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Katie Holmes: Summer Phone Chatter!

Katie Holmes: Summer Phone Chatter!

Katie Holmes is summer chic while chatting on the phone during a solo stroll on Wednesday (June 26) in New York City.

The day before, the 34-year-old actress was spotted exiting John Frieda after a hair styling appointment in the Big Apple.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

In case you forgot, it is nearing the one-year-old mark when Katie shockingly decided to divorce her ex-husband Tom Cruise after being married for five years.

Over the weekend, Katie was seen with her adorable daughter Suri during a lunch in the West Village.

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katie holmes summer phone chatter 02
katie holmes summer phone chatter 03
katie holmes summer phone chatter 04
katie holmes summer phone chatter 05

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  • Just a comment

    I like this dress but I don’t think she has the legs for it. But its a free country.

  • Verity

    Sorry, have to say it. Katie looked better during her marriage to Tom Cruise. After the divorce she looks like she’s seen better days.

  • Sincerely concerned

    Her only other option would be to cover her legs completely. Why is it that when she wears dresses on talk shows, her legs don’t look so hefty. Well at least, I understand from men, that she has the shape of a good “childbearing woman”.

  • K-FLOP – I Like the bracelets

    That’s it.

    Aesculus glabra – FTW :-|

  • A Parisian Girl

    Wow she looks so old by in one go, it’s too weird.

  • dee dee

    there’s nothing wrong with her legs but she does not look 34

  • Anne

    Still waiting for moderation, JJ?

  • Anne

    The above envious, especially K-Flop, Katie Holmes is beautiful and has beautiful legs.

  • bbkar


  • sarah

    I like the dress. For me, her style is better post-Tom Cruise.

  • Sean

    She looks a mess.

  • Just a comment

    Finally I’m being moderated…

  • Just a comment

    - Some comments make it and others don’t. What a difference a year makes. REWIND a year ago, and it would take a PRODUCTION TEAM for Katie to go out in public, she would have to be escorted by Cruise’s bodyguards, driver, etc. I think that was also part of the image Tom Cruise wanted to create, to appear “exclusive, important.” What a WASTE of MONEY! Now Katie comes and goes as she pleases. This is new to her because before her marriage to Cruise, Katie said she wanted to live in New York but probably couldn’t afford it, for now she can. The good thing is that Suri is going to EVENUTUALLY feel safe, normal, walking in public without a bodyguard.

  • D

    I don’t really like the way she dresses most of the time but she’s a rarity in celebrities – not a fame whore, genuine, and definnitely not trashy.

  • Nathan

    Pouty lips. Slim body. Long Sexy Legs. Beautiful face. What’s not to love?

    Katie been a fan for years still love ya. :)

  • Hamlet

    She already did come and go s she pleased, #13. Quit blaming Tom Cruise for everything.

  • cw

    i bet she drinks a lot
    that’s why she looks sooo old

  • annie

    my linking doesn’t work, could you do it…..Katie gallery …The Extra Man premiere, they are all fullsize pics walking, standing , posing, every movement is covered, and you can see her legs very well.
    There are heaps of pics, her legs are not like that as shown above, or else just go to Letterman, as she’s walking towards him.
    They are not thin, but not like that either.

    Also there are some gorg pics of her going to the theatre, Daily Mail, in skinny white jeans, her hair down, I swear, she looks in her early 20′s
    and in 1 pic she looks almost the same as she did at the premiere of the Ice Storm when she was 17.
    But I must admit, I too liked how she used to dress when she was with Tom, at least most of the time.
    Her hair was always beautiful, now she sticks it up all the time.
    Maybe she wasn’t happy, or whatever reason, and I still don’t trust him, but I kind of miss Tom and Katie together, shame they couldn’t work it out, that is if it could have been worked out somehow.
    I don’t think she’s settled tho, but I think we’ll know when there is a guy in her life, by what she wears, and her hair…..wait and see.

  • *_*

    @Nathan: LOL

  • Yassine

    Of course, I will. She looks great here, I like!

    What a weak accusation, don’t generalize your case.

    @Just a comment:
    [I like this dress but I don’t think she has the legs for it]

    Oh come on, her legs are fine, just a bit muscled (soul cycle gym)…

    Holmes is one of the most naturally beautiful star, down to earth, a good example of a careful mother in Hollywood, she has the greatest legs, deal with it. #factoftheday

    Holmes is alone so without Suri #anotherfact

  • Yassine
  • Yassine
  • Yassine
  • Cece

    Not sure why folks still want to pretend that she’s a great beauty. She’s an attractive woman, but she has poor posture and an unfortunate body shape. More importantly, she carries herself with no confidence or poise, and that’s never attractive.

    She may be a super nice person, but she’s not a good actress and she’s not a knock-out. I wish her happiness, but I rather not see her on screen anymore. Without the marriage to TC, I’m doubtful that she would be anything but a former tv teen actress.

  • annie

    thanks yassine

    There are hundreds of nice pics like that……I think they take pics at angles, and they alter photos and she certainly hasn’t got cellulite, like one of those pics show.
    Just like they did to her back, but in that full page pic in people mag, her back was perfect not boney like one pic showed, which they made such a big deal out of it.
    Was it you who picked that the pic of her sitting in the cafe was not a real pic , and had been altered , or maybe somebody else.
    I know one fan on KHD, spots altered pics quickly.

  • Yassine

    I think so too.
    What I am sure is that cellulite and Katie Holmes are not synonymous, never.
    Yes it was me who noticed that and I proved it by finding the real pic.

  • Yassine

    Here is Katie with Jane Rosenthal at the “Nine for IX” Premiere on Monday in NY.

  • lr

    So overrated and the worst legs in the business.

  • annie

    I don’t think she’s always beautiful….beautiful is a big word, and in Hollywood it’s kind of thrown around a lot, and very rarely does beautiful match the person that they are describing.
    I think she’s very very attractive, I don’t think she an unfortunate body shape at all, she just plays around with fashion too much, where others stick to one style, a little variation here and there but one style.
    The same with shoes, the classic pump suits her the best , as do strappy high heels, the ones that Aniston wears all the time, like all the time, she knows that’s what suits that’s what she wears, again Katie plays around too much , with shoes as well.
    I feel we all have a style which suits the best, and that’s probably the best way to go.
    Actually I like her in shorts and heels, and tight dresses, like a dark blue one she wore once, or the black one, she wore a few months ago.
    The Extra Man premiere pics show what great posture she does have, but I agree I don’t know what happens to her sometimes , she’s really not consistant, in the way she comes across, from one day to the next.
    Her best look is always when her hair is loose, but she just sticks it up a lot, any old way , and it’s just pulled back.
    For eg……You hear how beautiful this model is or that, eg Giselle B, or heaps others, I don’t see it, but they dress a certain way.
    Sometimes yes , I think she should get a stylist , she doesn’t have one, that’s for sure, it’s something they all do,
    I love her photoshoots, and paticularly the video that goes with the photoshoot, because in those videos, where someone which it is their job to style somebody, then she becomes beautiful, actually very, very stunning, and there is so much proof around of that, because they take everything that is nice about her, and make it beautiful, like eye colour , hair, and very flattering clothes, which DAMN IT, she doesn’t always do herself.
    But sometimes left to her own devices, she lets herself down, and yes…she’s not learning.
    And if you don’t think that full page of her in People magazine, isn’t beautiful, then you are lying, that ‘s if you’ve seen it.
    I consider myself an honest fan, if I don’t like something about Katie I say it, and I don’t like those pics above.
    Also a lot of you here have never seen Dawsons Creek, and probably never heard of Katie before TC, I get the feeling you’re not in that age group.
    In one episode of DC, Dawson was eyeing Jen( Michelle Williams), BUT Joey and Pacey, entered a talent comp, so Joey had to get all dressed up, the hair the makeup , the nice dress, and she looked lovely, well when Dawson saw her, he forgot about Jen , and told her how beautiful she was, Joey felt that the way she looked influenced the way he felt, so she messed up her hair, and wiped her lipstick off with her hand, because she thought that he didn’t appreciate the person she was, she said it was only lipstick and hairspray. that he liked.
    She also said that she was a lot like Joey, and probably was because she played her so well.
    I also think that she dressed for Tom , because I think she dressed great most of the time when she was with him, you can’t please the public all the time.
    The only difference is that Katie is star, model, designer, business woman, in the public eye, and yes sometimes she needs to do better.
    But I really liked her look at the musical Pippin, there’s that inconsistancy again.

  • annie

    thank you Yassine
    Where did you get that from?

  • Sincerely concerned

    I remember being n NYC some years ago with my family. I was taken back to see this skinny older lady in leapord skin clothing, spandex like, high heels and a short fur coat with WILD long blak hair with Joker like make-up (probably with some face-lifts). My honest first rxn. Was OMG, they’re aloud to work the corner right out in public. (She looked like a freak.) I thought the mayor cleaned this up? Than I realized; that is **** ***. (hailing a cab)!!!!! ….The objective is to blend in with your neighbors not perform for the Paps.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Sincerely concerned: Amazing what u moderate JJ and what u don’t. I had to jump thought hoops to get my previous post through.

  • annie

    Yassine ….I know I’m stretching it a bit… but this is for old times, and it’s one of my favourite pics, no other girl will look like that next to him!
    again katie holmes .com gallery 3/11/09 valkyrie premiere japan
    the pic that has 2928 views.
    Promise never to bug you again!

  • QueenOfTrashin

    Katie is not chic. Suri is not adorable.

  • Yassine

    I saw everything she did (DC, movies, HIMYM, Eli stone, so you think you can dance etc.). I like her, she is just underestimated, it’s a shame.

    From facebook fan page “Wonderful Katie Holmes”

    I will post it, you can really ask whatever you want, it’s simple and fast.

  • Yassine

    I know this pic, she looked gorgeous!

  • Yassine
  • annie

    Thanks again Yassine.

  • Anne

    @Just a comment:

    Tom likes to spend. I hope that Isabella and Connor have a trust fund, and Suri.

  • Bohoo


    two people can look at the same picture and see different things
    In my opinion, Ceve said exactly what I perceive when I see her

    I dont even think she has any personality to boot…just washed out waiting for someone to program her

    Seems Tom is the lucky one

  • Yassine

    In the first place, when two people see different things at the same picture is disturbing: beautiful or not beautiful, she has a personality or not, she is a good actress or not-> it’s what we call “all or nothing” -> there is no intermediate level. So now how is it possible? I think I need to know who you guys are you. I can understand people have different opinions but when it’s about to lie, yes, I need to know who are you (TC fans (moderately probable)? fans of another star (highly probable)? etc.).

  • Sincerely concerned

    I looked at the dress Annie requested from Yassine. Yes she looks perfect (the legs) and I can easily see why. The horizontal striped dress and pumps completely balanced everything. So that means she can only wear pumps (with horizontal striped clothing). I do therapy with older people sometimes and I remember a lady in her 90′s, living in a nursing home who could ONLY wear pumps. You could always hear her coming walker and all. ..Tight Heel chords. Also, I see so many posts of how she is basically empty headed. If that were the case, she would be doing just that (pumps, stripes) just for you. What u don’t get is you r describing Tom Cruise to the hilt.

  • Sincerely concerned

    Sad but True: Nicole Kidmen’s 1st comment after split from Cruise was “I can now wear high heals”. If u look at the OMG. Yahoo article, there is a picture of Tom with Suri. Suri seems to be saying, I will be able to be a child and NOT wear heals.” More simply put; she appears to be responding to Nicole’s comment with, “NOT”. A year ago, she was drinking out of a sippy cup and wearing pumps. Look how far she has come!

  • Just a comment

    I agree with #43 – The one that has felt the biggest change is Suri. We don’t have to know her personally but we can see how she has begun to change. She still has a way to go but its safe to say Suri was at a crossroads, last year she was 6 years old and at a point where decisions on her education and development were crucial, among other things. Today, we sometimes comment that Suri looks bratty or spoiled but she is beginning to look more “normal” without all the baggage she was being coddled with to feel secure: a different stuffed animal every outing (which made one wonder, what do they do with all those stuffed animals?), blankets, bodyguards, bottles, binky, instead of individuallity she was shy, isolated, insecure, and dependent on her caretakers and rarely seen with other children. Before, Suri was seen regulary going to gynnastic, dance, and art classes (more individual activiites) and walking out of their New York apartment with an onslaught of paparrazi waiting to take her picture as she got into a waiting car with a bodyguard. Today, Suri goes to school (and is NO LONGER photographed walking out of her apartment, no longer feeling that anxiety of paparrazi trying to take her picture) and is seen for frequenting walking and interacting with other children her age. What is becoming more apparent is that Suri is seen LESS in public than when Katie and Cruise were married. I suspect as Suri gets older, she will voice her opinion about disliking the press and not want to go on public photo opportunities with Katie. Just like there is a pre divorce and post divorce period in Suri’s life, there is that interesting time around March 2013 when Suri took some scissors and cut her bangs too short. This is around the time she stopped being seen in public regularly. Maybe she threw a tantrum and cut her bangs or maybe she was coloring with crayons and her hair got in the way and she decided to cut her hair. This revealed that like many children, for a brief moment Suri was left unattended and cut her bangs. This must of scared Katie. Suri is her only child and who knows if Katie will have anymore children. From the outside, it looks like she was the one that benefitted the most from Cruise and Katie’s divorce. Good luck to Suri.

  • Anne

    @Just a comment:
    I have to agree with you. Searching the internet, I saw that there are a lot of photos of this poor girl with her parents. The two used her for publicity. Cruise / Holmes are two opportunists. I imagine that when Suri grow she will want to know her history and what Katie going to say? For everything I’ve read, Cruise is not the biological father full custody awarded by Holmes says a lot. For me the trust fund created by Holmes in divorce settlement was the way she found to assuage her guilt for having entered this “marriage” to further his career. Then she realized it was morally wrong to stay in this “farce” and more bringing an innocent to all this.

  • Sincerely concerned

    And Yassine, this is is NOT how hot Katie is, this is about is she a good maybe classy mom. Yes I am calling U out on the carpet because u seem to be flying just under the radar.

  • annie

    It’s true , after a while you can tell who are the TC fans, and def the NK fans.
    That extends to the kids as well, fans of other families , and why not, I”ll say it anyway, the Jolie -Pitt family most notably. If something looks strange, it’s being creative, and individual, if Suri does something , she’s not adorable, she’s a spoilt brat, that goes on all the time.
    There are so many not nice people out there!

    @ just a comment
    When asked about scie, Katie said that she wanted to share with Tom, in something that meant so much to him.
    But having actually lived it, there is every possibility that she came to dislike it.
    When a friend comes out and says that ”she found the courage to leave and take control of her life,” to me says a lot, without saying a lot.
    Katie seems to have become good friends with producer Jane Rosenthall ( apparently she set up the Tribecca film festival with De Niro, and produced the Ben Stiller Meet the Fockers movies, among other things.
    She and Katie seem to have become good friends, and she seems to be opening up a whole new different world to her , she takes her to conferences and stuff , as well as seeing them having lunch together . These are pics that people don’t see on JJ.
    I found it quite fascinating , that Katie had lunch with Gloria Steinman, the other day, I’m wondering if there is a mini series or something in the works going on.
    I also think that Katie is someone who is open to learning different and interesting things in her life.
    Tom told an interesting little story once……Katie was trying out all these different clothes, and he said, she looked so stunning, but then she turns around to him, and tells him , that she was brought up , not be just pretty, and he thought that was just so funny.
    Wonder how many things they told each other, in the beginning, that they both thought funny, but became issues for them later on.
    He was talking to Diane Sawyer about Suris Scie education before the baby born.
    Like I’ve said many times nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors, but you can still see a lot, a real lot actually.

    @ sincerely concerned
    What I found interesting was the pic of her back , remember how they made a big deal about her boney back, yet here is this full size pic of Katie standing on the staircase, with her back to the camera, not one bone in site.
    I can show you pics of her walking towards the camera, yes in high heels, and yes she certainly doesn’t have slim legs, but they look good, and yes sometimes I don’t know what happens to her, and she stands silly.
    From next week , I ‘m going to become an ace, at posting links!

  • dee dee

    @ cece i always felt the same way. katie is just lucky. I think tom really loved her. Katie just plain grew tired of tom that’s it. I dont care how gorgeous katie is it’s luck and a pretty face. Tom maybe controlling but he gave katie what ever she wanted. Another thing tom works to much, there’s more to love than just money but it helps.

  • annie

    @ anne
    Here we don’t agree…..Suri looks like Katie, the same long hair, and things, but her blue eyes are all Tom Cruise.

  • Anne


    So, tell me. Because Tom Cruise did not fight for custody as he did with his adopted children? Full custody to Holmes is not strange? You’ve seen the photos of William Mapother in the google? Cruise married with Rogers, and Kidman, when they were at the peak of their fertility and nothing ……..