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Ryan Seacrest & Dominique Piek: Separate Boat Rides in France!

Ryan Seacrest & Dominique Piek: Separate Boat Rides in France!

Ryan Seacrest and his rumored girlfriend Dominique Piek take separate boat rides back to shore after having a fun on a yacht on Tuesday (July 2) in the South of France.

The 38-year-old American Idol host and the Sports Illustrated supermodel were also joined by Janelle Hallier, who is one of his BFFs.

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“oye @Pitbull… how about keeping the party going after 4th of July and taking over @AmericanTop40 for me this wknd?” Ryan tweeted earlier in the day.

Over the weekend, Ryan and Janelle were spotted on a boat ride to Club 55 in Saint Tropez, France.

10+ pictures inside of Ryan Seacrest and Dominique Piek spend time on separate boats…

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ryan seacrest dominique piek separate boat rides in france 01
ryan seacrest dominique piek separate boat rides in france 02
ryan seacrest dominique piek separate boat rides in france 03
ryan seacrest dominique piek separate boat rides in france 04
ryan seacrest dominique piek separate boat rides in france 05
ryan seacrest dominique piek separate boat rides in france 06
ryan seacrest dominique piek separate boat rides in france 07
ryan seacrest dominique piek separate boat rides in france 08
ryan seacrest dominique piek separate boat rides in france 09
ryan seacrest dominique piek separate boat rides in france 10
ryan seacrest dominique piek separate boat rides in france 11

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  • yeah

    Supermodel? I thought she was only known for banging Capt. Kirk?

  • Jen

    I think she is very pretty and She seems smart.

  • leelee

    He’s probably actually banging the guy in the grey shirt.

  • Klingon Vengeance

    Piek and Pine broke up in January this year, she was quiet until he appeared with the Z-list swimsuit model with the worst tan of the world.

    So Piek named a bullet “Ryan Seacrest” and shot back, unknown if the target was hit, but she did it in a great style in French Riviera!

  • Monty

    tmz says she’s the gf of another guy on the trip so the beard needs some grooming.

  • Irish fifty

    @Monty sorry your comment has confused me. Are you saying Dominique is the gf of another guy on the boat or that her friend is?

    It is my understanding that they broke up before the holidays pretty much after returned from Japan premiere of Star Trek movie.

    It seems as though they think every brunette with long hair is Dominique. Good for her if she is having some fun with Ryan Seacrest. She is boating on the French rivera, she is no fool.

  • Jen

    She seems happier with ryan seacrest,with chris She usually looked mad or sad.

  • Irish fifty

    Okay my bad. I read the TMZ article identifying the two ladies on the boat who are with other people.

    Am I missing something here? Is Dominique even on the boat? The photos appear to be taken at several different times so I am confused. Is Dominique in the White halter dress? Are the photos of those ladies different ones that the ones TMZ are talking about?

    Good lord, one would not think it would be so hard to figure out if Dominique was present at any time with Ryan on a boat.

    and yeah more of my bad because duh..the article says on two different boats as in Dominique on one and Ryan with his friends on the other.

    So what do you think folks? summer fling or what.

  • jilly

    This “folk” thinks that the situation is just as it appears to be… Ryan is with the guy in his boat and Dominique is with the guy in her boat. Summer fling; yes. Only not between Ryan and Dominique… but good try.

  • not a seacrest

    Friends who are with Ryan Seacrest in this vacation trip are couples, only Ryan and Dom Piek are singles or maybe already starting a relationship. Or only a Summer thing!

  • ann

    Dom is with Ryan now? When and why did that happen? I think this is all just talk. Ryan’s worth gazillions but he doesn’t seem like her type.


    There’s Dommy Poo and her new man! So in lovvveeeee best summer evarrrrrr!!!

  • Irish fifty

    Body language between these two supports the Not hooking up vibe. Could be they are trying to be super discreet but if TMZ was there taking photos I am sure that they would have gotten the “million” dollar shot of Dominique and Ryan showing some PDA of some sort.

    Dominique is friends with some of these ladies and seems like she is just there to have some fun. Sure she knows Ryan and has been seen having dinner with him, or so they say. I can’t believe there are no photos of them especially because it was twice in one week.

    IDK even when they were trying to stay off radar, Dominique and Chris would be seen holding hands walking in NYC.

    I could totally off the mark here (most likely) but seems that this is much ado about nothing. With they shots they were able to get of folks on the boats and in the casino if there were something to see I feel like we would have seen it already.

    But hey, stranger things. No matter, good for her spending her vacation like this. I myself, have never read anything bad about her or that she has ever been unkind to anyone. IDK


    Of course they dont look like they’re hooking up, he’s gay you twit. Don’t worry, you’ll get your PDA and more when the contract is all ironed out, trust. Dommie is a paid beard. Don’t kid yourself. Good for her spending her vacation like this??? As a paid beard? I suppose its good if you’re an aging wannabee famewh******

  • Irish fifty

    ouch, angry much? Yeah she sure looks like it sucks to be her (not).

  • not a seacrest

    Friends of Dom Piek and their husbands were going to vacation in French Riviera with Ryan, he was single, so they needed to get a date for him, someone friend, they invited Dom Piek for a weekend in sunny LA and promoted her date with Ryan after two dinners and they like each other . It was done, Dom Piek was invited to a cruise in the south of France, on a luxury yacht.
    Who can blame her for having accepted, maybe just the type who thinks the best way to offend someone is to say that a guy is gay and the girl is a beard, much worse is to have a brain so limited!

    Btw, maybe now Dom Piek is thinking “WTF am I doing here”? Well, for sure nothing is perfect even in the South of France! After all, Seacrest hasn’t the baby blues!

  • Irish fifty

    @ not a seacrest: makes perfect sense to me. She’s friends with the people, as is Ryan, so why wouldn’t she go? A chance to go on a cruise in the South of France on a luxury yacht with friends sounds like a great time.

    Yes, only someone with a limited amount of brain power feels the best way to insult someone is to call them names (as in twit) and then cast Ryan and Dominique as the villains of the story where friends get together to go on a vacation and enjoying some down time together. Terrible villains they must be to do such a thing

  • not a seacrest

    They’re in Italy now, Portofino. Who would say no to this kind of vacations?

  • Welcome to Hollywood

    @ not a seacrest only a homophobe or someone deeply invested in someone else’s straightness would find it offensive to say someone is gay. ryan IS gay. Thus dom is a BEARD. And it only offends you, my backwards friend because you worry about what this all means for CP. Heaven forfend CP isn’t straight as an arrow.

    Seacrest has what dom wants: fame, money.

    @irish fifty: saying someone is gay is not calling them names. it is not a value judgment to think someone is gay unless you think it’s a bad thing to be. No one is a villain here but if you think this is merely some innocent story of friends hanging out then you really don’t get Hollywood. It’s all a game. All of it.

    Who would say no to this kind of vacation? No one! Especially if you’re time is bought and paid for. I’d love to be Seacrests newest bestie/beard. What a life! Just not a very authentic one but hey, that’s not what models usually want.

  • Irish fifty

    @ welcome to Hollywood: just saying: I totally get the game here but what you seem to not get is “so what” as in it is their life not mine. Who am I to judge…so it seems you are the one “deeply invested” in DP being the typical “model”..ironic wouldn’t you say…make value judgements much? You are doing exacly what you accuse me of doing ie: not a very authentic life, what models usually want.

    He is/isn’t gay …so what …and so what if he and DP hangout. Why so angry? Why you judge DP or any models? You don’t know them anymore than you know me or I know you.

    So if they are living the life they want, it certainly isn’t hurting you so why do you insist they can’t be real people with real feelings? Just curious.

  • just saying

    there are pics on daily mail and pop sugar of dom and ryan hugging and def looking coupley. so whether she’s a paid beard or if its real, they want people to think they are together. personally i dont buy it, but i never thought her and chris pine were a legit couple either.

  • Amy

    Didn’t Ryan have a phobia of dating tall women? If anyone lives in LA and listens to his radio show he always talked about being intimidated by tall women. Is Ryan finally growing up now? Dominique is a cool lady. Her tweets are pretty funny. I agree with the one that said she always looks mad when she was with Chris Pine. Early in their relationship she would smile and make cute comments about Chris on Tweeter by midpoint she just looked annoyed and stopped talking about him. I heard but I don’t know how much truth is behind it that Chris was kind of controlling. Hope he wasn’t. He seems like a nice guy.

  • Ah, these beardy models!

    Oh wow! how did I miss this? sooo late to the party :((((((
    I agree with all who say Dom is a beard. She “hooks up” with those who are rich and famous to get herself some recognition. According to gossip on the net Ryan C is gay….

  • Teepi

    I think Dominique Piek is a smart lady & if Ryan Seacrest is gay, which seems to be the case, then she must be aware. I honestly believed that CP & Dominique had a “real” relationship, but now I don’t know what to think. Is she on some “beard agency”? She’s been in the model business a long time & seems a tough cookie, not the type to be fooled. I think I’ve just answered my question!