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Miranda Kerr: 'Body Beautiful' Transformation Tips!

Miranda Kerr: 'Body Beautiful' Transformation Tips!

Miranda Kerr is summery-chic as she heads out for a walk on Thursday (June 27) in Long Beach, NY.

The 30-year-old model recently took part in the Net-a-Porter web series “The Body Beautiful,” where she dishes on how to start your day super healthy!

Check out Miranda in the video below, where she dishes on how to make her Ultimate Morning Smoothie, complete with chia seed and maca powder.

“My morning routine starts with warm water and lemon,” Miranda also says in the video. “It really helps kick start the digestion.”

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  • sal

    She’s so gorgeous!
    And congrats on making the Forbes Top 100 celebrity list!
    The only other model who made the list was Gisele. Pretty good company, if you ask me.

  • Sane

    Pumpkinhead tabloid/gosspi rag model. She’s the Kate Bosworth of modeling.

  • Jess

    Paparazzi are not hanging out in Long Beach. Good job Miranda gotta get that press one way or another.

  • Sane

    @sal: Pumkinhead is NOT Gisele nor will she EVER be.

    Gisele has real talent and gets legitimate work.

  • Lillian

    This may be healthy for you, but it certainly does not look delicious. In fact, it looks like green vomit. The color is the turn off here and blending all of those things together doesn’t sound flavorful. I bet she cringes while she is drinking it. Healthy smoothies can be made with ingredients that go well together and have a great taste. This just doesn’t look tasteful at all

  • chayos16

    Actually this is great. Id rather have a supermodel make a video about foods that can make you feel healthy and better about yourself than make a video about the best lipglosses to buy. think about it.

  • BarielleP.

    Just made the smoothie; it’s great! More healthy Omega-3s in chia seeds than salmon!

  • RedandWhite

    Can anyone identify the darling red and white top she’s wearing? Love it. Have to find it.

  • mackala

    Said in the video, Jcrew

  • @insane….#2

    Miranda was the ONLY other model besides Gisele who made the Forbes top 100 celebrities of 2013.

    It PROVES that she’s not just a Supermodel but also a celebrity in her own right.

    Goes to show how IGNORANT you are about her.

    Miranda is a successful businesswoman with her OWN skincare company, a best selling author, always in magazines for her fashion style, now featurering in net-a-porter web body beautiful series, 3.5 million followers on social media. As well a Jalouse, 2 Vogue covers & others already this year. And of course her modeling campaigns.

    Tell me again which other CURRENT VS models are on the Forbes 100 most powerful celebrities & have been as successful as Miranda this year???…….lol.

  • @4

    Who said that she was Gisele? What they CLEARLY said was that there were only two models on the list. Gisele and Miranda.
    No Adriana.
    No Alesandra.
    No Doutzen.
    No Candice.
    No Karli.
    Way to go, Miranda!!!!!

  • D

    Miranda seems like a gracious person but I’m not a fan of her self-help lessons. She is however the only supermodel other than Gisele who does not look like she’s starving raving mad. Looking at Alesandra gives me goosebumps. That lady looks HUNGRY!

    Maybe Miranda can do some videos for scarecrow supermodels who don’t know the basics of nutrition.

  • @11…

    Isn’t it hilarious how the “haters” keep telling us that she’s not a Supermodel, is ugly, no one cares about her, only has ONE fan on here, calls the paps, is a bad mother and has secret affairs every week…

    Yet every single claim they make about her is FALSE!!!

    Now we have even more prove just how popular & successful she is by being named in the Forbes top 100 celebrities list.

    That is pretty amazing considering Gisele is the only other model & most of the celebs are actors, singers & sporting stars!!!

    The Delphidiots heads must be about to explode.

    This will drive them even more crazy considering they’ve been posting fake “blind” items & nasty comments on every site they can about her…

  • Dave225

    Great read!!…I think she looks fabulous!!

  • ?

    Long Beach, NY??
    Or Long Beach, CA?
    She’s shooting on a beach, so maybe California?

  • @12…

    You should have READ the article.

    Net-a-porter made the video NOT Miranda.

    Miranda is part of their “Body beautiful” series to promote their new beauty department on their site.

    They wanted her because of her healthy lifestyle, flawless skin & super toned body.

    Women want to know what she eats, her beauty secrets & exercise routine because she always looks so gorgeous.

    Miranda is now also selling her skincare line Kora Organics on their site.

    Net-a-porter is a luxury online site that only sells high end Designer clothes & products.

  • Herns

    LMAO… MIranda fans are savoring this moment with everything they got. She’s 30 years old and this is her first time being in the celebrity 100 and all of a sudden you think she’s better than other models? You delusional souls. Adriana’s been on that list time and time again before she even ever turned 30. That’s what you call star power. Not turning yourself into a pap model. Kate Moss has also being on the list numerous times but, you idiots are willing to forget that just so you can celebrate this 30 year old first timer.
    But they, it’s nice to know that you guys were bitter as hell when Adriana and Gisele fans kept bragging about them being the the Forbes list. Your stupid comments show that you wished it were Miranda all along.

  • Reba

    I thimk she is well aware that beauty starts on the onside, starting with what you put in your body – not on it! Good on her!

  • Lame

    @Herns: Hehehe, so true… Miranda fans aren’t used to seeing her getting this kind of honor so let them be.

  • 4321

    Lol. It’s so obvious that Kora remains stagnant. Every year, Forbes only mentions that she has Kora and then moves on and talk about her modeling contracts.
    Sad but true.

  • @17/19

    I think that you are confusing this list with the top earning models list. But either way, no Miranda fan has ever discounted the importance of either list. It’s you haters who tried to discredit the top earner list when Miranda appeared on it for the first time (and every year since).
    But at least you are finally admitting his important this list really is.
    I bet that was hard for you.
    Miranda has proved that she has “star power” even without VS. That must really make you haters lose sleep at night.

  • @20

    Global expansion is “stagnant”?
    Wow. That’s amazing.
    I bet there are thousands of other small businesses out there that would LOVE to be so “stagnant”.

  • Shitranda.

    “Miranda has proved that she has “star power” even without VS”
    Hahahahahahahha! It’s time to take off your super fan glases and take a peek at the real world. A huge chunk of that money is VICTORIA’S SECRET CASH. And she’s been an angel up until 2 or so months ago. Which means she had lots of press from them. So why pretend?
    Lol, you can talk stupid when she has absolutely no ties to VS anymore. But I’m sure her attention seeking self will do the show this year.

    @4321: Absolutely true. When forbes talk about Heidi or Gisele’s empires, the whole article is filled with numbers about how their business keep skyrocketing. That proves that Miranda’s money still comes from endorsements and not her nonexistent Kora success story.
    And about the celebrity 100, we all know Adriana Lima is no stranger to it. If anything, her fans can strongly argue that her absence in it is because she chose to spend more time with her family and less time working – Something we can’t say for Miranda. Wasn’t she the one that said she left VS so she can spend time with family? Lol, I guess her family is all the events she attends and all the laundry detergent she endorses- so you can make fun of the other VS girls but Adriana has been there and done that first. MULTIPLE TIMES.
    Doutzen and Adriana just have to work a few times a year to earn that much. Miranda has to work all seasons round to earn 7 million. Who are the better ones? Not everyone is an attention starved famewhore/
    Stay pressed

  • kate

    Can not stand her
    And what about her relationship. Mmm

  • @23

    But you see, this list has nothing to do with earnings. It’s all about influence and marketability.
    Your inability to understand something as simple as that basic concept really highlights your ignorance.
    And you are still claiming that Adriana and Doutzen ‘sacrificed’ their careers for their families? Hard to say that when they have both been traveling for work since they each lost the baby weight. And in Adriana’s case, before she lost the weight. I still cringe when I think about her walking the VS show in all of her muffin-topped glory. She didn’t even ‘sacrifice’ long enough to get into shape. But I loved your hypocrisy about Miranda bring an attention seeker for walking a show. They practically have to get a hook to get Adriana off the stage. Lol. If Miranda walks the show this year, it will be because she was invited. No one walks the runway just because they want to.
    And Forbes mentions the empires of Heidi and Gisele because they ARE established empires. Miranda’s is a little start up company compared to theirs. But again, ignoring the success of Kora is ridiculous.
    You haters are really working hard to discount the evidence of Miranda’s continued success. It’s really fun to watch you losers spin out of control.

  • Shitranda.

    Lol, Forbes clearly mentions every year that the list isn’t ONLY about earnings. Which means you also have to earn a certain some of money to become part of it. Forbes is primarily about the numbers/money. To dumb to know huh? I’m sure if Kate Upton made around 7 million, she’d be in the list too because she 1000000000% more powerful than Miranda. So claiming that the list has nothing to do with earnings just shows how biased and ignorant you are. And please, enjoy this celebrity 100 moment, you’re new to it. Adriana, Heidi, Tyra, Gisele, Kate fans are so familiar with their faves on the list already. I mean, Adriana’s first time on the list, she was so young that she was also part of the most powerful celebs under 25. Gisele has never skipped a year since her debut. Hahaha. Those girls were overnight success’, they didn’t happen at age 30.
    Even Forbes says her biggest audeince is in Asia (where she’ll work with any brand that will pay her a cent). So why is she getting papped in the US where she hasn’t even graced a magazine cover in years? LMAO. In that department, she and Alessandra are sisters!
    And yes, Adriana and Doutzen did sacrifice parts of their careers for their family. Lol no one said they abandoned their career as I’m sure you know. Just that they sometimes go for months without photo shoots. Doutzen still works more than Adriana but if you compare her work load now to say 3 years ago, the difference is amazing. It’s either you know that and pretending to favor Stitranda Kerr or you’re just ignorant and stupid all together.
    Also, Miranda’s Kora is a flop, deal with it. She can package it with all the fancy photo shoots and “high end retailing” but it is what it is. Her “company” is 4 years old for crying out loud. Gisele started her company in 2001 and before 2005, she was already the highest paid model in the universe. The same goes for Heidi. Hell even model Natalia who designed shoes for a company in 2011 earned millions just in time to make it in the 3rd place of thr highest paid models in 2012. So please… Use that weak brain of yours for once.
    Lols, when real super models like Gisele and Heidi left VS, they left for good. They never came back for photo shoots or for the show like regular models. You see, they are caliber grils. Miranda is going to do the show because she’s invited but more importantly, to take care of her crave for attention. I mean, she might have a heart attack when she sees Adriana getting all the glory and trending at twiiter and her name on everybody’s lips while she (Shitranda) stays home. She’ll just die for sure.
    Stop squeezing your brain dahlin… you don’t know anything about what you’re talking about. Save yourself the further embarrassment.

  • @26

    Wow. You really are as stupid as we first thought.
    But I love it when you get caught in your own twisted reasoning.
    So you said that the Forbes list is not only about money, but primarily the money. If that’s the case, then where is Heidi? Or Tyra? Or Doutzen? And especially your favorite, Adriana? If they aren’t on the list, then it CAN’T be “primarily” about the money, now can it. LOL!
    If you are tying to claim that these women have more influence than Miranda, then where are they? DOH!
    I also love your hypocrisy. You claim that Adriana and Doutzen “sacrificed” for their families because they go months without a photo shoot. But if Miranda goes one week without being on the cover of a HF magazine, you claim that no one wants her.
    You guys really deserve the title of laughing sticks of the entire Internet.
    Too. Darn. Funny.