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Miranda Kerr: Forbes' Celebrity Top 100 List Closer!

Miranda Kerr: Forbes' Celebrity Top 100 List Closer!

Miranda Kerr is all dolled up while out and about on Friday (June 28) in New York City.

“Friday Daisies ’,” the 30-year-old Australian model posted about her outfit on Instagram with a pic. Check out the cute pic below!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

The day before, Miranda donned a cute summer dress while taking a solo stroll in Long Beach.

It was recently announced that Miranda took the last spot on Forbes‘ 2013 Celebrity Top 100 list, which put Oprah Winfrey at the top of the list as the most powerful celebrity.

Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and Leonardo DiCaprio are also notable celebs making the list.

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  • Katie

    Her style is impeccable.

  • Shitranda.

    JJ, you relationship with Miranda wouldn’t be so obvious if you also made a post about all the other people in the list.

  • @2

    But then you idiots wouldn’t have anywhere to vent your irrational hatred, now would you.
    Miranda’s continued success just drives you crazy, doesn’t it.
    She looks gorgeous, btw.
    Gorgeous, successful, and happy.

  • sara

    Congratulations Miranda!
    It’s worth noting that the only other model who made the list was Gisele. She was at #81.
    Her outfit is adorable, and she looks beautiful. As always.

  • om

    Congrats girl. Forbes has finally taken notice of your famewhoring after a 100 years of modeling and 5 years of attention seeking. All the cheap campaigns and attending endless events is paying off. Yay, better late than never.

  • do it

    Don’t forget her meetings with the paps.

  • toni g

    Lol such a late bloomer. Second class supermodel. All the real supers like Kate, Gisele even Adriana have been on the lists more than once since ever.

  • ha

    Hi 5-6-7!
    *waves at the sockpuppets*
    You can’t help yourself, can you. You just can’t seem to post ANYTHING without revealing your pathetic hypocrisy.
    And I love it when you put your foot in your mouth (over and over and over)
    You brag about other models being in the list, just after saying that you have to be a famewhore to BE on the list. LOL!!!!!
    My goodness you’re stupid!

  • wewe

    GOD! Do you really think she wakes up thinking about calling paps! It’s something that agency does, first of all, and second THEY KNOW WHERE SHE LIVES. So i think they camp out, yes. I’ve seen paps waiting for hours in Ny. They live about it
    And i don’t thibk she live for enter in the forbes list. She is rich, beautiful and happy by her own!

  • do it

    Miranda’s lunatic fan thinks it’s the same person making all the comments about Miranda’s fake life. That’s sad.
    Lol, anyone who dresses like she’s going to a ball and do her hair and make up like it’s a real photo shoot when meeting the paps to photograph her most certainly wakes up thinking about calling them. Of course they would know where she lives, she’s invited them over one too many times.
    Desperater, much? That lie about you seeing them waiting for her is a bit excessive, don’t you think? rofl
    #7, second class super model is cracking me up. Nice one.

  • @10

    hmmm, three posts in the same tone within 16 minutes, and you DON’T think that they are sockpuppets???
    And you’re calling one of her many fans a “lunatic”??
    LOL! That’s hilarious.
    And since when is jeans and a t-shirt, or a cotton maxi, or a daisy print dress, dressing “like she’s going to a ball”??
    And now you say that #9 is lying about seeing paps? I guess that means that one of your fellow delphites is also a liar. Because they (stupidly) admitted the same thing. Even mentioning that they had brought out chairs to sit on while waiting for them to come out of the building.
    Once again, you morons have talked yourself into a corner.

  • Martin

    Love you Miranda!

  • do it

    Baby boo, you know all too well that Miranda overdresses half of the time when she goes to meet her paps friends. I’m not going to sink to your level by arguing with you on that.
    And because someone once said she saw the paps waiting for her, you too think you have to make the same claim? Lol you’re that stupid?
    Addressing the comment about those 3 post, are you saying not enough people care about her to have 3 diff people post in 16 mins? That’s pathetic.
    And not to sound behind, but what are delphites?

  • Dieter!!!!

    she has been working so hard !!!!

  • @10…

    #11 is right, you are such hypocrites.

    You always change the rules when it comes to Miranda.

    Saying she’s not a top model unless she has a Vogue cover then when she has one you say she has to have more. Now she’s had five you say it doesn’t count unless it’s French Vogue….she could have every Vogue cover in the world & you “haters” would still say it’s not enough.

    The same with High Fashion runway, then when she walks for Balenaciga, Chanel, Dior, Prada etc you still WHINGE & MOAN.

    Then of course when she attends the Golden Globes you say it only matters unless you sit at a certain table even though there only for nominated actors.

    The funniest of all was when suddenly you decide the Vanity Fair party & The Met Ball Miranda attended was no longer relevant…lol.

    When Miranda decided SHE didn’t what to renew her contract with David Jones & VS because she wanted to concentrate more on her skincare line Kora Organics all you “haters” claimed it wasn’t true & that she was dumped.

    Of course she wasn’t dumped, VS releasing a statement saying she was one of the best models in the HISTORY of the business & Miranda herself
    explained that at 30 it was time to move on do things she’s passionate about.

    That’s exactly what she’s been doing, doing photoshoots for Kora then promoting it on tv shows & now expanding into the US, UK Asia through
    the luxury on line site Net-a-porter.

    Net-a-porter have asked her to do a series called the Body beautiful about het health & beauty routine.

    Now she’s been named as one of Forbes 100 most influentional celebrities in the world, but of course you “haters” will once again tell as that it doesn’t matter unless she’s #1……lol

    It all comes down to a bad case of sour grapes because Miranda’s so successful, beautiful & happy & you “haters” can’t stand it…lolololololol.

  • Truer

    @@10…: She wasn’t INVITED to the MetBall. She PAID to attend.

    Putting her in the same cataegory as Gisele. Laughable.

    Other models have made the list in the past, including, Heidi Klum, Tyra Banks, Adriana Lima, These models have ALL been on the list at one point in the past.

    It won’t change the fact that Miranda won’t make Forbes list of highest paid models, because well, she has NO real career. Visibility and tablpoid modeling is NOT the same as real WORK. Just ask Bar Rafaeli.

  • lol

    These idiot haters are STILL twisting themselves into knots trying to explain this one away.
    This list means nothing!
    This list means everything when other models are on it!
    Miranda calls the paps because she isn’t that famous!
    Only the most famous models make the list.
    Forbes only cares about money!
    Forbes doesn’t care about money, so that’s why Adriana isn’t there.
    And then there’s……
    Miranda expanding her business across the globe means that she is a failure.
    Miranda wearing casual clothes except when she is on her way to meetings = always dressing like she is going to a ball.
    Just because a hater saw paps waiting for her doesn’t mean they wait for her. *eyeroll*
    Miranda taking extremely lucrative contracts in Asia is bad! Just because the Asian markets are some of the largest in the world and pay millions, it means that she is a failure.
    A failure so huge that Forbes had taken notice of her celibrity influence!
    Because that’s what this list is about. That’s why it’s called the ’100 Most Influential Celebrities’
    Miranda made the list.
    This model that you claim no one cares about.
    This model that you claim is a nobody.
    This model that you call a failure
    She made it.
    And no matter how hard you try, there is nothing that you four morons can do to spin this one away.
    But keep trying.
    You know how much I love to laugh at you!

  • @16

    Please link to your proof that she wasn’t invited to the ball. You forget that just because haters repeat the same thing over and over, it doesn’t make it true. So put up the proof, or shut up
    And we aren’t putting Miranda in the same category as Gisele, Forbes is.
    And you keep talking about other important models making the list, but then you seem to think that Miranda making the list doesn’t prove that she is also an important model. How can you explain that one?
    And no, Miranda probably won’t make the top earner list this year after dropping VS. but how can you claim that she doesn’t have a career after appearing on multiple Vougue covers, and other magazines? Not to mention her multiple endorsement deals and the expansion of Kora. You complain about Miranda being talked about in the same breath as Gisele, but then you try to compare Miranda with a model who has no (recent) Vogue covers, and has never been on ANY Forbes list. Hypocrite, much?
    Miranda is also starring in a new series of health and wellness videos for Net a Porter. This will bring even more recognition and fame. And can do nothing but add to Kora’s success.
    No matter what you haters say, Miranda is a success. Is that what is really bothering you? You have ways said, and hoped that she would fail. But she keeps proving you wrong. That must really tick you off. Is that why you lie about her all the time? Do those lies make you feel better about yourselves? Pathetic.

  • Kanadian Banshee

    As usual she comes out with paps and instagrams just as her husband is in the headlines somewhere. For Cannes and Zulu, she released an instagram of being hugged by some guy and also the resulting wind conveniently knocking her top down… she released a latest spot light grab knowing that his last day of taping L OTR would air the next day.
    She’s an aged underwear model trying to generate a public niche but since she can’t act, sing or dance, she’s doing what she can – with what she can.

  • @19

    Wow. That’s a bit of a stretch, even for a hater.
    She is *gasp* walking to her car on the same day that Orlando finishes filming????? What ground breaking news!!!
    Or are you saying that she is in collusion with Forbes??? That this monster publication not only put her on the list, but planned its release for the EXACT same time that Orlando was to finish, just because this so called “aging underwear model” (did you mean Adriana?) asked them to?
    Do you realize how desperate you sound?
    Too funny!

  • @19…

    Miranda has 3.5 million followers on Social Media. She uses this to post pics from photoshoots she’s been doing, thanking the people working on the shoot like the photographer, who you claim was “some guy hugging her”……suggesting something is going on between them even though you know he’s Gay.

    Also she uses it to promote Kora her skincare line, which she has every right to do so. Miranda also posts pics of flowers, landscrapes & countries she’s been visiting. Funny how you never have anything to say about those pics!!!

    None of us has ever said she’s more successful than Gisele but the fact she’s on the Forbes most influentional 100 Celebrities list PROVES that she is a successful model as well as being a celebrity in her own right.

    So you can rave & rant, twist things, lie……but it will NOT change that fact!!!

  • OMG…..

    I just went & looked at the “haters” site to see their latest made up BS stories. Such a coincidence that these same made up rumours then appear as FAKE “blind” items on celebit*hy!!!

    Have to say their as crazy & scary as ever.

    The Delphidiots have now decidided Miranda has “needle marks” around her mouth because they’ve enlarged the pics & can see tiny pin pricks….talk about dumb, dumber & dumbest….lol.

    You can’t make this stuff up.

    It’s so obvious they wait for pics to be posted then they try to come up with something to criticize her about so then they can on sites like this or the Daily Mail and make nasty comments.

    On the DM site you can tell which ones are theirs as there so similar in tone no matter how many times the change their user name….”Terry, NYC, Me, Here, Mike, Dee etc etc etc…….lol.

  • @22

    Really? They now think that she gets lip injections? Then how do they explain the fact that she has had those lips all of her life?
    But why am I surprised? When have the ever let inconvenient facts get in the way of their insane theories?
    Just like they still claim that Miranda went on that safari with her lover and taunted Orlando with pictures. Never mind the FACT that we have photographic proof that Orlando was the ‘lover’ that was with her on the trip.
    Or that crazy theory that her breasts weren’t larger because she was breast feeding, but that she had implants…while she was in the hospital giving birth.
    They never did explain how her breasts returned to their normal size once Flynn was weaned.
    Nor did they explain how they still claim that she got a tummy tuck, even though there is absolutely no scar.
    They live to make up wild theories that only prove one thing. That they are obsessed with Miranda. She OWNS their every waking moment. They must have very empty lives. Pathetic.

  • @23..

    I agree, their becoming more & more desperate the more successful she becomes.

    I think the Delphidiots really thought that when Miranda decided not to renew her VS contract that her career would be over & they could gloat & say she’s a failure & a has been.

    Instead she’s more visible due to the success of expanding her skincare line & her Vogue & other magazine covers.

    Everybody wants to know her beauty secrets & exercise routines, that’s why Net-a-porter are using her to promote their new beauty department with their body beautiful series

    Now of course Miranda being on the Forbes 100 most influential celebrities proves that after Gisele she is the most high profile model AND celebrity.

    As a model that’s a great achievement as these days it’s usually actresses or singers that are on all the magazine covers.

    She has managed to become a celebrity in her own right due to her philosophy on living a healthy lifestyle, her amazing fashion style and her happy family life.

    I can’t wait to see what Miranda does next & then watch the “haters” twist themselves in knots trying to come up with even more delusional conspiracy theories about her.

    Their off to a good start with the “needle marks” conspiracy……

  • @24

    Well, i think that since VS is still using her pictures in their promotions, that says all that needs to be said. That they really must have liked her, and that she must have really been good for their sales, otherwise she would be gone completely.
    Have the delphidiots come up with an answer for that one yet?

  • Holy Botox, Batman!

    Look at all of those little bumps along her chin and jawline! I wonder if she insisted on ORGANIC botulism.

  • Holy Botox, Batman!

    Why has no one else noticed this?

    Treasure yourself…with botox and collagen injections!!

  • @26/27

    You know, I thought that the people on the first page were exaggerating when they talked about how desperate and idiotic you haters are. But it looks as if they didn’t go far enough in describing your obsessive psychosis.
    You need help. And I only wish that I was joking.