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Nicole Kidman: Jimmy Choo Campaign Photos & Video!

Nicole Kidman: Jimmy Choo Campaign Photos & Video!

Nicole Kidman rocks a short red bob in her campaign for Jimmy Choo‘s Autumn/Winter 2013 campaign.

“I really enjoyed being able to play a role that was strong, sexy and in control,” the 46-year-old actress said in a statement. “I got into a relationship with the photographer and Mikael [Jansson] is very intuitive, he knows what I am thinking and feeling and is able to translate it through the camera.”

Nicole is also featured in a super sexy short film for the brand. Check it out below!

Nicole Kidman: Jimmy Choo Campaign Video

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Photos: Mikael Jansson
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  • Skeptics are stupid

    Blind items are created by people’s imaginations and then ”revealed” to be whoever said writer wants them to be to keep the dimwitted faithful from realizing they are being duped. There’s carefully crafted language hiding in plain sight admitting the deceit. Cdan blogger is nothing but a probate lawyer (settles dead people’s estates). He’s not even an entertainment lawyer like he wants people to believe. It’s no wonder the skeptics love him. They’re liars too.

    BTW You trolls don’t hack. You’re too dumb to know how. You write in with stories. It’s too bad Sue has given away so many secrets. Bahahahaha!

    From Sue….

    I KNOW TL is sending stuff to Ted and Lainey – well, I’ve heard Ted finally told her to leave him alone because she was reporting incorrect things to him. But she and Mary are still sending stuff to Lainey. Lainey posts it EXACTLY the way it was sent. I heard Bstactrs also writes a lot of BS. She said Keith hit on her in a hotel room but I’ve caught her in lies so I take what she says with a grain of salt. I don’t trust her either. I know for a fact she started 2 skeptic boards for 2 different groups. One of my friends is on both (different usernames) and she thinks Bstactrs tries to get info to use at bait for the other.

  • KUNK Crazies are so gullible

    That’s right SM … and Rock Hudson was never a homosexual, Lindsay Lohan never stole anything, Bill Clinton never had sexual relations with that woman, Lance Armstrong never took drugs and Nicole Kidman isn’t a botoxed, cocaine hoovering closet lesbian.

  • Skeptics are stupid

    Skeptics are stupid.

  • The Record

    @KUNK Crazies are so gullible: The skeptics don’t need a blind item to confirm that this marriage is not made from true love. Weeks before rehab, it was the skeptics that said he was abusing the hard stuff and cheating. The obsessed crazies said no way and we were bad people for saying that. Then rehab and the porn star Enquirer story hit. Post-rehab brought the “Nic saved my life” BS – it was just alcohol and not cataclysmic – even had their PR team write up a total “I wouldn’t be here if not for Nic” story in People magazine. Why did it take rehab to clean him up while saying it was his wife that saved him? She obviously wasn’t doing something right up until this point. Then Keith finally told the truth to Oprah, of all people, when he said he went to rehab for EVERYTHING.- cocaine, sex – you name it! If his wife saved his life, why couldn’t she sit beside him while he gave all the details to Oprah? If it was true love from the moment their eyes met, why didn’t he clean up his act and stop the side-action before walking down the aisle? It is hilarious to see the obsessed crazies believe every lie that is thrown out to them. When will they realize the dots don’t connect?

  • Carolyn

    The marriage looks solid. Keith has cleaned up his act. They have two little girls. Why would they ever split? Life looks good for Keith and Nicole. They seem like nice people living decent lives. The criticism directed at these two seems to be harsh and unwarranted.

  • Skeptics are stupid

    Skeptics had no knowledge. At said show two skeptics were duped by a young security guard who didn’t know who Keith was or that he was with Nicole. He wasn’t a country fan. He told Michele (astilbe/neverland47) and Sue (nomorefan) that a girl was sitting on Keith’s lap playing chess. He made it all up to toy with them because they actually thought they could get backstage access. The only thing they got was the show they paid for. They came back to the skeptic boards and made up this story that Keith was cheating on Nicole with the girl the security guard made up. The skeptics have been trying to keep this lie alive for years. Every chance she gets Michele says Keith has a woman on the side but she can’t give details. She also has exclusive dirt on Nicole she can’t reveal. Michele is a country artist groupie wannabe with no inside information. She lives in Maryland. Her marriage ended because of it and she’s old enough to know better with grown kids. She’s a Tea Party whacko that no one believes. Sue also has grown kids and an unhapoy marriage. She’s desperate to get attebtion online and has always acted like she’s a classy mother who know peopke who knows things. She’s made up many stories like Nicole was ready to leave Nashville after a year living there, she saw a huge alcohol order Keith made to go on a bender in a Nashville hotel, she knows the one person that saw Tom Cruise admit Nicole to an eating disorder clinic. She knew that Tara and Mary were sending stories to lainey and ted but was the first to repost them like they were legit. Currently this sad attention wh0re supports Paula Deen.

    So no, skeptics know nothing. Tbey knew nothing in Atlanta and saw nothing. They just said they did. They tried to link one concert with a late start with Keith’s rehab. That’s why every few weeks they say the train is derailing…so they can look like they were right and knew all along if Keith and Nicole ever break up. In the meantime they’ll make up whatever stories they can because they can’t stand their own lives.

  • The Record

    @Skeptics are stupid: It sounds like you have a stalking problem. So this security guard, did you go investigate him? How do you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this security guard was “toying” with anyone? Did you physically speak to him? What was his name? I’ve heard the story and backstage access was useless considering the situation, but you would already know that, right? Why would anyone believe what you “know” when you weren’t there? You are declaring you know the ages of these women’s children? That’s beyond creepy, and how do you know what the situation is with their marriages? If you say the skeptics don’t know what is happening behind closed doors of the Urbans, how do you know what happens in the homes of the skeptics? Why do you even care and how do you know their political beliefs or who they support? You are obsessed with people who are on the internet. That’s the difference between skeptics and crazies. Skeptics are waiting for the Urban train to derail while the crazies are obsessed with every move the Urbans and skeptics make. Crazies are obsessed with people they don’t know. I don’t know of a psychiatrist who would think this is healthy. Get help now. Anyone reading what you post would find you disturbing.

  • Skeptics are stupid

    Skeptics are stupid. Especially you, Sue.

  • The Record

    @Skeptics are stupid: Again, think whoever you want me to be in your “world”. I was part of the gang and know much more than you ever will. It must be a sad world not to have friends, children or a significant other, and the Urbans don’t count in our real world.

  • Skeptics are stupid

    We can always count on you to put your foot in your mouth. That’s how you got here Sue. That’s why you and ”the gang” are a joke.

  • not

    @Skeptics are stupid, I agree with The Record and also add that I think everything about Kidman and her supporters is very creepy and unscrupulous

  • ?

    Why are you agreeing with yourself ”not”?

  • not

    @? your hook is empty

  • Y

    Nicely said @The Record. A very correct and intelligent point of view.

  • The girls

    I have never seen a couple, especially the mother, who wanted to have children so badly, strive to be childless so often. North Carolina coffee shops must be #1 on their tourist attraction list.

  • Oh dear

    “Going out for coffee” is just another calculated excuse by mom(?) to leave Sunday and Faith behind with the nannies.

  • selfish KUNK

    “Mom(?) can Faith and I please come with you to the coffee shops so we can choose a drink from the kids menu and all be together on holidays like a normal family?”
    “Quiet Sunday, you know the drill … Airports only!”

  • Tranny Granny ……

    ….. shilling Tranny Choo shoes.

  • @The Record

    Yeah you’re right the skeptics did say Keith was doing drugs back in 2006 before rehab but that’s because you had Palladium who was a legit insider. Then what happened? When he got out of rehab Palladium said he wanted his marriage to work. He wanted to change his life. He was going to sell his house. He loved Nicole. Then what? Suddenly Palladium didn’t know anything, right? No matter how many lies Taralea would start, Palladium could flatten them and that didn’t fit the skeptics agenda. What was that Taralea said? “We’ve got to give them hope.” So you tell me just what you’ve been right about since then? What great piece of proven info have you given us since Palladium left you? Nada, that’s what. Even Amanda knows you’re full of sh!t. You never even knew the real name of your famous brunette until is was revealed here by fan a year ago. You idiots grabbed on to every cuckoo who had a myth to tell, including big b00bs McGoo, and pretended it was the truth because you wanted to believe it so bad, just like big b00bs McGoo. So you keep hoping those blind vices will come true some day but since it’s 2013 and none of them have in the last 7 years, you might wanna get a clue. NOBODY BELIEVES YOU.

  • The Record

    Who the hell is Palladium? No one needed a Palladium to tell anyone he was stoned. You could SEE he was stoned! You know Amanda? The name of the real brunette has never been revealed on here. You claim to know all parties involved. Sure you do.

  • @The Record

    So you never had sources after all. You never “heard” anything. You just assumed he was stoned by looking at a picture. That’s about right. It’s just like how you look at a picture now and assume all kinds of things. Nobody tells you. You have no sources. As a matter of fact I have talked to Amanda and yes, the real brunette’s name HAS been revealed on here. Only the one in your head has not.

  • The cold hard truth

    @@The Record: It’s obvious Sue here is fishing for information on who is calling her out on her bs. She’ll never figure it out.

    Dearest Sue, everyone has moved on but you nuts. Nobody cares about Laura Sigler, Alecia Davis, Delaney Shanahan, or anyone else Keith used to date. Skeptic Stephanie, the pretend brunette, is still a joke. You never had any dirt on anybody. You were a nobody in Minnesota eight years ago and you’re a nobody now. It’s downright stupid you haven’t figured out that if Keith and Nicole split tomorrow your sad pathetic life wouldn’t change one bit.

    Go make didloe di!do jokes with Michele. It’s all you have left.

  • The Record

    @@The Record: I heard him scream at his fans to get the f@#k out of sound check. You crazies never realized that was the breaking point, did you? Urban has the worst fan club concert tickets, and that is all thanks to those crazies who thought they owned him that day. Now he keeps you far away from him while others put fan club members in the front row. Instead of coming up with a solution for giving you great seats, he no longer wants you to call yourselves a Monkey. That is a higher priority to fix. You need to take off your rose-colored glasses when it comes to him. Drug use was blatant, but you didn’t want to see or admit it.

  • Cold hard truth

    Yeah, why would fans feel entitled to be at a soundcheck? You had no reason to be there. I’d tell you snoops to f off as well. Sorry but your little incident means jack.

    Ive never been denied good seats. I had second row my last show. Crazies like you are on The List because you put yourselves there. That’s the truth. Posting every day he’s drinking and using does not make you an expert. It makes you a desperate loser who wants somebody they lust after to fail because they didn’t choose you. You’ve been making up stories to try to stay relevant and your own group doesn’t believe you. It’s hilarious that as soon as someone on the cuckoo board questions Michele and her stories Michele’s MIA.

    You are the Crazies. Everyone knows it.

  • curious

    Urban has talent but why would anyone lust after a greedy, conceited, posturing, overtly feminine, former drug addict who can’t stop crying?

  • Cold hard truth

    Because we all know you don’t really believe that he’s a greedy, conceited, posturing, overtly feminine, former drug addict who can’t stop crying. Your disgust is an act. Your concern for their kids is an act. Your belief that there’s a contract or that they are gay is an act. The only thing that’s real about skeptics is their ruined wasted lives. You still want him in your bed, otherwise you would have moved on a long time ago. He chose to have a wife and kids, a good healthy life. You actually think you are going to punish him until he dumps his family? Good luck with that.

  • ^^^^

    calm down sewer mistress!!

  • ^^^^^^^^

    Bahahahaha. Another skeptic moron cornered.

  • ^^^^

    Dream on SM

  • The Record

    @Cold hard truth: Did I say I was in sound check? No, I didn’t. I witnessed the spectacle the crazies caused by breaking into sound check. It is actually hilarious to read what you write because you put your own words in other people’s mouths and your own spin into every skeptic story. You are preaching far from the truth.

  • Cold hard truth

    You’re so pi$$Ed off Sue you’re talking in circles. You say you saw something you weren’t present for? Do the eyes you have in tbe back of your head have x-ray vision too?

    Those who tell the truth never have to remember what they said and to whom they’ve said it.

    Where’s Michele with her dirt? LMAO!

  • Can’t keep her lies straight

    Sue DID say she was at the sound check because she and Michelle took a picture of a woman standing next to Keith’s mother and declared her “the brunette”. @The Record: you just described EVERY skeptic: “you put your own words in other people’s mouths (Nicole, Keith) and your own spin into every story about them. It’s YOU who are preaching far from the truth but keep writing those blinds and hope they come true.

  • Can’t keep her lies straight

    @The Record: How do you know how his fan club is now? Member of Monkeyville still? Maybe Keith was at his breaking point in 2006 and maybe drug use WAS blatant but wake up; it’s 2013 now. You heard him scream at a sound check 7 years ago and said “gee he must be on drugs” and then he went to rehab. Congrats. Are you still patting yourself on the back for calling ONE thing right? Because since then you skeptics are hitting zero. You’re like that derp in high school who got one touchdown by default then spends his whole life talking about it how great a football player he use to be. Seriously, tell us one other thing you skeptics have been right about? You’re still believe that fake brunette story! Bahaha!

  • The Record

    @Can’t keep her lies straight: Post the picture, liar.

  • Can’t keep her lies straight

    @The Record – I don’t have the picture. Why would I keep some crazya$$ liar’s blurry picture of Keith’s mom in a group of people. Ask Sue. She probably still has it.


    Posts: 4,663
    Registered: 6/23/06
    Re: So will Nicold and Keith be together long?
    Posted: May 26, 2007 3:14 PM in response to: munkin211

    There was a brunette in Atlanta with him before rehab. Mum was with. Keith played chess and lost 2 out of 3 times. The last time was given to him but don’t let him know that. He was worried about the sound. The Fox has a curfew but he got it bumped back so the sound check went on for hours after. The brunette watched the chess game, very intimately.

    Message was edited by:


    Posts: 13,674
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    Re: So will Nicold and Keith be together long?
    Posted: May 26, 2007 3:18 PM in response to: astilbe

    I back-up astilbe’s statement! I was right there with her! It is amazing what you don’t hear outside from the inside of those buses!

  • The Record

    @Can’t keep her lies straight: You just proved you are all the same person because you can’t read. That was his breaking point with his obsessed crazies, and he punished you by putting you to the back of arenas from that moment on. Now read this real slow and maybe you will understand it this time – I was NOT at sound check. You can’t read and comprehend at the same time or you aren’t talking to who you think you are.

  • The Record

    @Can’t keep her lies straight: You better get glasses, take a reading glass and read that over again. Nowhere does it say anyone was at sound check.

    Liar and get help for that stalking issue. Thanks for proving me correct though.

  • Just Barb

    Inside oft those buses, eh? Snicker. As far as the endless story about the brunette goes, I think some poor girl’s imagination got her in too deep. Keith dated Delaney before Nicole and I think someone took the stories and sightings about Delaney and made them about herself because at that time, nobody knew her name. Delaney got the silver bracelet and the flowers, she went to a few cities on his tour, she knew Keith’s mother and friends and Keith took her places including his home and hers: these are proven and documented with pictures and other facts. This other poor girl created an affair starting around the exact same time doing the exact same things. And I remember when she hinted and bragged on the old eboard that she was the brunette. In fact, I believe she “confessed” to being her under the name American Woman. But her stories don’t jive with the facts. She claimed to be with Keith at the exact time as the time a picture of Keith, Delaney and Marienne was taken. And at the same time a picture of Keith, Delaney and Rodney Crowell was taken. And at the same time a picture of Keith and Delaney on a motorcycle was taken. I think the pretender got in over her head and the others pushing her story either got snookered or are just other usernames of the girl. Supposedly now Nicole is after her and she’s running scared and Keith is fighting for a divorce to be with her and her children. Hmmm, that story might be funny if it weren’t so sad and frightening.

  • Can’t keep her lies straight

    @The Record: Exactly. You weren’t at sound check. So you really don’t know anything. But who said you were? I said Sue said she was. She’s the one with the blurry picture she said was taken at sound check. Why are you answering for her?

  • Can’t keep her lies straight

    @Just Barb: KeithKitty is pushing that story. She plays the old lady who “knows her friend”.

    From Keith Kitty pm:

    I am trying to protect her and her family. My friend is very concerned for her well being. She told me she wasn’t at Live 8 – you said she was. Perhaps the brunette didn’t want it known she was with Keith because of Kidman. Kidman is not very fond of the brunette and I like you, am being cautious. Maybe my friend doesn’t want pictures around, I do not know. She didn’t say anymore and I won’t push her to say anthing she doesn’t want to at this time. It is a scary time for the brunette and Keith.. I do know Keith was in love with a brunette and he somehow got tangled up in Kidman’s mess and was forced to let her go. I do know he is making his move to be with the love of his life. Kidman is a nut.

  • The Record

    @Can’t keep her lies straight: “He was worried about the sound. The Fox has a curfew but he got it bumped back so the sound check went on for hours after.”

    Because you have difficulty reading, you twist what is said and try to make the skeptics look bad when it is you who is not telling the truth. Don’t go running away now – please tell us all where you see in those two sentences that someone said they were AT sound check? Please tell us. You can’t keep what people say straight.

  • Cold hard truth

    @The Record: You were pushed back to the end of the arena. You are on the Crazy List. Not me. Take your middle school gossip game back to the inside of your Urban lovebus – that little trailer you loved so much on your Photobucket account. No one believes anything you say.

  • The Record

    @Cold hard truth: Still waiting for an answer. I know for a fact that I am NOT on a “Crazy List” because faces have been memorized because of sick actions.

  • Cold hard truth

    @The Record: LMAO The right people know YOUR face, bug-eyed Sue. You are the biggest dumba$$ I have ever encountered.

    You want an answer? Nobody can give an answer to twisted logic and doubletalk. You’re a liar. That’s the beginning, middle, and end of the story.

  • The Record

    @Cold hard truth: You can’t give an answer because you have no clue what happened. If you continue to open your mouth, you will continue to lie.

  • Can’t keep her lies straight

    @The Record: Because you have difficulty understanding, let me repeat myself again. SUE said she was at the sound check numerous times. SUE is the one who has the blurry picture of Marienne. Are you saying she’s a liar? Because you would be right about that. So you tell me, how would somebody know all those things about what happened there without being there? How would they know there was a brunette there? How would they know about a chess game? How would they know a brunette was watching intimately? SUE confirms everything Michelle said. So in your pea brain, that would make SUE a liar, not me. I’m only repeating what she said and wrote.

  • ?

    Who is Sue?

  • The Record

    @Can’t keep her lies straight: Where does it say she was at sound check from your stalking posts that you have saved? “How would somebody know all those things about what happened there without being there?” So far what you have posted they said and what you are saying they said does not match up at all. They have obviously out-witted you. You don’t know what happened, and you can’t put the pieces of the puzzle together from what they have said. I have this figured out, but you don’t. If there is a meeting going on in an office building, and you are in the office building, does that mean you are in the meeting? It appears to me that you are the liar. You say there is a blurry picture then post it or is that another lie created in your mind?

  • help Sue, she’s confused

    @?: You.

  • Can’t keep her lies straight

    Oh and since you failed to comprehend the first time, Sue has the blurry picture of Marienne. You’ll have to ask her. She’ll be quick to show it to “prove her point”. Oh no! Don’t tell me Sue outwitted us with a phony picture!! Don’t worry, we didn’t believe it then either.

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