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Nicole Kidman: Jimmy Choo Campaign Photos & Video!

Nicole Kidman: Jimmy Choo Campaign Photos & Video!

Nicole Kidman rocks a short red bob in her campaign for Jimmy Choo‘s Autumn/Winter 2013 campaign.

“I really enjoyed being able to play a role that was strong, sexy and in control,” the 46-year-old actress said in a statement. “I got into a relationship with the photographer and Mikael [Jansson] is very intuitive, he knows what I am thinking and feeling and is able to translate it through the camera.”

Nicole is also featured in a super sexy short film for the brand. Check it out below!

Nicole Kidman: Jimmy Choo Campaign Video

Just Jared on Facebook
nicole kidman jimmy choo campaign photos video 01
nicole kidman jimmy choo campaign photos video 02
nicole kidman jimmy choo campaign photos video 03
nicole kidman jimmy choo campaign photos video 04
nicole kidman jimmy choo campaign photos video 05
nicole kidman jimmy choo campaign photos video 06
nicole kidman jimmy choo campaign photos video 07

Photos: Mikael Jansson
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  • kary

    LOL… same person hating on Nicole with differents names… You just can’t denied that she is gorgeous, classy and sexy… :))

  • Turning point

    Here we go again; this is the point at which every Kidman and/or Urban thread spins out of control; it will again go all the way to stories of a.nal beads, b.low jobs, psychiatric wards; with relentless bullying, denigrading, defamation, and misrepresentation of commenters, innocent or otherwise, etc etc. A certain person just can’t help him/herselves; just can’t ignore the inconsequential criticism of Kidman, that which just does not affect Kidman one iota. Just watch.

  • Gemma

    Happy early 4th to the Urbans vacationing with Dierks Bentley and Sheryl Crow’s families! Can’t wait to hear your song with Eric Chuch, Keith! Have a great long weekend!

  • Not buying it

    The Urban’s vacationing ie. Keith, the nannies and the girls (minus Nicole) is much more likely.

  • x

    …. he knows what I am thinking and feeling and is able to translate it through the camera …. because even though I call myself an actress, I cannot translate any emotion through the camera myself due to copious amounts of Botox and fillers and an abysmal lack of convincing screen presence.

  • @Not buying it

    Shows that you missed all the tweets about them arriving together. Lots around. Hope they have a great Fourth.

  • Not buying it

    Once again, no photos to go with “all the tweets”. Very SUSPICIOUS!!

  • Em

    All very predictable Kidman posing but at least she didn’t attempt another grotesque high kick and for that the shoe buying public should be grateful.

  • starling

    @Not buying it: The only thing that’s suspicious is your comments. There ARE photos. Nicole IS there. Happy Fourth to Keith, Nicole, Faith, and Sunday!

  • Not buying it

    Just because you say so @starling, we all must immediately believe you? Of course, history suggests that EVERYTHING Kidman says and does should be treated with the utmost suspicion.

  • :)

    Urgent Memo:
    To: All Employees
    From: NK and KU PR firms
    As part of your job description, you will be required to occasionally tweet co-ordinated bogus Twitter sightings of KUNK. You will be advised by management the exact date and time such bogus twitter sightings are to occur and execute via your multiple Twitter accounts accordingly. Failure to play the lucrative PR game may result in contract termination.

  • http://Comcast Joni

    What is wrong with this person making up all of these hatred remarks ?? How can Just Jared allow such a thing ???? Don’t they check and see where this person is coming from(could be a psyc ward or Scientologist back room). ??????

  • Turning point


    Firstly, Joni, as many people here have said, things said about the Urbans have absolutely no impact upon the Urbans’ lives whatsoever, they are living the dream, and us mere mortals make no difference to that whatsoever; they have bodyguards, lawyers, PR people to keep a very wide and solid ring-fence of safety around them … they are not affected whatsoever by comments made here on JJ … so, don’t you keep worrying about that.

    What is of more consequence, is the abusive battering that happens here by commenters DIRECTLY to other commenters … there are instances that the most abominable things are said and alleged to, and about, INNOCENT people … stuff that then comes up in a Google search and thus directly impacts the reputation of such people, and is thus a real case of criminal defamation etc etc.

    Despite these instances of the VIOLATION OF JJ’s TERMS & CONDITIONS for posting here, JJ DOES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT THIS CRIMINAL AND UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOUR, DESPITE MANY “flaggings”. JJ does not give a rat’s A about commenters’ concerns, or fears, but seemingly welcomes the abuse as it extends the number of posts, which equals more hits, more ‘popularity’ and thus more ADVERTISER INTEREST!!!

    At the end of the day, honey, it’s all about money!!!!


  • Everyone

    @Joni, Turning Point is Yvonne (also now Y.S.), the unstable defender of Not Buying It and her myriad of other aliases. Obviously these two trolls have nothing else better to do than lie and blame the rest of us every time they are caught.

  • Lillith

    DO bitter people always post here, Nicole looks very sexy and elegant. Those two normally dont accompany each other.

  • Turning point


    Poor SM … has nothing better to do on July 4th, or nobody to share it with. That says it all and explains why she/he hangs out here, to the bitter end; stretching the threads out to their sickly ugly ends. Sad life.

  • Everyone

    Here we go again; this is the point at which every Kidman and/or Urban thread is full of lies from trolls. Must be the plethora of vacation tweets and photos that have set the trolls off.

  • Not buying it

    Once again, NO PHOTOS to accompany the bogus Twitter sightings. Not a single photo anywhere.

  • Everyone

    Of course you know that’s not true. Trying to bait others to post links for you so that you can trash the photos won’t work.

    The summer sun has fried this troll’s brain.

  • Not buying it

    Providing a link to non-existent photos so non-existent photos can be trashed ….. paranoia setting in again SM?

  • tan

    Why nicole wear demonic makeup and boring shoe .

  • lady

    Hot . Sexy , beautiful, perfect…

  • Unladylike Granny

    Cold . Unsexy , unattractive, fake…

  • ..

    Who is Jimmy Choo’s target audience. Most women Nicole’s age are hesitant to wear 3 inch stilletto heels for hours on end and younger women will not relate to 46 year old Kidman shilling shoes. The campaign is stupid and makes no sense.

  • Oh dear

    Jimmy Choo obviously didn’t do their homework before employing the most polarizing and unrelatable woman on the planet. Nobody wants to see her films, buy the watches or vitamins and nobody will buy the shoes either.

  • @Not buying it

    At least five vacation pics right on his site. And you skeptics are supposed to know all about the Urbans. Shows you know nothing. Lol.

  • reality bites

    They do know. Skeptics have a real problem with the truth. So they play dumb to try to convince others their version of reality is authentic. And when the truth is right in front of their face they simply deny left and right, inventing some grand conspiracy theory. Nobody needs to post photos or tweets on Jared because we all know who the liars are.

  • KUNK Warped Reality

    Reality probably finds Kidman spending the 4th of July frantically rehearsing and reshooting scenes for DisGrace of Monaco, due to the sizzle reels failure to sizzle at Cannes.

  • Hilde

    Where’s Faith? The obsessed on here have to admit there have been no Twitter pictures of Faith. The Ashamed Parents.

  • reality bites

    @Hilde: You posted under another name ” Once again, NO PHOTOS to accompany the bogus Twitter sightings. Not a single photo anywhere.”

    Lying again and again I see. There’s adorable photos of the entire fanily getting treats in Nashville before the 4th and getting food on vacation this holiday. Sucks to be a troll, doesn’t it.

  • Hilde

    @reality bites: Yes reality bites for you as there are no pictures of Faith with her family over the 4th holiday. Sunday, but no Faith.

  • reality bites

    You’re lying again. What does it feek like to be a sack of bile wallowing in your own hate?

  • Hilde

    No lies. No Faith.

  • we know you

    It’s probably the same troll who use to say no Sunday, hiding Sunday, something’s wrong with Sunday, Sunday isn’t their real child, Sunday never smiles, Sunday has autism, Sunday doesn’t know who Nicole is, Sunday’s not a cute baby, blah, blah, blah. It’s just more prove of how low they will go with their jealousy towards Nicole.

  • TC

    Where’s Faith? The Ashamed Parents know the answer.

  • Happy Fourth of July KUNK

    CDAN Blind Item: 01/22/13: Apparently this foreign born almost A list celebrity has talked to his A list actress wife about getting a divorce. Her response? It would be very inconvenient and that she is promoting a movie and would like to focus on that and her other movie coming out later this year and they can talk about it down the road. When this split does happen, it is going to be nasty despite how hard she will try to make it appear civilized. The things he wants to say.
    JULY 2013 REVEAL: Keith Urban/Nicole Kidman

  • reality bites

    @Hilde: Liar lol But maybe you can discuss how there’s ”not a single photo anywhere” on the Cuckoo Board. Ask Michele which imaginary girlfriend Keith is seeing this week!

  • The Urbans Rock

    @we know you: She’s doing the same thing now with Faith. Will these boneheads ever learn they jumped the shark a long long time ago???

  • Oh dear

    Will Keith be set up as the cheating spouse once the contract termination date finally comes around? All will be revealed…

  • Run Keith, RUN

    Courtesy of the CDAN comments section: “I had a friend that worked at a lesbian bar in the 90′s. said Nicole was very nice and came in often. Never left alone. I want to like her.”

  • Toot Toot

    While NK desperately tries to regain control of the run away KUNK train as it hurtles dangerously toward the ravine, a sobbing KU frantically presses the emergency stop button because he wants to get off.

  • Oh dear

    @Run Keith RUN: everything sounds legit except for the “Nicole was very nice” part.

  • bahaha

    Toot toot: the sound of a skeptic sharting herself as she’s too busy to step away from the computer to use the bathroom. Hope you’re wearing Depends psycho!

  • x

    @bahaha. Try to control your emotions SM. It makes comment participation by everyone on JJ much more pleasant.

  • Toot toot a skeptic sharted

    When you get more adult diapers be sure to pick up a dictionary at the psych ward gift shop. Like always, a skeptic’s spelling is atrocious.

  • ^^^^

    It seems someone has pushed SM’s implode button and her vulgar and unnecessary comments soon follow.

  • Toot toot a skeptic sharted

    Cleanup needed in the skeptic padded cell.

  • Toot Toot

    No spelling mistakes. No photos of Faith. No movie ticket sales to Kidman’s box office bombs. No enthusiasm for Urban’s upcoming album.

  • blind vices

    I’ve been reading those badly written blind vices since 2005 and yet…Nicole and Keith are still together 8 years later. That’s all the proof I need that it’s only a couple of trolls writing them.

  • Y

    Blind vices are based on a network of inside information the general public is not privy to. To think trolls hack celebrity gossip sites and write blind items is absurd.