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Angelina Jolie & Pax: LAX Arrivial After UN Meeting!

Angelina Jolie & Pax: LAX Arrivial After UN Meeting!

Angelina Jolie arrives at LAX Airport after her flight from New York City on Monday night (June 24) in Los Angeles.

The 38-year-old actress was joined by her nine-year-old son Pax, who was spotted holding his favorite purple bear again.

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That same day, Angelina spoke at the United Nations Security Council Meeting about “Women and Peace and Security and Sexual Violence in Conflict” at the UN Headquarters.

10+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie and Pax at LAX Airport…

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angelina jolie pax lax arrivial after un meeting 01
angelina jolie pax lax arrivial after un meeting 02
angelina jolie pax lax arrivial after un meeting 03
angelina jolie pax lax arrivial after un meeting 04
angelina jolie pax lax arrivial after un meeting 05
angelina jolie pax lax arrivial after un meeting 06
angelina jolie pax lax arrivial after un meeting 07
angelina jolie pax lax arrivial after un meeting 08
angelina jolie pax lax arrivial after un meeting 09
angelina jolie pax lax arrivial after un meeting 10
angelina jolie pax lax arrivial after un meeting 11

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  • Manis

    Looking gorgeous like always Angie… Pax is too cute with His purple Bear <3 kiss

  • thejournalist
  • Suri the meal ticket

    Good to see you , Miss Jolie! Take care and have safe trip home!
    Papa Pitt needs some wonderful hug time from you!

  • ?

    i’m not asking out of hate or anything so don’t be mean. if she took pax and brad took z and s, that means the other kids stayed with the nannies at home and didn’t see them for a few days, they were both away at the same time (if i’m not wrong), so why not take 3 and 3 with the help of the nannies so none of them would be left out. they usually do that.

  • Mindy

    @ASIANS CAN READ MINDS!!!!!!!!!:

    I also know this!!!!! I found out after reading that post about Asians being able to read minds on Yahoo a few months ago, trying it and getting reactions from Asians every so often!!!!! It’s so freaky!!!!! I honestly still cannot believe that they really can read minds!!!!!!!

  • Phool.

    Reply to posts from previous thread)

    #Rose @ 06/25/2013 at 7:03 am
    Wow you are a proper bizzy bee in your garden aren’t you very impressive ray of vegetables going on there I might as well start calling you “The green Goddess” .
    The thing is Rose you can only fool people till a certain time after that it gets on peoples nerves the shadiness, the lies, the engagement stalking, the wedding that never was, the constant on the cue tummy rubs, the racist ranting via BFF (C Handler) you know you are bound to slip up and show your true colours and that’s what’s happened to Ticky every one has seen what she is for. I am so glad its taken people to be able to lift that cloud of Pity as afar as Ticky was concerned and see her true colurs.No amount of money can hide ones true nature the truth eventually comes out one day and it already has as far as Ticky is concerned lol.
    Personally speaking I don’t think there is any sort of anticipation amongst people and KK’s fans to see the baby because they rather see her flaunting in her bikini body than her breast feeding that baby. Her image is all about body image that’s her money maker apart from that what is she another talent less TV girl that’s famous for being on a home made porn video. I bet Amber Rose & Reggie are having the last laugh.

  • http://iPad Susan

    How I wish the thumbs system was working to bury the first two posts.

  • Phool.

    #Susan @ 06/25/2013 at 6:53 am ( reply to post from previous thread)
    Good Morning Susan

    how are you? Is your painter back on healthy form? In regards to the sun item Lol I was tempted to write take it with a Bucket of salt but differed to pinch. The e UK Sun are hilarious its like they dream about Brad & Angie what they do and don’t do and just write up a story the next day that ‘show LAZY journalism works in the Sun editorial department lol. They rehash old stories put a new date & extra spin on it according to them Angie already adopted from every Race & nation going so why stop there lol yes not forgeting the 6 ponies , the olive plant, the gold watch, the helecopter, the plane , the house,yes th eSun list goes on & on & on

  • Phool.

    Jared please deleate the Trolls racsist posts its been flaged up, what i dont undersatnd how can a Troll be the first to post on a new thread do they just live on the site?

  • Phool.

    And monkey makes three! Angelina Jolie’s son Pax totes a giant purple toy as pair touch down following whirlwind trip
    PUBLISHED: 09:35 GMT, 25 June 2013 | UPDATED: 09:35 GMT, 25 June 2013

    As a busy mother of six Angelina Jolie is a seasoned pro at mixing business and family, bringing her son Pax along for a high profile trip to New York where she made her debut speech at the U.N.
    Angelina and her nine-year-old son were spotted touching down at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Monday night after their whirlwind trip to the East coast. Dressed head to toe in her black, the actress carefully made her way down the steps followed by her young son, who was carrying a giant purple stuffed monkey.
    Just hours earlier the duo were spotted touching down at JFK in New York, and it seems Pax’s toy is a constant companion as he was seen lugging the hefty toy through the airport.The mother and son were dressed down for their flight home, with Angelina swapping her heels for comfy flip-flops and a baggy black jumper.With her hair loose, the working mum was make-up free as she headed to her waiting car with Pax, dressed in beige trousers and trainers, in tow.
    Earlier in the day Angelina suited up to make her debut in front of the U.N., whose headquarters are based in New York. The actress, a goodwill ambassador for the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, was speaking at a Security Council conference, urging countries to fight against sexual violence in conflict and war zone rape.
    The 38-year-old appeared at the meeting alongside British Foreign Secretary William Hague, who presided over the talks. The New York conference follows Angelina’s trip to the Jordanian-Syrian border last week, where she spent time talking to refugees in the region.Whilst Angelina was hard at work on Monday, her fiancé Brad Pitt was no doubt on daddy duties with the rest of the couple’s brood.
    Last week saw the doting dad making time for an intimate Japanese meal with his daughters Zahara and Shiloh in Madrid.The 49-year-old actor sipped a glass of beer as seven-year-old Shiloh arranged everyone’s chopsticks and eight-year-old Zahara dug into an appetizer.The Jolie-Pitt trio were last spotted last Thursday strolling down a Moscow street ahead of his appearance opening the city’s International Film Festival.
    Shortcut to:

  • anustin

    ignorant post 1 and 2.

  • Phool.

    Good Morning Love The Jolie Pitts.—–( post from previous thread)
    How are you my dear by the sounds of your last posts to me its seems most defiantly you have missed my responses back to you lol don’t ask which threads because as you know we have been blessed by quite a lot of new threads for past month (happy days) but Unfortunately you don’t get chance to reply back on same thread. You seem quite busy at work at the moment how are things progressing in your renovations you mentioned last time? Glad to see you enjoyed WWZ well that was expected ofcoure so did you droll over Mr Pitt without your family noticing or did you droll publicly being loud & proud in doing so lol. WWZ done great business & hopefully the momentum remains in picking up further business considering it had tow major franchises to compete with its done remarkable to make its own stand amongst existing franchise movies that’s a mean feat. It’s a shame Studio heads are making one franchise after another instead of having new original stories to show , I know it all boils down to money but still we need quality not quantity that’s being shoved down every ones throats with the likes of Fast & furious 6 to the Iron man 3 same old same old. Any way enough of my mini rant against franchise where there is an audience there’s bound to be another one ready to roll out don’t you agree?
    I love seeing Angelina at the UN she like I was mentioning to “were the morons” she seems so comfortable and at home like that’s where she belongs amongst people doing & making changes for the better , fighting the causes that wont be fought for in modern day. Also I love the fact seeing “A Women” taking the lead in the mans world that’s so empowering to see for fellow women & girls. I know we live in a fickle worlds where people rather follow the likes of Jersey shore & Kardashans than actually open their eyes and see the bigger picture which is called the”Reality” but hey instead of coming across as judgmental on peoples personal choices what they want to do is there business, my only hope is that they perceive to become better people with worthy causes & understanding of real life & real issues.

  • busted

    That nut does this on all celebrity threads.. not just this one.

    Well so glad the family is all back together and safe. It has been exhausting I’m sure. Man I get tired just thinking about all they have done. Angie looks really good in those pictures. Blurry or not.

    She really puts her heart in what she does, and is giving her children a great example of what you can do in the world. She and Brad both.

  • Phool.

    # Rose @ 06/25/2013 at 6:44 am ( reply to post from previous thread)
    I have a feeling the reason we still haven’t see KK & Kanya ‘s baby is due to the “price not being right “,I bet there is a lot of haggling going on between Mama Kardashan & Kanye’s team till that babay is unveiled upon the masses. Kim isn’t going to get the same amount that the Jolie Pitts were paid that’s going to be wishful thinking on her part lol.
    In regards to HC personally I have no beef with him I only mentioning an interview from JF that’s all whish is a bit too honest & out there from him that was refreshing to see. As for HC he has always been branded the nearly there man as always losing out to the best ma. I think MOS would give him more confidence now and he needs to let go of the negativity which I have seen & heard from his interview that he still is carrying. By the way have heard he’s being offered “The Man from UNCLE”. Still it’s odd considering MOS is a massive franchise but still ended up slipping from top mark in after one week. Like Brad said this summer is littered with so many good movies & the completion is fierce that goes with out saying.
    I’m just waiting for backstabbers like “Vanity Fair” to write about TLR $250 million production costs & re-shoots I see there is an odd silence around the movie world in regards to that I wonder why? I saw a post some one mentioned that Disney where the ones that were behind all the negative back lash for WWZ due to Brads past experience in “State of Play” I don’t know if that’s true but saying that like I mentioned the other day there are certain people who played big part in tarnishing Plan B & Brad that’s obvious to see.

  • http://iPad Susan

    @?: Angie was working and visiting a Refugee Camp, why would you take kids in such a fluid environment. Then she went back home and Pax came to NYC with her for the day.
    Brad was making brief stops in different countries, do you think it makes sense for four year olds without both parents to take this trip.
    Maddox and Pax spent time in NYC with their Uncle.
    How do you know the kids were with the Nannies and not with family members, for someone who is trying to sound sincere, you have a bit of 3 dollar bill attached to you.
    It is their family, and I’m sure they know what is best for them.

  • Phool.

    I’m just sick and tired of this Bullshitter of a poster same thing on all threads why is this poster even allowed to post Jared?

  • Dc

    Beautiful Angelina, after her powerful speech is now back home with Brad and kids. It must be so good to be home after a busy, busy June. I hope they get some down time and enjoy each other. <3

  • Phool.

    Angie still looks beautiful even at night.

  • Phool.

    I cant belive the papratzie were laying in waite for her even at that time.

  • Dakota

    Happy to see Angie & Pax arriving safely.

  • Just for the noisy one


    Doug Pitt and his family have been in Cali while Brad and Angie were away for a few days so Mad and the twins were not with nannies, OK, they were with their Uncle, Aunt and Cousins.

    Not that it is any of your business.

  • remy12

    Good to see her about, life as usual. Go Girl! God Bless!

  • Libra

    Angelina ain’t perfect and nobody is ok? So leave her alone following all her footsteps as if she was someone supernatural. She deserves some privacy.

  • Laura

    Can this woman do one thing and not make a big PR campaign out of it.

  • Just for the noisy one


    What PR is she allegedly making getting off a plane after a long flight home very late at night after long flight delays due to bad weather at JFK with paps with huge lens shooting fuzzy pics of her and her 9 year old son from a distance?

    Just one of those who always has to open their idiotic and stupid mouths and complain about a certain someone for no reason other than she is with BP. It is 2013 and you are still trying to walk in another’s life as if it was your own.

    Get a life and move on. Try being positive about someone/something in your own life for a change.

  • Laura

    @Just for the noisy one: Just another crazy Brangeloony.

  • http://iPad Susan

    @Phool.: I was all excited to get it done before the family came, now my weekends will be filled with babysitting, while packing, cleaning and all that stuff is going on.
    School is over on Wednesday, so monster and her Dad are coming over, and spending the rest of the week, he had DSL installed on Sat so he can work and meet contractors.
    She is going to camp in July, which will be great to make friends before she starts at the new school.

  • Rose

    @Phool.: Hi Phool, I was watching GMA earlier this morning, they did a piece on Gabriel Union at the NAACP awards. GU was talking about being a mean girl and she stated she was one of those women who took pleasure to see another Black actress fail or did not get a part, ect. She started crying because she felt bad for the type of person she was all in the name of fame. It was much more but I’m just giving you a flavour of how some of those mean girls feel when they see someone else succeseded. Right away I thought of Ticky and her mean girl friends, and fans. Anyway GU has turned over a new leaf and now find joy with others success. The story was very moving and telling, I believe Oprah is going to do a show on the mean girls in HW.

  • Rose

    @Laura: You are the crazy one here. You are on a thread of someone you obviously dislike. Now leave this thread and show us you are not a fool. find a thread of people you like and stop wasting your time and energy to leave a comment on a thread for someone you obviously dislike. .. get a life silly one.

  • Whamo

    The kid is 9 and he’s walking around with a favourite stuffed animal!? Really 9? LOL wow

  • who

    Pax seems to love spending time with each of his parents for special one on one time. First traveling with daddy, and now with mommy to NY and back home.

    Good morning Rose and phool, thanks for the shoutouts.

  • lurker

    russian trailer for councelor am sure it will be taken down soon,those who watch the rough cut praise brad,cameroon and javier’s performances looking forward to this one. Looks great

  • Suri the meal ticket

    I can try to answer that.
    The twins are too young, while Madd as pre-teen, might have arranged summer camps and everything. Why do you assume the kids must be left home, caged, if not shown accompanying their parents?

  • valis202

    lurker @ 06/25/2013 at 9:51 am

    Just watched the trailer. The film looks really dark and hard hitting. Can’t wait to see it.

  • Rose

    @who: Hi who, right back at you, wishing you a great day. Who, the trolls never stop, when they are not trying to take down Brad and Angie, they find fault with their 9year old kid.

    #31, It’s so strange to see grown ass men find time out of his busy day to leave a comment about a 9 year old kid carrying a Teddy bear. Life must be so boring for you,

  • valis202

    @Suri the meal ticket:

    Why do you assume the kids must be left home, caged, if not shown accompanying their parents?
    Because the trolls are hateful idiots who will use any morsel no matter how insignificant or absurd to try and discredit Brad and Angie.


    Good morning Phool,
    How are you today? I watched a clip of Angie’s speech, and my was it inspiring. Angie just has a way with words that you feel the issue impacts is all. Phool, didn’t Abgie look lovely yesterday? She wore a simple, yet fasionable outfit that suited her very well. I loved how her hair was fixed too. Angie has long, beautiful thick hair and she can do just about any hairstyle.

  • JP kids stay with Uncles


    It´s simple, the Twins and Mad are with Brad´s Parents. They never would stay one night alone with nanny, Brad and Angie are very good parents and they program and organized very well any trip.

    Don´t forget that Brad and Angie have family and they are always ready to take care of the kids. They loved when it happens.

  • who

    Rose, I know. Who spends their time talking crap on the internet about kids? Whamo the whale and his cohorts are a sad bunch of rats. My apologies to actual rats.

  • were the morons

    Hello Phool,
    How are you on this Tuesday? Angie was looking real ravishing yesterday in the outfit she wore.i also liked how she wore her hair down… Angelina has beautiful hair.

    For the airport pictures, she is dressed casual, yet fashionable while walking with pax through the airport. I just love that purple teddy bear he’s holding… How cute! Pax found his shows away from the paparazzi hehe. At first I thought it was a purple care bear, but it’s not lol.

  • Tymeup

    Angelina never takes a bad photo. She is always beautiful even after a long flight. And Mommy got some goodies for the little ones back home.

  • Rose

    @who: Who, that’s funny, you are apologizing to actual rats, lol. Who do you remember Angie saying Pax is very protective of his things because in the orphanage he was not allowed to own anything. Anyway, more power to pax for taking his Teddy with him. It’s so good to see a 9 year old acts like a child and not like some stunted man, not calling any names but they are out there.

  • Guest

    Doug and Lisa and their kids have been in Santa Barbara with the other kids. Teh nieces tweeted that they were in Santa Babara all week, so no they were not alone

  • anustin

    thanks jared,another 1 please.

  • Rose

    @anustin: Anustin, did I say hi today? If not, how are you today lady? Im Wishing you a great day, and keep putting the trolls in their place.

  • were the morons

    Hello Rose,
    How are you on this Tuesday?
    Angie looked gorgeous yesterday giving her speech. I liked how she wore her hair down… Her hair is so pretty to me. Aww, look at pax and the teddy bear… It’s so cute !

  • anustin

    hello phool,rose,dawne,susan,neer,LLM,noplace,yo!!OZZIE.happy to see back.keep on posting.

  • Rose

    @Guest: Guest, fans know Brad and Angie would NEVER leave their children with nannies alone. Both Brad and Angie said they do not have nannies at night sleep over. They do everything themselves. Brad is the one who make Breakfast in the morning. WWZ has the scene with Garry making breakfast for the kids including pan cakes, that Knox favorite. .. And they put that breakfast scene in the movie.

  • busted

    I don’t think it is necessary to give out Brad’s family personal info to show the trolls they are wrong. They have stalked that family on line whenever fans que them in. We really need to learn to keep some info to ourselves if we know it.

    Brad has been back in LA. He was with the children at a doughnut shop. From a strangers tweet not a family member. I don’t know where the kids were. We saw pics of Madd/Pax with Brad’s family here on JJ. The older girls as we saw and Brad stated were with him. But I’m sure the family is together now.

  • anustin

    bahhahaha…a low quality pix,and yet,our girl looks stunning.