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Henry Cavill: Dating Kaley Cuoco?

Henry Cavill: Dating Kaley Cuoco?

Henry Cavill is reportedly dating Kaley Cuoco after splitting with his girlfriend Gina Carano back in May, according to Us Weekly.

The 30-year-old Man of Steel actor’s relationship with Gina fizzled out after ten months together at which point he met Kaley, who was in the midst of a split with musician Bret Bollinger.

“They are totally hot for each other,” a source told the mag.

Kaley seems to be supportive of her rumored new man already, tweeting “Everyone go see man of steel. It’s fantastic in every single way,” along with a photo of herself staring admiringly at Henry on the film’s poster.

DO YOU THINK Henry Cavill and Kaley Cuoco make a cute couple – if the news is true?

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146 Responses to “Henry Cavill: Dating Kaley Cuoco?”

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  1. 101
    jordy Says:


  2. 102
    Gula Says:


    amber heard hooked the biggest fish in the ocean or one of them— johnny depp

  3. 103
    Anon Says:

    Honestly he just split from Gina Carano one month ago and now he’s dating her I think he’s moving Too fast!

  4. 104
    Stephanie Says:

    If he were gay he would be out and about with his boyfriend. Look at Henry’s role in “The Tudors”– I don’t think he’s about hiding anything if he’s willing to do the scenes he did. Also, Henry was born in 1983, he is younger than the generation of people who would hide their sexuality. Maybe in high school, but at 30? I don’t think so.

  5. 105
    sara Says:

    @Jordy… I agree. Is exacty what I thought when I read for the first time. I am wondering if that is his type of girls or he is now regretting the one he let go.. because this guy was in a 3 years relationship and then engaged.. well, like GC… so many speculations, let see how this go and how it ends. :)

  6. 106
    Gurrll Says:

    Gay as a goose

  7. 107
    Druzy Says:

    I really don’t know this woman,but if this is true,Henry rebounds faster than a speeding bullet. I also read somewhere that a “source”,said it was mostly physical at this point…do ya think!??! LOL I’m kind of disappointed in Henry..apparently after being in a somewhat long? relationship with Gina,and being on tour for MOS for awhile,he needed sex immediately,after his dry spell! I personally think Gina is a thousand times more attractive than this girl…maybe Gina dumped Henry,you never know,it’s possible. I have read,(don’t know,just read it in comments on other sites),that what’s her name here,had slept with almost every guy in Hollywood. If that’s the case, Henry picked the right girl to have a few months fling with. Happy f**king you two!

  8. 108
    Rina Says:

    It is clear that Henry is not gay because he had the COURAGE to end his relationship with Gina, everyone would be deathly afraid of ending knocked LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO

  9. 109
    djizzz Says:

    fast & furious was a good platform to be seen for a new movie coming out. Then goodbye Gina… Totally Hollywood… jjeezzz

  10. 110
    djizzz Says:


    true, you know. LMFAO

  11. 111
    Kate Says:

    Hell, no if you look up bore int he dictionary, there’s that bland assed pic of her. He has to do better.

  12. 112
    Kristin Says:


    I agree! As sweet as people claim she is, he is just way too hot for her, LMFAO!!!!!!

  13. 113
    whatever Says:

    Though he is earning better now, maybe he needs a house to stay in LA after kicking his ass out to Gina’s house, like he always do with his exes. Just joking. Rushing to this kind of things made him cheap and dumb. Sorry Henry.

  14. 114
    Amprey Says:

    @Lulani: No other Superman actor has ever been accused of homosexuality. EVER. Only Cavil. Not Reeve, Reeves, Alyn, Cain, Routh, etc. NONE. Cavil is the first homo Superman.

  15. 115
    Maria Says:

    @Amprey: uuuummm Routh is still accused of being gay even thpugh he has a wife!

  16. 116
    Ariande Says:

    Cavill is NOT gay and here’s why :

    1.The rumors started when a story surfaced that we visited, year ago, the Graham Norton show and Norotn asked kim which gendre he preferes and Henrt did not give a clear answer.This story is false because Henry visited the Norton show for the first time recently for the Man of Steel promo tour.

    2.The fact that he has gay friend does not mean he is gay.Many accused him of being gay because when he started his career some pictures of him and his gay friend disappeared.This story is also false as many pictures of the two still exist and actually they recently took together another photo.

    3.Henry was engaged to a girl long before studios started caring fo him.So ,no studio made him step back at the closet…cause he is not even gay.

    4.Matt Bommer and Henry Cavill were the last 2 conteders fr the superman role.At this point ,Matt did not come out of the closet yet.But WB caried a backround researd for both of them and when they found out that Matt was gay ,they immidiatly gave the role to Hnery because they did not want the actor that would play this iconinc character to be gay.

    5.I know two different sources that both know Henry (or once knew him) that said that Hnery is very straight.Actually the one source is Corey Spears’ boyfriend!

  17. 117
    Lulani Says:

    @Maria: exactly. How stupid can people be . The man and his wife even have a child.

  18. 118
    anna Says:

    Idon’t think I beleive this…but, even if it’s true, he’s way too hot for any of them! If he’s settling for less, it should be me! :( haha

  19. 119
    Maria Says:

    @Lulani : and isn’t it weird how all this gay rumors start for an actos when he stars rising?I mean…before Man of Steel there were no gay rumors…nothing!Then MoS is realesed and…well look at that…gay rumors.Same happened witrh other up and coming actors like Robert Pattinson,Bradley Copper,Kellan Lutz,Gake Gyllenhaal.They even said that Hugh Jackman might be gay…a man who has a beautiful family and is a great father.

  20. 120
    LUTH LEXAR Says:

    @Maria: Routh is not homosexual, he even has children with his wife. None of the Superman actors were homosexual, except for Cavile. Cavile was the attempt at making the first homosexual Superman movie. Fortunately for everyone, “Man of Steel” bombed so miserably badly that they will never revisit this homosexual Superman version ever again. We can all be thankful for that!!!!

  21. 121
    Rina Says:

    for those who think that Henry lives in L.A. since Gina… he lived there from a looong time before:

  22. 122
    Druzy Says:

    @Stephanie: Even if Henry were gay,which I don’t believe for a second he is…. I doubt he would be out and about with a boyfriend. Unfortunately, doing scenes like he did in The Tudors,is very different from real life. At this point in his career,when he is gaining such recognition,(especially after playing the role of SM),it would probably work against him…and I really don’t think Henry would risk that. Having said that,it’s all just conjecture,because I believe he is straight,just as you do.

  23. 123
    BORED!!!!!!!! Says:

    *YAWN* people have called every hot guy in hollywood gay! Nothing new. it comes with the territory, especially when your movie has passed the half billion mark in two weeks. people will make up all kinds of stories- thats just part of the BS world of fame.

  24. 124
    Bonita Says:

    They’re cute together…

  25. 125
    Maria Says:

    @LUTH LEXAR : I disn’t say that Routh was gay…i said that there were (and still are ) rumours that he is gay even though he has a wife and, i think ,a child too!And since when a movie that broke records around the world and earned more than 500 mil in just 18 days is considered a bomb?I think you are just trolling!

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