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Tom Cruise & Johnny Depp: Jerry Bruckheimer Star Ceremony!

Tom Cruise & Johnny Depp: Jerry Bruckheimer Star Ceremony!

Johnny Depp and Tom Cruise sandwich in producer Jerry Bruckheimer while they support him at his Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony on Monday (June 24) in Hollywood.

The guys have worked with Jerry on many of their past films – Tom on Top Gun and Days of Thunder and Johnny on the Pirates of the Caribbean series and the new flick The Lone Ranger.

The next day, Johnny flew to New York for an appearance on Letterman.

15+ pictures inside of Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp at the star ceremony…

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Credit: Mark Davis; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Getty
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  • Kim

    Johnny’s face where he’s posing with Tom. Funny. He looks embarrassed. And Tommy is all proud. Ha!

  • Meyla

    Well…maybe in the past these two were polar opposites but now they are very similar in the type of movies they make. Johnny became Mr Hollywood after all those years of rebellion.

  • talia

    bout time jerry bruckheimer got a star on the walk of fame

  • pola

    So true!

  • Lady

    Johnny, Johnny, Johnny you’re like a fine wine…
    and Tom…what?

  • cari

    TommyGirl must have his super duper high heels on. He’s not as tall as Depp. not close.

  • cari

    as Depp sees Cruise from the corner of his eye he’s thinking, “My life has come to this?”. But then again he remembers, “I still have Amber Heard!”.

  • TommyBahama

    Another day, another Superstarbucks logo promotion. Not that there is anything wrong with that. On the contrary…

  • sweetness


    So what if he is not as tall….he’s just as much a star and he’s just as rich and powerful if not more so.

  • belgium woman

    @Meyla: you’re right

  • Suri the meal ticket

    Is that the same lady that went to the Renner dinner with Tommy Gurl?
    I don’t think that lady is so tiny that Tommy can wrap his arm around her. Anyway, congrats to Bruckheimer, he’s the guy that brought us CSI series.
    I was hooked several years ago, until the stories become too twisted.
    Johnny is still fine, mighty fine! I will definitely watch Lone Ranger!

  • Sam

    Johnny Depp is so hot…. and he’s freaking 50!

  • whatev

    I’m liking the cleaned up version of Johnny! Lucky Amber.

    Looks like Tom has finally found a woman that is just his size. By the way he is not looking bad either. I just lost that loving feeling for him when he was going all crazy with the Scientology crap.

  • Mya

    Tom is looking good
    Next up Top Gun 2

  • mark

    @Meyla: what are you talking about? johnny is one of the most pouplar actors around and he is not making action flicks were he play the hero who kill 100 person in one time (like cruise) is he?

  • funny gurl

    @sweetness: tom is not in the same league as johnny. not even close

  • Mya

    Also, the lady with him looks a little like his older sister Lee Ann.
    Could be his niece working as his assistant.
    The body language doesn’t look romantic and looks more familial.

  • shia

    Tom looked great as usual.

  • flick

    tom looked awful as usual even with all that botox!


  • anne

    johnny looked so gorgeous!
    and tom was flashing his fake famous smile as usual

  • Karen

    I don’t think Mr. Cruise gives a damn about Depp and vise versa. They are both very successful in what they do and in their own genre so there’s no need for stupid idle gossip and insignificant competitions that we women get involved in. Now Depp is too grungy for a 50 year man for me but then to each his own, and of course mine is Cruise. One thing they do have in common is their hate of Pitt – with good reason b/c of all his trash talking and revisiting of history. I respect Depp and Cruise for how they have traversed through HW all these years and remained honorable. Wish both all well and much success in their personal life as in the professional. BTW, Cruise does not make just any public appearance nor Depp for that matter. The fact that they both made this effort for their friend says a lot of their character. Cruise have known Jerry before Depp even made his first $10 million, so for anyone to suggest that he’s lucky to be standing on the same stage as Depp is ludicrous and extremely distrustful. And like I said, there’s absolutely no reason to disrespect or even compare them. I love Tom and there’s no reason for the hate that people spew against him especially since he has conducted himself so well in HW. Now, we women always spoil and ruin everything and bring our baggages and insecurities into every relationship. Fine, marriages fail all the time, we are all human, and these stars are no different. Sometimes it’s a blessing that some relationships end in order for all parties to continue on their own human journey and the pursuit of love and happiness. DIVORSE IS GOOD SOMETIMES!

  • Karen

    @flick: Now who’s drinking the crazy Kool-aid. He shot down HW blvd few months ago for Oblivion premier, guess you didn’t see that.

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @Karen: its not like if johnny gives a flying f_ck about cruise either, maybe your idol hates brad (as he hates all the a-listers) but depp doesn’t so don’t make up stuff . PEACE

  • flick

    @Karen: i meant in this ceremony. no one shout out for him in depp’s presence. and thats normal because depp has a much bigger fan base

  • Karen

    @flick: Lady. like I said, you been drinking like Depp and get a Fging life. Peace out.

  • Karen

    @Johnny Depp Fan: Read Depps interviews after the movie with Jolie a few years back, read all the hate stuff that went on, all the accusations and disrespect, it will give you a better perspective DA!

  • Karen

    @Karen: I did see the movie and it made $280 mil last I checked. Lets see how much Pitt’s movie does and how much this dump Depp is promoting makes, then we talk. BTW besides Pirates, movies produced by Depp has performed badly: The Rum diary cost 45 mil made 23mil. Dark Shadows cost 150mil made 245ml. Tom produced Jack Reacher 60mil made 216mil. Oblivion cost 120mil made 280mil. So now who’s the bigger star MF. But like I said, I like both men and hate this stupid women dribble I am being dragged into.

  • Karen

    @Karen: I did see Oblivion. Did you see The Rum diary or Dark Shadows by Depp, no, didn’t think so. Rum = cost 45mil made 23mil. Dark Shadows cosst 150mil made 245mil. Toms last few movies produced: Jack Reacher cost 60 made 215. Oblivion cost 120 made 280. Now what MF!

  • Karen
  • shutup

    @Karen: seems like you are lying to yourself. you said you like them both but you always said a negative things for Johnny in your comments.
    let’s see, besides Pirates, Depp has Alice in Wonderland that gross more than one billion and yeah, he also has Charlie and the Chocolate Factory that gross about 500M. He won the awards 49 times and has been nominated 64 times while Tom just has been nominated only 52 times and won only 37 times.
    In Japan, the world second largest movie industry, Depp has many fans there. so much more than Cruise.
    In this crermony, No one shout out Cruise’s Name. They were there only for Johnny Depp. I watched the livestream and No one pay attention to Tom. So go and watch the clip when they take a picture together at this crermony. you will see the truth, check the fact before start compare Johnny to Tom.

  • pr person

    @ Karen: Cruisazy is that you?

  • Karen

    Pitt, Depp and Spears Absent from ‘Forbes’ List


    June 24, 2013

    Forbes’ ranking of the world’s most powerful celebs, the Celebrity 100 list, doesn’t come out until Wednesday, but today we can tell you the notable names who won’t be on the list.

    PICS: Candid Celeb Sightings

    Adele, Taylor Lautner, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp and Britney Spears were among those left out of the prestigious lineup, but the magazine explains in a new article that their absence is only due to the annual updating of the list.

    While Brad Pitt has ranked on the list for each of the last nine years, working on World War Z caused him to drop from the spotlight between June 2012 and June 2013 — the time period in which the Celebrity 100 based earnings and fame for this year’s list.

    As for Adele, despite winning an Oscar for Skyfall (the theme for the latest Bond movie) the singer failed to headline a major global tour, making it difficult to put her in the running.

    Johnny Depp’s big 2012 project Dark Shadows failed to draw big attention at the box office, but next year could prove better for the Golden Globe winner, as The Lone Ranger opens July 3.

    Similar to Adele, Britney Spears’ The X Factor check wasn’t enough to make the list without a big tour, and Twilight star Taylor Lautner has struggled to build a career in the wake of the popular vampire series.

    Check out the rest of the Celebrity 100 preview here.

  • Kim

    The Tourist with Johnny & Angelina made $278M but cost $100M.

  • shutup

    @Karen: it’s because Tom Cruise only play the roles that surely make the money. but Not for Johnny. he play the roles that suit him perfectly or he wanted to do it. As for The Rum Diary, it’s not the big budget movie and not kind og the box office thing from the start. he play that role for tribute to his friend, Hunter S. Thompson and he said from the start that he don’t care if it can make money or not. his goal is done. he made that movie only for Hunter.

    and check out Forbes list from other years, Depp always make it better than Tom Cruise. Check out the most powerful celebrity in Entertainment Weekly in 2010. Depp is number one while Cruise was not on the list. Check out the People Choice Awards, Depp won the actor of the decade while Tom Cruise never recieved one. Check out others proof besides Forbes because this list is the only list that Tom can make it better than Johnny.

  • Kim

    Johnny Depp is a much bigger star than Tom Cruise. You’re delusional, Karen.
    And last weekend, Pitt’s movie opened at $67M.

    When was the last time Tom’s flick opened above $30M ??

    Pitt also has been nominated for 2 Oscars last year.

  • KY

    woooow! look at those pants
    I think we know the secret “weapon” of the naughty Mr. Depp to turn lesbians into straights – wink -wink
    Lucky Amber!!

  • Karen

    @shutup: Oh stupid, you do know that Cruise has the KEY to Japan given to him after The Last Samuri. LMAO b!tch.

  • Karen

    @Kim: Yes, it’s called 700 mil a few years ago, has Brad ever made that amout any movie. And I doubt his new flick would even make the 190 mil budget.

  • Karen

    @shutup: It’s HW DA, it’s a busy about money. You know “SHOW ME DA MONEY!!!!” HAHA I LOVE YOU TOM CRUISE.

  • JIM


  • annie

    Karen loves Tom, hates the way people spew hate at him, but goes on a rampage all over the internet , spewing hate at Katie Holmes, only this time she’s out numbered by the Depp fans.
    Thank you God!

  • shutup

    @Karen: Ok. you’re not stupid. you’re genuis so could you tell me when was the last time Tom Cruise was on the list of favourite hollywood actor in Japan ?
    This year Johnny won the list of celebrity that Japanese women want to give Chocolate to on Valentine’s Day and also he is on the top of the nice boy poll in Japan. What’s about Tom, huh ?
    Last Samurai was released on 2003, same year of Pirates 1 released. and which movie make more successful?
    you type on your first comment on this news that you don’t understand why people compare them to each other and you said that you like them both but it seems like you love only Tom and really jealous of Depp.

  • Kim

    @annie: That woman is hysterical.

  • Kim

    Although I think it’s funny how she calls Katie “Popeye” ! :)

  • annie

    @ kim # 43
    Tell me about it!

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @Karen: and 3 movies of depp made a billion dollar ww , does cruise has any movie that made a billion dollar? NO

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @Karen: the rum diary was an indie and it was released in the awards season time so it wasn’t supposed to be a smash hit

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @Karen: all of tom’s movies are action pecies of crap and that kind of movies always do well

  • Maxi

    Its hard to look away from his pants…..uhh i can see everything!!!!

  • amanda

    woow johnny have a really big thing between his legs ha? and that just makes him more sexier