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Henry Cavill: I Hope 'Justice League' Doesn't Happen Right Away!

Henry Cavill: I Hope 'Justice League' Doesn't Happen Right Away!

Henry Cavill chats on the phone while arriving on an international flight at LAX Airport on Wednesday (June 26) in Los Angeles.

Earlier in the week, the 30-year-old English actor was dapper while attending the premiere of his latest flick Man of Steel in Australia and posed with co-star Russell Crowe.

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Henry recently talked about the upcoming film Justice League.

Justice League could be great if done correctly. It’s a very tough one to do because the DC comic heroes are all god-like in their power. So in this real world universe, real-world setting we’re telling our story in, it’s going to be tough to achieve that. It has to be done very delicately with a lot of thought. So, it won’t be right away. I hope it’s not, anyway. It may take some time of building up other movies and other characters and introducing them together in one way or another,” Henry told Variety.

FYI: Henry is wearing Levi‘s jeans.

10+ pictures inside of Henry Cavill landing in Los Angeles…

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  • Pfft

    He is so full of himself. Look at him, walking through LAX like he’s Brad Pitt. lol Superman didn’t do anything for your career bb. You are still a closeted man “dating” King Kong Jr., and you are boring as hell in your interviews.

    You can’t act. Next.

  • Elodieee

    @Pfft: it’s too early to be bitter and project your frustrations onto someone who has more class than you will probably have. And well he is physically close to perfection looks wise so Brad Pitt would be the one being flattered to be levelled up with him…

    To say that the perfect known recipe to someone you find boring to simply ignore them to the point of not even bother like they don’t exist… But no you wanted attention. There, you have it. Happy now?

    Now now, take those bitter thoughts with you and off you go the Phantom Zone.

  • Britney

    Haters gonna hate. He’s awesome and a great actor.

    “You are still a closeted man “dating” King Kong Jr.”

    haha you wish. i bet youre a gay man wanting him to be gay.


  • what

    this guy is flawless, some might say :)

  • what up

    “Justice League could be great if done correctly. ” No shit. That is the same for any movie.

  • Dave

    He isn’t English…

  • Truthie

    He’s right aout Justice League. DC superheroes are too godlike which makes it hard to adapt them to the real world and the big screen.

  • Jersey isn’t in England

    He’s not English. He’s British. Big difference.

  • Ale

    He’s so sexyyy :P

  • snape

    @Pfft: 100% agree with you! he can be handsome but can’t act, that’s the truth. and his (ex) gf is a man! c’mon duuude! wake up!

  • Will

    Cute, but please hire him a stylist. Ugh, dress shoes and a polo shirt. I guess the best news is that he’s dropped the bearding since the movie has come and gone quicker than expected?

  • WHAT???

    He’s gay???

  • zed

    wow. hate all you like. he still gets paid millions…

  • Isis Lara

    Damnit, I want a Justice League. But, I want a Wonder Woman film more!

  • Kirsten


    guess you didn’t see him looking good on the red carpet. hell, Joan Rivers would have been proud


    He’s such a gorgeous man, but wow he does not photography well. And its BS that he cant act, everyone is saying that he did an amazing job and that he was the best part of the movie (even the people that didn’t like the movie)

  • kelly

    @Pfft: pfft a.k. asnape jump off a cliff and DIE

  • Henry’s so vain

    Wow, look at Henry. He looks so full of himself now. Was the cell phone call that important to take when you get out and see all those fans waiting for you? At least you could have acknowledge them if you didn’t have time to sign an autograph.

  • kelly

    @WHAT???: not, he’s not.. I feel so bad for you, I know you want the super D so much…

  • kelly

    @Henry’s so vain: omg f u ck y o u hater, go away and get a life

  • Michelle

    @Pfft: wow…how do you REALLY feel? …eep! :)

  • Michelle

    my goodness he’s lovely. wish he was calling me. teehee!

  • OMG

    Does no one realize he just spent a month touring, signing autographs for hours? He’s at the airport, can’t stop for everyone everywhere he goes!

    As for the “bearding”, only a gay man would say that. LOL. If Gina’s job was to be his beard then she would have been everywhere with him during the MOS tour but she was nowhere to be found.

  • Gucci

    He’s gorgeous and I adore him, but I agree he need a stylist. But still so handsome so it doesn’t really matter.

  • Nicole

    And he went the big head this that sucks

  • Irina

    Get off the horse doll cake learns to act is pathetic

  • Candice


    and you need a life! LOLOLOL

  • Candice


    100% AGREE!

  • Lia

    And the fans? well, thank you, is an asshole and you celebrate the crap he makes

  • Luc

    “he can’t act”? yeah yeah and that’s why WARNER BROS called him and paid him for that, right? LOLOLOL

  • Ty

    @Luc: hmmm… overacting is the word ;) yup

  • funny

    OMG his fans are so silly. MOS and still 99% of peeps wouldn’t know him in an airport or his name. Relax, he might eventually become famous.

  • Jayde

    I came into contact with him in Sydney twice, and he couldn’t have been nicer, a true gentleman and extremely humble and wherever he went he was recognised instantly. Jealousy is a terrible thing

  • Nadia

    Just saw the movie. He was the best thing about the movie. Unfortunately they did not have enough of him doing long dialogues. Btw he’s awesome in Immortals.

  • Diana Prince

    Can anyone explain to me why he was walking away from his SUV if he just arrive? Looks like his leaving to me.

  • Taylor


    Love it….your so right! @pfft is beyond bitter – go somewhere

  • nn

    @zed: no he doean’t actually, not for Superman! They got him super cheap!

  • Ale

    He’s a very good actor, stop the hating!! As for Carano was an escort just to make those stupid rumors about him being gay stop, he’s not gay…just a single guy enjoying life. They hired Carano even to create these BS of Superman and WW couple…what a stupid PR move.
    Yesterday he was seen all night with actress Kaley Cuoco at Beverlyhills Hotel.

  • Cammie

    I hope he ditches the Clark Kent hair now, and goes back to curls

  • Luis

    Ah, so adorable!

  • Sara

    HE IS HOT!!! And I agree with him about Justice League. Besides, I’d like to see films of the others first before they all come together.

  • Luis

    All the hating just shows how famous he is now :) Godspeed Henry!

  • Luc


    I love when someone has new gossips Thanks for it! LOLOLOL

  • Ambar

    Pfft that shit laughing lol

  • Yams

    You know you have made it when you start getting haters…..You go Henry !!

  • Smith

    He needs to focus on real acting roles if he wants to be taken seriously. Hone his craft, avoid CGI films anyone can do. Walk away from the superhero silliness.

  • Ravio

    @Pfft: Brad Pitt? Him, His fiancee and his ex-wife are overrated, overexposed mediocre actors/actresses who are also famewhores obessed wit staying in the limelight for the past 8 years.
    They will never let the saga of that partciular part of their lives end.
    Henry Cavil is the new Superman, so of course the media will be fawning over him. Do you know how popular Superman is? You must be living in a cave if you have no clue.
    Apparantly alot of Brad Pitts jealous spinsters fans were ignoring the fact that MOS did better then WWZ and made a heck of a lot more then WWZ did too. They also made some nasty comments about Henry Cavill. Are you one of those jealous spinster fans? It looks like it.

  • Caro

    Still you have to give importance to these disasters

  • Doll

    @Ravio: lol – I love Henry, but seriously, please do not embarrass yourself by saying he is on a par with Pitt. Would take years. He may make, may not. MOS was a moderate success but would have been regardless of who was cast. It wasn’t like he brought people in, it was the movie itself.

  • apples and oranges

    why are you comparing pitt with cavill?? apples and oranges! henry has got some ways to go with the whole fame thing but seriously why pitt ?!?! the dude has absolutely no personality, he’s always taken on the personality of the woman he’s with. look back at the archives and its blatantly clear, even going as far as getting the same hair do as gwyneth paltrow when he was engaged to her. henry cavill is alpha male all the way. hes got class, talent and is his own person. unlike other actors that’ve played superman , he chose not to watch or copy any of their performances so he can put his own unique stamp on the character. and he did! hes beautiful and his looks are old world charming and beautiful… if your gonna bring up brad pitt…talk about dressing -someone needs to tell the dude to wear clothes that fit, and perhaps shower every once in a while…its ok to be clean!