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Kaley Cuoco & Henry Cavill Go Hiking Together

Kaley Cuoco & Henry Cavill Go Hiking Together

Kaley Cuoco stops by her local Starbucks and grabs two drinks to go on Wednesday (July 3) in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

The 27-year-old actress has recently been romantically linked to Man of Steel star Henry Cavill.

This past week, Kaley and Henry, 30, went for a hike together, followed by a meal of sushi near her home, according to People. No confirmation if the two are official or simply pals!

FYI: Kaley is wearing Dana Rebecca Designs earrings.

DO YOU THINK that Kaley Cuoco and Henry Cavill make a cute couple???

10+ pictures inside of Kaley Cuoco picking up Starbucks…

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kaley cuoco henry cavill go hiking together 01
kaley cuoco henry cavill go hiking together 02
kaley cuoco henry cavill go hiking together 03
kaley cuoco henry cavill go hiking together 04
kaley cuoco henry cavill go hiking together 05
kaley cuoco henry cavill go hiking together 06
kaley cuoco henry cavill go hiking together 07
kaley cuoco henry cavill go hiking together 08
kaley cuoco henry cavill go hiking together 09
kaley cuoco henry cavill go hiking together 10
kaley cuoco henry cavill go hiking together 11
kaley cuoco henry cavill go hiking together 12
kaley cuoco henry cavill go hiking together 13

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  • Scarlett

    While I actually think they’d make a really cute couple, I find it really odd that there’s no pictures of them together. Surely if someone supposedly saw them hiking together and told People, you’d think they’d have taken a pic on their phone.
    So far it all seems a little odd that people keep seeing them places but no one takes a snap. Maybe it’s just rumour to raise Kayley’s profile going into Emmy season or something?

  • Lisa

    @Scarlett – There is a photo, Kaley called the paps, the exclusive photo of her & Cavill is on the People site right now

  • Ale

    Actually there is one pic of them together and People posted it, go and check their page. Love them, super couple!!

  • Ishka

    @Scarlett: There is pictures of them hiking together. I don’t know why JJ decided not to post them! Anyway, when I just saw the pictures about 20 minutes ago, my heart sank with jealously. I’ve never experienced that before, and I’m 21.

  • Ale


    Kaley doesn’t need to call the paps, because the paps have been after Kaley’s ass all these days following her everywhere, so it’s normal that they caught them together…

  • BloodbuzzOhio

    These two are already annoying me. If they were actually having a real relationship, it’d probably be more private than this but both of their PR teams are obviously making this public.

  • Lisa

    @Ishka JJ can’t post that pic right because the photo is exclusive to People magazine…interesting

  • Jordy

    @Tara: It’s totally possible that it was too much work keeping her and Galecki’s relationship a secret. Imagine how hard it would be to go on dates without being noticed. Since they broke up she’s been photographed with every guy she’s dated since. She’s probably fed up with being secretive. And if I were her, I would flaunt that I was with that hottie all the time. He’s gorgeous and I think they make a cute couple and I hope it lasts.

  • Tara

    @Ale If you knew the paps were on you 24/7, why would you go on an outdoor date with him just a couple days after announcing to the world that you just started dating? You could at least try and be a little more discreet & private? She dated her costar Johnny Galecki for 2 yrs and kept it secret to the point where they never went out in public. And here she is dating Cavill for 1 week and she tweets a pic of her licking his poster and now this?

  • Anna

    If this is true then Henry has the worst taste in women…

  • Foreveryoung

    No…this can’t be true. Unless Henry is just use her for movie connection to farther his career. Otherwise she not good for him. She is loud and annoying. Henry is Grogeous and she is nothing to that standard….

  • DV8

    I’m jealous and all cause mmmmmm! He fine! But I really doubt that he’s using HER to further his movie career. He’s superman for crying out loud!

  • Lena

    Henry is so beautiful. Super-fine from head to toe!

  • Roman

    I bet he bones her good!

  • xet

    she is so ordinary.

  • so confused…

    I just find all of this so weird… they must have started dating really really really recently because he has been working none stop and before that he was with Gina. It took them nearly 4 months of dating for them to come out as a couple.. and now this in under a month?
    Who is using who here? It is so not subtle that it is making Henry seem like he is trying to cover something up, and it doesnt make him look good but People Mag never really post something without PR consent.

  • so confused…

    Never mind I just saw the picture of them two hiking, I find it hard to believe that his publicist OK’d that picture. LOL

  • Dani

    maybe they’re just having fun and hooking up. no one has enough details to figure out their relationship. you can’t make any logical conclusion about other people based on rumors. whatever they are, it’s their business

  • Danielle

    Anyone else notice she bears a striking resemblance to Henry’s ex-fiance Ellen Whitaker? Both curvy, bleach blonde with round faces. Maybe he’s trying to replicate that relationship?

  • Sarah

    Weird how both their PR teams were so eager to go public to People Mag with the early stages of dating statement, and then provide pictoral proof 2 days later. He was last seen w/ Gina on May 7 at her movie premiere and then in June he went on a month long worldwide promo tour for Man of Steel and just got home last week! Geez, they move fast. I guess the wedding will be next week?

  • mariana

    Me: Mom, did I tell that Henry and Gina broke up?
    Mom: really? good decision
    Me: But, apparently he is adting K. Cuoco
    Mon: Who?
    Me: the girl from BBTheory
    Mon: this kid has a weird (I can’t not write what she really said) taste.


  • Sam

    Henry has the WORST taste in women. This fake blond isn’t even plain, but really ugly omfg. I’m shocked. He goes for blondes..

  • Sam

    This Kaley is so ugly. She is not even plain, but really ugly. Henry obviously prefers blonde trailer trash-looking women.

  • Joe

    I can’t stand this woman’s fake boobs!

  • ela


    why? you want him only with Leo Dicaprio style boring VS model?

  • Luc

    well, well, well… he is dating like everyone else of his age (Ellen, Gina, Henry, Kaley are young)

    Maybe he is trying and trying until he’ll meet me!!!!!! LOL

    I really think that when you break up a relationship is because it is not working for a time, it is not something that happens for one reason only.

    At least him and his PR team listen/read what people think. For me Gina was trashy and they looked very different and weird together. Now, Kaley is funny and nice but not elegant, I don’t think it will last for a medium-long term. I think they are very different. But if is just dating, is ok I let you for a while Henry LOL

  • S

    Can’t stand her! She’s so ugly and fake..

  • Ximena

    Dear Henry,
    please don’t listen your PR team (if it is true) or don’t be naive to get involved in people’s PR team. You don’t need this to get our attention or to avoid stupid gossips!
    You are gonna find the right woman as everyone else, don’t rush things just focus your time in work, family and give you a personal time.

  • TJ

    The reason, he is never being shown is because he doesn’t’ actually like her. He likes guys but Isn’t open about it

  • stine

    This is nothing but classic hollywood PR The two of them prob have the same agent or rep..and thought this was a great way to create buzz for their careers. AWESOME move by Kaley’s ppl since she landed such a HOT piece of ass..but really awkward for Henry who is supposed to be some big movie star and now he is dating some syndicated tv show actress. What a coincidence that this was randomly announced a day ago and then all of a sudden they are spotted together for the first time. Just really random and awkward…I liked Henry with Gina a lot better.

  • Ale


    Well there’s a difference between dating a costar and some guy with whom you’re not working with. Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer said the love stories between costars are risky for their job …because in case the story doesn’t go well and they split…the tense personal relationship might create problems with their work, the environment with cast and crew to take sides and with the ratings, so as professionals they decided to keep it secret for almost 1 year to see how would have gone…and only when they decided they were ready for the next step they made it public…clearly Kaley and her costar of TBBT did the same thing, but their story didn’t last to see the light. Kaley and Henry can’t stop living because of the paparazzi…this is stupid. Plus Henry went with Carano public 2 days after they knew each other so it’s not that he’s doing something different from his nature…I don’t see a problem in all this.

  • Tabitha

    must be hard being tools of WB. This is predictable nearly identical to the Gina and Henry. Except this time they did some homework and read, not real must hold hands. They smile for the cameras and frown every other moment. Not seeing a couple in love. I give it about 8-9 months. Probably less. Then WB should butt out of their private lives and let the actors do what they want. This is just to keep HC in the news while they get ready for UNCLE, and keep her in the front running for 50 Shades, Just like Gina for WW. Look how that turned out. just my view.

  • Cassidy

    @Sam: awww, you’re a bitter little fangirl dripping with jealousy. how cute. kaley, however, is the farthest from cute. whether your envious little ass agrees or not is irrelevant – she’s a hottie. go, henley!

  • Druzy

    @Ishka: that’s why… are 21.

  • henry and the dawgs!

    why are ppl goin crazy over this? henrys got the reputation for dating the ugliest women. if henry asks you out CRY cuz it means your seriously ugly!!!