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Hayden Panettiere & Wladimir Klitschko: Verona Sightseeing Couple!

Hayden Panettiere & Wladimir Klitschko: Verona Sightseeing Couple!

Hayden Panettiere is cute and casual while doing some sightseeing with her rumored fiance Wladimir Klitschko on Wednesday (June 26) in Verona, Italy.

The day before, the 23-year-old actress and the 37-year-old boxer were all dressed up while attending the Giorgio Armani Spring/Summer Fashion Show in Milan.

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Hayden recently talked about what she hopes will happen to her character Juliette in season two of her hit show Nashville.

“With a character like that who has come full circle, there are things about her and things that she’s pulled that get exhausting to watch after a while and that I would never want her to go there again. Characters need to evolve. Expectations lead to disappointment, so I am eagerly waiting to find out what I’m gonna get to do. I put my trust in them last season and I think they did an amazing job, so I’m gonna do that again this season,” Hayden told EW.

10+ pictures inside of Hayden Panettiere and Wladimir Klitschko doing some sightseeing together…

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    He looks like her dad because of both the age and height difference. Creepy. :/


    He’s not bad looking but I don’t think it’s possible for a 23 yo girl and a man who is almost 40 to be too compatible. They are in different stages of life. Does he get mad at her if she goes out partying with her friends like any normal girl her age? It seems like he forces her to stay home b/c I never see her out getting papped at parties or with friends anymore ever since she got back with Wlad. The problem with dating older men is that you’re giving up on your time to be young and more carefree which you WILL NEVER GET BACK. Older men aren’t as open minded as a young boyfriend will be when it comes to going out and having fun.


    Hayden and Connie Britton are sooo good on Nashville. It’s my favorite show on ABC. I never realized Hayden was such a great actor! But as far as her boyfriend goes, I think she could do better. She should get herself a hotter younger guy. I agree that life’s too short and you don’t wanna miss out on your youth.

  • carolyn

    He is an amazing catch and i’m sure she makes him feel young, and he gives her good direction, helping her to be the untroubled celeb she is. You are wrong about her not out with her friends having fun. She posts lots of pictures with the good friends she has made on Nashville, out having fun. Her friends and family seem to love Wlad, as his family/friends do her. They would know more than any fan. Wladimir too is able to have his separate time, to do his man stuff. They seem to give each other space, but at the same time both have said they want their relationship to work more than anything. They have been close for 5 years. Best friends they call each other, soul mates. They have commented on the great love and respect they have for each other. It is well documented that he is a very funny, easy going guy and probably loves her carefreeness. Yet he is very smart , well educated, talented, classy. Extremely charitable, like herself and kind. He treats her very sweetly. She is also a hard working talented girl. So there is a lot of respect to go around. She has been in the spotlight as long as he has. She want’s the same things he does. She is not giving up anything, but getting everything. A career, still being able to be herself and yet be with a man who can give her so much more than some young celeb. who still has yet to know what he want’s. Hayden say’s she knows what she want’s. Wladimir say’s he knows what he want’s. They are together, that’s what they want. She has said he is the kindest man and he has said the best things come in little packages, referring to her. When they first meet ’09 at a charity event. She said, ‘You’re big’ and he said, ‘You’re tiny’…That was all it took…She has said, she has great love for him as he has said the same for her. Who could want more??? And who would want less??? He is a beautiful man inside and out as is she. A good match. Wish them the very best.

  • carolyn

    Ps. Not that he needs to feel young. He is in perfect shape, very health conscious and probably feels younger than anyone of us. This is something else they have in common. They work out together. They both want to run around with their kids in the near future. She said she is a mother at heart, and has always wanted to be one to many kids. He has also wanted this for a while. This makes me like the kind of people they are. What happened to falling in love, getting married and being happy. She has said she can see herself doing the same things regarding her career and have children, and that she would give up time towards anything to have time with her children. They are both lucky to have found each other.

  • Layla

    @carolyn: WTF?! LOL Thanks for writing a whole story. I don’t think Hayden needs “DIRECTION” from anyone. She’s never been into the drug scene. And it’s not your man’s job to be your father.

  • Michelle

    It’s so true that guys turn into “old geezers” very early in life. LOL! Truth is, my bf is 8 years older than me (I’m 24 and he’s 32). He’s turned into such a homebody that it’s ridiculous! All he wants to do is watch TV & order pizza while wearing our pjs. I kinda do miss having a social life sometimes.

  • Brian

    Wowwww … “carolyn” seems to be OBSESSED with this russian dude. LMAO. I guess she’s missing some russian sausage and meatballs in her life.


    what i cannot stand about older men is their jealousy and insecurity because they think you’re going to leave them for a younger dude who is more compatible with you. what they don’t realize is that their behavior is FORCING you to leave them for younger dudes! so it’s like a self fulfilling prophecy. trust me, i’ve dated 3 older men in my life. i can’t deal with all that jealousy and drama nonsense. now i just stick to guys around my own age.

  • California Girl

    @OLDER = DRAMA: OMG This exactly. Older men display SO MUCH MORE jealousy. I’ve dated two older ones and yes they were more put together in regards to their education and careers but they were so PARANOID. Ugh. Never ever again.

  • Shereese

    Who da puck is this old azz fool?! He look like he babysitting her! LOLZ

  • Cindy

    Although I’m dating a somewhat older guy I have to agree that men definitely “GROW OLD” in personality before women do. I think it’s because men tend to be less sociable and talkative than women, that they tend to grow out of that partying phase earlier in life than women do. We still want to dance and enjoy some apps and cocktails and have a great time even wellllllll after college. But guys become homebodies just as soon as they hit their late 20s / early 30s and then they get so BORING!!

  • http://GOOGLE.COM Tina

    LOL @ Brian and Shereese. Hahahahaha


    @Layla: I agree with Layla. What a sexist azz whole carolyn is. So all females need MALE GUIDANCE AND DIRECTION from their boyfriends or husbands so that we don’t go down the wrong path in life?! Reality check: Most war / crime / abuse is commited by men. For every 1 woman in prison, there are 10 men in prison. Don’t get me wrong, I love my dad, brothers and boyfriend. They are all great. But how exactly are women supposed to take direction from men when men are the ones who go down the wrong paths much more often??? Not only is what you’re saying sexist and patriarchal bull shiat, but it doesn’t even make logical sense.

  • Nina from Europe

    I like tall men but not so much that it looks like a freak show like these two. If the height difference was a little less extreme they would look better together. Its also weird that Wlad who is Ukrainian (they are VERY marriage oriented) is still single and childless at his age. I hope for Hayden’s sake there’s nothing dark or wrong about him. He’s almost 40 and in his country all men are married and done having children at that age. It’s very strange.

  • NYU College Girl

    What do these two talk about??? I’m about Hayden’s age and I can’t imagine having anything in common with a grown man who is pushing 40. The men his age who work in my office building can only manage to talk about golf and mortgage rates. Snoooooooze.

  • carolyn

    Did not mean to upset or anger anyone with my comments, nor did i mean to go on and on…

    I already think Hayden has a great head on her shoulders and does not necessarily need anyone to give her direction, but it was in her own words that she said she is surrounding herself with people that do help her make the right choices.

    Call me an ass, but in reality i lost two of my greatest loves from heart attacks, they both died with me right there. My father, and my husband. So i find my priorities different i guess now. I miss love and being in love, call it needing russian sausage if you want.

    I guess i was just wanting to defend them, because i like them and think they are the real deal.

  • carolyn

    PS. I’ve now made my own direction for myself and my kids in my life, that does not mean i do not miss the help of a good man.

  • sanna_o75


    LOL way to generelize how 23 year olds are. She has said herself that she doesn’t feel like 23 and that she feels older.

  • Nataly

    @Nina from Europe:

    Theres nothing strange about him being single for years – guy is GAY!
    Lots of people in Ukraine and Germany know that (some rapper in Germany even wrote a song about it). Wlad hasnt been sppotted with a woman for years. Im sure Hayden knows. And Im sure she knows what she’s doing – they both get “benefits”out of that “romance”.

  • Amber.

    Nothing wrong with them being together. They are hot and Hayden must really love Wladimir because she went back to him. He’s great and they’re happy.

  • Amber.


    just because he hasnt been ‘seen’ with women doesnt mean hes gay, hes just very private and hes stated on camera he is only into women so this ‘rapper’ was most likely butt hurt enough to write about wladimir because he knows he has zero chance. Tooodles.

  • Derek75

    In Germany he’s been strongly rumored as gay for a long time. Even romantically linked to local tv presenter or something like that. I agree: been single and no kids at his age – its kind of disturbing.
    He and his brother are very popular all over Europe anyway.

  • Brandon

    I’m 36 been single for 5 years and have no kids. I’m definitely not gay and I enjoy playing the field. Klischkos are cool guys.

  • jazzyk


    You do seem overly obsessed with wladimir and that’s kind of scary.

    I will say that I do enjoy Wladimir and Hayden being together. Wish them the best. I’m sure they are happy with each other so all the comments from everyone including myself doesn’t matter to them.

  • carolyn



  • JC

    OK, just a few things:

    1. He´s NOT Russian, he´s Ukrainian.

    2. People were certainly not complaining when she was with Milo Ventimiglia. IMO it´s far more controversial when a 18 years old gets together with a 30 year old than this. People say “yeah but Milo looked much younger”, but it doesn´t matter, he was still 12 years older. Nothing against Milo, but people complaining about the age difference here and not with him is hypocritical. Also Wlad says that he feels 27, not 37 and Hayden says that she feels older than 23.

    3. They are awesome human beings, both involved in charity, kind and also funny, especially Wlad.

    4. They are one HOT couple. She´s cute, has amazing skin and teeth and is petite. He´s all MAN (much more than all her previous boyfriends) and has the best male body in the world.

    5. Him being “dark, strange or gay” because he has no children at his age? LMAO. Many people don´t find their life partner until their 30s or even 40s.

    6. People who ask what they are talking about, if you have chemistry and feel comfortable you can talk about everything.

    7. LET THEM LIVE THEIR LIVES!!! They obviously love each other and it shows, they did go back together for a reason. It makes me sad to read all immature/childish/ignorant comments about them everywhere. I say go Vova/Hayden!

  • Benjamin


    I think people forget this man has been married to his career, for the last 20 years to get to where he has gotten. He has devoted his life to boxing and that is a big reason for not having more of a life outside of boxing Though he is considered a celebrity.

    His training, work ethic and businessman-ship is about the finest i’ve seen. It has taken him a lot of blood, sweet, tears and time to get to where he has gotten.

    He was married for a couple of years in his very early 20′s, just before professional boxing took over.

    Yes, his brother has maintained a championship boxing career, while being married (16 years) and having a family. Vitali is older and has an even more traditional personality.

    Wladimir has said he want’s to marry and have a family in recent interviews and has felt like this for awhile.

    He has dated several beautiful even popular ladies, but the relationship with Hayden seems to be his most committed relationship since his marriage.

  • dathValerio

    io non sono daccordo che lei sta con lui in italia non e gusto io sto male okay :(