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Brad Pitt: 'The Counselor' Teaser - Watch Now!

Brad Pitt: 'The Counselor' Teaser - Watch Now!

Check out Brad Pitt in this new teaser trailer for his latest film The Counselor!

Also featured in the Ridley Scott-directed thriller are Michael Fassbender, Javier Bardem, Cameron Diaz and Penelope Cruz.

The film follows a lawyer (Fassbender) who finds himself in over his head when he gets involved in drug trafficking. A thug (Pitt) brokers his arrangements for him.

The star-studded film, written by famed writer Cormac McCarthy, is set to be released in theaters on October 25 – be sure to check it out!

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  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    O la la!!! Brad looks so hot. Can’t wait.

  • Oh yeah

    Wow, I’m intrigued. Looks good.

  • http://justjared saira

    I didn’t understand a single word of it, but it looks really good.

  • Kim

    @Media Wh@re MANiston: DITTO! He looks so HOT!

  • noplace

    This is going to be great movie.

  • noplace

    Morning ladies. The one and only Weng how are you babe?
    Here is compilation of Angelina’s work, for those who are interested.

  • Seraphine

    Penelope & Javier! I love them as an actors and can’t wait to see it!

  • Stacie

    Michael Fassbender and Brad Pitt together in One movie !!! EPIC Hotness . Can’t wait to see this movie .

  • awwww

    The trailer looks amazing.

  • awwww

    Brad looks hot

  • Phool

    thanks noplace for leting me know there is new thread I was still carrying on posting there lol ..Brad looking might Hot

  • Sherry (not from JPW)

    Brought this over from the other thread so Tickey’s minions could see…

    Kudos all around to Brad and Angie on their acheivements,,, was there any doubt?? Angie will keep on trucking, doing her thing, re UN work, movies, directing, acting etc, and won’t waste any of her precious time sitting down with any news agency to give any interviews re her health. Its’ not about her.. it’s about other women and their health.

    And Brad witll keep on producing, acting, designing etc,, and being passionate about what he does.

    All Ticky’s minions and haters can’t touch, no matter how much theiy’re paid, or how passionately they WANT Brad and Angie to fail, e.g. Lamey. She is the ultimate hypocrite, having “Sarah” post her craaap on her gossip site, so later she can kiss Brad’s or Angie’s asssses again in the future if necessary. She can always say it some other blogger who wrote all that negativity about Brad, not her. But we know, Lamey, we know. Just like Ticky we can see right through you. So you had lunch with Stephanie H. and agreed to sh***t all over Brad did you??? Well, I hope they pay you well enough to be on the losing team!! Cause this couple will succeed no matter what you and more powerfful industry people try to do (see VF articile). Hey and good luck to your girls Goopy and Ticky, all the best to them in trying to fight mother nature. It’s the only thing they got going for them!!

  • noplace

    Phool, please bring all the goodies over here. Thanks.

  • Phool

    @ Fyi12
    just incase you dont go back on Angie’s thread ,just wanted to say Thank you very much much appretiated for the time & information you gave me. just had asked in responce to your answrr is that do I follow your instructions Prior to posting her or do I do those things whilst i’ve got my post in Jared comment box? that’s all i needed to know ? I know I dont ask much do I lol…thanks again Fyi12 god bless

  • Phool

    Angelina Jolie Scores Major Victory in U.N.
    By Kat Stoeffel credit New York Magazine

    Photos of beautiful actors doing unspecified humanitarian work in third-world countries tend to give off sanctimonious, dilettante vibes, especially when wedged between paparazzi photos of their fellow celebrities at the beach or grocery store.


    But in the case of the increasingly flawless Angelina Jolie, it’s perfectly legitimate. Serving as a special envoy for refugees, Jolie testified before the United Nation’s security council yesterday, urging world leaders to recognize and prioritize rape and sexual violence as a tool of war — and it worked.


    “Rape as a weapon of war is an assault on security,” Jolie said, describing her conversations with rape survivors in refugee camps in Congo and outside Syria.


    “Soon after Jolie spoke,” the Guardian reports, the council adopted a legally binding resolution on sexual violence, its broadest to date, calling for the immediate cessation of sexual violence and noting “sexual violence can constitute a crime against humanity and a contributing act to genocide.


    ” But wait, there’s more: British foreign secretary William Hague, who ran the meeting, told the Guardian it was Jolie’s 2011 film about the Bosnian war (in which very few were prosecuted for tens of thousands of rapes), In the Land of Blood and Honey, that inspired him to take up the cause. Oh, and her boyfriend is Brad Pitt.

    Angelina Jolie urges UN to punish rape in warzones [Guardian UK]

  • jmho

    Finally! A movie for adults! Thanks Mr Scott, this looks good.

  • groundcontrol

    He really is aging like a fine wine. Delicious!
    This may prove to be an interesting film. I’m not the biggest Ridley Scott fan but nice to see Ridley and Brad together again. The Scott brothers came in when Brad asked them to and stood by Brad in his fight to save Jesse James and I have the utmost respect for them for that.

  • Pinkrose

    Brad and Angie are clearly a force to be reckoned with and wannbe shouldn’t bother to continue to compete. Go ahead and have your wedding. Waiting to see what B & A do so that you can compete is so vain and senseless. B & A will do what suits them and what’s best for them (big or small) when they are ready. You should just go ahead and do the same. Be yourselves for a change!

  • BlogBrat

    Why would Cam try and make a movie work with Brad?? WWZ tanked and will lose at least $100 million..Celebs don’t need to be thinking he can help them with making a profit at all..

  • lurker

    cannot wait to see this

  • BlogBrat

    Nothing Brad & his girlfriend do has worked for over 7 years..They can go ahead and give it up now..Watch I’ll get put under mod, but the posters bashing Aniston will remain..Same old JJ..Posters NEED Jen to keep this loser couple in the spotlight..Just can’t seem to keep themselves from talking about her..

  • lurker

    lol put down you crack pipe,am sure you ass doesnot believe in what you just wrote,you sound so stupid

  • Jones

    Love the diversity of Brad’s role. That’s the definition of an actor. The Counselor hits theaters October 25th…this means Brad and Angie at TIFF!!!

  • Jones


  • an oldie

    LOL, CB has a picture of TinyTom standing next to Jerry Bruckmeyer and Johnny Depp. You can see his shoe lifts so clearly. They have to be 3-4 inches.

  • Bea


    Thanks for the laughs Brat. My first day back from vacation and I see something like this? It just gives me the heads up that it’s a great time to be a JP fan.

  • valis202


    ‘Nothing Brad & his girlfriend do has worked for over 7 years’
    3 Oscar nominations
    Other movie awards and nominations
    Screen writer
    Furniture Maker
    Have set up and are on boards of charities
    Brad has his own architectural design company
    Raising 6 kids etc, etc, etc

    Now your turn to list Aniston’s achievements

  • Dc

    Can Brad be any sexier. Yes he is like fine wine!!!

    The Counselor looks good – got to see it.

  • valis202

    ‘Nothing Brad & his girlfriend do has worked for over 7 years’

    Oops – UN Special Envoy
    Member of the Council on Foreign Relations
    It felt so good listing all of these.

    Still waiting for Aniston’s achievements

    And yes, Brad looks hot

  • Fyi

    According to box office dot come, WWZ monday box office is $7.6million. If keeps this rate, WWZ should pass $100 million domestically after this weekend


    Whooo, chile!! HOT DAMMIE Bradley!! Bet Ange and Brad did some celebrating of their mutual accomplishments…Brad gets to buy dem babies more shoes and puff up the philanthropic foundations courtesy wwz success, Angelina is slaying war criminals…both noble and very kick azz!

  • mrst

    I love it… Brad just keep those hits coming…God bless the Jolie=Pitts!

  • lurker

    sometimes i wonder the real lunatics behind the trolls are these people real lol

  • lurker

    it might be close to 200 million world wide it will open in few more international markets

  • were the morons

    @CLINIQUA: It just dawned on me…narcissist selfish insecure Maniston got wind that Ted Bundeoux got the lead in an HBO series, playing Dad to what will invariably be some cute 17 year old -possibly early 20s actress ( they announced her male co-leads the other day…sounds like the billy Burke, I.e., Charlie swan, father of Bellarole in Twilight to me…they should have just cast him instead of Bundeoux…however Burke films Revolution for the network, which again, sounds a lot like this HBO series…and Burke’s series is post nuclear instead of post rapture)…you know Bundeoux will invariably have some HBO style love/sex/fcking scenes with various hotties, or a major love interest (who will be HOT it’s a given….and you know how game of thrones and every other hbo series, good or bad roles w/ the fc kning,hahahaha)…and let’s face it…the only thing Bundeoux has going for him are those abs, so HBO is gonna want their money’s worth. Teehee.
    THAT SAID….who here thinks Maniston is going to be able to take Bundeoux fcking some beautiful woman every week (and believe me, it’s a piece of cake to find someone prettier than fuggiston..i mean damn, just step outside and open one eye, hahaha!)? Her confidence levels and insecurities are exactly what they were before Brad flew off to film Troy with Rose Bryne, and Diane Kruger…probably worse as she’s older and has felt the need to get even more plastic surgery in the intervening years since she was dumped by Brad. Maniston and huvs can feel the oncoming drama and tabloid onslaught….JEN’S WORRIED JUSTIN WILL FALL IN LOVE WITH CO-STAR, NOT AGAIN SHE CRIES!!. <— hahahahahaha!! (Me praying: please let Justin's co-star be a hot Angie lookalike…please let Justin's co-star be a hot Angie lookalike! Muahahah)


    The daughter is pretty… She's 17 but I think Squigs will go for her. Also, I'm lmao at you post! Squigs couldn't get on the plane fast enough to NYC. I bet him and all of his peverted buddies are having a field day with all the ladies they see in NYC. Squigs looks like one of snow whites dwarfs so he's not goin to snag a pretty woman. The only way he will ever get a pretty or decent woman is if a) he somehow gets rich b) the woman is visually impaired c) if she's in need of drugs… I bet maniston is already on the next flight to NYC to watch her paid escort. I bet she even installed a tracker on his phone BWAHAHAHAHAHAH. How much you want to bet Squigs has tried to reunite with Heidi bivens? I believe Squigs and many are finished, finito, zilch, done! Because we all know manny never left her gigolo for this long LMAOOO

  • Michele

    Brad’s career is on FIRE!! And he looks yummy in this trailer.

  • Passing Through

    # 250 trt @ 06/25/2013 at 2:33 am
    PT’, I have a question, please. Re Brad’s salary for WWZ. Does he get his usual pay plus backend even if he is the producer? Or does he get just a percentage of the gross or the net if he doesn’t get the standard deal? Nobody ever mentions it.
    TRT -
    My guess would be that Brad got his usual $20MIL acting fee and waived his points in lieu of his producing role. Then Plan B got an up-front producing fee and backend points. Brad\Plan B put some of that financing together himself. Paramount only wanted to finance half. It was Brad and DeDe that got SkyDance (David Ellison) and GK Films on board. They’ll make their money back even if there isn’t a huge profit. The question is will all ofthese financiers be part of te sequal or will Par want to finance it all themselves? I would guess there’ll still be a partnership with another production company because apparently Par has gotten really skittish about tying up hundreds of mils in a single production.


    Oh, oh, me, me, valis. I can answer that one, teach Here we go:

    Infamous straw-like hair used as curtain to hide ugly mug
    more men in her coochie to rival the most active streetwalker in HW
    perfected the art of passive-aggressive b!tchfighting
    more shady than a chameleon
    the longest and most co-dependent relationship of anyone in HW is with her image-maker, stevie huvane

    I’m sure other JP fans can add to this. LOL

  • Dawne

    Seeeeexy………these two are unstoppable. Give it up trolls, what do you have in your arsenal now…….We Are the Morons?????LMAO.

  • BlogBrat

    Well I can see I struck a nerve in the few fans Brad and his girlfriend have..Cam should stay away from this one..Here is something to chew on..WWZ is about to come out right? Jolie suddenly blabs to anyone that will listen that she has had her breasts removed..Perfect timing huh..She didn’t get much attention blabbing something that should have been kept private..Other people have done it before her and it wasn’t as attention grabbing as she hoped..It certainly didn’t help WWZ..I personally think she had a simple boobie job..She has lied sooooo many times people have lost count..I think thats why people didn’t react much..It doesn’t change the fact that Brad lost his azz in WWZ..Plan B will suffer also..Cam is a fool to make a movie with this has-been D lister..K..Ready, set, GO….

  • Jones

    First it was Depp. Then Channing Tatum. And now Kristen Stewart’s jockin’ Brad’s style. KStew released a statement about the death of James Gandolfini: “When I heard of James’ passing I was in New Orleans, where we met shooting, and every memory flooded back and gutted me…”

  • Passing Through

    I just happened to look at the top of the page…Tiny Tom and Johnny Depp at Jerry Bruckheimer’s star ceremony? Looks like Tiny Tom has a new Scientology-approved piece. She looks to be about 30 – 20 years too young, but not my problem. She’s shorter than he is and that’s a first. I guess Tiny Tom figured that Johnny got him a new piece half his age and his own year of “mourning” his dumping is over so it’s back to “I am soooooo heterosexual” image-building…
    On another note…not to offend any Depp fans, but…he’s looking a little bit too much like The Urinator in this picture…

  • Excited for The Counselor


    “Celebs don’t need to be thinking he can help them with making a profit at all..”
    But great ACTORS,writers,producers and directors clearly don’t mind working with Pitt irrespective of Box Office ;-)

  • valis202

    BlogBrat @ 06/25/2013 at 3:50 pm

    Oh now I think that you are just playing with us to get a reaction. Because if you really truly believed what you just wrote then that would make you certifiably insane.

    Still waiting for you to list Aniston’s achievements. And wasn’t it nice for AWHODAT! to make a start for you.

  • Excited for The Counselor

    @Passing Through:

    For me he oscillates between John Mayer and Michael Jackson.
    Just a living under the highway version of either one.

  • YIB

    oh two threads already and plan change can’t keep away. This is like my friend here .lol
    anyways This movie llooks fun spicy movie… go brad!
    From the other thread angie, paxy and his bear… he is a character cute boy he is looking hip too.

  • YIB

    @Jones: well Brad should just change from jl to ks for imaginery 20′s girlfriend… lol
    no we get him better…lolol
    WE gonna find angie but lot of option from movies from the humanterilan place lol….just kidding… me and my guy joke like that i don’t know it is funny for everyone.. you can skip.

  • valis202

    @Excited for The Counselor:
    ‘But great ACTORS,writers,producers and directors clearly don’t mind working with Pitt irrespective of Box Office’
    Brad Pitt
    Ridley Scott
    Michael Fassbender
    Steve McQueen
    Javier Barden
    Marc Foster etc, etc, etc

    Jennifer Aniston
    Emma Stone
    Jason Sudekis
    And I have no clue about the person who is directing the great piece of art that Aniston is next starring in.

    See the difference in class and quality trolls. You can only dream of Aniston working with some of the people that Brad has made films with in the last 8 years, hence the reason that you lash out so petulantly.
    At least your tantrums are always good for a giggle.

  • YIB

    @BlogBrat: brat I think cammy should sell it with fassy ……. but whatever works

  • shop

    Pitt and Fassbender together in a film?? I’m going to cum.