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Ian Somerhalder Gets Steamy with Model Ana Beatriz Barros

Ian Somerhalder Gets Steamy with Model Ana Beatriz Barros

Ian Somerhalder goes in for the kiss with Brazilian model Ana Beatriz Barros on Wednesday (July 3) in Lake Como, Italy.

If you’re hoping the 34-year-old recently single actor is still on the market, don’t worry because this was all for an Azzaro commercial the pair were working on!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Ian Somerhalder

The day before, Ian was spotted on a boat surrounded by security guards after arriving in the Italian town.

15+ pictures inside of Ian Somerhalder and Ana Beatriz Barros on the commercial set…

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ian somerhalder gets steamy with brazilian model 02
ian somerhalder gets steamy with brazilian model 03
ian somerhalder gets steamy with brazilian model 04
ian somerhalder gets steamy with brazilian model 05
ian somerhalder gets steamy with brazilian model 06
ian somerhalder gets steamy with brazilian model 07
ian somerhalder gets steamy with brazilian model 08
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ian somerhalder gets steamy with brazilian model 10
ian somerhalder gets steamy with brazilian model 11
ian somerhalder gets steamy with brazilian model 12
ian somerhalder gets steamy with brazilian model 13
ian somerhalder gets steamy with brazilian model 14
ian somerhalder gets steamy with brazilian model 15
ian somerhalder gets steamy with brazilian model 16

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  • the great kate


  • Cherry

    We aren’t worried, we know he likes the dudes…

  • Sasha

    Nian fans are as usual as soon as they see DE they will scream Nian are back! Lol this is serious mental disorder
    Ian’s private life has nothing to do with this sexy shoot
    I bet the fragrance will be sold out in a moment
    and yes he does look good with a blond by his side!

  • Vera

    WTF with the first 2 comments? Ian’s private life has nothing to do with his job. He rocked the photoshoot! Was great in the black suit and really sexy. I bet the sales will be the way up and Azzaro was spot on to take him as the face of the commercial. Ana was really beautiful too! Both of them create a great couple for the commerial. I hope we see it everywhere soon…

  • Sil

    wow they’re both gorgeous and the vibe in the campaign looks very sexy

  • Jena

    So beautiful! I can’t wait to see the actual ads. Ian has got to be one of the most stunning men on the planet. As always he looks so dashingly Christian Grey to me. Still can’t see anyone in that role but him.

    And to those going on about Nian. That is no more. Ian and Nina are too separate individuals going about their lives. Just because they have to go back to work and fulfill their obligation there does not mean back together. They are not their characters, they are real people. People need to respect their decisions and move on from a fantasy that is no more.

  • rain

    He look so hot!

  • Nikki

    He’ll be another actor who only dates models from now on and of course, the relationships will never work out.

  • Mel

    @the great kate:
    Rumor has it, Ian is now seeing Alexis Knapp. There will be no reunion. Two months have passed with no interest in seeing each other. Get over it and move on. He wasn’t good enough for free, happy, flaunt it and rub it in with salt Nina the first time. He’ll find someone who does see him in their future.

    Anyways, I’m wondering if this campaign is a one off or if he’s a new face of Azzaro? I’m so happy for him that he is getting different offers of work. He’s sex on legs and a perfect choice. He and Ana look gorgeous.

  • Clare


    Ana already has a partner and this was just a photoshoot. Drop the Nian bitterness. Life goes on.

  • Vera

    People with Nian bitterness:enough with your rant and your nian comments everywhere. Ian is NOT only Nian. He is much more than that. If you don’t see it that is your problem. There are people who do and are fed up with your whimpering. Ian is a single man for 2 months now – if you chose not to believe the news when they came out that is your problem, not his- so he is free to date whoever he wants, Alexis, model after model, or whatever. He could have a whole harem if he wanted. It’s his life so get over your fantasies. The fairytale gone bad, yes, deal with it. Life goes on.

  • Diana

    People need to stop obsessing Nian. If they get back together great, if not u shoud all learn to accept it and be happy with their decision. It’s their lives not yours.

  • Justine

    Looking good, Smolder

  • Nikki

    @Clare: I never said these 2 were dating. I said he’ll be the type who now only dates models. Ya know, like Leo Dicaprio. Same type!

  • Vera

    so you can see the future…ok….

  • Isha

    @Vera: IAN Haters are seasoned pros..How do they have so much hatred boiling in their brains..They are blinded by hate

  • Vera


    THIS! Thank you!
    What i find pretty funny is that when you don’t like a person you do not come and read an article about that person. So when you do that and then you leave a hateful comment on top, the only thing i will think is that you are just brainless. only that will give me an excuse for their inability of that simple thought ”i don’t like him, move on to then next article”.
    Why hate and why get on the nerves of people that actually like him?

  • Ian Fan



    @Mel: alexis is a slut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://@biamomoa bia

    Almost a rehearsal time, he kissed her, he hugged her, he called her ANA…so ChristIAN GREY!!!! PerfectIAN!!!! Ana and ChristIAN, a prophecy!

  • me


  • Heather


    Absolutely! This man was made to play Christian Grey. There is no one else who even comes close. Just look at him! And the fact that this model is 6 ft tall and it doesn’t even show up, Ian is totally in command of her. So sexy!

  • xvc

    she’s gorgeous but he is a weird looking guy, I don’t like this pairing

  • Sasha

    Why bring Alexis Knapp here? She hasn’t done anything wrong.She is strong woman, talented actress and a young mother
    Nian fans has no shame, the bashed Ana Beatriz, trashed her instragrame, now they harass Alexis? Come on…move on ppl. Actors are not ur toys to play. I can see why CW was forced to ask Nian to pretend to date, now i guess actors were fed up and couldn’t do it anymore so they said they split
    but 3 years of fan service wasn”t enough for crazy Nian ppl, they want more of reality show

  • danna

    @Sasha: alexis is a totally bad actress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TVD

    This article has NOTHING TO DO WITH ALEXIS OR NINA! Stop it! Gosh -.-

    Ian you’re a SEX GOD! Too much hotness, love him! <3

  • Sissi

    Ian is the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen <3 and Azzaro is huge, i'm proud and happy for him.

  • ellen


    Sissi, I could not agree more.also, Ian is also a wonderfull human Being.

  • Sophie

    @the great kate: Oh god! Seriously. Nina used Ian for more publicity and when she realized it wasn’t working she dumped him! Ian was devastated but single now so hopefully he finds someone who appreciates him. Nina certainly isn’t pining for him. Holiday anyone??

  • Sophie

    @Sasha: Totally agree – Nina thinks she is the star and doesn’t need Ian . Awful. Ope Ian finds someone who adores him and doesn’t use him.

  • http://@eleitaliana Ele

    And Ian and Alexis would be an Amazing couple

  • Vera

    i think so too! She seems a sweetheart!

  • http://@eleitaliana Ele

    @Vera Totally agreed with you and also Alexis loves animals and enviroment like Ian so I think that they would be an Amazing couple and she is also a strong woman(from what I read on her) because she is a single mother that raise her daughter alone

  • Vera

    thank you girl! you rock!!
    the girl is amazing for the decision to keep the child! with that decision only she gains points for me! i dont know what the deal with ian appart the rumours but judging from her twitter she seems nice, smart and heavily into the envirimental stuff. Just like the girl Ian needs. Plus the fact that she has a daughter make me believe that she is muture..
    and we have to agree that Ian needs a WOMAN not an immature girl!!(general comment: maturity comes from the way you think, not your age in years for the one that are going to remind me that she is 23 – i use my brain i know already – thank you!)

  • http://@eleitaliana Ele

    @Vera Thanks for your words and I’m totally agreed with you xo Elena(It’s my name and I’m from Italy)

  • minnie

    Alexis did a paternity test because she don’t know who was the father of her daughter. this would be the perfect WOMAN that Ian’s fan describe? you are ridiculous

  • SoTrue

    Oh desperate Nina’s fans come here to bash on Alexis under ana’s and ian article. Classy move!LMFAO
    so scared that compairing to woman ian likes as Alexis and ana ur beige queen of idiocy will fade. Well newflash she pissed a helluva ppl a lot by herself finally showing her stupidity.
    If you think that dirty rumors will stop Ian to date Alexis if he is, then u’re wrong
    and come to thinkthis way
    How bad should be Nina in realy if ian run from her to Alexis who u claim to be a whore? Yeah Nina is a nightmare if Ian runs away from her no matter to whom just as far away as possible

  • http://@eleitaliana Ele

    I like Alexis and I don’t care she had made mistakes in the past everybody make mistakes especially when we are Young and if Ian and Alexis are dating I’m happy for them