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Kanye West Steps Out After Turning Down North Photo Deal

Kanye West Steps Out After Turning Down North Photo Deal

Kanye West steps out for lunch with a friend at Marmalade Cafe on Wednesday afternoon (July 3) in Calabasas, Calif.

The day before, it was revealed that the 36-year-old rapper and his girlfriend Kim Kardashian turned down a whopping $3 million offer for the first photos of their baby girl North.

Kim and Kanye were offered the deal by an Australian magazine, but it seems they still don’t plan on having their daughter on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Kanye‘s been adamant about not having the baby on the show,” an insider told Us Weekly. “He was serious when he said North isn’t America’s baby, so he may not do anything.”

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  • cunty mccunterson

    lol, the kardahians have kanye west hanging in the fcuking VALLEY. bwahahahahahaha. no more paris or ny or rome!

  • Courtney

    who cares those two weren’t going to get good money for baby pictures anyway they don’t sell like they used to. besides she’s illegitimate anyway which also decreases the value of photos

  • LooseLipz

    Gawd he’s ugly, inside and out.

  • destiny

    @Courtney: shut up the baby is loved regardless and it’s up to the parents how the want to introduce tehir baby to the world.

  • twixnMix

    The baby was premature and is only a few weeks old. I don’t blame them for turning down a photo shoot, they could be waiting for the baby to grow a bit.

  • RosiePie

    If its up to Kanye the world wont see that baby for more then its first year he will force Kim to cover her up every time shes out and about, i always have and always will think Kayne is a MAJOR douche bag.

  • Asha

    All I can say Kim is you better make sure there is no prenup when you and Kanye get married (not that I really think they will make it that far). Kanye is messing with your livelihood. Soon he is going to expect you to stay home and make taking care of your daughter a full time job.

  • Grow up Kim

    Kim is a 31 year old woman who is too attached to her mother. She should not have to please her mother in regards to displaying their child, these should be joint decisions with Kanye, the father. PMK will never back off on her kash kow and that baby, Kayne is in for a fight. Kim should be encouraged to have a loving relationship with Kayne for the sake of their child, but something tells me PMK will put her own good ahead of that of her granddaughter.

  • Cece

    Stop perpetuating the kardashian lie that they were offered 3 mil. And there is no way they would show off a premie – poor baby is no doubt already being judged inferior by these low life losers because premies take a bit to look like cute chubby babies.

    And he looks like a 12-year girl from the 80′s with his oversized tshirt and peg-leg jeans.

  • werrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


  • werrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Where does he get that we think this kid is America’s Baby?

    Seriously – no one really cares that much

  • Nona

    Kim’s been living this lifestyle for years now…she knows the ups, but she knows better than anyone in that family what the downs are, especially with how many rude comments are made about her on a daily basis by millions. I think she’s grown content with her life, but if she had to do it over again and knew how she would get thrown into the limelight, she would change it…she’d still be successful, she’s great at business. BUT since she can’t, I think this isn’t only Kanye’s decision, this is hers as well because she no longer has a choice over herself, but she can hold off on bringing North into this crazy spotlight until her daughter can make a choice of her own. Not to mention, it’s potentially dangerous whether her daughter was premature (which she is) or not. This baby was talked about all over the world throughout the entire pregnancy. Paps would do anything for a shot of her. Anyone that says she calls her own paparazzi must be nuts. If anyone else was her, don’t you think we’d despise them? People are obsessed with this family…they either adore them or they love to hate them. It’s sick. People say horrible things about Kendall and Kylie and they’re just teenagers. That child is innocent and I think they’ve just decided she should stay that way until she can choose for her own.

  • Lisa

    Kayne, please just release a photo of your baby to end the speculation. It is the safest thing to do. The world will admire you for it, and you will be taking 10% out of evil Kris’ hand.

  • Ava

    Does Kanye have boobs.. O my God how does Kim bang this guy he is so ugly, gross looking and a narcississtic little sh*t , I guess she was desperate for someone famous to keep her in the spot light, and what’s with his pleather fetish, is that all he wears.

  • Tamey

    @Ava: He has boobs! I wonder if Kim compares his boobs to Kanye’s boobs, or if they share bras. LOL

  • Tamey

    Kim and Momma Kris must be going crazy after Kanye rejected that offer. They will do anything for money. Kim must be regretting getting involved with kanye and viceversa.

  • whatever

    I thought the tile read “Kanye West steps out after turning down North Pole deal” LOL!

    And besides, what does Kanye care anyway. Its not like he’s going to be in any of the photos with the baby. Its always about Kim on the cover and for the $$.

  • nemo

    @Tamey: I don’t think anyone offered them anything. 3 mil from an unknown Aussie magazine? nah. I think it’s their way to give a hint to american tabs to pay them much more.
    they’ll pimp out the baby in kris’s show, probably. and then Kanye will freak out.

  • tom
  • Jeff

    @Nona: The baby is being talked about in the whole world? Give me a break. Kim K is not some world famous star who every wants to know and see. She is mostly still famous in the USA. What is she famous for again? Making a sex tape? LOLz. Duchess Katherine’s child is making headlines around the world, not Kim Ks.
    Also, people who defend her say she is a business woman but what does she do other then video tape everything she does? Stella MCarthy is an example os a succesful business-woman with a sucessful fashion line. She has A list clients. Which A list stars would be caught dead in one of Kims clothes?
    As far as the aussie mag paying 3 mill for this morons baby, total BS. I understand an American magzine paying 3 mill for her but not Australian. If you are Australian, then you would know this is all lies. Kim is a nobody in Australia. What nonsense.