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Henry Cavill: Dating Kaley Cuoco?

Henry Cavill: Dating Kaley Cuoco?

Henry Cavill is reportedly dating Kaley Cuoco after splitting with his girlfriend Gina Carano back in May, according to Us Weekly.

The 30-year-old Man of Steel actor’s relationship with Gina fizzled out after ten months together at which point he met Kaley, who was in the midst of a split with musician Bret Bollinger.

“They are totally hot for each other,” a source told the mag.

Kaley seems to be supportive of her rumored new man already, tweeting “Everyone go see man of steel. It’s fantastic in every single way,” along with a photo of herself staring admiringly at Henry on the film’s poster.

DO YOU THINK Henry Cavill and Kaley Cuoco make a cute couple – if the news is true?

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  • lovely

    they are cute together, love them go Kaley, he is HOT!!!

  • loveablescar

    Yayy! They are cute together.

  • me

    beard #3

  • sylvia

    LOL . .

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    He probably kicked Gina to the curb right after the Fast & Furious 6, having witnessed her acting “prowess”

  • loveablescar

    “They are totally hot for each other”

    I take what i said back. What is this line.

  • jenny

    does someone can explain me what ‘beard’ means?

  • loveablescar

    @ Jenny.
    Its basically a cover up for someone that is homosexually. So in this case they are saying Kaley is covering for Henry because he is gay.

  • Julisa

    Wow… He is way out of her league. She’s a dog!!!!

  • jenny

    @ loveablescar

    tks, english is not my 1st language i didnt know ;)

  • Sam

    I love Kaley, But I think that Henry and Gina were cute together.

  • anastacia

    hmm.. don’t know what to think of this actually :/
    I always thought of her as a dumb little blonde & I don’t see henry liking such a person. also he’s so much hotter than her!
    but anyway.. mabye I’m wrong :D

  • Ama

    Downgrade. Gina was it, beautiful, smart, talented. He’s gotta soft in the head for letting her go. Kaley is so basic, generic and vanilla. She looks like every other white chick out there.

  • ava

    it’s funny seeing how people ‘love’ gina right now

  • james

    Nice facial hair.

  • b

    her biggest bang

  • Scarlett

    Gina was trashy. I mean who wears a leather gown to a black tie event? Yuk. She’s a terrible actress and I’m glad he got rid of her before she could gleam any more time in the spotlight from him. Kaley on the other hand is in a huge show in her own right and seems like a really nice girl .

    Also, what is this obsession with people deciding every young actor in Hollywood is gay and in the closet? It’s like some weird default people have on these kinds of sites. I’m sure there are actors who haven’t come out and I don’t know, perhaps Henry is one of them, but people become obsessed, like it’s all one big conspiracy theory. Or are they all just frustrated that they’re not the ones dating them so they decide they’d rather they were gay than dating a women who wasn’t them?


    @me: BINGO!!!!

  • Sara

    Well then this is certainly a rebound. Both just got out of relationships. Crazy.

  • CB

    HENRY IS SO HOT! Kaley is just alright. She’s kind of annoying too. Henry’s never been one to date super attractive women though. He also seems to move on really quick. He dated Gina just after he ended his engagement to Ellen, and now Kaley. I LOVE Henry though! I won’t fully believe this until I see them together though. Time will tell whether they’re really dating or not.

  • sweetness

    Talk about kicking someone to the curb when they hit bit… Before he was raving about how wonderful Gina was (shortly before the opening of Superman) he’s dating Kaley…
    relationships in Hollywood are paper thin… Gina was too normal for him.

  • diana

    he should date, i dont know, scarlet johanson, or amber heard
    strong women

  • Emily

    Well, Galecki gave her enough experience in the bearding business.

  • Christine Elizabeth

    Henry is usually very private about his relationships, so I find it hard to believe a friend of his would divulge this info so freely. We’re no strangers to tabloids and their false stories, BUT if it is true then I’m happy for him, and she is VERY lucky!!

  • http://@daniferrera Dani Ferrera

    is not true, Henry is single man

  • Lauren

    @anastacia: I’m a big fan of The Big Bang Theory and I like her character on the show, but I find her pretty annoying in real life. This may not even be true. Time will tell.

  • SDFG

    WTF if it is true. I liked Gina.

  • Alloy S

    You notice the posters who say he’s straight are either kids who don’t know better or commercial market trolls trying to pass him off as an actual straight Superman. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 8P

  • Cassie

    @Mysterious Facts: What exactly makes you think that? Henry is not gay, wtf is wrong with you people? He’s never said or done anything to make anyone think that. People are just so jealous of him! Holy crap.

  • Mysterious Facts

    He couldn’t fake Superman, and he can’t fake straight.

    He can fake it, but he’s definitely a homo, everyone. That’s that with that, and that’s all she wrote.

  • kat

    i think if he was gay he wouldn’t have any reason to hide it. he’s a good actor, it shouldn’t be a problem for his roles, even superman

    leave the guy alone

  • Bad Taste in Women

    If this is true, Henry has really, really odd taste in women. He seems to go for women who look like they grew up in a trailer park. I mean, come on. Kaley Cuoco? With her over-processed hair and multiple layers of makeup? Gina Carano with her bad hair, orange skin, man hands, and cheap dresses? Henry is very posh and grew up posh, and honestly I think he’s rebelling against his posh culture. He has been dating the most UN-POSH women he can possibly find. If he goes any lower he’ll be dating Hooters girls and strippers. Nobody has anything to say about Cuoco except “hot”, just like no one had anything to say about Gina except “kick-ass”. That’s all these women are.

  • Bad Taste in Women


    #13 What Gina are you referring to?? Not Gina Carano, with her orange skin, terrible clothes, and man hands. A woman whose acting is so horrible she had to be dubbed in her last movie. DUBBED. In a Steven Soderbergh movie. How freakin’ untalented can a person be to get dubbed in the movie of a multiple-award winning director? Plus, there’s no evidence AT ALL that Gina Carano is bright. None. I think Henry’s fans need to face the fact that he has low taste in women and that despite his amazing looks and posh accent, he loves low-class women. Even that horse rider Ellen–what a moron she was and also with horrible cheap hair.

  • Lola

    dont know if its true. until you start spotting them together, you cant believe everything you read. it could be kaley inadvertently started the rumor with the twit pic she put of herself in fromt of the superman photo. in reference to the “totlally hot for eachother” statement it could be possible since if you think about it kaley cuoco looks alot like henrys ex fiance ellen whitaker. look it up and youll see a huge resemblance. so it may very well be theyre bangin (pun intended ha ha ) but dont see henry with her for long term. and if they are” bangin” look at him do you blame her. one last thing, they probably met at the spike guys awards where she recieved the “funny and hot” award and he and the cast of man of steelwere there to receive the “most manticipated movie award”. they were both there and he seems to be into blondes with weird eyes. his ex fiance had the same weird eyes (some ppl called her a chipmunk, poor thing) anyhoo just hope henry doesnt turn all “hollywood” cuz a huge part of his charm is how down to earth he is…js…..




  • Pauline

    well i think it’s just gossip …

  • Nora

    kaley cuoco looks exactly like henrys ex fiance Ellen whitaker…look it up! and *IF* this is true, hes just having fun!

  • ximena

    well, well, well…

    he is not dating Gina anymore (good), then he went out (as always when he is not dating someone) and met K. Cuoco, that’s all. Now media are saying they are dating, maybe yes – maybe not BUT we can not rush things LOLOLOLOLOL

    Wasn’t she engage?

    And COME ON!!! stop saying he has beard relationship, don’t be kids guys!!!!!!!!!

  • Ale

    Gina Carano was a PR set up (just to stop some stupid rumors about him being gay) and a poor one, I would have fired his PR for the lame choice. But Kaley is such a smart, funny and talented actress, she would never date for that reason…so I hope their relationship is true, because I like them together!!

  • yep

    I bet they have a fun time…..she is so funny!

  • Ale

    Usually when the press reports infors from pals of celebrities…are the celebrities PRs to report those infos….I mean we all know that :D Plus days ago some fans of Henry saw him with Kaley and some other people at Bevery Hills Hotel bar/restaurant having a great time all night…so these wasn’t like an unexpected news to me, the fact that today some “pal” reported it…it kinda confirms it.


    Maybe he’s trying to fly the straight and narrow? HARHARHARHARHAR 8P

  • Barko Olasalaammislices

    Obviously, the one person who knows fully well that he’s a homosexual is him. Why would you want to go against his own natural wishes and discourse? That doesn’t make sense and it’s discriminatory.

  • Lina

    It’s true that they have met days ago, some fans wrote it on twitter (so that part is not PR information).
    It’s true they had/have chemestry, again… fans wrote it on twitter (that part is not PR information). Because they also said it was a GROUP of people

    but… we don’t know more… He went out alone, no Kaley.

  • Cassie

    Definitely just gossip until there is proof. A tabloid originally produced this story for goodness sakes. Besides, Henry is very private with his relationships. I will say this is a bunch of BS, just another story with false sources, until there’s actual proof.

  • Lulani

    @Lauren: they are not dating.i heard that they were in meetings with studios about that terrible 50 shades movie.i really hoe he stays away from tjat. bad career it seems to be another made up PR story. I don’t believe this one but if its true then good luck to them. But that was just too quick for him o move on from gina,in his last interview a few weeks ago he was talking about how amazing she was. Kaley needs to shut it. Everyone wants a piece of the hot commodity right now. Hollyweird vultures. They all want to be linked to him somehow cos he has a hot movie out. Used to like her but she seems very desperate to be linked to him knowing all the fake gossip going around. If she didnt she wouldn’t be mentioning him publicly lie that and not trying to bring attention to herself. Henry seems to value privacy and if he’s as savy as i think he is he will know that cuoco the famewhore is trying to get PR out of this whole situation.

  • Lulani

    @Cassie: yup and cuoco isn’t trying to silence it either. If anything she is pushing for it to be more talked about by tweeting about him.i don’t care if it was just saying to see the movie. If there are made up fake rumours going around about them and she knows its not true and doesn’t like it she wouldn’t be talking about him at all. In an capacity.just another Cling on hollyweird vulture. Watch out Henry. They are circling you right now. And even you just said hi to them they would make out like You’re dating lol

  • Detector X

    Looks like a gay, acts like a gay, talks like a gay, he’s a gay. Sorry, guys, but you know it’s true. 8/

  • Lulani

    @Bad Taste in Women: lol Henry isn’t in the least bit posh. And it’s his choice who he dates. Just because he doesn’t date a vs model or some boring actress who just looks like what society deems as beautiful doesn’t make him any less “posh” as you put it. Henry is a boarding school boy. He is not posh. Yes his parents had what?tHats doesn’t make him posh. There was a pic the other day about a week ago with Henry in London at a bus stop in clapham lol
    Google it
    No one recognised him. He went to the supermarket and was with friends. That should tell you something. He could’ve taken a cab or driven but he took the bus and that’s seems like something he does very often, how many other actors can do that and not get mobbed. He knows how to be low key.and not draw attention to himself. And this was right before superman London premiere.let him be.thats just his taste in women and its not going to change. And for those calling him gay. So friggin what. Apart from Christopher reeves has there been any superman that people haven’t called gay?! Nope
    This is just what people do. Henry has no reason to be hiding that fact if he was gay and he doesn’t owe anyone anything. It’s his life.

  • Lulani

    @Ale: ahahhahahha there is no difference between gina and Kaley. What’s smart about Kaley? The only difference is that Kaley has good writers on the she shes on, I don’t get why people hate gina so much.whats so special about Kaley. Nothing
    Kaley is just another hollyweird vulture trying to get ahead. Simples