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Henry Cavill & Kaley Cuoco: Holding Hands!

Henry Cavill & Kaley Cuoco: Holding Hands!

Henry Cavill and Kaley Cuoco confirm their new relationship by holding hands while visiting a local market on Wednesday afternoon (July 3) in Studio City, Calif.

The 30-year-old actor took off his sunglasses and flashed a big smile while leaving the market with groceries with Kaley, 27, after their shopping trip. She also cuddled up to him while BevMo for some drinks.

Kaley met up with her new beau after taking her dog to the vet.

Earlier in the day, Kaley wore a zig-zag striped top while shopping at Dari and she also met up with some friends to do some horseback riding at Rancho De Las Palmas. She also stopped by Starbucks early in the morning.

FYI: Henry is wearing Levi’s jeans.

40+ pictures inside of Henry Cavill and Kaley Cuoco out and about on a busy day…

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henry cavill kaley cuoco holding hands 04
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henry cavill kaley cuoco holding hands 07
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henry cavill kaley cuoco holding hands 19
henry cavill kaley cuoco holding hands 20
henry cavill kaley cuoco holding hands 21
henry cavill kaley cuoco holding hands 22
henry cavill kaley cuoco holding hands 23
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henry cavill kaley cuoco holding hands 29
henry cavill kaley cuoco holding hands 30
henry cavill kaley cuoco holding hands 31
henry cavill kaley cuoco holding hands 32
henry cavill kaley cuoco holding hands 33
henry cavill kaley cuoco holding hands 34
henry cavill kaley cuoco holding hands 35
henry cavill kaley cuoco holding hands 36
henry cavill kaley cuoco holding hands 37
henry cavill kaley cuoco holding hands 38
henry cavill kaley cuoco holding hands 39
henry cavill kaley cuoco holding hands 40
henry cavill kaley cuoco holding hands 41
henry cavill kaley cuoco holding hands 42
henry cavill kaley cuoco holding hands 43
henry cavill kaley cuoco holding hands 44
henry cavill kaley cuoco holding hands 45
henry cavill kaley cuoco holding hands 46
henry cavill kaley cuoco holding hands 47
henry cavill kaley cuoco holding hands 48

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253 Responses to “Henry Cavill & Kaley Cuoco: Holding Hands!”

  1. 1
    Alexandra Says:

    She did all of that in one day and it’s still bright out? Hmmm…

  2. 2
    ew Says:

    what the hell is he doing?

  3. 3
    Rachel Says:

    Does anybody even remotely believe this relationship is real?

  4. 4
    Joe Says:

    I like her a lot, and he’s lovely but this is so obviously for publicity.

  5. 5
    reeven Says:

    I like her, she is cute and funny and he is gorgeous but i don´t believe this

  6. 6
    elisa Says:

    My new fave couple! =)

  7. 7
    Gimme a break Says:

    Thanks for the laugh Alexandra. She’s Superwoman! And OMG, they’re holding hands, it’s real luvb! LOLz

  8. 8
    yeah Says:

    Publicity stunt, but oh well…

  9. 9
    Britney Says:

    they look so fake.
    Henry date someone better, Katy Perry is single ,just saying

  10. 10
    lucky lady Says:

    aww he’s a gentleman and she’s a lucky lady.. god bless that couple

  11. 11
    lovely Says:

    oh Kaley, you lucky girl!! good for you!!

  12. 12
    Ha F'in Ha Says:


    Of course this is PR. And what a creep that he dumped his gf for her!

  13. 13
    Iss Says:

    Love love them…they’re so cute!!

  14. 14
    Rose Says:

    If Sheldon know that Penny is dating superman, he enloquece kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk …

  15. 15
    Iss Says:

    @Ha F’in Ha:

    He and Gina Carano were a fake couple just for Superman publicity and made him more loved in the superheros fandome…live with it!!

    He never took Carano’s hand like that or had that happy smile in his face!!

  16. 16
    Lola Says:

    I like them together. But I would wanna believe that is real love, but it’s hard

  17. 17
    SOFI Says:


  18. 18
    evie Says:

    They look uncomfortable together. That is so fake.
    Oh, Henry, don’t play the hollywood game.

  19. 19
    MrsDD Says:

    Boy, that escalated quickly

  20. 20
    Deedz Says:

    Wow this **** so contrived. I miss Gina.

  21. 21
    Danni Says:

    I think he’s gay.

  22. 22
    Lucas Says:

    HE’S WAYYY TOO HOT FOR HER! anyway.. Lucky HER

  23. 23
    Lila Says:

    This is PR and so was Gina.

  24. 24
    Isabelle Says:

    I don’t understand those who say it’s for publicity.
    neither of them are that famous.
    even with cavill as superman, he is not a household name like a leo or Tom or brad.
    and nobody knows the girl.
    there is no PR benefit to date her.

  25. 25
    michele Says:

    GOOD FOR THEM!! I HOPE THEY CAN ENJOY BEING TOGETHER! all you haters…you NEVER had a chance with himn

  26. 26
    lenje Says:

    Oh my God, I can’t stop laughing. LOLOLOLOL that gossip sites and message boards are blowing up!

  27. 27
    j Says:

    he’s so hot!!

  28. 28
    backspace Says:

    @Danni: who cares what you think ? you go penny!

  29. 29
    evie Says:

    @Isabelle: Benefits for both. Being in the tabloids increases the profile of actors. Win win situation.

  30. 30
    kris Says:

    i find it funny whenever a male actor become very famous everyone starts thinking he’s gay. when henry was on the tudors, girls loved him and no one called him gay

  31. 31
    byrnes Says:

    @evie: he is SUPERMAN, he’s not need more than that. lol

  32. 32
    rotflmao Says:

    LMAO at the women here bit@hing about this man and the woman he is with. Here’s a new flash.. NONE OF YOU WERE GOING TO GET HIM. HE DOESN’T KNOW YOU. IS NOT WAITING AROUND FOR SOME FANTASY DAY THAT HE WILL MEET YOU.

    Get a freaking grip. It makes no difference in your diluted dreams if he is with someone or not. And those of you calling her names and saying she is ugly.. WELL she is pretty enough to catch Mr. Cavill.. (who I don’t thing is all that).. You hate her because she is with him? why? because he was never going to choose any of you to begin with.
    Grow up. Unless you are a bunch of preteens. That is almost understandable. Some of you are making fools of yourselves.

    good luck to the new couple.

  33. 33
    Bad Taste in Women Says:


    Nope, doesn’t make sense. This pairing only increases HER profile, as he’s the bigger star at the moment. She’s a TV actress and she might even be on a decent show but she is NOT internationally known, nor is BBT. Henry is world-known, even if only for his face as Superman. There’s no logical explanation for how SHE enhances HIS profile. Unless he’s gay and his people needed to get him coupled quickly. Still, even if she’s a beard, the fact that everyone is on the internets are LAUGHING about this bizarre, random, and sudden coupling…isn’t that sort of proof that this bearding choice was not a good one? I’m saying IF this is a bearding situation. It would make more sense–and probably be more believable–to pair him with a supermodel. *sigh* I don’t know WHAT’S going on, but something is way off.

  34. 34
    brazilian guy Says:

    haters: calm down. It’s not your business, let the man be happy, he’s young, good looking with a lot of money, he want some new p***ys until get married.

  35. 35
    so confused... Says:

    If they keep going at this rate they will be engaged next week.
    I cant tell if he is sooooo in love with and that that is why it is moving so fast and publicly
    or if its all just fake fake fake. But if it is he must know how ridiculous this looks.

  36. 36
    lovely Says:

    I’m also really surprised that so many people are hating on Kaley Cuoco, she seems like a sweet girl, and hello? how can anyone hate Penny? LOL I am happy for her, she gets to have that hunk of a man every night. Good for her, you go girl!! And Henry seems like such a sweet man, such a gentleman. I love his brittish accent..oh Henry!! you little tease you. I wonder what he sounds like in bed LOL ;)

  37. 37
    mimi Says:

    this is a joke. he never hold hand with gina and now, he’s trying so hard to proof…WTF

    henry, please don’t go weird..LOL

  38. 38
    Sarah Says:

    this happened so fast! one second it was a rumour, and now its a full on relationship

  39. 39
    MoS Says:

    I have always thought that he was straight but kow I’m starting to doubt it. Lainey has a timeline put up and it shows just how fishy all of this is.

  40. 40
    Emily Says:

    Grocery shopping? So this mean they’ve already moved in together? That was quick. The ***** and the player.

  41. 41
    Alexis Says:


    Wtf? You do know “Penny” is just a character right? Kaley in real life is a snob. Just read her twitter on how a beotch she was to one of her followers. The one about the pit bull. She could have just shown class and ignored it, but instead had to show herself off. Her sister is also a beotch.

  42. 42
    Bad Taste in Women Says:


    #37 Sorry, he’s already there. He has fully entered WEIRD and the only way he can get back to planet NORMAL is to grow a pair and pull out of this PR arrangement ASAP.

  43. 43
    so confused... Says:

    omg Jared has added new pictures of them grocery shopping like an old married couple. Told you they are going to be engaged by next week.

    I wonder how Gina feels about this, its so soon.

  44. 44
    bersch Says:

    Now I know that HC like DOG faces!

  45. 45
    PlainJane Says:

    Sorry but this just screams PR to me

  46. 46
    Sara Says:

    something is off about this …

  47. 47
    passing the time Says:

    HOW THE HELL did Kaley manage to pull that? Hes so freaking hot, and shes just..not.

  48. 48

    So basically Kaley changed into 4 different outfits in one day for all the paparazi pictures.

  49. 49
    Landy Says:

    I had high hopes he’d be somebody decent in Hollywod – for once. Nope, he’s such a loser. I’d like him better knowing he was gay than him & his perpetual nasty taste in woman. Move on HC. Time to bring on the next Hollywood it boy.

  50. 50
    karina Says:

    the fame! :P gina carano is more beautiful … kaley is only a girl that want get your superman

  51. 51
    ali Says:

    Ugh, he could do so much better than her. She got ugly fast. Looks far older than her age. He is ridiculously good looking, surely he can do better. Its probably a publicity stunt. She is on the most popular show on tv (no that she has anything to do with it – she is easily the worst part).

  52. 52
    2 Says:

    Haters, haters everywhere . so many people at this site need get a life. SERIOUSLY, they both look happy

  53. 53
    Loki Says:

    The timeline and the amount of coverage would indicate this is PR, clearly, to me anyway. I just think it’s a bit sad that Henry and his Team thinks that this is necessary. It’s not. He’s hot, did a charming turn as Superman, and seems like a sweet guy. If he’s gay, so what?

  54. 54
    Ha F'in Ha Says:

    he probably got rid of Gina because she is not a name in Hollywood ..yet.
    and physically she is not a size zero or blonde…he actually fits in very well in Hollywood.

  55. 55
    Mona Says:

    Looks very staged. The majority of the pictures are of them together leaving a grocery store. Can’t be too hot of a relationship, or in my opinion exciting, if they are going to the grocery store so early on. Maybe dating a week if that, seem boring to me. I would expect better wooing than that. Good luck to them anyway. Glad he left the manly Gina.

  56. 56
    Mona Says:

    @so confused…: How Gina feels? Ha, he started dating Gina only after a month that it was announced that his engagement was off. Should of saw that coming. Figures she was just a rebound, just saying.

  57. 57
    Mona Says:

    @so confused…How Gina feels? Ha, he started dating Gina only after a month that it was announced that his engagement was off. Should of saw that coming. Figures she was just a rebound, just saying.

  58. 58
    J Says:

    He’s trying REALLY hard to stomp out the gay rumours by being a playboy type! I think he should already just come out!

  59. 59
    Kirsten Says:

    When dating Ellen people complain there were no photos of them together.

    Next girlfriend Gina, seen with her in airports and on red carpets

    When dating Gina people complained they weren’t holding hands, didn’t looked like they liked each other

    Now with Kaley he’s smiling and holding hands

    Publicist, we won’t believe it’s real until we see a sex tape

    Well Publicist…LOL

  60. 60
    Slow the dang down Says:

    Dang, first it was the nail salon, then the horseback riding, then the hiking, then the starbucks, then the grocery store. Am I missing any other PR events?

  61. 61
    yho lee Says:

    meanwhile they’re enjoying his love, you losers are here writing sh’*t about ..if you know what I mean ?

  62. 62
    Rina Says:

    I remember once I read on twitter that someone wrote that this person saw him with Gina at a grocery store when they were together, I think it was in London. So he loves to colaborate LOL

    -I think that when he is dating, he cares about because he spent Christmas & new year with Gina & her family in Vegas and not in London with his family

    -And talking about K. Cuoco maybe it is a ‘move’ for PR, for both of them but at the end they are BOTH young and they date as we do. But I agree I don’t like this kind of exposure, they just don’t need it and maybe they lose credibility

  63. 63
    Cherry Says:

    Poor guy looks so uncomfortable with a woman.

  64. 64
    Analise Says:

    “Are you GAY MR. GREY” cuz obviously some of these haters need to be SPANKED!!! cuz you good sir are one fine sexy man. Secondly celebs move from one person to the next i don’t see what the big deal is. But personally I think he should be with Amber Heard she’s sexy, feisty, confident, charismatic his perfect fit. So focus features make that introduction between them as Gideon and Eva and lets get this show on the road! TEAM HENRY CAVILL all the way baby!! My Christian Grey, Gideon Cross, Man of Steel, Duke of Suffolk, Charles Brandon who is definitely NOT GAY as apparently scene by his extremely convincing sex scenes in the Tudors. No gay man could pull that **** off so well.

  65. 65
    SirD Says:

    We are starting to see the real Henry now. Move on girls/boys just lined up maybe you’re the next.. LOL

  66. 66
    Jerkface Says:

    Can someone please explain to me why Henry Cavill insists on dating women less attractive than he is? Maybe he has some sort of complex, where he has to be the pretty one in the relationship. At least Kaley has talent. But seriously, I give the relationship a few months, tops. Now that Henry is famous, he’ll want to bounce around women for a while. We won’t see a steady relationship from him (at least, not one that lasts longer than a year) for at least another five years or so. Good luck, Kaley! Enjoy it while you can, girl.

  67. 67
    mariana Says:

    Dear Henry Cavill, I think I don’t like you anymore :’(
    Why so much PR? Be a man & don’t continue with that, you don’t need that! Just work, focus!

  68. 68
    Akasha Says:

    She has long torso,and short legs… She is not ugly,but is not pretty for him !

  69. 69
    Druzy Says:

    I think this is real,but is such an obvious rebound relationship,it’s kind of sad. I think maybe Gina,released him,instead of the other way around. One thing that’s kind of nice,he obviously is not dating her for her looks only,I mean she is by no stretch of the imagination attractive. I personally think Gina is a thousand times more attractive. (btw,I saw a photo,which quickly went away,of Henry holding Gina’s hand inside the Royal Opera house in London,at the Bafta awards,which shows he never held her hand in public,but in private he did)I think Henry should just do speed dating and make it easier! To those screaming,”haters”,(Michele),”you never have a chance with him”. WTH,thinks they have a chance with him?? LOL! One would have to be kinda dumb to think that. Two things I do like about her,she believes in animal rescue,that’s a plus…and she rides horses! Now all Henry has to do is put her on a rack about an hour a day,stretch her out a little,to make her average height,and he’ll have Ellen Whitaker back!!

  70. 70
    Linda Says:

    I like him ever since The Tudors and I like her so happy for them both.

  71. 71
    sarah levy Says:

    @Analise: well said sister!

  72. 72
    Decide Says:

    @Ha F’in Ha: So is it for publicity, or did he dump his gf for her?

  73. 73
    Druzy Says:

    @rotflmao: @rotflmao:What makes you think that,well,I’ll speak for myself,I want to be with Henry,and in my dreams he may come to me some day! Are you insane? I know he doesn’t know me,nor I him. I do however,know I have a right to comment on what ever the hell I want to comment on,on a web site like this,which invites comments. You get a grip. I’ve seen more than a few comments from men,when he was dating Gina,that weren’t exactly complementary toward Henry. Now,perhaps you weren’t speaking to me.

  74. 74
    Troy Says:

    This whole situation is disgraceful. Henry Cavill is gay and the studio is taking the bearding into overdrive. Have they gotten tripped up over their own PR? Just last month he said in an interview that he LIVED WITH Gina Carano. And yet when it became obvious no one bought that, he’s all of a sudden with Kaley Cuoco? How did he go from living with one woman to being with another virtually overnight?

  75. 75
    Druzy Says:

    @brazilian guy: I think that’s true to a great degree…..but going through women,like changing shirts isn’t exactly an admirable trait! It’s ridiculous to think this is love,(as some have mentioned),come on now. He hasn’t known her that long! And btw,I didn’t know anyone could be so eloquent and poetic,until I saw you used the word p***y. What a guy,I betcha all the girls swoon over you! LOL

  76. 76
    doctor who Says:

    @Troy: He’s Straight. I’m sorry because I know you want the super D.

  77. 77
    Superhero Actor Says:

    Gosh! surprise me a lot!

  78. 78
    Druzy Says:

    @Jerkface: I agree with everything that you said,after the word,” but seriously”.

  79. 79
    ann Says:

    I feel bad for her. Whether she’s actually dating him or this is a publicity thing, she’s obviously miserable with all the things his stans have been saying about her. He, on the other hand, looks or is acting like it’s all good.

    His relationship with Gina looked just as suspect as this one with Kaley, so who’s to say what’s really going on with him. And I don’t get why some people think Gina was so much better, when Kaley has a pretty good career too. Is it just because Gina used to kick a-s? Well, she hasn’t done that in a long time, and she needs to do a lot of work on her “acting.” Just sayin’.

  80. 80
    lola Says:

    I’ve never believed the gay rumors around Henry, ever. But THIS?? It’s so painfully obvious that this is staged, why on earth would you call the paparazzi on you so early in a relationship?? I’ve thought that Henry didn’t look very comfortable in public with Gina because he was a private person, but with this obviously fake relationship with Kaley I’m beginning to thing that maybe the rumors have some truth in it.

  81. 81
    A. Says:

    You wanted to know the difference between Matt Bomer and Henry Cavill? This is it ladies and gentleman, and it’s called class. Matt has never and would never do such a PR stunt around a fake relationship for some media attention.

  82. 82
    rain Says:

    My new favorite couple!! <3

  83. 83
    Ryan Says:

    women r so pathetic. its not like he will ever sleep with u guys.
    kaley is cute and she is more famous than the guy.
    i dont kno if this is PR or not, but his ex ellen whitaker looks so much like kaley, so maybe she is really his type

  84. 84
    Kirsten Says:

    @so confused…:
    So confused let’s go knock on her door and ask her. As soon as she answers the door, I’m either hiding behind you or running LOL

  85. 85
    May Says:

    Good for them, though it doesn’t look natural, obviously they haven’t been together for a while so it takes time to feel comfortable but still…..

  86. 86
    birdy Says:

    So fake relationship for PR – does she have the same publicist as Taylor Swift?

  87. 87
    reeven Says:

    Can you imagine Matt Bomer and Henry Cavill? Wow!!

  88. 88
    Sea crest Says:

    @A.:love Henry but no contest, no actor has Matt’s combination of looks, talent, class and intellect.

  89. 89
    ela Says:

    True, his ex Ellen looks so much like kaley, really Kaley is his type.

  90. 90
    Luke Evans Says Hi Says:

    Two sham “relationships” in a row? What are you hiding, Henry?

  91. 91
    Lisa Rowe Says:

    She looks just like his ex Ellen; he has a type.
    And Gia Carano is a vulgar woman and a awful “actress” who had to be dubbed in that Soderbergh’s movie.
    Huge upgrade for Henry.
    and BTW Lainey don’t know s-h-i-t about anything, stop believing that b-i-t-c-h!

  92. 92
    Joe Says:

    I am sooo disappointed in Henry. WTF is he thinking?!!! First of all, she looks like a copy of his ex-fiance. Second, she is not even plain or average looking. I think she is actually ugly and an unattractive body. She doesn’t even have a great personality. She is annoying and no very talanted.

  93. 93
    Joe Says:

    He goes from one ugly girl to another. I am disappointed. He seemed like such a nice guy and one would think he would want to get to know the woman very well, and date for a while before going public. This makes him look bad.

  94. 94
    Saander Says:

    He could do so much better, he is way out of her league. For once this is the truth. This is embarrassing! He goes from one woman to another very quickly. He seems so nice and down to earth in his interviews, but this proves he is not serious. He recently broke up with his MMA gf whi he hooked up with before breaking up with that horse beater. Now he goes public with a copy of that washed out blonde?!!!! WTF.

  95. 95
    ela Says:

    But kaley is not ugly? … she is a cute girl.

  96. 96
    Saander Says:

    Henry is pimping himself out in the worst kind of way! Wtf is up with all this??I mean with this Kaley, the worst part of Big Bang Theory. IRL she is annoying and a also a ***** to her fans.

    Henry should have kept low to keep the mystery alive with Superman. He is already loved as Superman and did a great promo, no need to ***** himself out like this. This makes him look bad.

  97. 97
    Saander Says:

    Hahah she is horseback riding for real?? just like his ex-fiance the horse beater with razor blades. Omg. They don’t only look like plain average twins, but they do horse back riding as well.. oh well.. busy day oh yes.

    Henry should have kept low and met a beautiful, sweet, charming, classy lady like Amy Adams.

  98. 98
    Gay & Ugly Says:

    Guess who is who?

  99. 99
    Saander Says:

    Dear Henry Cavill, I think I don’t like you anymore :’(
    Why so much PR ? Be a man & don’t continue with that, you don’t need that! Just work, focus!

    This makes you look bad and you are destroying your nice guy image and the mystery with Superman will DIE!!!!! Everyone will see you as the player who pimed yourself out!!! With a ugly girls, copy of your ex-finace the horse beater!!!!!!

  100. 100
    PR relationship Says:

    SO FAKE SO FAKE SOOOOOO FAKE hahahahahahah

  101. 101
    Lula Says:

    Kaley is not even plan or average. She is ugly. Henry got the question what a girl had to do to impress him, just be herself and confident he said. Well, add to the fact she should be a washed out manly looking blonde, anjoy horseback riding and a bitchy personality.

  102. 102
    siennagold Says:

    I prefer Henry and Gina as a couple. Oh well…

  103. 103
    talia Says:

    am i missing something, whats with all the hate towards these two. I think they look good together but that’s just my opinion

  104. 104
    Elodieee Says:

    LOL! A glorious PR mess… Like I like them but still…

  105. 105
    ela Says:



  106. 106
    Fabiola Says:

    @Iss: he did they videos of him rubbing her leg at a restaurant and being all nice and cozy. But he is gay! Henry do not get all this go up to your head. you are not like this! Humping from one woman to another! Come on show more respect for your ex partners! This is really making me think that the rumours of him being gay and having dated Corey Spears are true. Just saying: Do with your life what you want but do not go around using and hurting women just because you are not sure about yourself.

  107. 107
    wow Says:

    He’s never gonna come out of the closet!

  108. 108
    nemo Says:

    PR relationship. so obvious.

  109. 109
    Anne Says:

    His taste in woman is unbelievable low! Of all the women in Hollywood and it’s her? She’s just a bimbo!

  110. 110
    aquarius64 Says:

    @Iss: Holding hands doesn’t necessarily mean true coupledom or solid relationship in Hollywood. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart did the hold-handing thing at Coachella (which was widely reported). Next month Robsten was done. @Isabelle – Henry Cavill’s stock went up with the success of Man of Steel, so Kaley may look to uptrade. She’s never been papped this much before. @Michele – it’s too early to call the wedding planner. Don’t be so certain they’ll last forever.

  111. 111
    mona Says:

    They’ve basically already done almost all the “candids” a PR stunt could contain and the “source/friends” deliriously-happy reports, so what’s next? “source” saying that decided to move in together and adopt a puppy next week ??, or that Henry met Kaley’s parents? “candids” of them having a romantic lunch date or looking at rings? Come on guy, if you’re doing it, at least try to be a little subtle, it’s borderline insulting to think we’re that naive !

  112. 112
    nina Says:

    Can this be true? such an handsome man with a ‘juste cute’ girl? gives hope!

  113. 113
    Nadiap Says:

    I thought he was w/ Gina? He’s not known for dating great lookers so I’m not surprised .

  114. 114
    so fake Says:

    It’s like Kelly Clarkson dating Rpattzs,this is how these two looks like!Say goodbye to your career Henry Cavz,another bites the Orlando Bloom curse dust,lol!!

  115. 115
    M Says:

    OMG people! Seriously stop hating! So what if they’re together! I think they make a cute couple and honestly im glad he broke up with Gina because he could do so much better then her! Which he is now with Kaley! They look cute together! And whether they’re really together or not they still make a cute couple! And honestly how do we know for sure its a publicity stunt! Where’s the proof?!

    @Britney: Seriously Britney?! Honestly Kaley is a step up from Katy! If it was Katy and him now that is one couple for sure people would hate on saying he could do a billion times better which he could and as of right now he is!

  116. 116
    solid Says:

    7th May he’s supporting his GF movie at her premiere, July 3d he’s grocery shopping with other girlfriend. yeah right….

  117. 117
    Arabesque Says:

    @solid well… they say that he (superman) is fastest than a speeding bullet!!!! I guess this must be the reason (or one of them!!!) talk about speed here!

  118. 118
    Photog Says:

    “Man Of Steel” flopped so HUGE, and he’s VERY homosexual, I don’t have to tell anyone, so yes of course this is a staged photo-op. Shopping… horseback riding… his facial expression looks like he REALLY doesn’t want to be dong this fake staged photo-op thing. He needs to go back to the UK so he can just be himself and find a little local UK boy for him. It’ll be better that way for everyone.

  119. 119
    Anon Says:

    @Saander: I couldn’t have said it better myself I have lost respect for the man soo much, ever since he’s a big hit he’s become to cocky!

  120. 120
    mary Says:


    Katy perry? really? he should go back to his ex- fiance, just saying..

  121. 121
    Love The Shoes Says:

    Always hoped she and Johnny Galecki would get back together but if she’s happy with this dude, cool. I like her a lot and wish her well.

  122. 122
    Sasha Says:

    How is it PR when they’re not in similar projects? Just two already successful people dating. Deal with it.

  123. 123
    haha Says:

    I hate her..shes pretty much living every girls dream.

  124. 124
    tom Says:

    You can find more pictures Here

  125. 125
    bitches be like Says:

    @Photog: flopped ?? hahahahahahahahahahahahaha Man of Steel’ pushes June box office to record heights

  126. 126
    Nioamy Says:

    Why would this relationship be PR? What could he possibly gain from this? He freaking superman! that gives him more fame than any of his relationship could.

  127. 127
    Maria Says:

    I love both of them; don’t like this over-the-top publicity.

  128. 128
    Henry Says:

    Kaley Cuoco… Is this a name? I hate her, she and all those “america’s sweethearts” wannabes. They look so fake. I’d rather see him with someone more edgy, like Olivia Wilde.

  129. 129
    Peacock Says:

    Uh, Superman would have done well regardless of who played him. Few know who Henry is still, he’s just the guy who played the latest superman. He certainly wasn’t the draw, no one knew him. Duh.

  130. 130
    Kirstie Says:

    I don’t think I’m some huge conspiracy theorist, but this is sooo obviously a pr stunt. Right after it’s announced here they are for a very public photo op. I can’t believe Hollywood still pulls this **** and I can’t believe people still buy it.

  131. 131
    Nikki Says:

    He took off his sunglasses and posed and flashed big smiles while with her… if that doesn’t scream PR, I don’t know what does! They don’t even seem like 2 people that would be together in a romantic way. Very fake.

  132. 132
    Nikki Says:

    @Isabelle: yeah, it’s publicity to make them MORE famous, better known. Get it? That’s how it works. :)

  133. 133
    Cut him some slack people Says:

    I am kind of disappointed in him indulging in all this PR stuff but Henry is new to this whole crazy Hollywood fame world, and might just be doing what he thinks he should do. So lets give him a brake for now. I hope he smarts up.

  134. 134
    Rebecca Says:

    I think they make a great couple, she’s adorable and he is hot!!!

  135. 135



  136. 136
    Luis Says:

    It’s impressive how many would bother commenting just to say that “he’s not famous” or “it’s staged.” Who’s not famous now eh?

  137. 137
    leelee Says:

    This is so staged! And how uncomfortable does he look?

  138. 138
    Snooky Says:

    Is it a good thing to pick on a guy because he’s a closet homo case? Are their better things to do?

  139. 139
    Keri Says:

    lmao @ all who thinks cavill is gay.

  140. 140
    Wow Says:

    Wow, I didn’t believe it until now. Does anybody else think miss match?

  141. 141
    angie Says:

    OMG , this looks so fake! PR stunt all the way.

  142. 142
    Dylan Says:

    Henry, no…. What are you doing with this homely, boring, obnoxious C-list nobody? You are Superman, dude. Rachel McAdams, Zoe Saldana, Emma Watson… anyone but this. I am so disappointed.

  143. 143
    Basil Says:

    The bloody Americans don’t even have homosexuality, they’re a flipping military espionage based species. It would help if the Americans even had homosexuality then maybe they could share Henry’s experience and what he’s going through, otherwise he’s just a lost homo picking up loose manly chicks with punchy looks in a far-away alien land.

  144. 144
    Aditi Says:

    Can people stop calling them PR. You don’t know anything about their relationship

  145. 145
    Claudio Says:

    @Basil: The Americans will never become homosexual, Basil, no matter how you try. That’s like trying to force a scientist to become stupid, or an octopus to become a banana. It would be a clever ruse, but also a truly unsuccessful one.

  146. 146
    Lula Says:

    I agree with this:

    Henry, no…. What are you doing with this homely, manly, boring, obnoxious America’s sweethearts wannabe, C-list nobody? You are Superman, dude. Anyone but this. I am so disappointed.

    He could do so much better than this C-lister. He is way out of her league. For once this is the truth. This is embarrassing! He goes from one woman to another very quickly. He seems so nice and down to earth in his interviews, but this proves he is not serious. He recently broke up with his MMA gf who he hooked up with before breaking up with that horse beater. Now he goes public with a copy of that washed out blonde?!!!! WTF.

  147. 147
    Druzy Says:

    @Fabiola: I think that’s very well said,in terms of the women in Henry’s life.

  148. 148
    mm Says:

    they look great together! love them :D

  149. 149
    Nina Says:

    This relationship looks fake. I mean all of a sudden we know they are dating. I mean kaley never hinted anything that she was with someone when given interviews. Recently at awards show she showed up alone. On the other hand Henry did not hint either he was with someone, but was he married, divorced separated, single before he became more famous for the movie man of Steel? On awards show he also showed up alone.

    Henry u could do better my dear and also she could do better.

  150. 150
    Gimme me a break Says:

    Henry is all new to this for sure maybe is a PR stunt to draw more attention to him and be noticed more after the movie. He relatively was unknown before Superman and now he is becoming more famous beaues he is dating Kaley Cuoco? Henry do not do this to yourself, find someone more edgy, more like it fits you. Woe he looks buffed nice!!

  151. 151
    nm Says:

    I get how this could be fake, but I can’t see the point…I mean, it’s not like there’s anything to promote through their relations ship..

  152. 152
    yep Says:

    they make a cute couple!

  153. 153
    Lula Says:

    I’m more disappointed if this isn’t fake! Because that would prove his very bad taste in women. A plain washed out blonde obnoxious, boring bitchy C-lister.

  154. 154
    Lala Says:

    Anyone who thinks this is a normal relationship needs to check out Lainey’s timeline. It is all so weird.

  155. 155
    bella Says:

    He is HOT!!!!

  156. 156
    Ximena Says:

    well…. they are getting fun LOL C’mon guys you also date, aren’t you young as they are? (Ellen, Gina, Kaley, HCavill)
    as a fan I don’t want this becomes bigger (yes, I’m jealous LOL) but at least she is fun.

  157. 157
    xvc Says:

    Really Henry? Whatever, but they look mismatched

  158. 158
    kami Says:

    don’t know who she is. from the outpouring of pap pix in the last few days, this looks like a set up pr relationship. i don’t see him as needing it, so maybe she does.

  159. 159
    kami Says:

    …so according to that lainey timeline, they been dating 9 days.

  160. 160
    Superman's GF Says:

    Kaley was overlapping with Gina. This is the only explanation for why they seem to be so together after only a few days. Because he was getting her lined up weeks ago with the intention of breaking up with Gina. He’s one of those who always has a new relationship ready before he ends the current one. Like Kate Bosworth. Serial monogamist, that’s what this type is called.

  161. 161
    cali Says:

    so for the folks who are claiming he moved to quickly from one to the other, is there a certain period of time that would be acceptable for your puritanical sensibilities? It is possible that he was broken up with Gina for a month+. So is he supposed to to take a vow of celibacy, and go to Buddhist Monastery for a period of time before he can date again?

    He is a young, single guy, living a fast paced life that often demands long periods of travel. If he finds someone that he likes to hang out with, wtf is wrong with that?

    Those of you who are up in arms are deluded if you don’t realize you have some weird jealousy going on. BTW, lots of men would chose a woman like Kaley over a super model any day. She looks like she likes to have fun, she is spontaneous, sporty, active, and successful in her own right. She looks like she actually eats real food, not just celery, like Posh. She looks low maintenance. While the fangurls whine and say hateful things about her, the truth is most men probably totally get it. He is having fun, and there is nothing wrong with that.

  162. 162
    Druzy Says:

    @cali: yeah,there may be. I don’t know what happened between Henry and Gina,obviously. If,imo,you are with someone for almost a year,travel with them,spend time with them,make love to them,become emotionally attached to them(hopefully)…most people would,it would seem,take a moment to regroup,and get past,even if it’s not for a long while,what just transpired.(breakup) Yes,we don’t know when they actually broke up,but for all intents and purposes,from all of the events,such as the premier in London in May,to his MOS tour,to coming back to LA,being so close together,it would logically seem very recently! Maybe Henry needs no time at all,to get back in the saddle,…maybe,his fast paced life allows him to jump into the woman pool without as much as a blink of an eye. Maybe,but Henry doesn’t come across to me as that type of person. I personally think,Henry jumped into this relationship for two reasons,he’s on the rebound big time,and he wants a sexual partner,slash girlfriend asap. That’s why I kind of think Gina ended it with him. It has nothing to do,at least with me,about being puritanical. To me,it means having just a smidgen of respect for the relationship,and the other person. No,he doesn’t have to go into mourning for a year,but changing women like shirts makes him seem a tiny bit shallow,does it not? As for jealousy, ha,no I don’t get jealous of 27 year old girls,(don’t get jealous,at all actually), and as for thinking,and dreaming that I may have a shot with Henry,that’s,most peoples big argument on here,if people talk about Kayle,that’s too ridiculous to even address.

  163. 163
    cali Says:


    They likely broke up in early to mid May. This is July. Also, a couple of weeks ago, there was a tweet Posted of Gina getting very cozy with another guy. Not judging her, because we don’t know what happened, but I wouldn’t jump to the conclusion that she broke up with him. I think a month -2 months is more than enough time between relationships. GIna was nowhere to be seen for the entire MOS promotion tour, so they were done by then. He and Kaley may have struck up a friendship long ago, for all we know. Hollywood is a small town and They could have friends in common. They may have been friends for months now, and only when they both became single again, decided to move on together.

    This happens and I think it isn’t worth getting upset and judgmental over.

    Maybe Gina and Henry were fine until they decided to live together. Sometimes that can be the death of a relationship. It isn’t anyone’s fault, but sometimes people are just not compatible.

  164. 164
    Superman's GF Says:

    You guys can try to defend him all you want, and brush off the embarrassing shenanigans that he’s currently engaged in, but the fact is he has made a royal a*ss of himself with this idiotic PR stunt (and her too, to be fair). It has backfired badly. While there are a few defenders of Henry, most celeb-watchers are rolling their eyes at this stunt. There is NO rational way to explain or defend what he’s engaging in, because he himself has sold an image to the public that does not jive with his current activities. So not only does he look incredibly silly, but also dishonest.

  165. 165
    Superman's GF Says:


    #159 The Lainey timeline only works in the context of “what the public knows”. But there is a lot going on behind the scenes that we don’t know about but if you connect the dots you can trace a different timeline. The timeline where Henry had been exchanging flirty text messages with Kaley for several weeks while he still with Gina. Serial monogamist. Always lining up one girlfriend as his jump-off before he ends things with the current girl. And you can be sure he dumped Gina…not the other way around. Word on the street from people inside Kaley’s management is that she and Henry had been in regular contact BEFORE mid-May and that Kaley was “giddy with excitement” when he returned from overseas promotions and finally made good on his flirtations. That’s why the two of them are looking like they’ve been together for longer than a few days. I also totally believe the gossip that was sold to People with an inside “source” stating Henry had been wanting to date Kaley. I believe that. I believe he would pick a GF from off of a TV show. He’s that stupid and shallow.

  166. 166
    Rina Says:

    Well, it’s clear that Corey Spears is a friend of Cavill family, here there is a new pic of him, in this case with my mother in law ;-) Mrs. Cavill. The other day was Corey, Henry and one of Henry’s older brothers. Must be in MOS NYCity premiere.

    btw… the black man on the left is Corey’s Boyfriend

  167. 167
    cali Says:

    @Superman’s GF:

    where did the info that they were exchanging flirty texts come from? Never heard that before.

    And do we know when he and Gina actually broke up? They may have broken up earlier than May, and maybe tried to get back together. Or they remained friends, and he went to the F&F premiere with her as a friend. We just don’t know.

    But even if, as you say, he moved directly from one to the other, why is that any big deal? Sometimes people have amazing chemistry and it seems a bit silly to wait a requisite period of time, just because some people think it is a socially acceptable thing to do.

    And honestly, I think probably a lot of people do that in real life. Gina seems to have moved on right away as well. So what, they are single and unattached. They can do what they want.

  168. 168
    Kaley is SO UGLY = BEARD Says:

    She is fat, gotch-eyed and really UGLY. One of her teeth is BROWN.
    He MUST BE GAY, only thing that would explain him dating a fat girl with a rotten tooth.

  169. 169
    Druzy Says:

    @cali: well,if that is indeed the case with Gina,I’m very happy for her. I don’t notice her out and about with anyone though. I haven’t seen a single photo of her anywhere,with anyone…and she is big enough to draw paparazzi. She seems to be laying low. The same can’t be said for Henry.
    I think Gina and H. broke up after the London premier,hence,she wouldn’t be showing up at any of his tour stops.
    I’m not upset over this,I just think it was a bad move on Henry’s part,a little low brow for a guy like him.
    Finally,I think it’s possible H may have known K from before,and jumped on it,when G and he broke up,but I think they met at The Spike awards on June 8th?….right after he got back from tour….and the rest is speedy history.”/2013/07/03/henry-cavill-kaley-cuoco-holding-hands/comment-page-7/#comment-27943201″>cali: Fianally,I think

  170. 170
    cali Says:


    There is a picture that was posted by some guy in Austria with Gina. They look cozy. It could be nothing, but many thought it might have been a hook up. I have no idea and if it is, I don’t see a problem with it if they were broken up by then.

    I think it is possible that HC met KC in the spring, when he and Gina made their first appearances together. The Guys Choice awards and teh Critic’s Choice awards were attended by both of them.

    Plus it is also possible that they have known each other for a long time. They may have met at one of the Con’s or they may have mutual friends in the business. They are repped by the same PR group, so maybe they have met through events with them or bumped into each other at the office, etc. Who knows?

    People have always assumed that HC valued his privacy, but is that really true? Is it that he tried hard to remain private, or is it that he wasn’t known well enough yet to have garnered much interest? Maybe this kind of interest is exactly what he has always wanted.

    Maybe it is a PR stunt, or it started out that way, but is more now.

    The point I am trying to make is that none of us know how long they have known each other, when he and Gina broke up, what caused the breakup and was it nasty or amicable. In fact, for all we know Gina and Kaley might be friends. Maybe Gina introduced them and she has given them her blessing.

    Again, we just don’t know. But I will say one thing, He has some pretty nice smiles in these pics. He looks less Stiff than he often does, so maybe Kaley will help him loosen up.

  171. 171
    leelee Says:

    This is equivalent to Ryan Seacrest kissing Teri Hatcher. Staged PR. I say a couple of vacation photos and red carpet appearances and then they’ll “break up”.

  172. 172
    JALF Says:

    WHAT!!! NooOuuUurgh!
    Ok, makes him human though, maybe we all have a chance with him then ;) :P

  173. 173
    Mary Says:

    ew indeed, separately they are cool, together? yuck!

  174. 174
    anne Says:

    He needs to date someone classier like Alexandra Daddario or Emma Watson or Jennifer Lawrence

  175. 175
    a Says:


  176. 176
    jane Says:

    WTF?? thought henry was one of the good ones. sadly, hes a player! hollywood is going to swallow this dude up. hes stated that his brothers would beat the crap outta him if he goes all hollywood. he should prepare for the beat down then cuz his behaviour is beginning to look a bit desperate and weird!

  177. 177
    jordin Says:


  178. 178
    HAM IT UP KALEY! Says:

    could she ham it up for the photos any more. what a moron!..woohoo kaley you go, keep up the act in front of the cameras. perfect scenario for a famewh***. he will tire of her “act” and dump her a**. faster than a speeding bullet! hes too real for her.

  179. 179


  180. 180
    Calm your tits everyone Says:

    Guys ,most of you (definetly not all of you),you are shallow and superficial.

    To begin with,Their relationship is not PR or staged.They are a real thing.They met in a WB party about the MOS release and Henry was newly single at the time.You could argue that is not cool thaat he moved on quicly BUT his relationship with Gina was rough the last couple month (or more) and they stopped loving each other.Gina was also seen with a new guy before Hnery’s relatiuonship announced.Henry,though was meeting Kaley occasionally, postponed thing with Kaley until now that he finished the MOS tour.Their relationship IS real.
    Now i could not care about how she looks.Actually,i (and all of you too)MUST not care at all.It is HIS girlfried,He is the one that sees her face when he wakes up in the morning!If he likes what he sees…why don;t have the right to judge.I,for one,i could not care less for any celebrity relationship.
    And Henry is DEFINETLY NOT gay.All over the onternet there are blind items obviously pointing at him,personal stories fro people than know him,stories from people that met him,stories from people that are in the bussiness,rumors that he stand by his girlfriens when the studios tried to stop him,stories that he has many flings with girls that he met in local bars and all these stories scream that he is very straight.I with a the help of a friend of mine who is journalist confirmed that he is straight.
    And this another thing that makes me think that their relationship is real.They have nothing to cover or promote right now.Why they should fake it?

  181. 181
    Ximena Says:


    100% AGREE

  182. 182
    LOLLL Says:

    @Kaley is SO UGLY = BEARD:
    dont think he’s gay at all. tho your comment made me LOLLL. to each his each his own, but seems like the dude like chipmunks. have you seen his ex fiance ellen whitaker?! she and kaley cuoco look like identical chipmunks!! no effin joke ! but hey if thats his thing. good luck mate!

  183. 183
    Ariadne Says:

    I don’t care how she looks. if she is fat, thin, tall, short, beautiful,ugly.. that is his business. Who are we to tell who he should like/fancy and who he must not? If he thinks she is pretty (to his eyes) that is all that matters and we have no saying in that.Actually is quite refreshing seeing a star be with someone who is not the typical, anorexic, plastic model type we see other stars. But… what does bother me is that in case this is real and not a PR then i see a man who was cheating on his former girlfriend with this one, that is why they are so quick together and all cozy. You get to that level of “coziness” only if you have already known someone for quite some time and not if you met him 7 or 9 days ago! So i sense that Mr. Cavill was being a cheater and that says a LOT about him and who he really is. Though he tries REALLY hard on his interviews to make us believe he is a moral guy and honest (BS!!). Your actions speak better than your words Mr. Cavill. Good luck with your new “you”

  184. 184
    Kara Zor-El Says:

    @Calm your tits everyone:
    You’re funny. You’re coming with all this like you actually know him or have some insider info, when you DON’T. Anyone with two attached retinas can see that there is something incredibly unnatural between them. The man has no established relationship history with women…NONE. Yet there are pictures, rumors, blind items, etc.. that indicate that he’s gay that go back to even before he was on The Tudors. This is the man that supposed dated Jillian Michaels, an out lesbian. He was not photographed once with Ellen W., nor spoke about her in a single interview. Ditto with Gina (another supposed lesbian), no photos, other than a few awkward red carpet pics, no mention of in interviews. Did your “inside source” tell you that Corey Spears (Henry’s boyfriend of several years…..) was at the MOS premiere in NY or with Henry at a Venice Beach wedding in May? And that recently he posted pics of himself with Henry’s mom? Do the math! He IS GAY.

  185. 185
    This is whats up Says:

    Word from people who work with Kaley is that Henry has been sending Kaley flirty text messages for the last six weeks all during the MoS promotions. People who work with Kayley say she has been telling everyone and acting like a giddy high school girl and that she wasn’t sure if he was serious or not.

    I’m inclined to believe it, it is kind of consistent with her behavior tweeting pictures of herself gazing at his poster like a fan, changing out fits 4 times a day for the paparazzi, clinging on to his to his arms, I think she is the one who is waaaayyyyyyy invested in this, and probably the one who told the press.

  186. 186
    where is henry cavill??? Says:

    what the fu** has happened to henry cavill????????????? whats with all the “hollywood” BS ?!?!?! . actually feel sorry for him. but henry will learn the hard way that NOT all publicity is good publicity regardless of whom ever is ill advising him on PR. if he were smart he’d ask people the likes of ben affleck who’s career when down the tubes after all the BS he created – with the ridiculous publicity of his personal life. ben affleck has said it over and over again in interviews how his career and life went down the dumps after all the “PR” he created with his personal life. henry needs to get an F*ing grip, if he doesnt stop this high school BS now! HE WILL LOSE EVERYTHING HE’S WORKED SO HARD TO GET UP UNTIL NOW!!

  187. 187
    henry and kaley for.... Says:

    people ,see this for what it is: a PR stunt (which obviously has gotten ppl talkin) with a side order of flingin bangin fun!! LOLL. he’ll leave her once the romance fizzles.she’s too hollywood. he’s not! though he does seem to get very lonely incredibly quick! …two months from now…pics henry with another lay …!!!

  188. 188
    oh well! Says:

    whether this is real or not. it is he who has to live with it. fake or real. good or bad. hope he doesnt get sucked into the hollywood pit of disaster!

  189. 189
    js Says:

    This girl is one ugly dude! hes really into funky lookin chicks.have you seen a pic of his ex fiance ellen whitaker, she and kaley look identical….eery…paging dr freud!!

  190. 190
    dont get sucked in henry! Says:

    good luck to henry. he’s gonna need it. hollywood is fickle. hope he is smart in his choices and doesnt get lost in the hollywood game.

  191. 191
    Jaselle Says:

    @Rachel: It’s not real and what I don’t understand is, if they want him in the media with a “love” interest…. they WHY her?! Wasn’t Taylor Swift available?

  192. 192
    Not a set up Says:

    The paps have been chasing Kaley ever since she announced it to the press that they are dating. They followed from her house to starbucks, riding everywhere – so its entirely possible that this isn’t a “set-up”.

    Anyway this just screams of rebound. He went straight from a 10 month relationship to Kaley withing a few weeks.

  193. 193
    More PR nonsense Says:

    HC’s “relationships” are about as believable as Ryan Seacrests’.

  194. 194
    coco Says:

    he looks like a cyborg next to a woman that’s so funny he looks so stoic

  195. 195
    Superman's GF Says:

    @Not a set up:

    Um, the fact that she announced it is the whole point. Why did she need to announce her 1-week romance. ONE WEEK. The two of them are totally fame-who*ring and it’s disgusting. HC is NOT the humble guy he wanted you all to think he is. He lusts for fame and recognition, and is not all about “family and work”. That whole “I don’t really think of myself as famous” line was total BS.

  196. 196
    Superman's GF Says:

    @dont get sucked in henry!:

    #190 Well, he has scre*wed up ROYALLY so far.

  197. 197
    Maria Says:

    @Superman’s GF:

    For what is worth,it said that their romance started in early June.They met each other at a WB party and they were texting and talking to each other on the phone constantly during the MOS promo.Apparently,it is more than a week.

  198. 198
    Phony Henry Says:

    @Superman’s GF:

    I agree. He’s nothing but a famwh&re like all the rest. All the “down-to-earth” cr&p was just a phony act. Now he’s going down the showmance and staged photo-op route. I’ve got no respect for him anymore. Nothing humble about him at all.

  199. 199
    cali Says:

    I am sure that Poor Henry is going to bed tonight worrying that he has lost the respect of some overly obsessed fans.

    He probably is glad to see the crazies backing off. Crazy fans do more harm to a career than a few staged photo ops. Look at Tom Hiddleston, His fans are nuts and have likely cost him opportunities because they are so over the top. I think that is why he isn’t in the next Avengers because his fans were idiotic in their worship of him and rude to the other actors.

    So if I were Henry, I would say good riddance to the crazy hypercritical fans who had some weird ideas about how I should behave in an industry that they know nothing about.

    You are all doing him a favor if you move on to your next unrealistic imaginary lover.

  200. 200
    Lilith Says:

    @cali: Maybe you have a point in what you say but the (sad) truth is that the “crazy fans” make him or any other actor a star. If he gets “rid’ of them as you say then he will soon kiss carier goodbye. Who will stand by him? His handful of ‘sane or logical’ fans like yourself? Look what happened to Orlando Bloom. His fangirls made him a star for a while, made a few movies but then “POOF” gone! Where is he now? Even if he makes movies… who watches them? Maybe his “logic” fans do but with all the “fangirls” gone they are not big hits. I am not defending all the obssessed fans. I am just stating the facts. Fact is… actors need fans or soon they will be history. If they are super talented they might make it to the industry because of their talent. If they are not talented like Daniel Day Lewis for example… they need the fans to keep them to the top. And another (hurtful) fact is… Henry is not Daniel Day Lewis nor Al Pacino. He is just ok. Do you know how many super talented young actors are waiting out there for their chance is the sun?

  201. 201
    Ariadne2 Says:


    Hollywood is superficial.Talent stopped being a matter a long time ago.All they care now is who can put more butts at the theater seats.
    I’m hearing people calling Hnery names because they think (i don;t) that this relationship is a PR stunt.But they don;t realise that everyting in Hollywood is a PR srunt.The Movie Bussiness have grown more challenging that ever before.If you won’t fake things to stay in the limelight you will dissappear sooner or later.Actors pose together and they are all smiles when in reality they want to back-stab each other for their gain.PR Stunt.Even actors like DiCaprio,Gosling,Pitt do this kind of stuff.Is what’s normal to them.They want their career and they can’t possibly be in enough movie to stay relevant all the time.And whne you stop being relevant people stop care for you.

    And that’s why i don;t think this particualr relationship is not PR (well i do think that the way it was pussed to the media was from their PR team).3 weeks after the MOS release Henry had all the fame he wanted and had nothing to gain from a PR stunt.He had no movie to promote and everyone already was talking about him.If something like that would happen when the whole HC thing would toned down and sudden HC had a new girlfriend and all these picks atound the internet…then i could though it was PR!
    And she has nothing to gain either.She the leas actress on the #1 tv show and at this point she can’t hope for a movie career as her tv show does not leave her the time to make movies.Now a tv show can keep you relevant for a whole year.
    As i said their relationship is genuine.What i think is that they shouldn’t have left their PR teams interfere on how they will handle it.The PR team where happy about his success and very eager to milk the cash cow that let the story surfaced really quickly (PR teams have enough power over the clients to prevent this) .It was normal for paparazzies afterwards to stalk every move Kaley did until they got a picture with her and Cavill.

  202. 202
    Samara Says:

    Henry is from my neck of the woods and I thought he was different ,I was @ the London premier of the fast and the furious and he and gina looked really happy, if he’s playing the Hollywood game then I have lost all respect for him,I don’t care how long he and gina broke up but flaunting a new gf so soon,is like he has a sensitivity chip missing ,it’s in poor taste

  203. 203
    Ariadne2 Says:


    But you don;t know under what circumstances he broke up with Gina.Many have been said and will keep said.And for what is worth,Gina was seen with a new boyfriend also…and that’s before Henry’s new relatiosnhip surfaced.

  204. 204
    Caro Says:

    It seems that many are giving him a kick in the ass, well….everything falls under its own weight

  205. 205
    Druzy Says:

    @SUMMER F BUDDY!: I agree with you on this. I most certainly don’t think it will last,real or not. Henry will began shooting The Man from Uncle in London in Sept of this year. Either Kayle is going to be doing a lot of flying back and forth or they won’t see each other much. Henry is just trying this out,that’s all. In the long run,I feel kind of sorry for her,she looks over the moon being with him.Unfortunately this is not going to last terribly long. Kayle will be history.

  206. 206
    Druzy Says:

    @Samara: AGREED.

  207. 207
    Druzy Says:

    @Lilith: very good point,I think.

  208. 208
    farila Says:


    Actually, he did. Check yourself.
    BAFA or some other events She wore a blue dress.

  209. 209
    Samara Says:

    He’s just fallen into the Hollywood trap ,which is not good! He’s new he should establish himself career wise and then bed hop hahaha maybe then ppl won’t care,don’t make one major movie and then get famous for all the wrong reasons

  210. 210
    Superman's GF Says:


    He’s set a new low for himself by picking a girlfriend off of a TV show. (And I do absolutely believe that’s exactly what he did). But the biggest mistake was how they set this relationship up to show themselves off to the public. That’s the gross part. He looks desperate and idiotic. He will not live this down. No matter what role he takes next he’ll still be “the guy who held hands with his TV girlfriend in the parking lot”. IN THE PARKING LOT. Who holds hands to walk from their car to the grocery store?

  211. 211
    Arya Says:

    @Superman’s GF:

    You should see how idiotic sounds someone who hates on an actors he doesn’t even now constantly.
    First of all,where’s the problem from dating a TV actress?Last time i checked,tv actresses were still human beings…brain,feelings and all invovled.
    And why they would stage a relationship to show themself.His face was all over a the world as Man of Steel is a box office juggernaut and she is the start in one of the most watched tv shows right now.A tb=v show that has even universal appeal.
    Anyway,i don;t think this relationship is PR.What it is PR,though,is the way it is being pushed to the media.

  212. 212
    Arya Says:

    @Superman’s GF:

    OHH and one thing i forgot :

    There also picture of them going to other stores too.They didn;t go just to the grocery store holding hands.

  213. 213
    Farah Says:

    Well guys,let me tell you something :

    At the end of the day,no matter how ugly you find her,she is the one who gets to have sex with the man who is considered by the majority “the most handsome man on eart”.You?.You are sitting in a dark corner…and let’s not get into details of what you are doing!

  214. 214
    Lilith Says:

    @ all of you who are calling ger ugly :

    i would like to see YOUR faces.

  215. 215
    farila Says:

    @Superman’s GF:

    It’s not a crime to date your prefer actress in a tv show…
    Why do you all seem so angry with him?
    They don’t do anything wrong.

    That’s not our business to know if they were together since June or May.
    Maybe he had already broken with Gina since May.
    Anyway, if he had cheated on her, he would not show him with Kaley. That would be stupid. They would not be so public!!!

    Now, can we just let him live? You don’t judge if they can be together or not just because “he should have waited” -_-”!

    Don’t you know a beautiful guy alwys find easily a girlfriend?
    He would not have spent a year bachelor waiting our blessing.

    Actually, he could have made love with a LOT of fans if it was for sex.
    Many would have been happy.
    It’s not as if he could not…
    But no, he has just decided to be with Kaley.

  216. 216
    jake Says:

    You all sound like people who owns Henry’s life and decide whether he dates or what he does, get a life!
    And all the bashing against Kaley, wow inches viejas envidiosas, translate that phrase if you want to read something TRUE!

  217. 217
    Lulani Says:

    @Ariadne2: you are totally wrong. How is it that Charlie Hunnam can do it the good old way by just picking good projects and letting his talent speak for itself? I don’t
    See him famewhoring it up for anyone. He did it with respect and no one can say a thing to are making excuses for cavill. And there are no excuses that will erase this mess. He will always be known as the guy that likes to play media games now.he is going to regret this one forever and I see him backing away from cuoco very soon with some bogus excuse. I have no care for who he dates but don’t treat the people who have supported you for your talent not caring about your personal life like they’re stupid all because you want to be more famous than you already are. Why not be famous for your work!? Why would he want to be talked about because of his Personal life.He might as well start Doing what the kartrashians do now, because they are talentless leaches who are only known for sex tapes and their personal lives.cavill and cuoco might as well just get it over with and go that route and make sex tapes then. Cos that’s the only thing this kind of pr brings you.she has ruined BBT for me now and I no longer support cavill. I’m not stupid and he is treating people like they are.he better go into hiding and do some damage control and stay away from the press for a while

  218. 218
    Lulani Says:

    @Samara: I completely agree

  219. 219
    Lulani Says:

    @Lilith: I couldn’t agree more. But even his sane fans will be annoyed that he is acting such a fool. Not because of his relationships but because of the hollyweird games they didn’t think he would stoop to. And they want to support a real and nice person. Not someone who is pretending to be nice but is really just a famewhore playing games.and you are right. He is no Pacino,deniro or Lewis so has to be carefull because theres only so much b******t his fans can take. I have never cared about Henry’s relationships.could care less. But I cared that he seemed like a nice grounded down to earth chap.thats not what I see now.i will continue to support the likes of Charlie hunnam who has a girlfriend and doesn’t play the pr games.i don’t see people saying bad things about Charlie and his relationships. That’s because he doesn’t play games.he does his job and that’s it. Henry should call charlie for advice on how to have a stable career and private get advice from Ben affect on how to not make your relationships a media circus.

  220. 220
    marianna Says:

    HENRY WILLIAM DALGLIESH CAVILL, Hollywood could be superficial or wherever you (will) work but PLEASEEE RETURN FOR THE GOOD WAY!!!! I am going to call Mrs. Marianne Cavill in order to remember that your work is the ONE that must speak for you (and you do a very well work) You do not need this kind of news or change girlfriends to be on the spotlight! One thing is that you date and other thing is that this is the only kind of things we listen about you. I know you are young but you are starting a great work line, so please focus, now it is the time you were waiting for! ;-)

    from the bottom of my heart :o)

  221. 221
    john Says:

    why are the chicks goin crazy for a dude with a history of the ugliest women?!…if henry cavill calls you for a date, CRY cuz it means your seriously ugly!!!

  222. 222

    1. april 16 henry gives an interview to details magazine saying “gina” is his GF and calls her “amazing” 2. may 6 henry is at the FF^ premiere with gina. 3. the rest of may henry and gina are seen all over manhattan beach area by her home. 4. june 8 the spike guys awards show is taped to be aired june 12, both kaley cuoco and henry cavill are there. 5. beginning to mid june henry is on promotional tour for MOS 6. mid june there are henry and kaley sightings only to be confirmed by kaleys tweet of herself drooling in front of an MOS poster…..YOU DO THE MATH –youve gotta be flat out stupid not to see henry for who he is- a sleazy PLAYER!!! whom will be more known for his (intentional) tabloid fodder than his “talent”!!!

  223. 223
    Did you know??? Says:

    WOW! FACT: henry and kaley are represented by the same PR people. shocker!! …funny, kaley had a 2 year relationship and engagement with her co-star . and no one ever knew about it. even going for hikes and lo and behold the supermarket and NO ONE found out. kaley and henrys PR have gotta be real morons thinking the fans dont know this is a set up. what f-in idiots!!!

  224. 224
    kaley the ACTRESS! Says:

    kaley is acting her a** off. he looks so uncomfortable, in other sites there are more pics and you can easily see she’s the one initiating contact.grabbing his hand, leaning on him to the point that it looks like shes smelling his armpits. it so phony. I never cared who henry went out with but when saw these pic actually felt bad for him.either hes in on this PDA act or foolish enough to believe her/theyre PR ppl had nothing to do with it. by the look of his body langauge- guessing the latter of the two. henry your lookin like a complete shmuck!! wake up dear!

  225. 225
    dude Says:

    LOLLLL people on other forums are calling it the HCFGF club (henry cavill fugly girlfriend club) if you date him you know you a dawg! LOLLL. the dude needs to step it up a bit he goes from a chic who look like she got man bits to a chic who look like the lovechild of chipmunk and frog!

  226. 226
    ximena Says:


    just in case… when you see an interview it doesn’t mean they did it they ‘day before’, in general they did it at least one month before :)

  227. 227
    dont get this Says:

    This is eery. fake. and absolute BS—– eery because kaley looks identical to henrys ex fiance ellen whitaker…fake because you could see the discomfort in henrys face and body language and the whole phony amour bit by kaley is comical…. and BS because henry is acting the fool by lending himself to this “hollywood game”. he will lose his credibilty. he needs to date someone out of the public eye or atleast someone who doesnt (by kaleys own admission) love the spotlight and being “on stage”.(look her up on youtube, shes said it in more than one recent interview)

  228. 228
    reply Says:

    @ximena: in the interview the interviewer actually made a point to say the interview was taking place on april 15 . read it!

  229. 229
    interview Says:

    @ximena: he makes a point to say the interview took place on april 15 because he incorporated the horrible news of the boston bombings that took place that day in the interview. he mentions something about henryand he watching the news as its unfolding during their interview. yes there are some interviews that take place a month in advance but this particular interview with henry was done on april 15. he was still very much with gina at this time…js….

  230. 230
    Ginas no fraud! Says:

    love her or hate her, atleast gina carano was the real deal. she seemed way more genuine and didnt take the opportunity to be all over henry in public. she had more class than that. look back into the archives, the first pic of henry and gina was taken without their knowledge in a london restaurant thinking that no one was around. he had his hands on her knee and certainly looked more into gina than he did in the now infamous pathetic supermarket outing with kaley. kaley has never been a good actress but ya gotta give her props for the SUPERMARKET PERFORMANCE she gave while the photogs were snapping away. the very paparazzi SHE made sure would be there!

  231. 231
    They both get what they want! Says:

    Henry has a summer FU** buddy who is a duplicate of his ex fiance Ellen. and *fingers crossed* kaleys PR ppl get what they want-her fame rises and gets to be all over the tabloids. even has some phony pics to show the grandkids of her sniffing supermans armpit. cuz you know thats what she was thinking the entire time.. “gotta make it look real, gotta make it look real” …”proof for the grandkids” …”grab his hand. check..touch him all over. check…make sure to look in love. check…k..mission accomplished” …whats he thinkin “um…this is awkward…k.. play along and i’ll get me some for the summer”…LOLLL. hollywood – so sad!

  232. 232
    Henry fans have spoken!!!!!!! Says:

    the whole timeline regarding the breakup with gina and relationship (if you can call it that) with kaley is fishy. didnt think henry was the kind of guy but the evidence is there. its all too weird. how can you be in a relationship spanning almost a year with one woman, then be holding hands with another in a matter of week or two. its distasteful and nauseating given the fact henry has tried so hard to give off this honorable persona. he’s an idiot! and kaley is just another generic actress trying really hard to stay in the forefront.her act in these pics speak volumes. enjoy the big bang henry tho its left lots of fans questioning his integrity!

  233. 233
    Ana Says:

    whether henry is being fake, real, right or wrong. He knows the truth. what you put out there comes back to you. hope he makes smart choices and has the right people around him to keep him humble and real!

  234. 234
    ximena Says:


    hi to ‘replay’ and ‘interview’ Yes, I’m not saying ‘tabloid fool’ is lying. I’m saying interviews are made some time before we know about them, that interview was made for June/July edition.

    I read they (Gina and Henry) had problems after they went to Tokyo (for MOSteel pre-promo) But who knows… I was not there lol

  235. 235
    Kim Says:

    It was SO suspicious that when we (Henry’s fans) started to think that Henry and Gina broke up, suddenly we saw web articles with old pictures that (for example) said: -”Gina is a complete firecracker” a pal recently told Us Weekly of the 31-year-old actress, who’s been dating the 30-year-old Englishman since the fall of 2012. “And she’s FINALLY FOUND someone who can handle her”-
    At that moment I thought it was her PR team because when he is single he starts going out alone to parties, pubs, wherever. (So, why in that moment came out articles when he was clearly single) He did it after Ellen (he was alone even in his birthday in a match) and after some months he started dating Gina. The same with Gina, he started going out alone and he did MOS promo only with family and movie crew and then, he started dating kaley.

    Maybe he got tired to handle her? and the relationship didn’t work anymore… Who knows.

  236. 236
    yes Says:

    @ximena: yes it was made for the june/july issue but intervieweed on the 15th of april.

  237. 237
    gay is OK! Says:

    Gay and fake.

  238. 238
    marie Says:

    and here we go again!! the fanatics that were talking the same of Gina Carano..that they were making it for a longggg time… so I am laughing now because were is Gina??? so the same people here are now annoying saying this will last for EVER… hahahha and there it goes the lunatics that start talking that the opposite comments are because we are all HATERS!! I think they are all insane!! and I THINK HC is stil in love with is EX.. hahahhaha

  239. 239
    Jo Says:

    Let me say something here:

    Here is why I think this whole thing reeks and has me bored in no time.
    Whether Henry is actually gay or not, everything is falling together so fast like a cheap sale for the public.
    For the longest time, Henry was not really that popular in Hollywood. Yes his name was known but not as big as names like George Clooney…..
    And I mean really, no one had ever bothered going all gah gah for Mr. Cavill if you ask me. Now he’s the Man of Steel and his movie was a hit.

    As for Kaley? Oh well yes she’s popular but not THAT POPULAR. Now when you have Henry say “I love the big bang theory.” and he’s preference was blondes yet he was dating Gina who was not blond? can i just say ugh? It’s all to obvious.

    US Weekly had a quick story about how he had found his sweet heart. Am sorry sweet heart? I thought they had been secretly dating? Which also contradicts this whole thing.

    Yes people, Us Weekly really did say that they were dating secretly but had also just gotten out of a relationship with Gina Carano and she had ended her engagement to (I forget his name, the singer)

    Henry who was dating Gina and is no longer dating her all of a sudden was secretly dating Kaley? When? Three weeks during his bouncing back and forth promoting Man Of Steel, While Gina was still in the picture sort of?

    Why ask her if he was dating her already? Us Weekly ” And they have both just come out of relationships and are single.”

    Henry in a previous interview : “I’m a very private person.”

    Well I would buy that if the tabloids were not falling all over themselves to expose a relationship.
    This same guy said when on the red carpet he prefers to remain elusive and that he and Gina were elusive on the red carpet while everyone else mixed an mingled.
    But when he met her RECENTLY he asked her whether she was seeing anyone (But they had been dating secretly and keeping it under wraps)
    Anyone need to be sold a bridge?
    Get this ( He had always wanted to meet Kaley Cuoco and um he loves The Big Bang Theory) Anyone have a clue which character on the Big Bang is a HUGE Superman fan? ……….. Yeah Sheldon Cooper ladies and gentlemen!

    Who also wants to bet that Henry will most probably make a cameo on TBBT?

    And let’s be honest here, the picture of Kaley and Henry on the US Weekly mag cover, happened after that um, how can I phrase it? That meet.

    The picture that Kaley posted was on the day of the MOS premiere. (if I recall correctly) So if he was promoting his movie at the time and Gina was In the picture (like i said sort of) …………. I still have that bridge to sell.

    And don’t get me wrong, I love Henry Cavill to the core and i think he is a very good man, but i have to say, i feel really bad for him. He’s never going to have that privacy he say he loves. That’s how the Hollywood game is played!

    He said his brothers told him to stay grounded. I hope he takes their advice. They may not be in Hollywood like him but am sure glad they are not blind about the high life.

    Oh and i don’t remember how long ago it was but I heard that Kaley Cuoco made a very rude remark about a show (I don’t recall whether it was about The Big Bang Theory) And it was not very good for her image. what if Henry is here to help clean it up? You know, being Superman and all that. ;) LOL

  240. 240
    Rina Says:

    I don’t think that real critics are made because someone is beautiful or not, or if one of the two in the relationship is more beautiful than the other one, it is something special you see in a couple. When you see a couple and YOU KNOW they are the one for the each other. In this case, they looks super different even in the personality of each one.
    At least it is what I observe and feel when I see a couple.

  241. 241
    Julia Says:

    I remembered something… when Henry was doing MOS Tour and I thought he was single because we didn’t see Gina even before he started to travel, I thought. Why he doesn’t look sad because of the recent break up? (I ‘knew’ the broke up) O.o I thought maybe it is because he is with his family BUT now I’m sure Gina and Henry broke up before I had a clue of they break up… For me it is very quickly he’s dating someone else, but maybe he is just dating…
    And, when he said ‘she is amazing’ (about Gina) it clearly didn’t mean ‘I love her’ maybe it meant we’re dating and trying every day and building a relationship; but… we saw those words as bigger. Illusions, illusions LOL

  242. 242
    Nicole Says:

    He’s hot and she’s not! She has a weird face. H.C, you can do better than that!

  243. 243
    Yuna Says:

    The fact that the Big Bang theory is one of the most popular shows in the world makes her a household name.

  244. 244
    jade Says:

    funny, when henry was engaged to ellen whitaker, my friends and I always thought kaley cuoco looked exactly like her. cut to two years later and hes dating/bangin her. many ppl have said they didnt see this coming. whether or not this is a summer bang for him and HUGE publicity for her it certainly hasnt shocked me since kaley cuoco does look eerily like hernys ex fiance. scary! what does surprise me and certainly raises questions is henry’s integrity. hope someone tells him real soon the way to get peoples respect is certainly not parading a new bang toy in front of the cameras when youve just left another person, probably hurting as hes done with gina. I know some ppl love and some ppl hate gina. atleast she had grace and self respect enough not to parade herself in front of the cameras. quite frankly, the whole thing with kaley cuoco stinks of BS. the “supermarket” and “hiking” photos llook incredibly staged and she looks like shes auditioning for a role. but its quite transparent to the fans shes dying to be the next tabloid darling. just hope henry is wise to it sooner than later! bec hes lookin like a fool!

  245. 245
    Druzy Says:

    @jade: extrememly well spoken,in my view.

  246. 246
    fickle hollywood Says:

    he’s an idiot. he either has very bad representation or is just making bad choices. the MOS movie has done pretty well, no doubt. but you put any gorgeous actor with mild talent in a zack snyder 200 million dallor superman reboot and chance are it will be a success. henry, thru his own admission has said he hasnt gotten a job since filming MOS and before that he was the lead role in the “cold light of day” which tanked so bad, they pulled it from theatres within a couple of weeks. yes, after all the MOS hoopla he was offered “the man from uncle” but the point fame is fickle and you can lose it as fast as it comes around. he needs to really think about what kind of credibilty he wants to have with the fans, if he wants the kind of robert de niro, matt damon, denzel washington etc. credibilty or just wants to be another “hollywood cheeseball” all over the pathetic tabloids. if he’s looking for the latter of the two then he’s off to a great start with the OBVIOUS “supermarket”, “hiking” STUNT he’s pulled with a generic actress trying to grow more famous.. CALL BEN AFFLECK HE’LL TELL YOU WHAT ITS LIKE TO HAVE YOUR CAREER GO TO SH** FOR THE SAKE OF TABLOID FAME!

  247. 247
    bad acting kaley Says:

    never thought kaley was a good actress. and when she hosted an awards show sounded incredibly winey and annoying. she tries very hard to play up an image to the point where it even looks more of a caricature of herself than a real person. gina- love or hate her, was 100 percent genuine and true to herself. she didnt at any point call the paparazi on herslf and henry and certainly didnt EVER play up to the cameras for a staged photo-op like kaley has. its actually sad and pathetic but as mentioned kaley was never a good actress but she sure did act her A** off in front of those cameras. oh and someone please tell henry to see atherapist kaley and his ex fiance ellen whitaker are identical twins..sicko!

  248. 248
    karin Says:

    Well, I have to say that I don’t wanna watch BBTheory, I TRY but I can’t LOL! bye bye!

  249. 249
    glo Says:

    @karin: always been a fan of BBT but always thought of kaley as a common actress they added to a show to play the ditzy blonde. she has always been the actor on that show if left the show wouldnt be missed!. she doesnt have a distinctive quality like the four main characters and the other two actresses who play sheldon and wolowitzs’ significant others.they are awesome! but the penny character could be played by anyone, theres nothing special or unique about her!

  250. 250
    Analise Says:

    People are so viscous! Fake or Not you girls or guys now good and well, If you had a chance to be with Henry Cavill even if it was for the summer you’d grab it too. He’s one HOT MAN!

  251. 251
    Analise Says:


    Dang straight, go on Lady Cavill on instagram and you’ll see a pic of them being silly that was supposed to be personal but someone found & this pic you can’t find anywhere else. Also type in Henry Cavill and Gina Carano at London images, you’ll see a FAN picture of them leaked on the internet, at a restaurant were Henry is squeezing her thigh while she’s showing him something on her phone.

  252. 252
    Analise Says:

    Agree him and Gina was not a staged relationship

  253. 253
    farila Says:

    This duscusion is becoming annoying.
    People don’t know anything about what happened to Henry, Gina or Kaley and they open their dirty mouths to say awful things about him.
    You’re not supposed to insult someone or to say he’s gay because you read some interviews. Some are NOT TRUE!
    Do you expect to know every details of his private life here?
    There’s no way you can now everything about them.
    Maybe he broke up with Gina long way before.
    Maybe they have never really dated. (you know, they have never confirmed that so…)
    Same for Kaley-Henry.

    I don’t think it looks staged, it just looks they’re in the beginning of their relationship…

    But STOP SPREADING every rumors you hear and DO NOT say you’re a fan of Henry when you’re ready to put him down just because of this story.

    He has right to date whoever he wants whenever he wants.
    NOBODY need your authorization.
    A month later, or two, or three, or four….whatever!
    (Do you even think Gina is still alone?)

    Anyway, it’s impossible for him to hide since he’s famous now!
    All his ladies will be seen with him.
    And, PLEASE, he’s not GAY. I know, boys, he’s your fantasm, but he’s nNOT gay and he’s a super Superman and I like him so much, I’ll defend him against everybody. Don’t forget the world of the newspapers is not the reality.
    And a Superman with another actor would not have been the same thing. C’mon, you really think it’s the same thing if Superman were Arnold? or Depp?

    LET HENRY LIVE and STOP insulting him!!

    Fans: show your support and your love!!
    Strangers: You’re free to have your own opinion but be aware of some liars in every newspapers!!

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