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Angelina Jolie: United Nations Security Council Meeting!

Angelina Jolie: United Nations Security Council Meeting!

Angelina Jolie speaks before a United Nations Security Council Meeting on “Women and Peace and Security and Sexual Violence in Conflict” held at the UN Headquarters on Monday morning (June 24) in New York City.

The 38-year-old actress, who is a Special Envoy for the UNCHR, criticized the UN Security Council powers for their lack of action over wartime rapes.

“You set the bar,” Angie told the council (via the Huffington Post). “If the … council sets rape and sexual violence in conflict as a priority it will become one and progress will be made. If you do not, this horror will continue.”

“Let us be clear what we are speaking of: Young girls raped and impregnated before their bodies are able to carry a child, causing fistula,” she continued. “Boys held at gunpoint and forced to sexually assault their mothers and sisters. Women raped with bottles, wood branches and knives to cause as much damage as possible. Toddlers and even babies dragged from their homes, and violated.”

“Meet your commitments, debate this issue in your parliaments, mobilize people in your countries, and build it into all your foreign policy efforts,” she urged. “Together, you can turn the tide of global opinion, shatter impunity and finally put an end to this abhorrence.”

Before the meeting, Angelina was spotted giving a hug to Zainab Hawa Bangura, the UN Special Representative on Sexual Violent in Conflict.

FYI: Angelina is wearing Saint Laurent.

Angelina Jolie’s Speech
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  1. 126
    whatev Says:

    Gorgeous woman and a beautiful heart!

  2. 127
    busted Says:

    Can’t believe that WWz is still trending. WOM is going to help it a lot this coming week. I hope that those that saw it will want to see it again. and those that were watching MU or MOS will check it out too. People do see more than one film.

  3. 128
    Jones Says:

    Geez, that Sarah chick at Cinesnark really needs to take a chill pill. She’s clearly gone mental over a summer movie. Hope she’s off the street before dark. Even the zombies would be running from that hot mess.
    Angie looks so good. I see she’s rockin’ Saint Laurent again. Happy to hear the security council passed the draft resolution earlier today. Go Angie!
    As I mentioned on Brad’s thread, the JP household has clearly been very busy the past few days. And I mean really busy, not ticky’s version of busy. Hoping they get some much needed down-time soon.
    OT: Cameron Diaz’s new movie she’s filming with Kate Upton looks like crap.

  4. 129
    WWZ is a hit Says:

    groundcontrol @ 06/24/2013 at 6:19 pm
    Actually they are talking about 30% of the market (not 30% of the countries).

    WWZ opened in 3 big markets. There are 10 (eleven with China).

    But the movies perform differently, Some contries prefer actions, others dramas, others fantasy, etc. Then, only all markets already opened that you have a clear picture of the final box office (in 3 more weeks that will be clearer).

    In the 3 bigs that already opened: SK was great.
    Australia and UK was good, but not great.

    South Korea has a number for more than 400 million international. UK and Australia for 300 million international.

    We wanna see.

    If all markets perform like the first: 45,8/0,3=152,3.
    With 3 multiplier, it’ll be more than 450 million international. But that is too optimistic.

  5. 130
    naturegirl Says:


    God she is Gorgeous!!!!!!!!

    Love you much!!!

  6. 131
    hopeso Says:

    Thank you Angelina.

    Rape has always been used as a weapon by but because of you speaking up as acting on behalf of the millions of women and children that have suffered at the hands of these animals it has been brought to the forefront instead of something whispered about.

    God bless you and your family.

  7. 132
    anustin Says:

    TommyBahama @ 06/24/2013 at 7:06 pm

    The UN is about to get both of it’s tits cut off…

    s’okey…here’s hopin’,ur mom,sister wont get em.bless ur heart.

  8. 133
    Tymeup Says:


    You gotta read the entire article to know the name of the’s all there!!

  9. 134
    cee Says:

    LoveAngie. She is amazing Haters are so upset they can not think of enough evil things to say. Pathetic.

  10. 135
    Go Figure! Says:

    OT: PT: At least we won’t have to see Nadal and his butt digging at Wimbledon this year. He’s already on his way home after losing in the first round. Now if we can just get Federer to play like he really, really wants this title. . .

  11. 136
    WWZ is a hit Says:

    No critics yet for “The Heat” and “White House”.
    In general this means: critics will hate both.
    They can be hits – some very bad movies are hits – but they probably will have a very low rottentomatoes score.
    Good news for WWZ.

  12. 137
    Go Figure! Says:

    @Rose: Hey Rose: Are you gonna watch the movie about our girl, Jodi? I passed on this as I refused to give her any more of my attention. LOL!

  13. 138
    White Swan Says:

    She is right rape is a crime and it’s going to take a lot of action on the part of these nations to stop it.

  14. 139
    Premalee Says:

    @PT and QQQQ

    Murray is going to win Wimbledon this year. I hope Federer plays well.

  15. 140
    Angie Speech in UN Says:

    It´s my impression or Angie face is a little bit full, she appear to have gain weight. What you think?

    The Jealous-haters will jump from their seats in the toilet if it´s true. ha, ah, ah

    I love to see the dumb-trolls crying like a baby when they see the beautiful and incredible Queen Angie in the World news working and helping to make this a better World.

  16. 141
    Joe Says:

    I think ALL of you need to educate yourselves on what Audrey Hepburn stood for as a human being… Angelina Jolie will NEVER be an Audrey Hepburn. NEVER! Those shoes are entirely too big to fill.

  17. 142
    TommyBahama Says:

    White Swan at 7:51, no.139; During the USA slavery years, rape was a crime punishable by hanging; sometimes called lynching.

  18. 143
    Passing Through Says:

    4Q & Premalee -
    I’m just now getting around to checking the Wimby scores – BDB lost in the first round to some dude name Darcis? WTF? Did either of you watch? I’m just wondering if he take a powder so he can rest for hardcourt season? Whatevs. On Roger’s behalf I say thanks and good riddance. I was dreading having to watchin him dig in his butt during their quarters match and now I won’t have to. Now we just need Murray to do his usual crumble routine…

  19. 144
    Ten Ton Tamshiit Says:

    @who care: you and 101 aka,
    Hey YIB aka JL …. get a life .. Get a hobby .. Get a job you IIDIOT.

  20. 145
    2Park5 Says:

    She is so beautiful every time i see her she takes my breath away

    just looking at the picture of her and her son coming through the airport and I’m like Ohhhhh.

    Love the Jolie-Pitt.

  21. 146
    Angie#1Fan Says:

    She looks the picture of health. thank God.

  22. 147
    an oldie Says:

    I saw a few of Angelina’s pictures in front of hair salons in Argentina and Peru. None of your hairness though, LOL. Also some of Brad too.

  23. 148
    Grace2Two Says:

    As a Special Enjoy for the UNCHR Angelina’s role is to focus on large scale crises in these regions the rape and mutilation of all those females women young and old is a bad one that has to stop.

  24. 149
    YIB Says:

    im not in to poletics and things like that but u know she held big postion I I mean she is Angie the actress among poletical people who held a place as un envoy sits with forgien minsters is a big big deal.. We get used to see her in this kind of things we just take it for garanted .

  25. 150
    YIB Says:

    Also another thing really big big is wwz being opend close to 70 I mean the haters having a serious hard time…. it actually did excellent. Brad the man….. I was hopping we the the pics fyi? I guess were talking about at least at jjb but not it s eems may another time….
    Congrats brad director and cast and crew. Espeically Brad our guy hit it!!

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