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Johnny Depp: 'Lone Ranger' Promotion on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'!

Johnny Depp: 'Lone Ranger' Promotion on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'!

Johnny Depp waves to the cameras while arriving for his taped appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday (July 1) in Hollywood.

The 50-year-old actor was on hand to promote his latest flick The Lone Ranger, which hits theaters on Wednesday (July 3)!

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Last week, Johnny was spotted walking hand in hand with his rumored girlfriend Amber Heard after attending the film’s premiere in Moscow, Russia.

10+ pictures inside of Johnny Depp spreading the word on The Lone Ranger at Jimmy Kimmel Live

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johnny depp lone ranger promotion on jimmy kimmel live 01
johnny depp lone ranger promotion on jimmy kimmel live 02
johnny depp lone ranger promotion on jimmy kimmel live 03
johnny depp lone ranger promotion on jimmy kimmel live 04
johnny depp lone ranger promotion on jimmy kimmel live 05
johnny depp lone ranger promotion on jimmy kimmel live 06
johnny depp lone ranger promotion on jimmy kimmel live 07
johnny depp lone ranger promotion on jimmy kimmel live 08
johnny depp lone ranger promotion on jimmy kimmel live 09
johnny depp lone ranger promotion on jimmy kimmel live 10
johnny depp lone ranger promotion on jimmy kimmel live 11
johnny depp lone ranger promotion on jimmy kimmel live 12

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  • Janna

    Shiftless and dirty.

  • No

    And I can’t wait for this movie to open!!!!
    Because the sooner it opens, the sooner it will bomb, and we can stop getting daily posts about this philandering hypocrite.

  • Maxi

    Apparently Jd need to kiss someone.He kissed three times to Jimmy Kimmel ,one in the lips…ja ja ja

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @Janna: really? well you better check your eyes again because he looks clean and shaven

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @No: well no one is forcing you to click on to read those articles,HATER
    and the movies is going to be a smash hit and you will day in your jealousy hell

  • Karla

    @Maxi: ahahaha!! probably kissing other girls is forbidden now that he’s in a relationship again…but she can’t complain if he kisses a guy!! ahaha

  • Karla

    He was with his children there.I wonder what Lily and Jack thinks about the kisses. LOL!

    Oh well, i have to be honest. Johnny is a funny guy and all, but i have the idea that the thing with the kisses was simply strategy because the bad reviews that Lone Ranger is receiving

    They only have one day to go before the holiday and also the release of the movie. The movie is getting panned by the critics. I totally can see Jerry Bruckheimer asking him to give something in the interview that can overshadow for one day, the bad reviews

    Maybe Bruckheimer wasn’t thinking about kisses, but this tuesday most of the media would be talking about the kisses and not about Lone Ranger bad reviews…clever!

  • niagirl

    Yeah he’s 50.

  • Fey

    @Karla: he kissed him in the lips but it looked like if its on the lips.

  • Fey

    sorry i’meant in the cheeks. he kissed him in the cheecks

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @niagirl: um yea he’s 50 all the ppl know , who asked you about his age. its just a f_cking number he is youthful.

  • alaia

    So over this clown. Sell out.

  • Jocelyn

    Shhesh, johnny depp fan, are you going to fight with everyone who doesn’t love johnny depp? What, we’re not entitled to our own opinion? This ain’t a fan board, it’s a message board. So you think TLR is gonna be a smash, I think otherwise because of the bloated budget. So we have to wait and see don’t we?

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @alaia: clown your A$$ get the hell out of here you dumbA$$ cheap hater.

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @Jocelyn: you mean the trolls who are hating on him? yea we have to wait and see the movie performing well at the BO and lets see what the trolls are gonna do!

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @alaia: why did you even click on to see the fûcking article if you are over him bitćh ? fûck you

  • Ha

    I am developing a mental picture of this ‘FAN’ person.
    In my mind, she is an obese, forty something, woman who has obsessed over Johnny since 21 Jump Street.
    Her walls are papered with photographs of Johnny. His films run constantly on her tv. And she never leaves the house, in fear that she will miss the chance to defend her imaginary boyfriend if anyone dares not to love him.
    She attacks anyone who takes offense that he supported a child rapist. Of that he trivialized the crime of rape, itself. Or that he is putting on ‘Red Face’ in a role that should have gone to a Native American. And heaven forbid that anyone faults him for leaving the mother of his children for a girl young enough to be his daughter. In this ‘FAN’S’ mind, that is totally justifiable because Vanessa is “old and ugly”. I guess that this ‘FAN’ doesn’t believe in the concept of growing old together. At least not for Johnny, anyway.
    This ‘FAN’ just can’t accept that not everyone falls at Johnny’s unwashed feet in adoration. She thinks that everyone must love him. She demands it. And if you disagree, she attacks with real anger and obscenity.
    As I’m sure we will see in her next multi-post rant.
    I hope that she enjoys stuffing her face with popcorn as she sits in a half empty theater watching Johnny insult an entire race. After all, Johnny’s movies are the only thing that will get her to leave the house.

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @Ha: thank you for the best laugh i had in hours! how are you officemom? are you fūcking yourself these days or not?


    Wow…. is the “FAN” pyschotic or what?? Holy crap Johnny Depp you may want to get a restraining order on the JD Fan asap.

  • Tvgal

    “Can’t we all just get along”. RIP Rodney

  • Susie

    @Johnny Depp Fan, He’s a liar and a cheat, lied to his wife and all of us about having an affair, he’s just a another jerk.

  • Sally


    How did he lie to YOU Susie? And to his wife,how do you know that? Vanessa said they were unhappy,even from the START. She said they were better off apart. He was allowed to move on, they’d been living separately long before the split and they split months before they announced it.

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @Susie: first of all what does the bìtch vanessa have to do with this? and get your facts right before judging she wasn’t even his wife she didn’t want to marry him because she thinks “its just a peace of paper” and how did he lie to “us” if he kept his life&relationsips private? he didn’t sell his life to the media and no one knows anything about him so shut the fūck up bítch.

  • Sally

    @Johnny Depp Fan:
    I like JD. But your comments are ridiculous. You’re doing JD no good with all the rudeness. And you don’t need to slam Vanessa in his defense.

  • benny

    he has such a dumb face from a while…it’s probably because of his lesbian-homewrecker-sl*t-flop-actress girlfriend. everybody is laughing on him and they call him “her sugar daddy”, but what do we find today???Ms. lesbian is out in town with ex-girlfriend. oh my, Mr. Depp’s winn*e is no good no more

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @benny: actually he is looking great these days and better than he did in a while and no one is laughing on him other than the gossip ppl who are like you just make up stuff and believe it. she is not a les and she is with him everywhere he goes these days because you know she loves him so much.

  • Johnny Depp Fan

    @Sally: i’m slaming her aśś because they keep bringing her in every single article about him and its fūcking annoying because they spilt up and moved on she is yesterday now and they are still on a good terms so let them live and leave johnny alone.

  • evelin akiza egalo

    johnny , liky you im a big fan for you i m star , sängerin im livinge bremerhaven, my partenes comm poland kathloisch , i been 1,80m smile body brown normal , und brwon eyes , i have fast alle your flime best like pirat of karibike wo you capten jack sperrow play ilke for rolle bril normal