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Miranda Kerr: 'Don't Worry, Be Happy'!

Miranda Kerr: 'Don't Worry, Be Happy'!

Miranda Kerr looks gorgeous in a floral print dress while heading to a meeting on Sunday afternoon (June 30) in New York City.

That same day, the 30-year-old model posted a photo on her Instagram account with the phrase “Don’t worry, be happy”!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

Earlier in the weekend, Miranda was spotted out and about in the Big Apple wearing a dress covered in daisies!

In case you missed it, check out Miranda‘s husband Orlando Bloom in this hilarious new video of him singing along with a viral video of The Hobbit.

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  • Steph

    Perfect from head to toe.
    So gorgeous!

  • Ivana

    Wooow, so beautiful!

  • Dieter!!!!

    She has a gorgeous full round ass !!!

  • Pickles

    Leo Di Caprio is in NYC. Where’s Orlando?

    Miranda and Orlando are photo’d together about once a month if that but there is no way they are together. They probably split up more than a year ago. He’s been seen out with a very pretty blonde. I can’t stand Miranda.

  • @4

    You just won’t give that up, will you.
    No matter that Leo has been in the Hamptons with his new girlfriend. Or that his people came out and flat denied anything but friendship was going on, or that they were never together except when they were surrounded by friends.
    And it’s hard to get photographed together when you are on opposite sides of the planet. He’s been in NZ filming a little indie. Maybe you’ve heard of it? The Hobbit? DOH!
    But I’m sure that when they are photographed together in NY once he is there for rehearsals for Romeo and Juliet, you will be complaining then, too. You know, the old hater double standard that if they aren’t photographed together, they are broken up, and if they are photographed together, it’s just a set up.
    You idiots are nothing if not predictable.
    And what pretty blonde? Do you mean Thranduil? That’s his daddy, darling. LOL!
    Can you get any more ridiculous?

  • @pickles…..#4

    Orlando’s just finished filming The Hobbit in NZ.
    No doubt he’ll be back in NY soon to start rehearsals for Romeo & Juliet.

    But as a previous poster has suggested you’ll somehow find fault with that as well.

    If Orlando & Miranda are photographed together you will claim it’s a “publicity stunt ot set up”…That’s why you “haters” don’t have ANY credibility because you’re such hypocrites & full of double standards.

    No matter what Miranda does, says or wears you will find fault, make up a fake story or outright lie about her.

    Until you get over your irrational hatred of a person you don’t know or never met simply because she’s happily married to your pretend boyfriend no one believes a word you say!

  • Anon

    Miranda looks beautiful in the pics. Miranda and Orlando are a gorgeous couple and have a beautiful son.

  • why???

    Why are there comments about orlando and miranda they are still together. so what if they aren’t together at all times one’s a model, and one is an actor… they travel a lot. A lot of people live in NY… so i doubt she is cheating on Orlando…

  • prettylittleliar

    As usual having the paps on speed dial, but since she has nothing else going these days, why not have a little photoshoot for her pap friends.

  • k8

    she looks so posed for paparazzi all the time, she never looks casual like just walking around somehwere, its like SHES POSING 24/7… doosh

  • @9/10

    Nothing else going on???
    You call launching her own skincare line across the globe, and doing multiple shoots for several HF magazines, doing several interviews for magazines to promote Kora, and travelling to Asia for work “nothing else going on”?
    sheesh, you’re stupid.
    And BTW, the last few times that we have seen her out and about, she’s been dressed very casually. Funny that you missed those pics. You only seem to notice her pics when she is dressed up for meetings. Is your blind hatred interfering with your eyesight?
    yeah, I thought so.

  • ha

    You know, with all of the talk about the idiots at Delphi, I just had to go and see their insanity for myself. I hadn’t been there in a while, but nothing has changed. Except maybe even fewer members.
    They are still the biggest liars and hypocrites on the internet.
    Not only are they claiming that she has had botox injections around her mouth (which would render the patient unable to smile or talk DOH!), but they are loading on the hypocrisy. You know how they are always claiming that she doesn’t stay home enough, and that they are sick of seeing her, and that every time she leaves the house she calls the paps? whine, whine, whine. Now, get this, they are claiming that since she wasn’t photographed for a few days, that it must be because she was having an affair. *eyeroll at the sheer stupidity*
    Again, it’s dam*ed if she does, and dam*ed if she doesn’t.
    They must stay awake at night thinking about ways to spin the most ridiculous theories possible. Maybe it’s a contest? Which member can be the Idiot of the Week?
    Guess what guys! You are all LOSERS!!!

  • prettylittleliar

    @@9/10: I donĀ“t stalk her like you, you batshit crazy fan, I thought they arrested you not long ago lol. Kora is a flop business and is rotting in the shelves, it is overpriced and all the reviews were negative, I doubt she makes any money from her vanity project. Also promoting nameless Asian designers does not make you a successful models, her peers are getting those HF brands.
    She always calls the paps, whether she is dressed casually or done up, with her kid and without it and then she complains about intrusion of her privacy, hypocrite, liar.

  • @13

    Uhmmm, if you’re here on this thread that means that you are stalking her. This thread is too old for you to have just casually come across it.
    And don’t even try to pretend that you are just someone who happened to come along, and just conveniently spouts all of the hater BS that they are most famous for. Only the idiots on your site are dumb enough to fall for that garbage.
    But since you are here (stalking her), let me ask you a few questions.
    If Kora is a “flop”, then why is it expanding across Asia, North America and Europe?
    If “all the reviews” are bad, why do enough people love it to make Net a Porter stock it?
    And if those other models are so much more important, then why weren’t THEY on the Forbes list of top 100 celebs? Hmmm? Why?
    You can’t answer any of these questions, can you?
    But here’s one more.
    How is it that you think a fan is “batsh!t” for defending her against lies, but you consider the one making up the lies to be normal?
    That, along with everything else you posted, just proves your idiocy and hypocrisy. But at least you are consistent. I’ll give you that. lol

  • @14…

    So true, the “haters” simply don’t have any ANSWERS to those questions.

    The “haters” like to dish it out but can’t take it in return!

    Typical behaviour from hypocrites and bullies.

    Cowards can never admit when their wrong.

    Saying Kora is a flop when she’s expanding the business just makes them
    sound beyond dumb.

    Trying to convince us she’s not a successful model when she’s been
    named as one of Forbes 100 most influential celebrities second only to Gisele is even dumber.

    Delphidiots = Dumb, Dumber & Dumbest…

  • Lill

    That “where’s Orlando” comment is also from a delphite.
    They are claiming that since Orlando wrapped Legolas on Saturday, it’s ‘proof’ that they aren’t together anymore because they hadn’t been photographed together by Monday.
    You know, not that he had to pack, get his affairs in order, both personal and professional. Or to close up the house they rented for him. Or take a flight that is how long? 24 hours or so? to reach New York to even see his wife and son, much less be ready to go on any kind of outing.
    So yeah, their theory that since Orlando didn’t alter time and space for the woman he loves, that proves that he doesn’t care about her.
    *roll eyes*
    It’s almost frightening when you realize how far gone those gals have to be to see any reason in their latest theories. Makes you wonder why they are free to roam the streets without supervision.

  • tam

    They’re also insulting her for wearing the same dress that she wore to an event last year.
    First they complain about her showing off all of her designer wear, then they complain about her re-using an absolutely gorgeous dress.
    I wonder if they would be happy if she only wore clothes from JC Penney, and then threw them away after wearing them once? Is that what they want? Maybe?
    Oh, who am I kidding. Nothing will ever make them happy, and nothing that Miranda does will ever be good enough.
    When they even complained about Miranda’s efforts to bring awareness to a help line that tries to prevent teen suicide, I knew that they were hopeless.