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Paula Deen's Teary 'Today' Show Visit - Watch Now

Paula Deen's Teary 'Today' Show Visit - Watch Now

Paula Deen made an appearance on the Today show to defend and apologize for her actions on Wednesday (June 26) in New York City.

“I have never … with any intention, hurt anybody on purpose, and I never would.” the 66-year-old told Matt Lauer about being under fire for using derogatory language.

“It’s hard for me to even find the word that I was feeling — I was overwhelmed,” Paula said about her feelings last week. “I was in a state of shock. Would I have fired me? Knowing me? No. … I am so very thankful for the partners I have who believe in me.”

“If there’s anyone out there that has never said something that they wish they could take back, if you’re out there, please pick up that stone and throw it so hard at my head that it kills me. Please. I want to meet you,” Paula concluded. “I’m not changing — there’s someone evil out there who saw what I worked for, and wanted it.”

Check out the entire interview below…

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  • Toni

    I do feel really sorry for her.. IF the accusations are false..

    But its really sad to watch this, because wether its true or not people wont really forget about this :(

  • Gosh

    They really blew this out of proportions…poor woman…

  • Delilah

    You know, I believe it’s totally wrong to use racist language or behave in a way to offend people especially about race, or for being a female in a job, or ethnics, or about being gay. But I think all this piling on Paula Deen is getting stupid. She was wrong. She admitted she was wrong, she apologized, and I will bet you dollars to donuts she will be extra super careful from now on. She lost her Food Network shows. She lost her endorsements for food products, so at some point, when will the media stop pounding on her to get their ratings up? Matt Lauer and all these other people like to feel superior, but he doesn’t have clean hands either. Paula should ask him about how ugly he treated Ann Curry. I say enough. I think Paula Deen needs to “go away” for a while. When she comes back, and she will, she will be a new improved Paula Deen. I think she was wrong. Fine. Lets move on.

  • Kelly

    Try looking at her without makeup on…ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • Breen

    In a country where we can forgive a president for commiting adultery in the White House, and where we constantly preach about forgiveness, I find it absolutely disgusting that we would not forgive someone who made a mistake, took responsiblity for the mistake and asked for forgiveness. I think this woman has been through enough, and it needs to end.

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    old ignorant biish trying to save face and money. she’s a racist, who cares.. there’s tons of them out there still.

  • Delilah

    Like I said, I think the media is milking this and keeping things stirred up as long as possible, for ratings. I can’t stand Matt Lauer.

  • Leokas

    Adultery is a personal issue, racism involves everyone.

  • ShakenNotStirred


  • Ridiculous

    Sorry but this is ridiculous.. If AA get upset the word N*gger is used stop using the word themselves.. This is such a double standard & a way to drag a WHITE woman through the mud. I am by no means racist at all .. but a woman being fired for something she said years ago is just wrong!

  • Breen

    It is not personal when it happens on the dime of the tax payers, in an office that oaths are taken in daily, by someone put there to represent the United States on a global level. Adultery in a private bedroom by a private citizen is private. Racism right or wrong happens every day and we do nothing to those that say these same things privately. This woman did not say this on TV and she didn’t publicly announce what her views may or may not be. She is also not an elected official representing a group of voters.

  • jimmy

    son of a bitch, blacks built this f#%kin country

  • http://justjared saira

    First of all, not all AAs like the word n****r. Just because some of them use it in music, it doesn’t make it ok to them either. Your double standard is only perceived because you don’t know what you are talking about. It’s just the racist that see the n-word in this situation. She also insulted Hispanics, gays, and Jewish people,too, and it wasn’t years ago. it’s been going on for years.

    FYI, the person that started this is WHITE.

  • http://justjared saira

    Racism does happen everyday, but she is not in trouble for her beliefs. She got in trouble for sharing her views in the workplace, therefore making it a hostile work environment for her employees. The disgust towards her comes from the deposition she gave where she admitted to doing it and why, thus making her guilty.
    She is not being treated any different than any other celeb that has been through this. No one was shedding tears for Tiger Woods when he lost all his endorsements, just because he cheated on his wife–a PERSONAL matter. Winona Ryder & Martha Stewart. Martha went to prison for her actions, and yet know one was saying poor Martha. They bounced back and Paula will, too.

    You have to also remember that Paula is a well known celebrity. The press likes nothing more than knocking someone off their pedestal and kicking them on the way down. It’s happened before and it will happen again. Save some of your outrage for the next one.

  • an opinion

    Paula Deen is a owner of a restaurant among other things. The restaurant is a workplace. She just said on The Today Show that she heard employees using the N word in her restaurant. If an employee is saying something that is offensive in the workplace than it is the owner’s job to stop such language from taking place. Paula’s bs that she does not know what is offensive to others is not the point. She is the boss. She sets the standard. If she was ok with people using that word or making jokes about jews and gays freely than it must not be offensive to HER like she is saying now on the Today Show.

  • Pickles

    Here’s the thing. Martha & Winona broke the law. Tiger promoted a squeaky clean image making his marriage, his wife & kids part of that publicity image. His endorsements came from having that squeaky clean, successful image, just as much as from him being an amazing golfer. When his golf game started to suffer from his partying and his marriage problems, and then when his marriage broke up so messy, and all those women started crawling out of the woodwork to get his money, and be famous for their 15 minutes, Tiger’s sponsors had to back away. The stories about his sexcapades were getting pretty outrageous. He wasn’t winning any golf contests either. But with Paula, she is admitting something that happened a while ago. She is also accepting responsibility for the atmosphere in the workplace that allegedly led to harassment and discrimination. She admitted it and she owned it and apologized. I think the best move for her is to disappear, now. Let it be. Yes, she’ll be back, but if I was doing her damage control right now, I’d tell her to disappear and let things calm down. Paula is not very different from a lot of people young and old who are insensitive and need to get some schooling about diversity.

  • Jamie Girl

    Don’t let Ms. Deen fool ya’ll. She is not as dumb as she looks. She knows the difference between right and wrong and she should not be throwing her black employees under the bus in order to support her so called racial ignorance. She is using them as a scapegoat so that she is not held accountable for her despicable actions.

  • potcake1980

    I am disappointed in The Today Show for the way they spoke about Deen after her interview – picking it apart. Matt needs to calm down as well. Who are we or ANYONE to judge. Leave Paula Deen alone – I can’t believe that this is actually news. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU ALL?! Should we hold everyone accountable for what they said and did years ago?
    People need to get a life.

  • Dino

    It is outrageous to me how the media is using Paula as a pawn to create this “shes a racist” show for ratings. She has owned up to it, apologized and that’s all she should need to do. Its only because she used the N word that this was made such a big issue. If she had said a gay slur or another type, that would have been a slap on the hand and forgotten. The media likes to harp on the N word like its the end of the world but its OK for African Americans to throw it around like it means nothing to them. Give me a break! Paula, i feel for you, F**K this all and go about your life!

  • Amanda


    I could not agree with you more. Why are white and any other race of people not allowed to say the ‘N’ word, but that’s what the Black rappers and black youth are calling each other. I live in a neighborhood where there are lots of Puero Ricans and they say it all the time to each other. This word is an ULGY word and NO ONE should be using it. Rappers should be blamed for putting this disgusting word in their songs and giving the youth the OK for using it. STOP WITH THE ‘N’ WORD, NO MATTER WHO THE HELL YOU ARE!! When Paris Hilton said, I didn’t hear anyone come out and ask people not to buy her perfumes, etc. I think Paula said something years ago and is now being set up by some one or some ones who want to bring her down. GO PAULA!! YOU ROCK AND I HOPE YOU’RE BACK ON TV SOON.

  • Angel

    I have a 16 year old niece who was visiting me with a friend of hers. While they were talking I heard him say, “The ‘N’ is crazy”. She immediately told him he could not use that word in my house. I walked into the room and told him that when I was growing up in the south he would be taken out and whipped! I agree with Amanda when she said ‘Rappers’ are to blame for this. I’m an old lady who would never accept someone calling me a nig…. I would beat the living color off their behinds.

  • Rocky


    I HATE MATT. I have never liked that idiot man.

  • Rocky



  • Jody

    You all have been manipulated by the media. This isnt JUST about her using the N word. This woman was mistreating black employees. She had a dinner party where she forced her black employees to all dress up in tuxedoes, like they were the help. She treated lightskin blacks different from darkskin blacks. She forced blacks to work overtime, and paid them in beer. One of the guys said he didnt even drink, but she assumed that he liked being paid in beer because he was black. She did not give him money. This woman has done a WHOLE LOT MORE than just using the N Word. The media is blinding you all from EVERYTHING she really did, and making it an “n word” thing.

  • Jamie Girl

    The N-word should be banished across the board. That being said if you can’t understand why non-blacks shouldn’t use that word, especially by the people who created it , than you are more ignorant than you should be. The history of the N-word is deeply rooted in racism toward blacks and was never intended to be used in any other way. Paula Deen is not a teenager who may not know how hateful and awful that word it. She is an adult woman raised in the south where that word has deep roots. For anyone who doesn’t think the use of that from Paula Deen is not problematic then the need a lesson in American history.

  • Jamie Girl

    @Jody: I couldn’t agree with you more. People need to wake up and look at Ms. Paul’s behavior over her lifetime, not just one or two unfortunate and distasteful incidents.

  • http://computer David From Canada

    I feel sorry for Paula Deen. She is being subjected to an unfair witch-hunt and is being made to pay for everyone’s sins of the past. Not fair. Everything deserves a second chance. I hope and pray that Paula lands back on top again.

  • g eorge

    I am Paula’s age and I can tell you I don’t consider myself a racist but I
    can also say I have laughed at and told off color and/or racist jokes this dosen’ ‘t make me a bad person or a racist, at least in my book. I’d like to meet the person who has never laughed at a gay joke or Jewish saying or even an Irishman because of a drinking joke.
    I’m not a huge Paula Dean fan but I think enough is enough we
    forgive so many stupid things that our celebrities say and do why
    is this so different for every one?

  • nancy

    I think Paula was being too honest, she should’f lied…..there are certain things you can’t tell people…She also screwed herself when she said she was diabetic.

  • Lisa

    What ticks me off the most is that Paula is being raked over the coals for admitting to using the N word is that there are numerous black actors and actresses that during interviews do NOT hesitate to make racial slurs and or remarks about white people. What about all the black comedians…Chris Rock, Sherrie Shepard, Wendy Williams, Steve Harvey, Cedric The Entertainer, Kevin Hart, Katt Williams, Aisha Tyler, Martin Lawerence…..and the list goes on and on and on and on and on that refer to white people as “crackers,” “snowflakes,” “cotton balls” and “honkies” during their comedy routines?? Nothing is ever said to them about their ignorance and blatant hate and disregard for towards the white race. Regardless of the format and or situation in with the ignorant, discriminatory word(s) were used, its still wrong and very RACIST. Personally I take offense to those words. Unfortunately racism exists and will until the end of time. Personally, I do NOT look at the color of someone’s skin. I like you for you and your heart…..NOTHING else. If you treat me with respect, I will do the same.

  • Jody

    @Lisa: Are you retarded? Everyone you named was COMEDIANS. Who are expected to sometime cross the lines. And most of them are BLACK. Of course blacks can say the word, because we ARE n*ggas. Of COURSE white people cant say it, because they have a history of mistreating blacks over the years. But do your homework. This is NOT about her using the nword. This is about her mistreating black employees, forcing them to work overtime, paying them in beer, treating lightskin blacks different from dark skin blacks. I suggest you do your research.

  •!/bionicglamour Twinkle

    “I is what I is”?!?! That has got to be the most amateurishly written piece of PR spin EVER. HAM FISTED and sounding like a down home simpleton. Ugh! The acting coach and her fixer Judith Smith should be fired.