda

    And are so everything! But the most important is Johnny Depp is Not greasy,old, bloated?? and gross?? ! You are so blind or you’re a really a stupid”!

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @@22: um no johnny didn’t say all of this bull$hit its all made up by you
    And the tourist made over $278m ww i don’t give a crap about how it did in the US because it did very well ww
    Oh you are still jealous to death of how gorgeous he looks in those pics? Don’t you see all the ppl gushing about how great he looks? Greasy.old.bloated? Are you describing yourself ? Just deal with the fact that johnny looks great at any day and any pic you see of him
    He looks x10000000000000000000 better than you at your best

  • wow

    Are you fans old enough to be on the computer without supervision? Because you are acting like children. When you mature, you will come to realize that not everyone likes the same thing.
    You really need to calm down. Using vulgarity and attacking the ones who don’t agree with you just eggs them on. get a grip.

  • TommyBahama

    WWZ at 10:29, no.4; Actually, JD’s inspiration was that wooden Indian in One Night at McCool’s…

  • wow

    Oh, and BTW, #34 had the right quote, just the wrong movie. It was when The Rum Diary bombed.
    Same sentiment though. He was rude, and deserved the backlash, Especially after his comments about Roman Polanski.
    In case you still don’t believe it…here’s a link

  • Anonymous

    KD Lang? Is that you?

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @wow: Well why do you keep respond to fans of someone you don’t like? Why the hell did you even clicked on to read the article in the first place if you don’t like him ? Pathetic loser

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @wow: Oh i understand now you are here just to bother the fans right? You just want the fans to react to your hateful trollish comments! Your life must be $hit man

  • Love The Shoes

    @busted: lol.

  • @45

    So the truth is bothersome is it?
    Pathetic blind fan.

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @@45: Oh kiss my A$$ loser and johnny’s lofcourse don’t forget to kiss his lovely A$$

  • Makrciana

    @big bang: You’re an horrible person to say something like that about two kids without any responsability over the mistakes of their parents!
    With what moral can you come and judge and criticize Johnny’s decisions on his personal life, when you came here to say a bunch of stupid mean things about two kids.
    Your stupid hate also could return to you in the future, keep that in mind!

  • barbra

    Sad how people judge the looks most 50 year olds look like grandpas, not him.He looks like a happier man who is just hitting 40, that’s what looks the best on a person. Amber is not seen with him much, I think he is in a not so serious relationship, that is why he is happy, people should not take the stories to seriously. He said in an interview he would like to have a more anonymous life maybe he meant in a small place like Lawton, also meaning maybe someone more low key than Amber Heard. Being single suits him well. He treated Vanessa well in the split and takes care of his kids, he’s not a creep for that. He’s just human, it’s hard to maintain togetherness with high profile careers he got tired of months and weeks not being with his family he would be off work then she would leave to do a project, they came apart both said this in interviews about their split, don’t judge unless you don’t know.