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Katie Holmes: John Frieda Hair Appointment!

Katie Holmes: John Frieda Hair Appointment!

Katie Holmes is cute and casual while heading out for a hair styling appointment at John Frieda on Tuesday (June 25) in New York City.

Over the weekend, the 34-year-old actress was spotted wearing a chic dress while grabbing a bite to eat with her adorable daughter Suri at Cowgirl restaurant in the West Village.

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Katie is currently filming her new movie Mania Days, while her other project Days and Nights is in post production with an expected release date for later this year.

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    Legs a Sequoia would envy.

  • K

    She has the worst legs.

  • http://justjared saira

    Katie, next time just come by my house and pay me those hundreds of dollars.

  • http://computer David From Canada

    Katie looks like a drab housewife, out for a walk, wearing a peasant dress.

  • waitak


    No one is perfect. Not even celebrities.

  • http://justjared Greta

    Lesbian chic is the only way to make sense of her style. I bet she feels quite sexy in this formless dress. When left to dress without a stylist, she seems to be dressing to attract the Chelsea gayelles.

  • allison

    Her legs always look swollen.

  • Yassine

    She looks cute and classy!
    @annie/@sincerly concerned: I am wondering what kind of appointment she had at John Frieda? It seems interesting.

  • vool

    I know she was in a hurry but she didn’t have to wear her dish towel out..

  • Cece

    How is she still working? She’s really an awful actress.

  • K-FLOPS – Gingham Style

    K-FLOPS – Gingham Style – Sigh ≖_≖

    “….Days and Nights is in post production with an release date for later this year.” — uuuhhh-huh…. <_<

    ..curiouser and curiouser :-J

    either way, return to TV or the Buckeye State.. for the WIN!!! (callin' it) :-D

    Keepin it real K-FLOP

  • Lorelei

    What happened to her legs….????? Water retention at her age…???

  • siennagold

    I’m not a fan of her fashion sense and she does have rather thick legs.

  • Yassine

    What makes me laugh is that you guys sound like you have a perfect shape, it’s what happens when you are in front of your computer after feeling insecure with your own body ^_^” #truestory

  • Yassine

    @K-FLOPS – Gingham Style:
    Wait and see, patience is a virtue. Quit being useless.

  • lr

    I will never understand her appeal. No talent, no style, average face, and legs like telephone poles.

  • lr

    I will never understand her appeal. No talent, no style, average face, and legs like telephone poles.

  • Sincerely concerned

    Daily Mail said it was a hair appointment. My 1 dtr. has a shape just like hers and she battles the hefty legs (and butt constantly). On the plus side, she is as healthy as can be because she works out religiously and makes up for it in personality and facial features and when she is dressed just right is a beauty. On the other end, my other dtr. has been graced with the figure u butt heads all prefer so she never works out, has atrocious eating habits and on our last ski trip couldn’t make it one trail without gasping for air. I wonder why no more pictures of mania days set. P.s. fYI – my healthy dtr. also does not dress for anyone when she is “relaxing/doing errands”. If anyone were we’re to ask her why, I am sure she would just look at u like u have a screw loose. And your argument that she represents Ying Yang and Booby Brown. As she does. ….when she chooses. I personally feel that if I felt like I had to dress up every day I went out the door, I would be a neurotic mess. Do u forget that she closed that door with the Cruise machine???

  • mikey

    She has some serious cankles :) Those legs look like tree trunks

  • Suri the meal ticket

    @TIM GUNN:

    Thank you for giving me some great laugh this morning! Luckily, the coffee was on the desk, not in my hand when reading your brilliant comment!

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Suri the meal ticket: U and #1. “Tim Gunn”. I can just imagine what kind of colossal nut job u r. No doubt a Tommy Girl groupy”. I don’t even want to venture into YOUR demons..

  • Sincerely concerned

    @TIM GUNN: There is no doubt in my mind that u can dish it out but u can’t take it. One picture of u would say it all. Too bad I can text how a chicken goes….buaaaack:(

  • Suri the meal ticket

    Very funny comment, too!
    See how much KHo can inspire.

  • Suri the meal ticket

    @Sincerely concerned:
    Please do not worry. It’s really not that complicated. I only admire TommyGurl’s hard working attitude and his drive for perfection.
    Most of his movies I cannot stand, the only exception is Jack Reacher, which I watched 2X. I also finished watching ‘Minority Report’ by accident when staying in a hotel. I finished watching it for the story line was too wacky and I was curious how they were about to end it.
    But KHo is the total 180, hence very fun to watch.

  • Kelly

    She dresses like a homeless person and looks old as dirt.

  • ANNE


    Friend, do not be angry with comments envious of these fanatical Scientologists this site. Katie’s most beautiful natural woman HW. It was brave to correct an error impulsive (thing Kidiman did not). She will win. K-Flop, Sincerely Concerned, Just a comment , Annie and Suri the Meal Ticket are of the team of Tom

  • ANNE

    @Suri the meal ticket:
    Are you obsessed by the “beard” Katie Holmes, forgets Rogers, Kidman, Penelope, Boniadi, Pecoraro .. here’s the new “beard”. I want to see you condemn.
    Tom Cruise brought a date to Jerry Bruckheimer’s Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony yesterday because what’s the point of an all-powerful, galactic space church if it can’t force its slave women to pretend to be your girlfriend? More importantly, this one’s shorter than Tom Cruise which means Scientology found a way to kidnap characters out of childrens’ books. Be brave, Thumbelina, the Mouse Guard is on the move.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Suri the meal ticket: #24. U contradict yourself. I see u ragging on Katie but not so much Tommy GUrl. I believe she deserves a life.

  • Maria

    Those who go on about Kate’s legs… grow up. What is Kate supposed to do? Cover them up at all times? Nobody is perfect. Leave her alone.

  • SLK

    She has beautiful hair!

  • Just a comment

    We have seen Katie and Suri visit many places EXCEPT one important place, a Catholic Church. I wonder if Katie will raise Suri in any faith. Suri was reportedly going to attend a Catholic private school and then she ended up attending Avenues School.

  • Yassine

    In fact, it is very interesting to see how some brains [on this board] think, very funny #diversity

  • Just a comment

    #26 – Anne – I am a free agent. Not on anyone’s team…maybe Suri’s team.

  • jen

    katie what happened to the fashion???????????

  • annie

    @ yassine
    maybe she went out later that evening, and just wanted to have her hair done, Katie did do an add for them a few years ago.
    I don’t take too much notice of these people, they are the same ones spewing hate everywhere.
    If you had a look at people magazine this week, our sister mag is called WHO, through the whole mag , she was the loveliest of everyone in that mag, the pics are stunning.
    And when you see her walking on those talk shows her legs are not big, and probably in real life too, they are solid, I bet not that big.

  • Yassine

    Thx @annie. I’ve always found Holmes beautiful. I am looking at these pics, I don’t want to miss them!

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Sincerely concerned: #18: her legs r more muscular than big.

  • Just a comment

    - Some comments make it and others do and then get deleted. Not fair. What a difference a year makes. REWIND a year ago, and it would take a PRODUCTION TEAM for Katie to go out in public, she would have to be escorted by Cruise’s bodyguards, driver, etc. I think that was also part of the image Tom Cruise wanted to create, to appear “exclusive, important.” What a WASTE of MONEY! Now Katie comes and goes as she pleases. This is new to her because before her marriage to Cruise, Katie said she wanted to live in New York but probably couldn’t afford it, for now she can. The good thing is that Suri is going to EVENUTUALLY feel safe, normal, walking in public without a bodyguard.

  • cw

    i feel bad for her

    i hear she is slow due to premature birth