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Celebrities React to Wendy Davis' Texas Filibuster!

Celebrities React to Wendy Davis' Texas Filibuster!

State senator Wendy Davis has made nation-wide news by deciding to speak for 13 straight hours without sitting down or having a bathroom break to attempt to kill a bill that reduced access to abortion on Tuesday (June 25) in Texas.

In Texas, the state House of Representatives passed a bill that doesn’t allow abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, “severely limits access to medication-induced abortions and regulates first-trimester abortion clinics as ambulatory surgical centers.”

Wendy‘s actions have led many celebrities to offer their words of encouragement while she attempted a 13-hour filibuster to delay the Texas’ 20-week abortion ban.

However, the filibuster was suspended two hours before midnight with Republicans claiming that Wendy went off topic.

Click inside for celebrity reactions…

Elizabeth Banks: “Truly inspiring to watch @WendyDavisTexas standing up for women’s rights in Texas. #standwithwendy.”

Piers Morgan: “Another reason to love Texas… #wendydavis.”

Mark Ruffalo: “#standwithwendy This is better then any movie I have seen in a long long time. Never forget. We the people have the power we have always had the power we just need to gather and take it! #standwithwendy. What a dirty dirty trick the Texas GOP played on a woman tonight. 13 hours of standing, won fair and square then cheated. NO GUTS.”

Ricky Gervais: “Whatever the outcome, @WendyDavisTexas efforts entered her into the pantheon of American heroes tonight. #standwithwendy.”

Katie Aselton: “whoa, i’m a little late to the party, but what’s happening in texas is insanely exciting! #standwithwendy.”

Martha Plimpton: “Do you #StandWithWendy? Wear your scarlet A and say so, every day, all the time. @AIsForOrg.”

Emily VanCamp: “Yes. Thank you Wendy.”

Evan Rachel Wood: “WTF is going on in texas right now?!”

Thomas Sadoski: “Congratulations TX legislature. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world are watching you live up to your ugly stereotype.”

Autumn Reeser: “Just came online to find twitter exploding — bummed to miss out on the #standwithwendy excitement but LOVING all this passion in my feed!!”

Chad Lowe: “Women of Texas, now would be a good time to move. Men of Texas, now would be a good time to cede from the the union. #StandWithWendy. Unfollow @AP for being complicit in the fraud perpetrated by the Texas GOP tonight. #StandWithWendy.”

Avan Jogia: “Just reading up on what’s going down in Texas. Society not going back in time. #standwithwendy proves one person can make a difference.”

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  • Kart

    We need to tell the bigoted woman-hating American Taliban running Texas to go f themselves.

  • Danny

    I am for the option to have an abortion. A woman needs to have that option, it’s her decision, her body. But. 20 weeks pregnant is far too long away to get an abortion. 2-5 weeks would still be alright, but 20 weeks is too far along.
    So I’m a little confused with myself, I am glad that women are getting more liberties but than again 20 weeks pregnant…it’s just too far along.

  • Kristen

    lmao at who you think are celebrities, sorry, but Piers Morgan? hahahah but yeah, #StandWithWendy

  • June

    @Danny. How many are you going to say ’20 weeks is too far along’? Is three times enough?
    2-5 weeks? are you serious? Women often don’t find out their pregnant until 5 weeks or later after their last period.. why? because periods happen occur every 5 weeks for most ovulating women, on average. So if they became pregnant right after their previous period, by the time they find out, it’s already been 5-6 weeks later. Then IF they decide right then and there they want an abortion, they would have to schedule it, which would take even more time. So don’t lecture about what amount of time passed is appropriate until you educate yourself about the very basics of womens’ health.

  • I live in Tx

    Rick Perry and the Texas Republican party is a embarrassment to our state!!

    BEWARE: Slick Rick Perry plans to blow our TX budget again by running for president in 2016.

  • Ceara

    This makes me sick. If only the mothers of the people who support late term abortions aborted them.

  • Liza

    off topic, rightttt. Men have filibustered reading the bloody phone book talk about misogyny. fwcking fat bastarrds

  • 26

    @Danny, you do know that it is not until about 26 weeks of gestation that the fetus produces surfactant in the lungs which is required to breathe. Prior to this the fetus is not viable outside of the womb. and treatment at even this stage is extremely risky. especially with the other underdeveloped organs.

  • groundcontrol

    Thanks for posting this, Jared.
    Important news. Kudos to Wendy Davis.
    Now for the important point: Mind your own business when it comes to our bodies. WE women will, decide what to do with our bodies. And we will decide whether we want to be pregnant or not.
    Abortions can be almost unaffordable for some women and they may need time to gather the finances to pay for the procedure. Additionally some states have implemented medically unnecessary requirements for clinics for the sole purpose of creating such a burden they cannot stay open. In these states that have tried to extinguish this right of women many clinics have closed forcing women to travel long distances for their medical care – requiring the financial expense of time off from work and travel expenses, sometimes to another state.
    What are called “late term abortions” are extremely rare and almost all are done for medical reasons because of the severe condition of the fetus.

  • Mkhay

    Some of you are such morons. Just because their a celebrity doesn’t mean their not allowed to voice their opinion. Don’t be a hypocrite, shut your mouth

  • Ben

    Women should get all the rights for their OWN body. Its their bodies. I also think 5 month is long, but then you hear enough stories of people who didnt recognize that they were pregnant after the third or fourth month. I say all power to the women. An abortion will forever be a heavy decision.

  • Kat

    I as a woman believe in the right to have an abortion. But also as a human being to have a conscience. If you become pregnant willingly or accidentally be responsible enough to take care of yourself in a timely manner. As a women you should know something is up if you miss your period for at most two months. And if you’re having unprotected sex becoming pregnant is on the back of your mind. So there really isn’t any excuse for waiting over 4 months after you have a prominent baby bump to decide to abort. I feel that’s just selfish, at that stage the fetus has formed into a small baby with legs arms and all of its parts. It may not be viable outside but its pretty much halfway there. And looking up post partial abortion at that stage is just gruesome. Its past the point of taking a pill, they have to physically mash up and dispose of the fetus. A doctors appointment is a week wait.

    What I disagree with in the bill is all of the other measures where they are trying to restrict the number of abortion clinics. Which makes it more difficult for women to get the services done and elongates the process.

    It is the year of 2013, there should be updates in laws and procedures. The rules and routines to get these laws passed are ridiculous. Filibuster in itself is ridiculous. People standing up there speaking for ridiculous amount of time to stall a law. Can we not find a better way to make a system that lawmakers can compromise and for congress work together using their time wisely and effectively? Not allowing the woman to lean on a desk or pee pr even have a break is ridiculous. Its 2013, the old procedure from how things were run in the 1800′s should be updated. The government should be updated so maybe we can actually get laws passed quicker and for the government to function effectively.

  • really

    i’m sorry but your rights end with another begins (aka that living breathing child)

  • visitor

    disgusting senator and celebrities

  • Sarah

    Not all women have a regular menstrual cycle. Personally, I don’t. I once went eight months without having a single period symptom. Not all women have many pregnancy symptoms. Sure, it’s rare not to realize that something is up, but that doesn’t mean it’s so impossible. There are women who aren’t even aware that they’re pregnant until they’re 20 odd weeks along. Abortion is a mother’s choice, it is a woman’s choice. The men running Texas shouldn’t have the say on what a woman can or cannot do after a single point in time. And a man shouldn’t be allowed to comment on how Wendy went “off topic” when there have been filibusters in history where the man giving it quoted Alice in Wonderland. It is despicable that we live in a country that is supposed to be for the people, and yet we have all these politicians voting for their personal beliefs and not for the beliefs of the country as a whole.

  • Liz

    I admire that woman. She’s a hero, standing for women of Texas. Our body, our choice.

  • avaya

    Don’t get yourself in that situation and then you won’t have to worry abt. “your rights”. Period