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Gerard Butler: James Franco Exits 'Garden of Last Days'

Gerard Butler: James Franco Exits 'Garden of Last Days'

Gerard Butler dons a trendy leather jacket while exiting Coya Restaurant on Friday (June 28) in London, England.

Earlier in the week, the 43-year-old Scottish actor was seen hopping on a motorcycle after grabbing dinner with some friends in Rome.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

It was recently announced that filming on Gerard‘s upcoming produced movie Garden Of Last Days has been scrapped after the star and director James Franco decided to drop out of the project before shooting was scheduled to begin.

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  • Cherloch Combs

    First. So he is in London. Looks good here.

  • Cherloch Combs

    Just read that Cruise, Pitt and Will Smith’s recent films are flops. The new Channing Tatum White House flick came out in 4th place so what’s going on in Hollywood that everyone’s having troubles now? Looks like it’s not only Gerry who’s not able to sell movies to the public.

  • kelly

    im loving the grey and the jeans !!!!!!!

  • The Noise In The Walls

    Sorry to hear about this latest development.. Hollywood has problems… Too many remakes.. Not enough original stories and the writers are garbage.. Let’s hope another project is under way.. Like a good epic with a great story to tell.. Robert the Bruce would be a good one..

    Cheers Gerry

  • Ohhhhhh!

    Smile “erased” from the face. Tears in his eyes. Ohhhh Gerry Gerry ….

  • Carol

    He does look good but he just lost money with Franco pulling out at the last minute because he wanted things that the studio would not approve not exactly sure what it is or was. But Gerry looks good hope he gets to see him family. I’ve read that the studio’s are saying big budget movies are a thing of the past they are going for low budget that make money. But I hope Mike Banning returns soon. That was a good movie. Would love to see Gerry and Hugh Jackman together too.

  • cupcake

    Nice to see Gerry. Too bad project fell through. He must be p*ssed.

  • LLL

    Very attractive man, even without a smile.

  • MissPsychic

    I consulted my pendulum. This film is not dead, just delayed; Gerard will find a new director soon.
    It’s sad to say, tho Madalina and Gerard’s reconciliation will be short lived. She can not resist falling back into her old patterns. For some reason, I get the feeling that infidelity will play a factor in the break up.
    It is interesting to note the Scorpio is on of the signs least likely to cheat, while Leo is one the signs most likely to cheat.

  • Lyla J.

    I would love to know the whole story about this. It’s probably a tug-o-war of egos. Should a director/actor dictate to a financial source who should be involved in the production? Or is it the producers and bean counters who deserve to call the shots? Which way should it be?

  • tuna

    @Cherloch Combs: White House down took 4th place. However – Olympus Has Fallen Took 2nd when it came out.

  • Lyla J.

    @cupcake: He looks pizsed to me. Gosh and I thought my workplace had ridiculous politics.

    Carry on, Gerard and GOOD LUCK!

  • Joie de Vivre

    I should figure out how to make money on my timing with the Butler threads here. Honestly, first time in days that I have looked. I have no idea what’s happening; HOWEVER, he looks driven here. I like the look. I just want to lure him onto a Harley Davidson (if I had one, note to self, buy a Harley Road King) and roll away with him just like in the ballad. LOL! So James Franco pulled out? Wow, I must catch up. Actually that was an awkward statement but it sums it up, right? Love and hugs to all the amazing folks who show up here. Prayers and positive thoughts to all, Butler included!

  • Glanville Happens

    I just read an interesting article from a Romanian site. It was about two lesbians who claimed they made out with Madalina, It looked really badly translated tho. It could have been two lesbians who wanted to make out with Madalina?

  • tuna

    @Glanville Happens: That sounds farfetched even for me, and i love a good conspiracy.

  • Raelyn

    @The Noise In The Walls: @The Noise In The Walls: There are plenty of good writers with great stories, the Hollywood ole boys club just won’t let them in.

  • The Noise In The Walls

    Raelyn.. True.. Good point.. I think it’s the same or can be in the work world.. Just saw Sliver Linings Playbook again.. Love that movie and that was an indie .. Hope everyone has a good weekend ! :)

  • Alina

    And to me he is not like that. Angry, exasperated, and seems that he is drunk.

  • JS

    @Alina: He is teetotal so he is not drunk.

  • @MissPsychic

    @MissPsychic: What are Madalina’s old patterns and how did you find this information in order to get a clear reading?

  • Alina

    @JS: I know he’s not drunk, as he himself says. But people who communicate with him and know him say he drinks like a horse. Sorry, these are not my words. I also want to believe the best, but lately he has a lot of lies. I do not know if we can trust him?

  • C.A.

    Good to see GB back in London …. he looks very pre-occupied of his thoughts …. Let’s hope things will work out in the very best way work wise… Good luck to him :)

  • ?????

    @JS: “He is teetotal so he is not drunk.”

    What a load of garbage.

  • MissPsychic

    @@MissPsychic: Madalina might be trying to tame her Leo side at the moment, but her inherent stubborn side and need to be the center of attention will get the better of her. And as I said, Leos are among signs the most likely to cheat.

  • @Alina

    @Alina: He doesn’t look in the least bit drunk. He looks very focused and very annoyed that the camera is in his face. He’s in London on business with this film and it’s very serious financially.

  • wagging tongue

    @Alina: If you are going to throw accusations without something to back it up, then why are you saying these things. Doesn’t say to much for your credibility now does it. Gathering that you know the people he communicates with.
    Doesn’t seem that you really want to believe the best but just adding garbage to your message.

  • Nicely done


  • MissPsychic

    I have just consulted my tarot about Gerard and his soul mate. It seems Position 1 (three of Swords) and 2 (Five of Swords) are tightly entwined. He will still be reeling from the heartache caused by Madalina, he find it hard to love and think that she is not sincere, reasonable after suffer such a great betrayal. In position three we have The World, it is possible that she is an airy spirit, who loved to travel and flutter around. She will be a highly complex character, constantly changing and adapting; often taking on too much all at once. Sounds like she will be a Gemini!?! In position 4 we have The Chariot we see a character surrounded by symbols the universe stars and moon. The Moon symbols appear as soul mates are abound together under the moon. Even though they are opposites in so many aspects, but somehow this manages to balance both of them out. In position 5 (The Queen of Wands) we see that she is surprisingly grounded despite the constant changes and diversity that takes place in her life, she adapts quickly so that she can become more the kind of lover Gerard truly desires. She may even have past experiences that have taught her to understand her Scorpio lover better. In position 6 (4 of pentacles) he will find that she will create the kind challenges and support he needs, as they make a dynamic team he will benefit from her optimism an confidence in him, making him a happier man who life is more on track. In position 7, the fool does most of the talking. People will think they have lost their minds. People will think that they have their head in the clouds and are oblivious to the pit falls around them. And with the arrival of the knight of swords in position 8 they will have their share of troubles, but the declaration of the Queen of Swords in position 9 it is nothing they cannot overcome together. Position 10 (Page of Pentacles) they send a message that they are quite tranquil, and work together as a perfect grounded couple.

  • HUH?

    @MissPsychic: And yesterday you said the total opposite. Go Away or go back to school.

  • Greta

    @@Alina: “He looks very focused and very annoyed that the camera is in his face. He’s in London on business with this film and it’s very serious financially.”

    And just how do you know this??

  • MissPsychic

    @HUH?: At which point did I say the opposite or today? Madalina and Gerard’s relationship is doomed. Scorpio is notoriously private (we all know Gerard likes to keep his personal like private), require mental stimulation, and are among the least likely to cheat on their lover. This can drive a wedge between a Scorpio/Leo union, because Leo loves to be the center of attention and will do anything to obtain it like playing games on social media, feed the press stories, and tipping off the paparazzi as to their location (does this sound familiar to anyone), a Scorpio will find Leo to be dull when it comes to deep conversation. And Leo’s are in fact one of the most likely to cheat, often turning to ex lovers. Or are you confused by today’s tarot reading? Because I will be happy to explain it further to you. It seems Gerard’s soul mate will be a Gemini.

  • xyz


    Have u ever heard about the sidereal zodiac? That is the real one. If so, as we know, Butler is a Scorpio, but actually he’s a Libran….

  • xyz


    Too much noise about nothing. Madalina is a call girl, like most “models” and “supermodels” are. U see what I mean

  • nr007

    He was in Prague, CZE. We have a photo.

    О боже мой, боже мой! Когда мы гуляли по Карлову мосту, мама заметила его!! ДЖЭРАДА БАТЛЕРА!!! Это просто нереально!!! #GerardButler #Butler #fantastic
    “Oh my God, my God! When we were walking through the Charles Bridge, mom noticed him!! GERARD BUTLER!!! It’s unbelievable!!!”

  • Cherloch Combs

    @MissPsychic: Are the objects in your fridge’s veggie bin quacking at you again? You’re the worst kind of nutter. You don’t know jack.

    Note to the detectives sussing out his pic: he doesn’t always smile and there’s no way you can know what he’s thinking for two seconds of his life. Maybe he’s missing his Madalina since he was abruptly called back from Prague to London for the Franco mess.

  • Franco Mess

    The “Franco mess” is his livelihood.
    The career he apparently cares so little about? Who would rather travel, vacation, party and focus on himself rather than be around to help his director reason to keep their project alive?

  • Alina

    Он шел один по Карлову мосту, раслабленный и попросил внимание не привлекать, тк его никто не узнавал )))) Никто его не узнал кроме меня Обожаю его! Мой любимый Джерард Батлер emoji #butler #czech #prague
    He walked alone across the Charles Bridge, hang naturally and asked not to attract attention, maybe he was not recognized)))) No it did not recognize me except I love it! My favorite Gerard Butler emoji # butler # czech # prague

  • Cherloch Combs

    @Franco Mess: Whatever, it’s still a mess. He’s also not the only producer on the project. I’m not saying he shouldn’t involve himself in “the fix” but wouldn’ the other execs also have some say in fixing the Franco mess?

  • Franco Mess

    All you can say is a “whatever”? Too concerned for gossip than reality?
    The response was to your flippant selfish diversion. Why? Because without a livelihood, a career, Gerry is up a creek don’t you think? And you’d have no playground to support his habit! Or is that your habit, him?
    He could be back in London for HTTYD2- and really couldn’t give a crap about his career- but who knows? Does anyone care anymore?
    Maybe his chick could upload more butt shots to show her support or concern?
    You could show a wide-screen epic off her backside.
    But his is part of a team of producers who should be concerned for their projects and livelihoods– which keep them living the good life , and not to assume that they are not but this mess is a big mess.

  • emmmmm

    @nr007: heya! :D
    “Meanwhile, we wonder if anyone’s found Franco to serve him his defamation lawsuit yet.”

  • emmmmm
  • http://gerard-butler-franco-exits-garden-of-last-days/comment-page-2 CHOLITA

    (✿◠‿◠)///wow!! las noticias corren …ja,,ja,,,,,buen dia a todos……….es una pena que el sr.james franco haya dejado el proyecto….pero cuando una persona siente que el grupo mayor no le tiene la suficiente fe en su trabajo ,comienzan los problemas…siento que el señor franco se convertira en un excelente director….tiene el caracter para ello…..y le gusta compartir su trabajo con los jovenes valores…..buen guia…….el butler lo comprendio y dejo esto..quizas..que fluya…bueno hay otros proyectos por venir… y seran mucho mejores………la adrenalina…, butler……..╯▽╰) ……suerte!!!

  • Hazzbeen

    Maybe if he’d spent some time on his career in the last year instead of jetsetting and partying, he’d have several other projects lined up by now. That, not to mention associating with a character who has no trouble baiting and/or trashing his fans for attention, and you have a recipe for “no one cares anymore.” There were cobwebs in the corners of the last thread. He needs to clean up his act. Fast.

  • nr007

    @emmmmm: 😃 Good to see you!

  • http://gerard-butler-franco-exits-garden-of-last-days/comment-page-2 CHOLITA

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  • Cherloch Combs

    @Franco Mess: FU.

    Why should I care if he doesn’t?

  • Take a Hike
  • Franco Mess

    @Cherloch Combs:
    If he doesn’t care you lose your playground.
    Your distraction.
    Your fantasy.
    Your fix.
    Without a livelihood he loses his income, fame, draw, scripts.
    And who knows if he cares or not, but he should.
    As a producer perhaps he could have been closer in and not resting on his laurels?
    A lot is at stake here. But what do you care?
    All you want to do is watch her made for TV fairytale films on her wide-screen fat butt.

  • http://gerard-butler-franco-exits-garden-of-last-days/comment-page-2 CHOLITA

    (´ー`)┌ ( ̄ー ̄) (*^ー^)ノ ……ay jesus!!! lou rawls…….tiene una voz de ensueño,,,,,,,,,aaaaaaaaaaaaaah.!!!…….(╯3╰) (╯▽╰) ………love…..i know, i know,you’re gonna miss my lovin’….buen fin de semana para todos…..adios.


    @CHOLITA: CHOLITA queen of spam. Enough already to write here. Nobody reads this nonsense. haha