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'Fifty Shades of Grey' Movie Gets Release Date!

'Fifty Shades of Grey' Movie Gets Release Date!

The highly anticipated film Fifty Shades of Grey has just landed a release date of Friday, August 1, 2014!

Fifty Shades of Grey‘s casting has been the cause of much speculation, but so far the coveted roles of Christian Grey and college student Anastasia Steele have not yet been announced.

Sam Taylor-Johnson will be directing the movie with Dana Brunetti and Michael De Luca set to produce!

FYI: Fifty Shades is based on the popular bestselling book by EL James.

ARE YOU EXCITED to catch Fifty Shades of Grey when it hits theaters next August???

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  • pup


  • Maddy

    I actually read this series when it was on Fanfiction and it is so amazing how big its gotten. These authors on Twilighted and FanFiction are so talented and if you like series like this, you will find a lot more of it on those websites. Again it is so amazing how mainstream its gotten. I remember her only concern was if the few thousand people reading it online thought it was good. And now she has the whole world. I hope they stay true to the book in the movie.

  • Sarah.

    I’ll admit, I read and liked the books. But a movie? No thanks.

  • Pauline

    So coool ! Cannot wait to see the characters come to life ! Hopefully I won’t be disappointed ,the movie won’t be cheezy …

  • Maddy

    I don’t know about this being in theaters though. It would have to be completely different. I don’t know how it would work..

  • Marina

    I read book and I liked

  • Jaimie


  • Shdnns


  • sid

    NO. I’ll avoid it like the plague.

  • Newbie

    Mark my words, the movie will flop.

  • pika

    this book is apparently very poorly written but i mean it was based on twilight fanfic nobody expected it to get this far. i wonder who the cast is.

  • cruizin596

    My interest in this will depend on who they cast in the critical roles and how “no holds barred” they are with the script. If they tame down the storyline, it will flop.

  • Toni

    The only thing that could make me want to say this is if they cast really well. I thought the books were pretty bad- but with genious/inspired casting and a great screenwriter the material could really work much better on film than in writing. It could be pretty cool actually.


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    This is a little too soon IMO…. does anyone know when they will start shooting?

  • Ella

    So unusual that they already announced the release date and the cast is still unknown.
    Hope the news are true and hope they’ll not screw the book with the cast of characters.

  • sweetness


    I agree, it seems very cloak and dagger about all the mystery of not having the two leads and yet revealing week by week director;s name and dates..maybe they are reluctant to commit because they know the wrong leads will either make this a cheese fest or a win.

  • Lillian

    In order to make this movie and do book any justice, it can’t be made PG. R rating will diminish the turn out because over 60% that buys tickets are kids and teenagers. If they cut out the sex and the kinky stuff, they will cut out the biggest part of the book. there is so much of that in the book. Any actor or actress that takes this part will forever be stigmatized as the one that will do porn, because that is what these books are about. It’s not about love but about control. sadism, masochism and subservience. Anyone that thinks otherwise is delusional

  • Lillian

    Women drove this book because it either gave them a thrill or a fascination with something that they may never experience or allow their partners to do, They probably read these books alone and with their” little best friend” on batteries. I can’t possibly see how they can do this movie and take out so much of the kinky sex that permeates almost every page of the books unless they totally rewrite everything. I say, leave it alone and keep the books for company when you need them.

  • chayos16


  • chayos16

    also, Lillian, please visit the nonfiction aisle once in a while. it misses you.

  • Anna


  • Anna


  • DH

    Matt is too good for this crap and smart enough to stay away from it. He’s got real roles that require a real actor like TNH and 2 to be announced.

  • D

    Twilght and 50 SHades shows that selling to the masses is the key to getting super rich.

  • KSE

    Couldn’t get through the book it was so poorly written imo but I’ll admit I am curious to see the movie. Regardless of whether it does well in the theaters (Basic Instinct comes to mind) or bombs (Showgirls) I think it has the right ingredients to become a cult classic.

  • Anita

    Garrett Hedlund could be perfect to play Christian Grey

  • Pat Cares

    There is only one reason I’d go see the flick is if it is casted well. Poor casting will KILL this and make it a porn. it needs:

    Alexis Bledel (1st pick) or Alexandra Daddario as Ana
    With Ian Somerholder or Henry Cavill as Christian

  • Gloria Rivera

    Please el James let it be Henry Cavill and please do not pick robert Pattenson he is too skinny and not masculine at all! He sucked in those other two movies that were suppose to be suductive. Bella me and I for got the name of the other one but they were both awful. Henry Cavill is soooo handsome and very seductive.

  • Alexia Tessier

    Henry Cavill as 50 Shades Movie
    Lucy Hale as ana steele
    Evan Rachel Wood as Katherine kavanagh
    Kellan Lutz as Elliot
    Alexandra daddario as Mia grey
    Fifty Shades Movie

  • http://none Lois

    Movie will not make it due to casting choice