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Henry Cavill: Dating Kaley Cuoco?

Henry Cavill: Dating Kaley Cuoco?

Henry Cavill is reportedly dating Kaley Cuoco after splitting with his girlfriend Gina Carano back in May, according to Us Weekly.

The 30-year-old Man of Steel actor’s relationship with Gina fizzled out after ten months together at which point he met Kaley, who was in the midst of a split with musician Bret Bollinger.

“They are totally hot for each other,” a source told the mag.

Kaley seems to be supportive of her rumored new man already, tweeting “Everyone go see man of steel. It’s fantastic in every single way,” along with a photo of herself staring admiringly at Henry on the film’s poster.

DO YOU THINK Henry Cavill and Kaley Cuoco make a cute couple – if the news is true?

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  • jordy


  • Gula


    amber heard hooked the biggest fish in the ocean or one of them— johnny depp

  • Anon

    Honestly he just split from Gina Carano one month ago and now he’s dating her I think he’s moving Too fast!

  • Stephanie

    If he were gay he would be out and about with his boyfriend. Look at Henry’s role in “The Tudors”– I don’t think he’s about hiding anything if he’s willing to do the scenes he did. Also, Henry was born in 1983, he is younger than the generation of people who would hide their sexuality. Maybe in high school, but at 30? I don’t think so.

  • sara

    @Jordy… I agree. Is exacty what I thought when I read for the first time. I am wondering if that is his type of girls or he is now regretting the one he let go.. because this guy was in a 3 years relationship and then engaged.. well, like GC… so many speculations, let see how this go and how it ends. :)

  • Gurrll

    Gay as a goose

  • Druzy

    I really don’t know this woman,but if this is true,Henry rebounds faster than a speeding bullet. I also read somewhere that a “source”,said it was mostly physical at this point…do ya think!??! LOL I’m kind of disappointed in Henry..apparently after being in a somewhat long? relationship with Gina,and being on tour for MOS for awhile,he needed sex immediately,after his dry spell! I personally think Gina is a thousand times more attractive than this girl…maybe Gina dumped Henry,you never know,it’s possible. I have read,(don’t know,just read it in comments on other sites),that what’s her name here,had slept with almost every guy in Hollywood. If that’s the case, Henry picked the right girl to have a few months fling with. Happy f**king you two!

  • Rina

    It is clear that Henry is not gay because he had the COURAGE to end his relationship with Gina, everyone would be deathly afraid of ending knocked LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO

  • djizzz

    fast & furious was a good platform to be seen for a new movie coming out. Then goodbye Gina… Totally Hollywood… jjeezzz

  • djizzz


    true, you know. LMFAO

  • Kate

    Hell, no if you look up bore int he dictionary, there’s that bland assed pic of her. He has to do better.

  • Kristin


    I agree! As sweet as people claim she is, he is just way too hot for her, LMFAO!!!!!!

  • whatever

    Though he is earning better now, maybe he needs a house to stay in LA after kicking his ass out to Gina’s house, like he always do with his exes. Just joking. Rushing to this kind of things made him cheap and dumb. Sorry Henry.

  • Amprey

    @Lulani: No other Superman actor has ever been accused of homosexuality. EVER. Only Cavil. Not Reeve, Reeves, Alyn, Cain, Routh, etc. NONE. Cavil is the first homo Superman.

  • Maria

    @Amprey: uuuummm Routh is still accused of being gay even thpugh he has a wife!

  • Ariande

    Cavill is NOT gay and here’s why :

    1.The rumors started when a story surfaced that we visited, year ago, the Graham Norton show and Norotn asked kim which gendre he preferes and Henrt did not give a clear answer.This story is false because Henry visited the Norton show for the first time recently for the Man of Steel promo tour.

    2.The fact that he has gay friend does not mean he is gay.Many accused him of being gay because when he started his career some pictures of him and his gay friend disappeared.This story is also false as many pictures of the two still exist and actually they recently took together another photo.

    3.Henry was engaged to a girl long before studios started caring fo him.So ,no studio made him step back at the closet…cause he is not even gay.

    4.Matt Bommer and Henry Cavill were the last 2 conteders fr the superman role.At this point ,Matt did not come out of the closet yet.But WB caried a backround researd for both of them and when they found out that Matt was gay ,they immidiatly gave the role to Hnery because they did not want the actor that would play this iconinc character to be gay.

    5.I know two different sources that both know Henry (or once knew him) that said that Hnery is very straight.Actually the one source is Corey Spears’ boyfriend!

  • Lulani

    @Maria: exactly. How stupid can people be . The man and his wife even have a child.

  • anna

    Idon’t think I beleive this…but, even if it’s true, he’s way too hot for any of them! If he’s settling for less, it should be me! :( haha

  • Maria

    @Lulani : and isn’t it weird how all this gay rumors start for an actos when he stars rising?I mean…before Man of Steel there were no gay rumors…nothing!Then MoS is realesed and…well look at that…gay rumors.Same happened witrh other up and coming actors like Robert Pattinson,Bradley Copper,Kellan Lutz,Gake Gyllenhaal.They even said that Hugh Jackman might be gay…a man who has a beautiful family and is a great father.


    @Maria: Routh is not homosexual, he even has children with his wife. None of the Superman actors were homosexual, except for Cavile. Cavile was the attempt at making the first homosexual Superman movie. Fortunately for everyone, “Man of Steel” bombed so miserably badly that they will never revisit this homosexual Superman version ever again. We can all be thankful for that!!!!

  • Rina

    for those who think that Henry lives in L.A. since Gina… he lived there from a looong time before:

  • Druzy

    @Stephanie: Even if Henry were gay,which I don’t believe for a second he is…. I doubt he would be out and about with a boyfriend. Unfortunately, doing scenes like he did in The Tudors,is very different from real life. At this point in his career,when he is gaining such recognition,(especially after playing the role of SM),it would probably work against him…and I really don’t think Henry would risk that. Having said that,it’s all just conjecture,because I believe he is straight,just as you do.

  • BORED!!!!!!!!

    *YAWN* people have called every hot guy in hollywood gay! Nothing new. it comes with the territory, especially when your movie has passed the half billion mark in two weeks. people will make up all kinds of stories- thats just part of the BS world of fame.

  • Bonita

    They’re cute together…

  • Maria

    @LUTH LEXAR : I disn’t say that Routh was gay…i said that there were (and still are ) rumours that he is gay even though he has a wife and, i think ,a child too!And since when a movie that broke records around the world and earned more than 500 mil in just 18 days is considered a bomb?I think you are just trolling!

  • tell all

    @Ariande: Get the Facts right: Matt Bomer was only considered for the role that Routh got back in mid-2000s. Matt never expressed an interest or read for this current MOS version. Amy Adams was also attached to the previous Bomer/Routh film and read with Matt. Now ya have the facts.

  • Somethin smells of BS here!

    its def coming from kaleys PR. he doesnt need any attention, his movie has just made over half billion in two weeks! thats how ppl in PR work, they think false attention is still attention and that applies heavily here. and on side note: while her PR people are working overdrive on this story, they need to give her speach lessons, the girl sounds like a an idiot when she speaks. she tries so hard to convey a certain image its so transparent thats not who she is, its ridiculous!!!atleast gina was herself. kaleys a phony!!

  • Moviefone

    Cavil is obviously a very gay man who wants to make it desperately as a tough strong man in a real mans world, so these are the steps he has to take for him to complete this impossible mission. It’s all just him being who he really is inside his regal alien brain.

  • Maximum Dynamo

    @Maria: LUTH LEXAR is not trolling, Maria. “Man of Steel” was a megaflop. You may have liked it, one of the few who did, but it was a major and historical box-office disaster!! Sorry, but true. 8(

  • Justine

    Cool if they are dating, but I don’t believe anything US Weekly writes, most of their stories are made up

  • Dog lover

    I don’t think Henry is gay. He seems shy and kinda nerdy in his interviews like deep down he’s still the fat unpopular kid in school. Be happy for that because if he ever discovered how hot he really is he would be a ginormous douche bag. Maybe he’s not into super hot model types. Maybe he goes for girls who are more down to earth and want to drink beer and eat fish and chips and talk about geeky stuff. Who cares who he dates. He’s an awesome actor and I hope he makes more superman movies.

  • Linda

    WTF?!! Is he insane. Why is he with this?! He has bad taste in women no doubt. This woman is ugly and plain. Why not be with a classy beautiful lady as Amy Adams?

  • Sam

    LOL what is he doing with her? He must be crazy. He is embarrassing himself now. This woman is not even average. He is way out of her league. I am questioning his taste..

  • Sam

    If this is true, Henry has really, really a bad and odd taste in women. He seems to go for women who look like they grew up in a trailer park. I mean, come on. Kaley Cuoco? With her over-processed hair and multiple layers of makeup? Henry is very posh and grew up posh, and honestly I think he’s rebelling against his posh culture. He has been dating the most UN-POSH women he can possibly find. If he goes any lower he’ll be dating Hooters girls and strippers.

  • Sam

    He has the worst taste in women. Why not a natural, beautiful, talanted and classy charismatic lady like Amy Adams? He’s gone from one fake boob to another fake boob. I guess that’s his type. Says a lot about Henry doesn’t it? Besides the fact he is dating someone who looks just like his ugly ex-fiancee.

  • Maria

    @Maximum Dynamo

    How is Man of Steel a flop,really?

    The movie made 523 mil in 18 days and it still has some overseas markets to open like Japan and Brazil (both major markets).What’s more it made 128 mil in its first weekend which is more than amazing not only for a rebbot but for a movie overall.Right now is on track to earn more than 300 mil in domestic box office and its success alrady made WB prepeare the sequel and expand the DC universe.I guess you are trolling too!

  • Luc

    well, well, well… he is dating like everyone else of his age (Ellen, Gina, Henry, Kaley are young)

    Maybe he is trying and trying until he’ll meet me!!!!!! LOL

    I really think that when you break up a relationship is because it is not working for a time, it is not something that happens for one reason only.

    At least him and his PR team listen/read what people think. For me Gina was trashy and they looked very different and weird together. Now, Kaley is funny and nice but not elegant, I don’t think it will last for a medium-long term. I think they are very different. But if is just dating, is ok I let you for a while Henry LOL

  • Ximena

    Dear Henry,
    please don’t listen your PR team (if it is true) or don’t be naive to get involved in people’s PR team. You don’t need this to get our attention or to avoid stupid gossips!
    You are gonna find the right woman as everyone else, don’t rush things just focus your time in work, family and give you a personal time.

  • The City Of Kandor

    @Maria: Although your numbers are somewhat higher than the reported box-office estimations, exaggerations, your numbers are still not nearly high enough to finance a series of sequels, not even one. The other posters are correct. But DC will try again. With any tact they should start faithful Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Black Canary television/internet series from scratch, 4 faithful reboots. Now THAT would be what the public REALLY wants and bring money in like a supersponge!!

  • anne


    Brandon Routh is the gay one, it’s widely known that Bryan Singer gave him the roles coz Bryan was banging Brandon and kicked Cavill the previous choice from McGee to the curb years ago.

  • andy

    hell no!!! hes so sexy and HOOOOTTTT lol she looks so ugly for him, he needs somebody more sexy as well as katy perry or kate the toms cruise ex wife…..that kind of girls will be great for him ;)

  • Lulani

    @Maria: ahahhahahha exactly. So stupid people can be

  • Cindy

    The fact that you use the term “homophobe” proves that you’re very gay. And only a homo like you doesn’t care that someone is gay becaus only to a homo like you is homosexuality “normal”. Weirdo!

  • ghey

    The female reporter’s gaydar goes off on Henry as she struggles very hard to extract out of him anything about what he likes in a woman.
    He “refuses to discuss his current relationship, with 30-year-old actress Gina Carano, a martial arts expert and the star of Steven Soderbergh’s Haywire. It forces me to go to ****increasingly ludicrous length**** in order to get any insight into his taste in women. “Look,” he chuckles, as *****my questions get ever more farcical.**** (…) He ***clams up*** when I demand physical specifics. What, for example, is his favourite female body part? ****“Pardon?” Henry blinks twice.**** His favourite female body part? The part he’d rip off and gnaw on if he could? After a ****stuttering start,**** the man becomes a poet. “Well, what’s great is a woman’s shape as a whole,” he says earnestly. “I mean, no artist could imagine a more beautiful shape. It’s incredible. A man can look attractive, beautiful even, but nothing like a woman naked. That’s why women would rather look at other naked women than at men.” (Glamour UK, June 2013)

  • radar/G8d8r

    @ghey: I’m sorry to disappoint you, but he’s not gay. He is bi. Here’s why: radar/G8d8r/et al.

    He not only dined with Gina in Rome on Mon. Oct. 7, but likely also slept with her. Here’s indirect proof from Henry’s trailer from Gina’s Instagram account:

    Other similar trailers (same swirl sign):

    His pics on the movie set the next day Oct. 8 after the dinner & sex clearly show him happy for the first time since arriving in Italy:

    He also had serious plans with Gina & introduced her to his parents (see this pic with his father, but they did not like her. That’s why he looked so sad in so many red carpet pictures with her, not because of disinterest in her/being gay/bearding, but because his parents disapproved of her. Hopefully, for Henry’s happiness, they will reconsider.

  • radar/G8d8r

    I should also say that I do believe their dinner was leaked in advance by his PR to the paps, who were thus able to pap the most perfect pics on Earth. That toast pic looks like the 2 waited a couple seconds just to make sure the paps got the best shot possible. Also, Henry could have chosen to be seated inside, since he knew full well he was being hounded by paps (even inside a church a few days before!). Instead he chose to be seated outside, perhaps to help get papped better. Last, but not least, holding wine glasses in their hands, the 2 stood up while everybody else remained seated at their tables around them. Why?! To talk better?! Or to be seen & papped better?!

    There are many reasons why his PR leaked the dinner to the paps: to make him “happen” in the tabloids & advance his career, to squash gay rumors here & elsewhere, and/or to change his “lonely & sad” “dumped” meme after the PR fiasco with the MOS revenue boosting showmance with Cuoco.

    Having said all these, despite a hack PR job with their dinner, I still believe the two likely slept together, not just dined together, as Henry’s happy mood for the first time since arriving in Italy the next day & trailer pic prove.