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Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Hold Hands After 'Lone Ranger' Premiere!

Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Hold Hands After 'Lone Ranger' Premiere!

Johnny Depp holds hands with his rumored girlfriend Amber Heard while exiting their hotel on Thursday (June 27) in Moscow, Russia.

The day before, the 50-year-old actor was dapper while promoting his new film The Lone Ranger at the premiere with his co-star Armie Hammer.

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Johnny is scheduled to chat about The Lone Ranger on a taped appearance with Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday, July 1. We can’t wait!

10+ pictures inside of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard holding hands in Moscow…

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johnny depp amber heard hold hands after lone ranger premiere 01
johnny depp amber heard hold hands after lone ranger premiere 02
johnny depp amber heard hold hands after lone ranger premiere 03
johnny depp amber heard hold hands after lone ranger premiere 04
johnny depp amber heard hold hands after lone ranger premiere 05
johnny depp amber heard hold hands after lone ranger premiere 06
johnny depp amber heard hold hands after lone ranger premiere 07
johnny depp amber heard hold hands after lone ranger premiere 08
johnny depp amber heard hold hands after lone ranger premiere 09
johnny depp amber heard hold hands after lone ranger premiere 10

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  • passing the time

    They are a hot couple. HOWEVER, I have yet to see them smile around each other. Always so serious. She looks sad in the car pic.

  • Steph

    SO JEALOUS hot couple

  • lucia

    I dont care what anyone says, I love them and they make a great couple!!!, I looooove Johnny Depp so much!!

  • Annea

    She is sooo classy. Starting to love this couple

  • Han

    He is such a cliche. Pathetic man.

  • YIB

    I think they make good looking couple. JD pr excellent.

  • jane

    i dont care what ppl say about her. i think they make a good couple. love them <3

  • c

    Yiiiike another homewrecker , sorry i just don’t like cheaters, i guess in some few years she will be considered a “saint”

  • Love The Shoes

    His “Angelina.”

  • Love The Shoes

    @c: Where do you get that crap from? Vanessa has never EVER given nor Johnny that this was anything less than a amicable parting of ways. They were done, they moved on, and you should too.

  • LaCroix

    Is it just me or does she look miserable?

  • Premalee

    @Rose and Phool,

    I just received today by UPS from California my MIRAVAL WINE. The wine bottle is beautiful. I paid a lot for UPS shipment nearly $30. It is a beautiful bottle. I will go to couple of stores and show the bottle and ask whether they can get them down in Astoria area. Rose do you know the place which I told you earlier in New York? I think it was available in the Village but cannot remember the name. There is a another wine store in NY 14th Street. Please let me know.

    Also, how is the garden? I think in the city one can rent a plot of land and grow vegetables. I have seen many at Flushing Park. My hangout area is Tennis Center at Flushing Medow Park.

  • Athena

    I really thought that Vanessa and Johnny will make it…

  • Blair

    Wow… I’m jealous of 1) her beauty and 2) that she’s with Johnny Depp

  • yep

    Wishing them happiness.

  • shockadelica

    Maybe they look miserable because they just came from dinner and they have paparazzi and fans screaming and chasing after them going to their car! Amber has that same look even when she’s not with Johnny because I don’t think she likes the paparazzi to much.We don’t know what these people are like in private.A lot of celebrity couples have the same miserable look because of the paparazzi! And BTW there are pics of them @ the after party in Russia on Johnny’s imdb message board page and they look very happy and smiley! Maybe because they’re not being stalked by the paps!

  • hmmm

    So I guess that he’s going public with the child that he left the mother of his children for.
    How’s that mid-life crisis treating you Johnny? You smelly, dirty old man.

  • Nora

    Oh GOD! stunning couple.
    i don’t even want to like them together, but look at them!
    I can’t. I can’t

  • LooseLipz


    I must agree….and isnt she gay?

  • @19

    “..and isn’t she gay?”
    When it suits her, I guess.
    Either way, she’s much too pretty for such a skeevy guy.

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @hmmm: mid life crisis your A$$ he just broke up with that ugly old hag and moved on with someone who is much better than her , spilt up with someone and dating someone is considerd mid life criis these days? woow

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @@19: no she’s not she can’t do better than the sexiest man alive johnny depp

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @LaCroix: thats because of the idiotic paps she is not an attention ho to give them a smile and be okay with being photographed after a dinner with her boy freind

  • amanda

    @hmmm: child? she is in her late twenties which means SHE IS ALMOST 30 she is a grown up woman not a child and their relationship is none of your business you jealous bi**

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @Han: STFU you cheap hater you are the only pathetic one here! you are just some troll hiding behin a computer screen he couldn’t give a flying f_ck about you and what you think of him

  • me

    awww look how happy they look here

    they just don’t give the paps the pictures they want

  • me

    @hmmm: smelly,dirty? you better get your eyes checked because he is looking clean and shaven all the time these days and the people who met him said that he smells wonderful so shut the f*ck up you jealous troll

  • violet

    @hmmm: good to know that people who are pushing 30 considerd childs these days!

  • boobala stinks

    when this one gets too old, he’ll dump her too

  • things are good

    he should have hooked up with smelly Jolie

  • wow

    I see that the lunatic fan is off her meds again.
    And pssst…when you are ‘dating’ someone young enough to be your daughter, she might as well be a child.
    And I guess that you think that once a partner, lover, mother of your children gets older, it’s OK to trade them in for a younger girl? Is that what you think about love and relationships? That’s really sad. But I guess you think that anything Johnny does is just fine, right? Drug use. Cheating? Alcohol abuse? It’s all ok, right? Right?

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @wow: well she is not because she is almost 30 he didn’t trade that bi** or anything they where having problems since years and they spilt up way before 2012 and amber have nothing to do with the breakup and why do you talk as if you know everything? do you live with them? you are just a loser who believes every BS in the cheap gossip sites
    drug use? oh that was ages ago! cheating? where is the f_cking proof of that? is dating someone after a spilt cosiderd cheating? alcohol abuse? he stopped drinking since a year and half and thank to amber he looks better and healthier than ever that ugly old bi** made him looks miserable in the latest few years and now he’s so much better without her

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @boobala stinks: no he won’t he stayed with the ugly and very awful looking vanessa for 14 years and he might last much longer with the very stunning and lovely amber

  • L

    He just doesn’t age!

  • rhea

    Old enough to be her father…..

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @rhea: so? he’s not really her father, he can date her and bang the hell out of her .
    age is just a f_cking number and love doesn’t know age so f_ck off jealous bi** and leave the man and his almost 30yrs old lady alone.

  • landa

    @rhea: so is dicaprio who is almost 40 and dating a 20 years old child

  • Lala

    For the people who think she is gay. Well she is BI, that means she allowed to date a woman or a man. They are a hot couple! Love them both.

  • luly


  • Hmmm

    HAHA, I love the comment about Amber being his Angelina…can’t believe men are so weak though…

  • baaah

    So I guess Amber is the reason he changed his look…he considered he should look younger for her…anyway to each his own…he’ll regret it later when he is old and she’ll be like by grandpa…

  • Truer

    I hope Johnny’s daughter, when she’s 25, starts dating a 50-yr-old man.

  • Vee


    Karma is a biatch!

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @Truer: actually amber is 27 not 25 (don’t make her younger bi**) and if lily want to date an older man she is entitled to and why the f_ck do you talk as if its a crime to date a younger woman? he is not the first one is he? thats all none of your f_cking business don’t you have something to do in your useless life other than hating on a very good man and father who haven’t done anything to your old A$$ ?

  • Melman

    @baaah: He looks very healthy and happy, that’s probable has all to do with Amber. But his change of look (not his dapper suits, but the hair) is for his new movie, “Transcendence”

  • Melman

    @me: AWWW! what a cute picture. They look happy :)

  • cute

    she is a famewh0r3 and he is a d-bag. Both are pathetic! Lame couple!

  • cute

    @Johnny Depp Fan: go back to your tumblr, cunt!

  • Lia

    @Johnny Depp Fan: you are a crazy b1thc! hahahaha he is a loser hiney get over it, and she is a sluuuut!!! lol

  • Anne

    “Johnny Depp Fan” is probably Amber Head or her PR people! lol
    Everyone knows that Amber is a famewh*re! Depp will dump her for a younger girl soon he gets tired of her. It’s funny how she dumped her girlfriend for a man so quickly, of course he’s not a regular man, he is Johnny Depp, a milionaire and uber famous man.
    Interesting fact that every woman who calls herself “bissexual” usually date and marry a man, they rarely assume a relationship with a woman and keeps with her after they become a little famous, they always find a more famous and rich man to be with and make the “girlfriend” disappear. Bissexual my a.s.s.!