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Ian Somerhalder: I Could Have Four Teen Choice Awards!

Ian Somerhalder: I Could Have Four Teen Choice Awards!

Ian Somerhalder boards a boat with several security people on Tuesday (July 2) in Lake Como, Italy.

The 34-year-old The Vampire Diaries star is reportedly shooting a fragrance ad in the gorgeous Italian village.

“Damon and I have 3 [Teen Choice Awards] because you all rock-maybe 4 in a little while if you want:) Not sure when voting ends but I think it’s soon -Hopefully see you soon you bad-ass teens. Love, Damon Salvatore& Ian Somerhalder,” Ian recently tweeted. Ian is up for the Choice TV Actor: Fantasy/Sci-Fi at the August 11 award show!

Vote for Ian while you can!

Ian also recently posted a cute throwback Thursday Instagram pic – check it out below.

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ian somerhalder i could have four teen choice awards 02
ian somerhalder i could have four teen choice awards 03
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  • Jaselle

    what an arrogant prick! I hope he wins ZERO

  • lisa

    He knows how play old housewives. The old women who are bored with their lives are alwaysssss on sites crying and acting like idiots. Meanwhile, dude knows us younger girls wouldn’t vote for him. Not looking for a guy a year younger then my dad. Ian’s like 35! I used to watch the show but it’s boring now. Read comments last year about the in their 40′s and 50′s who lie about their age on the teen choice website just so they can vote for Ian. It’s not a real award when you can vote over and over and over again. Just have an image a fat chick with kids running around and she’s eating over her computer typing Ian’s vote. Such a joke.

  • River


    Ian is only 34. Good Grief…how old are you if you think Ian is the age of your DAD ???

    I’m 18 and I will definitely be voting for Ian again this year. I love TVD, but then I am a fan of the genre.

  • verox87

    Love him..such a great always involved in good works for the environment and animals sometimes he can joke about silly things..



  • Sasha

    OMG. 34 is not old. Teens and kids those days!LOL
    i wish him get all TCA while TVD will be on air
    As for the shoot – he really did rock it. I can bet the fragrance will be sold out the day it will be on sale

  • mandalynca

    Good to see that he acknowledges his character on the show. Ian’s a conduit for the writers, and his acting brings Damon alive on screen. From the interviews that I have seen, he seems pretty grounded and understands that a majority of fans think he is Damon.

  • Vera

    OMG Loool since when is 34 year old??
    Ian is such a wonderful man! He does so much for the environment. He has taken Damon as a role and rocked it! The photos from the shoot where great!
    The ones that judge him as arrogant and old..well people you really seem ignorant. Learn to use your brain before you speak or take your hate somewhere else..

  • lucy

    he is such a nice guy and really down to earth. did you guys not hear his comment on christian grey role? he is not at all ambitious and as far as the awards are concerned, he deserves them…….

  • Laine

    Ian for all the Awards! He’s BRILLIANT! Voting for him every Day, he’s so going to win this, no doubt! looking so gorgeous in those pics! Yum *___*

  • Regina

    WOW, Teen Choice Awards Ian! That’s about your fan base for life….

  • Lovene

    It’s funny how some ppl say that Ian is old but the other nominees for this award are in their 30′s too. Jensen Ackles is 35, Jared Padalecki is 30, and Paul Wesley is 30 as well. I not only think that DAMON is a dynamic character but Ian is a humble and talented man who deserves to win!

  • Lovene

    …Oh and Stephen Amell is 32

  • Maria


    Since when being 34 yrs old is old? Are u dellusional or something?

    I do ask myself though why women and men who are not teens anymore are nominated for a events that are aimed tentirely to teens.

    I guess on the case of Teen Choice awards is the popularity of the show itself regarldless what kind of age demographic are watching the show, what it matters is how successful and popular is the show not the age of the celebs who play those characters

  • Nina

    @Jaselle: Care to elaborate why u say Ian is an arrogant prick?

  • Lovene

    @Maria – I agree with you – These shows play on a network with shows mainly intended for the teenage demographic. TVD, Supernatural, and Arrow have a huge teenage fan following so it is the popularity of the show and not the age of the actor – that’s the point I was trying to stress. These actors knew their audience before signing on to play these roles and it’s cool how Ian for one always acknowledges his teenage fans. Without them – there would be no TVD season 5 and hopefully 6 :o)
    I’ll shut up now lol

  • emma

    Always makes me laugh when the older gals get their panty’s in an uproar about Ian. To the person who said he’s 34 not 35. Seriously? He’s going to be 35 in December. btw, you’re suppose to be a TEEN to vote, so all you older gals. PLEASE STOP LYING when you sign in. If Ians so great he’d win an EMMY. Face it, nobody watches Ian for real and believable acting/stellar performance. He’s good looking. Sadly he’s not an actor actor.

  • Aviana

    He’s an average actor in a teenage fan based show. No way is Ian a house hold name. He’s no superman…

  • kelisa

    anti fun always make me love and support Ian more intensly. So..i will be voting for Ian.

  • Sasha

    He is better than superman. He manages to keep TVD on air with Paul bc fans stay tune only bc two of them, he is running ISF making world better, he is sharing smth valid via Ryot and manage make fans happy attending cons
    plus he is not Diva despite all he got and shares what he gets with everyone
    so yey Ian for all awards he is nominated and he is nominated for a reason

  • Chelsea

    Ian is such a humble and wonderful man. He’s been so busy lately traveling the world, promoting the environment,, promoting TVD, making a movie, and now a perfume ad. I think this break up with his costar is the best thing to happen to him.
    He looks sexy as hell.

  • http://justjured ahamad

    WTF,why he is begging please vote me vote me kids,he is not a superstar,he is 35 old,baldhead man,i dont like him.Paul is a better actor than him,Paul deserves TCA.

  • Vera

    Then go to a Paul’s article and stay there.
    I have not a problem with Paul. In fact i adore him, but enough is enough with the hate. Have you not sth nice to say? No? Then shut the hell up. It’s takes less time and energy that sit down and write sth full of hate.
    As for 35 being old…you think you will never go 35? Think about being old then.
    Yes Paul is a good actor and a sweetheart but some of you must learn how to admire him without the need to bring Ian down. It would be a nice change.

  • love

    I don’t like him as an actor

  • Ian Fan

    @ahamad: Ian kindly asked us to vote for him! Kat, Paul, Steven, Nina, Joseph…they ALL DO THE SAME! WTF is wrong with it? They are nominated and of course they want to win! Gosh :/

    Anyway Ian is awesome, in every way possible and I hope he wins! He deserves it <3

  • Katya

    Beautiful man has frivolous life

  • Sasha

    and why not? he has all rights to do so
    He works hard and we appreceate his acting perfomance by voting for him for awards
    but his lifestyle is non of our busines

  • Isha

    Gosh..the guy had just tweeted a simple tweet,don’t boil your brains in hate!! everyone when nominated asks for votes..Everyone however bad or good in his/craft likes to be appreciated..And the amount of hate here&everywhere towards him is unhealthy…

    ..haters who grudge him for existing can hate all you can..this amount of hatred is insane,not that it would affect ian,he is a much more forging and kind person to hold anybody a grudge…But this is really unnerving..!

  • Isha

    @Jaselle: there’s no arrogance in asking for appreciation…everyone likes that in their own that makes him a jerk is inexplicable..he may not win…but atleast his head,heart is not full of hate

  • Isha

    ATTENTION PLEASE ALL PAUL WESLEY FANS: GO TO A PAUL WESLEY ARTICLE..&don’t waste your time on an Ian article..And to the bitch who said Ian’s fans are old ugly women&to those bitches who say Ian is old,your opinion doesn’t matter to him..Guess what,go to a TVD convention and see the young beautiful girls fawning all over Ian,not only young,all old and ugly and beautiful girls,,BECAUSE IAN IS THAT AWESOME AND LOVEABLE AND NOBODY ELSE AT CONVENTIONS COMPARE TO HIM…He doesn’t aim to be anything apart from being a good human being but yes acting is his profession&getting awards is what everyone likes in their craft..So all those who grudge Ian everything ,get a life..We don’t go and hate on Paul articles …

  • charlotte

    @Isha: STOP assuming it is a Paul fan. Me and several of my friends Love Paul and would NEVER EVER think of writing a negative comment about Ian or anyone on the vampire diaries. When a negative comment is written it is by a person who is not a fan of Ians and has NOTHING to do with Paul.

  • Sasha

    i suggest to stop compairing them all together
    both deserve to be loved, admired,respected and get all awards they nominated for
    Ian hadn’t done anything about TCA what his co stars hadn’t

  • nika

    ian è un grande in tutti i sensi sia come attore che per vita sociale è per quello che fa , chi lo critica pochi lo fanno solo per pura invidia , lo fanno tutti i messaggi per farsi votare quindi che cè di male, eta fregnace cavolate tvd lo guardano a tutte le eta senza ian damon tvd non esisteva per la sua immagine molto piu popolare degli altri attori quindi riflettete prima di aprire la bocca è sparare scemenze visto che si è tifosi di paul è si va contro ian oppure di nina ora dopo la rottura è piuttosto guardate chi è la diva forse è lei, si va contro ian a parte che si deve tifare sia per ian che per paul

  • Katya

    Sasha: you’re right

  • ellen

    Ian is a wonderful gorgeous Man and a fantastic Actor, go and listen to his speech in the finale season 4, it was emmy worthy. He deserves this award every bit, He dident even know he was nominated for weeks, because he is so busy with his foundation and thanked everyone and only asked once, while the rest of them have asked a lot more..He is TVD and has been holding that show together, by working 15 hours a day, because he has to be everywhere. he is by far the best actor on that show , but the do have a great ensemble cast

  • amouna


    LOOOL so what are you then ? 7 years old ?? o.O

    kids this days