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Jessica Simpson & Eric Johnson Welcome Baby Boy!

Jessica Simpson & Eric Johnson Welcome Baby Boy!

Jessica Simpson has given birth to a baby boy, her rep confirms to

The 32-year-old singer and her fiance Eric Johnson welcomed a son named Ace Knute Johnson on Sunday (June 30) in Los Angeles.

Ace Knute (pronounced Ka-nute) Johnson has arrived! Mom and baby are doing great,” her rep said in a statement to Us Weekly. “Jessica, Eric, and Maxwell are thrilled to welcome the new addition to their family.”

The couple also have a 13-month-old daughter named Maxwell. Jessica and Eric started dating in 2010 and got engaged that same year.

Congrats to the happy parents!

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Credit: Jamie McCarthy; Photos: Getty
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  • Lia ESP

    Plaseeeeeeee, give this famous people a Name’s book.

  • Anna

    FINALLY! I mean she looked like she was about to explode…it was uncomfortable to watch…

  • what??

    Not another nonsense name.

    anyway congrats to their baby boy

    but that name..geez

  • Isabella

    Ace Knute?! And (pronounced Ka-nute) does not help. So Ka as in KArma and nute as in NUtella? WTF? How random. And before anyone says “but your name is Isabella. It’s so overused, not original”, I was born in ’89. No one had that name back then. But still it’s better to be an Isabella F, Isabella S., than an Ace Knute. What a nutty name.

  • cait

    His middle name is Eric’s grandfather’s first name and it is a Swedish name, hence the different pronunciation.

  • Anonymous

    And the wedding is???????????????/

  • Kaleey

    Ace is okay. Middle names aren’t used that much and don’t matter. I was expecting them to name him Shirley since their daughter has a boy name.

  • rachel

    @Isabella: #$

    The name Isabella has been around and common for a LONG time. That name is ancient.

  • Toni

    Ace Knute is alright, and I liked Maxwell too. Congrats to them!

    She didnt have much of a break between the two, maybe the wedding is next :D

  • jenny

    reminds me of canoe

  • rachel


    Knute looks/sounds like an Eskimo name.

  • rachel


    You don’t have to have a wedding to get married. They are not married because they do not want to be.

  • yep


  • Isabella

    Well, it has been around. It’s the Italian form of the Spanish Isabel. Isabel is the Spanish form of Elizabeth. Elizabeth is from the Greek Elisabet. And Elisabet is the Greek version of the Hebrew Elisheva, It is ancient, it was in the bible.
    When it comes to popularity, it wasn’t popular until the 2000′s. It’s been in the top ten since 2004. But it wasn’t even in the top 1,000 popular names for girls until 1990 when it ranked at #894. All these statistics are from the U.S., where I’m from. I’m sure it’s always been a common name in Italy and other countries that use that version of Elizabeth.

  • Heather

    congrat to the couple

  • Who Cares

    @Isabella – girl, just STOP and sit down!

  • Who Cares

    @Isabella – this post is about baby Ace – not you!

  • Jessie

    Was Eric’s grandfather Knute Rockne? He was a player and then coach at Notre Dame and was born in Norway. That guy was died in the thirties. They’re probably the first people in this decade naming their kid that. Hey, but it’s their kid.

  • yup

    Welcome oops baby!

  • Stephanie


  • Ginger

    I’m glad someone explained that middle name… I completely understand why now. Congrats to the both of them!

  • i love the name Ace, congrats to the family.

  • Go Ask Alice

    Family name is cool. Thing is Ace does not go well with family name. Ace Nut. No one will pronounce it correctly, hard name.

  • Shelbe

    It’s always a wonderful day when a baby arrives in the world. Congradulations on the birth of you son.

  • Elfie

    Names are free…you should choose wisely. People would always murder his name…sad:(

  • Joe Simpson’s Boyfriend

    Aw, I thought she was going to keep it going and name him Cindy. And then her next daughter could get the name Steve. F’ing reetaard

  • So Swedish

    Someone said Knute is a Swedish name?
    Well, Knut is a older Swedish/Norwegian male name. A granpa name, not common anymore. And it is not pronounced Ka-nute.
    It’s pronounced more like Knewt.

    But if they like Ka-nute, hey more power to them.
    Hope the baby will like it too, once he gets older…..

    Anyway, Congrats Jessica!

  • JK

    So what if they named him after an Ikea shelf or coffee table?

  • jobs

    Ace Knute?? She is such a bimbo.

  • m3iii

    next chestica will be selling the baby pics….again…as usual…for $$$$$…to some rag……..chestica…please look to the beautiful example of channing tatum…and just post a pic of the kid yourself….stop with selling yourself and these kids!!

  • natalie


    Its not a Swedish name and the pronunciation is DEFINITELY not Swedish!!!! Stop spreading this id**t’s b*llsh!t.
    The REAL name is Knut (sans the “E”….) and it’s NOT pronounced “Kanaute”.
    It’s pronounced in a way you can’t write it down properly in English phonetics. But if I was to give it a shot, I’d say “kuh-nuh-t” was more proper than the bullsh!t this id**t delivered.

    Oh and yeah. I know what I’m talking about. My dad’s a full-blown Swede from the Swedish north (he’s from Vindeln outside Umeå – do you know where that is? NO?! Then S-T-FFFFF-UPPPP!) and I was born & raised there until I was 16. SO YEAH. I think I know more than all of you !d!*ts and I definitely know more than Jessica Simpson. She’s pretending she gave her son a Swedish name but really – she didn’t. And she definitely doesn’t know how to write or pronounce it.

  • natalie


    Just read an intelligent comment on page two saying the pronunciation’s more like “Knewt” and yeah, I agree with that. Thank you random peep!

    Eller tack, vad du än föredrar :)

  • Jeniferex

    Almost every pregnant women looks uncomfortable when they’re close to giving birth. Congratulations Jessica.

  • D.Scott

    Congratulations to them!

  • so judgemental

    Should have named her son Cary.. it would have balanced out a daughter named Maxwell.

  • Joe

    Knute is a Swedish name. But Knute, never heard of // a swede