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Kaley Cuoco Steps Out After Henry Cavill Dating Rumors

Kaley Cuoco Steps Out After Henry Cavill Dating Rumors

Kaley Cuoco locks up her Mini Cooper as she heads inside a nail salon on Tuesday (July 2) in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

The 27-year-old actress stepped out amidst rumors that she and Man of Steel star Henry Cavill have recently begun dating. Still no official confirmation if the news is true.

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Henry previously dated Gina Carano, but the two ended their relationship back in May.

FYI: Kaley is wearing Dana Rebecca Designs earrings.

10+ pictures inside of Kaley Cuoco heading out following rumors that she is dating Henry Cavill

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  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    shes not good looking at all.

  • roonie


  • Andelan

    This obviously PR-created relationship makes me feel bad for Henry Cavill’s real fiance…

  • Gabby

    If Henry is dating Kaley, then I love that he’s attracted to women who are very athletic versus the supermodels or the skinny, fragile looking girls. Makes me love Henry even more. *swoon*

  • O.o

    wasn’t kaley engaged to some guy? wtf happened

  • Lulani

    PR stunt all around. she is just like the rest of the vultures in hollyweird. Just because they were in the same group of people doesn’t make them an item. And for her to try so hard to keep this going. Posting that tweet is very telling. She’s very desperate to be linked to Henry or she wouldn’t be saying anything about him or anything remotely associated with him. Cannot stand famewhores. Watch it very careful the you surround yourself with.

  • Scarlett

    This reeks of a bad publicity stunt. These two were supposedly at the Guy’s Choice Awards but never interacted? Have they even been photographed together? Now this is out on every media site and outlet which tells me someone’s publicity team leaked it.

  • Smartypants

    She is not pretty.

  • Kelly

    Kaley is having a 3some with Superman and Sheldon.

  • Luc


    he doesn’t have a fiance. He was engage with Ellen Whitaker, but that ended and then he dated Gina Carano for almost a year, but they are not dating anymore.

  • Kimmy

    I knew it!
    I don’t believe anything when I read “a source told…” They have met, that’s all! ;-)

  • Sally

    If I were her and I was dating him, I’d be yelling hell yes!

  • jao

    kaley cuoco and henrys ex fiance ellen whitaker are spitting images of eachother! they look like identical twins!!!

  • Cane

    She’s dating Seth MacFarlane

  • ann

    Obviously, someone was not prepared to be photographed by the paps today. I don’t know if that means her people didn’t leak the story (if they did, she’d have been more prepared) or if it’s something his people put out there (but why???) or if it really is just something someone in the media made up from bits and pieces of info. Whichever way, I wouldn’t hate on just her if it turns out to be a publicity affair, because that would mean he’s in on it too.

  • Guest

    I think she is pretty just not strikingly pretty like WOW!

  • Lulani

    @ann: she was prepared alright. She knows exactly whats going on.That’s just her way of pretending she doesn’t know what’s going on.if she all of a sudden starts dressing up more than usual then she will be found out for the liar that she is. This stinks of Made up publicity stunt and lies

  • Guest

    Honestly he’s engaged for three years and then breaks up with his Ellen in September 2012 then he starts dating Gina for 9-10 months and ten breaks up with her in May and is now with Kaley, I honestly think that he needs to rest and stop dating for a while because I think he’s moving a bit too fast and it doesn’t look good, I don’t see a problem with people finding new people to date but you just don’t date one person after the other without some spaces

  • Kaley

    Henry is shit in bed. He finished over my hair instead of my face. Superman has no aim.

  • janice

    Just saw a picture of his ex Ellen Whitaker and she only looks a bit like this girl Kaley (whatever her name is). It seems to me he likes his girls a little chunky. Really Henry??!! Penny? dumb blond Penny that I’m pretty sure is as deep as a puddle just like the character she plays. This has nothing to do with looks, but I think you can find a classier, more intelligent woman that this chick.

  • Bad Taste in Women

    Probably the most bizarre and random coupling rumor ever. Here’s the reason why this coupling makes NO SENSE: Henry was with Gina at least until late May. Then he went into world-wide travel for MOS for 3 solid weeks, then landed in LA only 2-3 days ago. And suddenly People Magazine “knows” he’s dating KC? How? According to whom? Based on what evidence? It makes no sense. The only way this can be true is if he was corresponding with her during the 3 weeks he traveled and then they met up immediately upon his return to LA. Even so, how and why this sudden news that they’re dating? Secondly, if it is true then who revealed it? It is clearly a plant in the media–but who planted it? Was it her people? His people? A friend betrayed their privacy? Who benefits the most from the rumor (or from this reveal if it is true)? Clearly, it’s KC. Henry does not need this kind of phony, desperate PR with a B-list TV actress. I have a hard time believing they have been together for 3 days and their relationship is already important enough to reveal it to People Magazine. This whole thing smells funny. This is even more random and bizarre than his sudden coupling with Gina (no one still has any idea how and when those two met). All I know is that if Henry cares about his reputation at all he will nip this in the bud and dump her if he’s really seeing her. If not, then he’s playing the game willingly, too.

  • Bad Taste in Women

    One more thing–KC is all over Twitter. She could have stopped this rumor IMMEDIATELY if she wanted to. Even if it’s true and she just wanted to lie for the sake of their privacy, she could have stopped it. The fact that she’s let it go for 24 hours is very, very telling. I agree with everything @Lulani has said.

  • Henry’s taste

    They both like attention. Henry is homeless whenever he is in LA, maybe needs a place to stay with any woman he can encounter. They are both click to each other as they both practiced more relationships in a year without spaces. Good choice Henry.

  • GoBro

    Poor Henry. That happened when fame enters to once’s actors head, hop and hop like kangaroo to any laps. Instead of him becoming macho, his PR and his actions seemed packaging him as dumb maniac guy or maybe a real gay covering his dirt.

  • Justsayin

    If this is true and he really is dating this very average looking girl, there is hope for me yet!!

  • Rina
  • EH???

    if this is a publicity stunt , its def coming from kaleys PR. he doesnt need any attention, his movie has just made over half billion in two weeks. I know ppl in PR and this is how they work,as disgusting as it may seem. the motto bad attention is still attention applies heavily here. and FYI while her PR people are working overdrive on this story, they need to give her speach lessons, the girl sound like a shmuck when she speaks. she tries so hard to convey a certain image its so effin transparen thats not who she is, its ridiculous!!!atleast gina, love her or hate her, was herself. kaleys a phony!!

  • Joe

    This woman is ugly and she dresses horribly. She is not even plain or average, just ugly without pretty features. There’s not much else to say. Yeah she is a famewhore.

  • Ximena

    Dear Henry,
    please don’t listen your PR team (if it is true) or don’t be naive to get involved in people’s PR team. You don’t need this to get our attention or to avoid stupid gossips!
    You are gonna find the right woman as everyone else, don’t rush things just focus your time in work, family and give you a personal time.