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Henry Cavill: Dating Kaley Cuoco?

Henry Cavill: Dating Kaley Cuoco?

Henry Cavill is reportedly dating Kaley Cuoco after splitting with his girlfriend Gina Carano back in May, according to Us Weekly.

The 30-year-old Man of Steel actor’s relationship with Gina fizzled out after ten months together at which point he met Kaley, who was in the midst of a split with musician Bret Bollinger.

“They are totally hot for each other,” a source told the mag.

Kaley seems to be supportive of her rumored new man already, tweeting “Everyone go see man of steel. It’s fantastic in every single way,” along with a photo of herself staring admiringly at Henry on the film’s poster.

DO YOU THINK Henry Cavill and Kaley Cuoco make a cute couple – if the news is true?

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  • Kate

    Oh good grief. Well, Gina was trash and seemed fame hungry. They always made an odd pairing to me. Kaley is at least funny and has some acting talent. But yeah, this guy has seriously weird taste in women.

    If Amy Adams wasn’t engaged with a kid, I’d ship Henry with her bc at Adams is a classy dame with grace. The opposite of the kind of women he seems to date. So weird.

  • RoverteABC88

    @Lulani: No one ever called Christopher Reeve homosexual, ever. This Henri guy is the only one ever so far. No other actor but Henri.

  • reeven

    I don´t think so

  • Henry

    He is hot, she’s nice… I’d rather see him with someone as sexy as he is, like, for instance, Olivia Wilde. She’s just the average girl next door.

  • doso

    They look cute. She has career, none botoface and cankle free. Superman beats Captain America!

  • Tae

    I doubt they dating and I’m grown but not gullible either. Henry not gay and if he was why Would you care?

    Ppl who truly have no issue with homosexuality don’t question ppl sexuality. Only homophobes or gay ppl who need acceptance (which is sad) care. Of course their gay actors but realistically speaking every Hollywood actor isn’t gay. You might as well say every men in America is gay. Tbh I’ve heard gay rumours about every superman (dont believe any) but proof ppl are delusional.

  • Math Addington

    Cavil is without question a homosexual, but I agree it’s his own private business, and that, folks, is the way it is. 8)

  • karla81
  • pwp

    thought he was gay?
    and she is fat sooo….do’nt know

  • Putain

    he’s too pretty for her.

  • Amy


    I think people are tired of actors staying in the closet and using beards especially when it’s really obvious. Just come out and be yourself.

  • lovely

    I am cracking the hell up reading all these jealous, hateful comments. Why is he gay? because he’s super gorgeous, manly, has a beautiful face and body and obviously takes good care of himself?? or is it because he’s extremely down to earth and humble in all of the interviews I’ve seen of him- Which definitely makes him all the more attractive. Seriously, the people hating on him and saying he’s gay are crazy and obviously super jealous haters. And Kaley is a cutie, why are people hating on her too?? I seriously don’t get it, they are both very nice people, leave them alone.

  • eva

    @diana: or angelina jolie … hehehehe

  • eva

    @Kate: i do think so if amy adams is single, they would date … hmmm … i wish they work together again if theres a sequel. despite the age difference there’s a chemistry.

  • Valy

    If she likes blonde girls with prominent cheeks like your ex-fiance Ellen Whitaker and Kaley Cuocu, He should be dating with Jennifer Lawrence, She’s beautiful girl but very young for him. I don’t know maybe with the time. Let’s see what happen. And the for those that think he might be gay, I’m starting to believe it, because every girl friend he has is even uglier than the last one.

  • lovely


    Kaley Cuoco is not ugly, she’s quite adorable! and it’s not all about the looks. There are other qualities that matter more in a person than what they look like!

  • http://@009988 tona

    I think he should date Kristen stewart

  • http://@009988 tona

    I think he should date Kristen stewart. he is so hot.

  • Luc

    @Detector X:

    so…. everyone in UK are gay! because ALL OF THEM look, act and talk like him! LOL

  • henryissuperhott

    He is a fine looking man that is too good for her, he should be mine ha ha

  • lilo
  • Del

    Bearding in 2013 is embarrassing!

  • Dd

    I love both of them, please I hope this is not true.

  • Goosepickles

    Beard beard beard nice beard. Henry come out already!!
    Kelly is a cockeyed and fugly anyway.

  • Ugly Manly Kelly

    Yuck she is UGLLYY and a fat face like a man!

  • http://none charlie

    He s so Beautiful any women is going to be a dog next to him , I think shes a dog..

  • ha ha

    he is not gay…he is SUPERGAY!!! that’s a fact! sorry girls but he is gay, very very gay!!!

  • Troy

    @me: It’s been well-known for years that Henry is gay. Look at all the photos of him from his younger days with gay guys and in gay bars in West Hollywood.

  • bela

    He is super HOT.

    He has a type. His ex fiance had a similar features to Kaley.

  • margot

    I went to see at the cinema MOS and I was disappointed, because I seemed to be in a video game, there is no plot and Henry Cavill in the whole movie was always the same epressione on the face (did not move a muscle of his face) Cavill a mediocre actor, more lucky than good!

  • stella

    In the environment of the actors are rumors that the actor Henry Cavill is Gay, everybody knows!

  • Danny

    I think fame went to his head. This why he was on the phone at the airport and blew off us fans? Douchebag!

  • anne

    Don’t get why such pristine dude like him has worst taste, always like trashy hoe women
    Perhaps his teams think he needs to cater to nerdy geeky fanbases more with two wonderwoman wannabe, 1st Gina the fighter then Kaley queen of nerds.

  • http://JustJared VirgoLove

    I am not sure…..She is really cute and funny, but not sophisticated enough, i think. Gina was much better

  • http://JustJared VirgoLove

    @Danny: He is hot, but I agree

  • JALF

    Nahh, but she looks a bit like his ex!

  • cris



    is Kaley a lovely girl or a Douchebag!? i am not familiar with her tv show.

  • Eric

    @Danny I think you’re right. Who does this guy think he is? He dropped Gina Carano for Kaley Cuckoo? The guy is now A-list?

  • Sarah

    @Danny I agree too. He’s gone from one fake boob to another fake boob. I guess that’s his type. Says a lot about Henry doesn’t it? Besides the fact he is dating someone who looks just like his ex-fiancee.

  • Tvgal

    Because he’s single and handsome, he’s gay? I can’t see the logic.

  • OhCanada

    I like Kaley but her face is busted. She will age badly too.

    He should get a more attractive beard.

  • kryptonian


    boobies are good, fake ones are better.
    He’s been busy giving this blonde a “Big Bang” every night. stop being jealous!

  • Ariadne

    Seriously ,guys,he’s NOT gay…i know this,it is verified,it’s a fact.
    Just because he is hot and behave shy in his interviews,that does not make him gay…get a grip,people!

  • roonie

    Yuk. Horrible pairing!! She is very “lads mag”. While Im sure shes nice she is no classy lady to match Henry the (supposed) classy gent!

  • June

    Well, it’s normal he dates girls from showbiz, it’s what he sees everyday. (until he¿ll meet me! LOL) I think that would be better if he settle down with a not famous girl; and it would be less gossips.

    It’s AWFUL to see how homophobic people is, don’t you have gays/lesbians friends? I have and I’m not lesbian! I saw that “weird” pics of Henry with his friends and are silly and stupid pics not gay pics, at least not from him LOLOLOL Stop with that, it’s true he had those friends but I don’t see anything wrong there. And foe those who don’t know, he has the same old friends, gay and not gay. And his friends have Henry’s family in their friends list (I did my research LOL) and they call Henry FAMILY. So stop with crazy thoughts ;-)

  • Lulani

    @RoverteABC88: that’s what I said. Can you read?i said that apart from Christopher reeves all other superman actors have been called gay.

  • Kimmy

    I don’t believe anything when I read “a source told…”They have met, that’s all! ;-)

  • Fabiola

    @Cassie: well I love Henry and support him even if he is gay I do not care. But I would like him to be truthful to us as his fans and to himself. It is said and there are pictures, that he was openly gay, had bf Corey Spears and even dated Jake Gyllenhaal. Right before Man of Steel came out all of those pictures disappeared from the net..It is really strange…

  • bela


    oh please! corey is only a friend even if he was gay, I doubt he’d hit Corey.

    dated Jake Gyllenhaal????????? hahaha so ridiculous….it is only DL fan fictionl LOL.

  • Eli



    A picture of Henry, Corey Spears and Henry’s older brother. This is very recent! It is so EASY to see he is not gay! C’mon don’t believe in gossips!