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Chris Evans & Minka Kelly Leave Beyonce's L.A. Concert!

Chris Evans & Minka Kelly Leave Beyonce's L.A. Concert!

Chris Evans holds onto his hat as he leaves the Staples Center after checking out Beyonce‘s Mrs. Carter World Tour concert on Monday (July 1) in Los Angeles.

The 32-year-old actor was joined for the show by his girlfriend Minka Kelly, who exited separately, holding hands with a gal pal.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Chris Evans

Also in attendance at the concert were Robert Pattinson, Selena Gomez, Lea Michele, Brittany Snow, Jamie Foxx, Bella Thorne, and more.

Tonight (July 2), Bey will hit up San Jose, Calif. to perform another jam-packed show!

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  • Lola

    So he’s even more embarassed of being seen with her, even when they’re together, they’r not. Creepy

  • Anonymous

    Bet they get married

  • Julie

    Love Minka Kelly!!!! So pretty!!!!

  • herpes

    he always looks like he’s having a mental breakdown. I would too if i had seen her cankles and fat legs up close

  • Jerkface

    At least Evans isn’t dragging her out of the building this time, like at Bootsy Bellows a few weeks ago. He just didn’t bother walking with her at all. And why is Minka always smirking when she gets papped? Does a certain “actress” (more famous for who she dates than her own talent) LOVE the attention, perhaps? Me thinks so.

  • thatgirl

    Why does everyone hate on her, she jut seems like a nice normal girl who keeps her private life private!

  • Lola

    @thatgirl: It’s no that I hate her, I just can’t handle with her trying to get attention for who she dates and not for her work, that suck, by the way. Her life is everything except private. and I think Chris is a little bit guilty on this too, because the girl broke his heart once, she dumped him for someone who was more famous at that time, and now he’s with her again and she is still the same. And I think he’s playing her, he doesn’t like beeing seen with her, but still with her

  • lol’d

    @thatgirl: u haven’t been following her long if u think she’s a “nice normal girl who keeps her private life private”…..i laughed at that comment b/c i’ve been following her career since 2004. Minka came a long way from what she used to be but she still has some of her bad ways.

  • Duhhh

    guys, if you look closely you can cleary see Minka walking a little behind Chris, so they didn’t really exit separately.
    Either way, they both have no style sense what so ever!

  • Fred durst

    I didn’t know Chris used to be a member of Limp bizkit!! what grown man wears his cap this way!!

  • Jerkface

    @thatgirl: I don’t hate HER. I hate her famewh*re habits. The fact that she’s even featured in articles on this website just proves that she’s NOT the kind of girl who “keeps her private life private.” This is a gossip site and if there’s one thing Minka Kelly loves, it’s attention. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was the one who tipped the paps off as to where she and Chris would be exiting the building. You would think that he would get a clue and figure out why he’s getting papped so much after almost a year together with her, but I guess he’s just not that bright, lol.

  • Lisa

    Minka Kelly is such a loser!! I would not be smiling at all if I were her.

  • Lola

    @Lisa: You could be Chris’ mom kkkkkkkkk But his mom really loves his girl

  • Jerkface

    P.S. Chris Evans does own more than just that one shirt, right? He’s going to wear it out soon.

  • Mary

    Wasn’t she well known in Texas for being besties with Mary Jane?

  • Molly Hooper

    so this is still a thing? i’m sorry but he’s a moron. does he really think that poorly of himself? she broke his heart because it was convenient and the first thing he does is get back together with her. i’m hoping this is just like a booty lease until he can find someone worth while.

  • http://@kareinaguilar Karein Agher

    still do not understand Chris why he is always seen hiding from the paparazzi when out with Minka, in this oacasion she looked a little drunk, but I do not understand, you see that there is no love between them, also on twitter not say anything, when you really are in love want the whole world see you

  • http://@kareinaguilar Karein Agher

    @Lola: you right!

  • BebeLush

    Yeah, but she’s banging Chris. She wins!

  • chloe

    I’m sorry, but for a happy couple they don’t seem very “together”….being that there is not a single picture here of them actually together!

  • Hady

    @Jerkface: LOL about the shirt. That is so true! He has plenty of hats though to cover up those bad hair plugs.

    As an aside, she’s had some bad botox. Her face looks horrible. And like her boy toy, she seems to be losing her hair too.

  • Erica

    LMAO they relationship is a hot ass mess, they are virtually mute on twitter about their relationship, Minka has no pictures of him on her Instagram, and to top it off they never really confirmed they are together. Spare me the celebrity and privacy mess for there are average joe’s who tell the world they love their special someone, so I don’t know how is this union conducive to their lives. And the think Chris needs to dial down the melodramatics for he knows he attended a BeyoncĂ© concert did he not know the paps where going to be there and that he was also accompanied by his famewhoring gf who is soaking up the lime light. I don’t feel bad for him at all if he didn’t want this lifestyle he could of stayed in the Northeast in Boston where he’s virtually unknown, but he chose to buy a house in L.A. so he needs to relax.

  • Cody P.

    For a seemingly intelligent man, he does himself no favors. She clearly loves the attention, while he does not. So why is he with her? Does he think that she is the best he can do? (Which would be sad). Or is he using her? (Which would make him a real jerk.)

  • jeffy

    hey just because you are in love doesn’t mean you have to wear a neck tag saying “i’m in love” or run around showing public displays of affection. duh!!!!!!! they are people who want display their affection and there are who don’t.. just because they are walking separately, that doesn’t mean anything.

  • Rose

    You’re right but when you’re in love you just can’t hide it and apparently they can lol have you ever seen a legit happy in love couple? No matter what they’re doing or where they are they just radiate a warmth and JUST LOOK like they’re light of foot and happy from the top of their heads to the tips of their toes! Any profiler will tell you that.

  • Yawn

    Their relationship proves Evans is a hypocrite putting on an act to sell his movies. Everyone knows he is a hard-partying, Playboy Mansion frequenting guy who got around. Where do you think those rumors come from? Having a steady girlfriend is good for his image.

  • Blue

    Why are you guys saying he’s a big party fan. Has anyone seen him anywhere?

  • Anon

    Other articles mention it. What was it? Storm trooper strippers or something like that and Minka’s friends complainig that he doesnt treat her right because of the playboy mansion thing lol and personal stories (of course take that all with a grain of salt). people meeting him or seeing him drunk off his booty. Or parties at his place. And that’s without me even caring about what he’s doing and still hearing it!!

  • lois

    He parties very hard. Rumors of drugs and STDs have been linked to him for awhile. Loads of people think he’s with this piece to try and clean up his image. Which really says something, becuase if dating Minka Kelly makes you look good you have problems.

  • Karrie

    Being with her is proof that he is not the kind, real, down-to-earth guy he tries to portray in the media. I call fake……both of them.

  • Blue

    I just wonder why I haven’t seen any party pics of Chris! Probably because this is just a rumor!!

  • Me

    No dude, dig. Actually, you don’t even have to dig. There’s videos of him leaving clubs and stuff on youtube. if you have time to waste like that…check it out. unless they’ve already been removed…

  • Pepper

    Wonder when she’ll starting wearing a baseball cap all the time to cover her balding too like Chris does.

  • susan

    Chris: “OMG, why I am I here with this slut. Stupid PR people making me take her out to try and get her a job.”

    Minka: “I’m so pretty. Take my picture while I pretend that it bothers me.”

  • Lola

    @susan: I loved it! hahahhaha I love how she is always talking to him, smiling and all, and he looks upset and never listening to her

  • Tanja

    If he’s looking pissed off it could be because he thought that these private moments may end up on a website to be seen by thousands. He was right.

    And that they would be accompanied by a load of comments by people they’ve never met giving deep significance to every movement, facial expression, way of walking etc.
    He was right about that too.

    And that a lot of the comments would be spiteful, rude, hurtful and most of them aimed at the girl he loves.
    He was dead right about that too.

    Whilst all this bitching goes on I think the days of Chris smiling and saying hi are gone. And I don’t blame him.

  • sonja

    Don’t worry his mommy dearest “wifey” Lisa Evans will kiss it all away

  • mimi

    @Tanja: And he knew all of this when he took the role of Cap on. Brought it on himself, so please stop making it out like he’s poor and unfortunate. If he didn’t want to be famous, he should have turned down the role…..and not dated someone who loves to be photographed all the time!