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Leonardo DiCaprio & Jamie Foxx Reteaming for 'Mean Business'

Leonardo DiCaprio & Jamie Foxx Reteaming for 'Mean Business'

Leonardo DiCaprio and Jamie Foxx are set to work together again in the upcoming crime drama Mean Business on North Ganson Street, according to Deadline.

The film will follow “a disgraced detective (DiCaprio) who transfers to a town in Missouri and teams with another disgraced officer (Foxx) to fight crime after police officers in the town begin showing up dead execution style making the two believe someone is out to make war with the local authorities” (via Variety).

Leo and Jamie worked together on last year’s Oscar-winning film Django Unchained. Leo‘s recent flick The Great Gatsby is currently in theaters and Jamie‘s summer blockbuster White House Down opens this weekend.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Leonardo DiCaprio and Jamie Foxx’s new film?

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  • jimmy

    cliche but sounds interesting leo need some good light

  • Leokas

    Eh…. Leo needs his break n make diff types of movies

  • Mrs. Gatsby

    Hmm. It’s not on his IMDB. Sounds interesting. I wonder how this would play out compared to say The Departed?

  • Marybel

    Jamie Foxxx says he has no white friends. Why, then, pretend with the photo op? Hypocrite.

  • Great!!!

    Sounds great! better than Rasputin imo.

  • C/G

    @Marybel: That was from the Django press tour. Wasn’t it Denzel who made the no white friend comment? I believe that Jamie has said that he was the recipient of a lot of racism in Texas, and he was distrustful of whites, but he had friends teach him that not all whites discriminate.
    @Great!!!: I’m with you there. Leo could make any role work, but Rasputin, meh.

  • D

    Leo, what an actor. Django Unchained was an excellent performance. Love Leo, who is also an environmentalist.

    Jamie Foxx is also excellent.

  • Leo Fan

    I still believe Leo should have won the Oscar over Jamie in 2005. His Howard Hugues performance was way much better than Jamie’s Ray Charles and certainly less caricatural.

  • Tiana

    @Leo Fan: I never knew that and I did some research and the reason why Leo didn’t b/c the Oscars needed another black male actor to win for some reason not trying to play the race card at all, but when a black actor delivers and performance like that usually they are the front runner and wins….

  • Leo Fan

    I had the feeling it had to do with his race and of course the “political” campaign that ran in his favor before the award season put him as the front runner.
    His thank you speech was so cliche, I felt bad for him.
    To tell you the truth I was very glad he didn’t receive any nomination for Django.

  • The Brittle Sisters (9 & 10)

    Jamie won because he had an incredible performance. He’s a fantastic actor and deserves his success. Leo had a great role in The Aviator also, but saying that Jamie only won his Oscar because he is black is racist. Just because you say “not trying to play the race card” doesn’t mean what you say isn’t racist. It just means that you understand what you said is racist, but you chose to ignore good sense and say something racist anyway.

  • @ Leo Fan

    You can’t be much of a Leo Fan if you’re a huge bigot. Leo has many, many AA friends and was very uncomfortable with the language in Django Unchained. The man just tweeted his support for the gay community yesterday, which shows that he is supportive of (lifestyle) diversity. Even though Leo lost that Oscar, I don’t think that he would share your bigoted sentiments.

  • BTW

    … and before you can start talking smack, I am a white woman tearing you down a peg. Deservedly.

  • Suri the meal ticket

    I think the movie will be great! Jamie was so scorching hot in Django and Leo was super great, effortlessly ostentatious, as the pompous , and evil of course, lord of the plantation.

    But I’d like to see Leo team up with Sam Jackson again, the 2 were one of the best parts of Django.

  • BEN

    Who cares just so long as a PuertoRican doesn’t win I am happy.

  • Avery

    @ #12
    …….Why is it bigotry because he speaks the truth, what in 2013 only black people can say whatever the fu-k they want and white people have to play blind and dumb, that’s why liberals love political correctness they get to decide what’s allowed as acceptable public behaviour , and what “groups” are treated differently … Anyone with a half a brain knows if a black actor gives a half way descent performance they will be nominated for a Oscar and mostly likely win…. Just look at last year, Denzel should never have been nominated for a Flight and that little 9 year girl , Quvenzhane Wallis, nominated for best actress, please such bull, it’s all about getting some black faces in the Oscar nominations

  • Slim

    Can’t stand Jamie Fox, wouldn’t watch any movie he’s in, about time black celebrities get called out for their racist sh*t , just white celebrities are held to standards while these clowns get a free ride….. looks like Leo’s Appian Way is producing, why would he pick Fox, the guys awful actor and never has chemistry with other male actors on film, but then Leo’s Appian put Justin Timberlake as the lead in Runner, , , so casting isn’t their strength .

  • Lorelei

    @Avery – well spoken!

  • Maisey

    sounds good to me. I like cop movies so Id be up fer that

  • From NY POST

    Leonardo DiCaprio’s summer of yachts, babes and clubs continues after the “Great Gatsby” star kicked off the season in Cannes last month. DiCaprio was spotted surrounded by “a group of extra-friendly blond girls,” a source said, on Tuesday at 1Oak in Chelsea. He also hung with rapper Q-Tip at DJ Cassidy’s annual “Michael Jackson Remember the Time” party to commemorate the King of Pop. Spies said the bash raged from 11 p.m. till 5 a.m., with “six hours straight of Michael Jackson music” as Jacko impersonators made the rounds in single, sparkling gloves. The next day DiCaprio, recently said to be dating German model Toni Garrn, was at Marina at Pier 57 drinking a — perhaps much-needed — iced brew from Cold Process Coffee. Earlier, on Monday, he was at the 60 Madison Ave. showroom checking out models of five-bedroom penthouses listed for $25 million at the new condo project 10 Madison Square West, under construction at one of the former Toy Center buildings.

  • Twitter

    Leo was spotted in NYC yesterday by several fans. Here’s a pic from Tumblr:

    other people tweeted about seeing him too. anyone find any tweets?

  • also…

    His bz thread has a tweet photo of him in a restaurant and this girl met him at the Darby ( talks about him and his assistant a little ).

  • also…

    *both the restaurant photo and the Darby tweets are from yesterday.
    As I said on the other thread it is noticeable how Page Six says `he is SAID TO BE dating Toni`.That`s it? Leo has been staying in NYC for a while and nothing about him and Toni by Page Six. Weird! They were on his case with Lively and Margot but now nothing?

  • @23

    Odd when Page six wrote about Leo with Margot/Miranda some of you claimed NOT to believe it and the story was BS. Now they don’t write about Toni therefore its BS too? I guess we all interprete as we prefer

  • also…

    When did I say that not writing about Toni is BS? I said I find it interesting that they don`t have any info about them. Read my comment because I said nothing about credibility and BS or not. It was only about the fact that they had info about Leo with Margot and Lively and nothing about Toni. You are talking way more into my comment than it is. :)

  • @also

    maybe there is nothing about toni because there is nothing to say…very obsessed

  • also…

    Sure, sure… obsession. Whatever you say! lol

  • Jo
  • Jo

    Nooo, it’s not, sorry!

  • C/G

    Warner Bros Acquires Craig Zahler Crime Novel As Re-Team Of ‘Django Unchained’s Leonardo DiCaprio, Jamie Foxx
    EXCLUSIVE: In the first major deal made by Greg Silverman since he was promoted to run Warner Bros‘ worldwide feature film production arm, the studio has acquired the upcoming S. Craig Zahler crime novel Mean Business On North Ganson Street as a reteam of Django Unchained stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Jamie Foxx. Zahler will write the script and DiCaprio and his Appian Way partner Jennifer Davisson Killoran will be the producers. Sarah Schechter is steering it for the studio.
    The book is in galleys and in the process of being shopped to publishers. The tale starts off with a bang: DiCaprio is a hardened detective who, after being told by a man that his beautiful wife is missing, tells him she is a hooker who obviously made off with his money. After the man commits a desperate tragic act right in the squad room, the disgraced detective is sent to a hellhole rust belt town called Victory, Missouri, where violent crime is skyrocketing. Partnered with an equally bad-assed detective who was demoted for publicly brutalizing a suspect (Foxx), the new partners get to do some real work. Police officers start showing up dead execution-style, and the cops think it might be open season on Victory’s police department.Foxx is about to open opposite Channing Tatum in the Roland Emmerich-directed White House Down, while DiCaprio next stars in the Martin Scorsese-directed The Wolf Of Wall Street. Appian Way has become a busy production company: It is prepping Ben Affleck’s adaptation of the Dennis Lehane novel Live By Night and producing Wolf Of Wall Street as well as the Brad Furman-directed Runner Runner with Affleck, Justin Timberlake, Gemma Arterton and Anthony Mackie along with Out Of The Furnace, the Scott Cooper-directed revenge tale for Relativity with Christian Bale, Zoe Saldana, Woody Harrelson and Casey Affleck.
    Zahler, who is repped by UTA, Caliber Media and attorney PJ Shapiro, will direct his script Bone Tomahawk for Caliber Media, 2929 Productions and Floren/Shieh. That film stars Kurt Russell, Tim Olyphant, Peter Sarsgaard and Jennifer Carpenter. The book deal is a homecoming for Zahler; Silverman made his first major studio deal when he bought the 2007 Black List script The Brigands Of Rattleborge at Warner Bros. That script moved over to Red Granite with Park Chan-wook directing. Mean Business is Zahler’s third novel.
    Foxx is repped by CAA, and he, DiCaprio and Appian Way are repped by LBI Entertainment.

  • Norma

    Lol…so Leo was surrounded by ” a group of extra-friendly blond girls”….?
    No, I can’t believe it!! How awkward of him!!!

  • a cop movie?????

    oh, please my Leo not another cop movie {so boring}.Rasputin would be a great idea ‘cos Leo’s eyes are full of intensity and they have that particular spark …Also, when i was nine and saw the movie rasputin i was creeped out and rasputophobia(!) hit upon me… lol i was traumatised and couldn’t sleep for a week now if my sweet Leo with his beautiful baby face plays rasputin i will recover that’s for sure haha

  • a cop movie?????

    i also want to add that Leo has sth very calm and at the same time mysterious about him going on, so….

  • Awe

    I don’t know if this counts as a sighting, but I thought it was sweet that he posed with these kids.

  • Forbes List
  • @36

    As long as I know Cameron and Leo are very long time friends, their parents were ( still are? ) friends as well so I doubt it’s them. A+ MOSTLY movie actor doesn’t sound like Leo, and MOSTLY movie actress doesn’t sound like Cameron. They are only in movies not just mostly.

  • interesting…

    very much off-topic but i read this new blind and instantly thought about leo and cameron diaz.

    A few years ago, this A+ list mostly movie actress had just been broken up with by this A+ list celebrity. She was flitting around and not doing much when she did an event and ran into this A+ list mostly movie actor. For some reason they rarely crossed paths and when she had crossed paths with him before they had both ignored each other. Shortly after seeing him at this event, she texted him at the number he had given her and within an hour they were in bed together. To him it was just a one time thing and maybe someday down the road if he could not find a model willing to have sex with him, she would be a nice consolation prize. He put out her out of his head. She did not though and a short time later they were both at a high profile award show and she followed him around the entire night. Kept trying to ask him questions, and if the show had not been televised, probably would have been way more vocal about her feelings for him. As it was, he thought he had slipped from her grasp and decided to go to an after party. Walks in the door and finds her waiting for him. He tries to get away, but she is on him. Like glue. Does not let go. He did manage to get away at one point when a producer she had to talk to came up and started chatting. Our A+ list actor got out of there and managed to disappear for a year from her radar. A very important thing happened during that year. They both signed with a company which has forced them to be together once or twice a year. The only reason our actress signed on with the company is because she knew she would get to see the actor a few times a year. The actor was not about to give up all that money to avoid the actress, so he makes the most of it. Once a year, the actor and the actress get together when they do publicity for the company. She would rather it happen everyday, but is ecstatic when she gets that call or text from the actor and would marry the guy even though she says she would never get married. I wonder what she thinks when their night is over with and he goes running off to someone else.

    the company they both signed is Tag Heuer I think. bbout their paths crossing before I’m guessing they mean Gangs of New York.
    so yeah thought I might drop it here.

  • interesting…

    it’s a very long time ago but leo did the tv show growing pains in his youth. don’t know about cameron. it’s just my guess tho. the a+ celeb she was dating is a-rod i thought. also the model hint got me thinking it was leo and the hint that the actress says she doesn’t wanna marry. that sounds like cameron. again: far fetched maybe but still a just a guess.

  • vagabond

    IDK,I thought they got on quite well,while filming GONY.They didn’t look to be ignoring each other during that.I believe rumors started back then that something might be going on?Back when she was with A-Rod they actually vacationed with Leo and Bar.That was in Hawaii.So he is and has been doing a terrible job of avoiding

  • @

    The celeb who dated her might have reffered to justin timberlake, there were rumors at the time(gangs of ny movie time) cam and leo had sex together that’s why when justin found out he left her alone and went with jessica biel! in real i don’t believe leo/cam friendship is just simple! they r more like friends with benefit! and always i feel cam is really into leo and leo is just enjoying her at just the moment,not always just sometimes!
    and this blind is somehow fishy!maybe it’s true maybe not! in general personally don’t believe blinds! a few of them came to be true!

  • interesting…

    @40: omg for real? wasn’t he with gisele at that time? old news he cheated on gisele but still shocking (if its true) lol.

  • léonie

    That BI sounds interesting indeed. Mixed thoughts about it. I never got the impression that Leo tried to avoid or ignore Cam D. I thought they got along pretty well ever since Gangs. But some aspects, especially the hints sound like them for sure. (I usually don’t believe BIs as well. Tricky business. Even though in general I think it’s bullsh*t, some of ‘em it still makes you think. Lol)

  • Sarah

    During the GONY filming period in Rome, there were several reports that Cameron was seen having very good times with Leo and there was a sighting of her leaving Leo’s hotel in the early morning.
    Leo and Cameron have been friends way before GONY. Him and her share a great passion for the environment and he is the one who got her into buying a Prius.

  • @

    Don’t know why some people think his relationship with gisele was different than other his relationships while his pix leaving playboy man. had been taken. plus lots of other cheating rumors as well as when he was with bar. remember i’ve read his interview when he was with gis, the interviewer asked him about why he didn’t meet gis’ s parents yet after 2 yrs of dating (or maybe after 4yrs?, don’t remember exactly) while he went to brazil and he replaied why i gotta do that? the interviewer said because of marriage and he said something like no, not wanna marry her!
    to tell the truth start of relationships when the girls r 20/21 and the break up they r around the 24/25 yrs(not taking the cheatings/on_off ,yada yada yada) and always saying in interviews when he had any talking with media that he’s not in love yet even when he’s datin’ the girls,makes me think this is he who broke up with them even gis/blake.don’t wanna go into any discussion just said my think.not sayin’he never rejected.Just his pattern lol!

  • also…

    So if the BI sounds like them it means Leo is only a ‘mostly movie actor’ and Cameron is ‘mostly a movie actress’. I wonder what are they doing worldwide when they are not mostly in movies. lol Not to me ruin they have known each other for a long time but whatever…

  • also…

    *not to mention they have…

  • kk

    I’m worried about Leo. He’s been looking pretty fine in the latest pics we’ve seen but I really hope he doesn’t let himself go like Russel Crowe has. Some are saying Johnny Depp & Brad Pitt look better than Leo, and brad is turning 50 soon! Johnny is already 50. I thought leo looked amazing at this years Golden Globes but pretty bad in Cannes, he needs to get rid of his beard. It just doesn’t look good on his babyface. He looked his best as an adult from 2006-2007. I’m not one of those who say ‘OMG Leo has aged terribly’ like most do these days but i really wish he wouldnt let himself go so much when hes not filming. I never got why someone as handsome as him chooses to make himself look so unattractive sometimes(beard, slicked back hair)
    I wish he chose to look like this in his real life more;

  • @47

    I completely agree, i don’t like his physical aspect i in real life these days (beard, cap…).

  • LOL

    @47 – I like the flat cap I hated the baseball caps. I though he looked really good in these pics complete with the cap.
    But 30+ years of non stop partying/smoking/carousing is showing. The only way his appearance would change is if he alters his lifestyle and not by changing his beard/cap/shoes

  • 2010/2011

    I think the goatee is sexy but I agree he lost some sort of his sparkle since last year. He looked gorgeous while doing promo for Inception & Shutter Island late 2010. And 2011 he looked great as well. I think he was working out for Gatsby in 2011. The filming began shooting late 2011 hence his good looks in Gatsby. Whatever happened, happened last year. His physical appearance as well as his mood. He just looks dead in the eyes.