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Miranda Kerr Covers 'Cleo' Magazine July 2013

Miranda Kerr Covers 'Cleo' Magazine July 2013

Miranda Kerr blows a kiss on the cover of the New Zealand magazine Cleo‘s July 2013 issue, which is currently on select newsstands!

The 30-year-old model’s mag issue also features a 48-colour eye shadow palette for those who buy the cover!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

“Now available @NETAPORTER @KORAORGANICS Clay Purifying Mask and Hydrating Mask. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do. ❤ Miranda xxx” Miranda recently tweeted – be sure to check out the new Miranda-approved products!

Bigger cover picture inside…

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Credit: Cleo magazine
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  • katie

    she’s everywhere
    go away!

  • dodd

    Of course, cheap woman, cheap magazine. A 30 year old acting like a teenager on the cover.

  • prettylittleliar

    LOL, Flash nazi strikes again.

    MIRANDA KERR knows only too well her face is her fortune, as photographers discovered this week at the David Jones fashion show.

    The glamazon began barking commands to ”only shoot me with direct flash”, in order to thwart any nasty shadows being cast on her showcase face.

    The news photographers, some of whom have covered war zones and world leaders, politely listened to the generous advice from the young model, though she did earn the nickname ”Flash Nazi” afterwards.

    Wednesday night’s DJs extravaganza certainly set the scene for a promising night on the gossip radar, with an open champagne bar, towering glamazons and a gathering of this town’s social fauna in all their finery. Sadly there was no sign of Mr Kerr (Orlando Bloom) on the night.

    Backstage, Kerr had her own marquee erected so she could be preened away from the prying eyes of her fellow models, some of whom were put out when security guards commenced on-the-spot bag checks, with Tiah Eckhardt tweeting about the gaffa tape which had damaged her Yves Saint Laurent handbag.

    No bag searches were being carried out inside Kerr’s tent, which was resplendent with her own ”green room” to receive her guests, which had been decked out in fresh flowers, comfy sofas and a well-stocked bar.

    Only a handful of people were allowed in, including make-up artist Napoleon Perdis and hairdresser Renya Xydis. Inside, Kerr was busy pumping breast milk for her adorable seven-month-old son Flynn before hitting the catwalk. Yesterday, Flynn hit the PR circuit with Kerr, the model brandishing the baby like a designer handbag, much to the paparazzi’s delight, especially when they spotted his T-shirt emblazoned Kerr Bloom (was there any doubt?).

  • @prettylittleliar….#3

    Oh please is that ALL you’ve got, a harmless article from 2 years ago???

    Miranda telling a NON-fashion photographer to use a “direct flash”….omg shock horror how controversal……NOT!!!

    The fact she needed some privacy while pumping breast milk for baby Flynn sounds perfectly reasonable for normal sane people.

    You really are showing how much Miranda owns YOU that you have to go back 2 years to a non story to try & find a fault that doesn’t exist….lol.

    Jealous much???

  • prettylittleliar

    Though the brand won’t confirm the speculation, sources behind the scenes tell PEOPLE there’s some truth to the pervasive diva rumors. “She can be difficult at shoots and appearances. She’s not very timely,” the source says. “She’s standoffish with the rest of the girls.”

  • Wow

    A model who knows how cameras and flashes work!!!
    So scandalous!!!!!
    I guess that since the moron felt the need to bring up this old article, this means that they don’t have anything left.
    Miranda appears on yet another high circulation cover, AND adds to her Kora line on N-a-P, and completely shuts up the idiots.
    LOL! I love it!!

  • ola

    @dodd: haha. Best comment.

  • George Muskoff

    Mirandas star is falling, best get used to it, in a year from now you will hardly hear anything from her. She is over.

  • prettylittleliar

    @Wow: high circulation, lol you pathetic batshit sock puppet stan. No one has ever heard of Cleo, and the only reason she appears on this site regularly is because she pays them.
    She is desperate for fame and attention she goes to the opening of an envelope, where she is searching for another guy to cheat on Orlando and then she pimps out her kid to the paps to play the good mother.

  • Uhm

    Yeah, you idiots are definitely out of material. So desperate!
    And you are pretending to be shocked that the star of the fashion show is treated differently than the rest of the models? Would you also be shocked to know that movie stars get their own dressing rooms, and don’t have to share? And I bet that you would be even more shocked to know that rich people fly first class, instead of being crammed in with the unwashed masses in coach?
    And I guess that you are also finding fault with her for not wanting to pump breast milk in front of everyone? Are you really that insensitive. No. Wait. That was a silly question, wasn’t it. LOL
    And you really should do a bit of research before declaring that ‘no one has ever heard of’ Cleo. It has a huge distribution in NZ and Australia. You just made yourself sound even more ignorant. If that’s even possible.
    And the opening of an envelope? Hmmm, I think that you have her confused with Adriana and/or Alesandra. LOL!
    Now I’m curious as to how far back you are going to look for old articles. Nothing says OBSESSED STALKER like someone willing to go through old archives to try (and fail) to dig up dirt.
    Such a loser.

  • Uhm

    Uhmmmm, if her star is falling, why did she just appear on the Top 100 list from Forbes?

  • Kanadian Banshee

    Little Bloom is over two years old so dragging in old info to make a point is, well pointless. She is no longer breast feeding I assume since he is beyond that requirement. I agree with most that she was never a super model and is certainly not known as being a beauty model since her facial symmetry is off but at least this latest venture is better than that grandma underwear shot from Koreas magazine cover and before that her pic looking like a drained cartoon mix of Wonderwoman/Sadsack (the shot where she’s wearing shorts, high heel running shoes, sporting a tennis racket and clothes that look like they’re from the 50′s Olympics|)
    She needs a lot of work before appearing in public and page 24 of the latest LouLou magazine notes that while her dimples are envied her pink makeup should be switched to a more flattering shade of coral. She’s too old to try passing as an early 20 year old.

  • @Kanadian Banshee..#12

    Oh please your IGNORANCE of the fashion world is showing.

    Miranda appearing in high waisted underwear teamed with a biker jacket is the VISION of the editor & photographer. That is “the look” they wanted for the cover….It has nothing to do with modeling “grandma” pants.

    The same when Miranda was on the cover earlier this year of the High Fashion French magazine Jalouse. She was styled like a “doll” from the sixties, with huge eyelashes etc.

    As for her wearing retro basketball gear in US Vogue, that’s again the choice of the editor, Anna Wintour.

    You seem to forget Miranda is a MODEL doing her JOB, it’s not all about just wearing pretty clothes.

    Claiming that Miranda needs a lot of work before appearing in public is just ridiculous. The pics taken by the paps show that she’s a natural beauty who hardly needs ANY makeup to look absolutely beautiful.

    You read over & over again that people who have met her ALL say she’s even MORE gorgeous in person.

    Her dimples are her trademark & give her the unique look of being sexy & sweet at the same time as well as looking years younger than her age.

    The fact she appears on the Forbes 100 most influential celebrities second ONLY to Gisele PROVES that she’s a Supermodel & as well as a celebrity in her own right… you’re WRONG again!

  • Anon

    Miranda is beautiful. I am reading Treasure Yourself. It is a great book. Her Kora skincare line is doing well. I am going to try Kora because it is organic and I like the fact it is safe for your skin. Miranda is successful as a model and as a business woman.

  • away

    Oh my God! This idiot just won’t let it go. Jalouse is a hf magazine, but it’s no vogue. It’s nothing more than a B list high fashion mag so I don’t know why you keep bringing in up with a bragging tone.
    Also, I know that you guys are shocked and surprised that Forbes selected Miranda this year, but can we stop acting like she broke a record? Half a dozen other models have been in that list and multiple times. She’s only on the list because she’s made it her life’s mission to seek attention everyday of the year and do any kind of work that comes along. I mean I can’t bring her down for it because she’s earned more money but lets not act like her position came as easily as Gisele’s (whom Forbes make it clear that it is because of her immense earnings and UN ambassadorship that secures her a position on the list). Miranda worked non stop in the last 12 months, going to any kind of events imaginable, her pr team making up fake stories to keep her in the press, calling the paps on herself and endorsing any available Asians brand. If Gisele or Kate Moss were working half as much as Miranda (with more quality work) they would be making even more than they’re making now.Even Adriana who won’t work makes it in the list by just doing 1 or two noticeable work not working 24/7 a day.
    Also, I don’t know why you keep bring up high fashion in her threads when she can’t book a high fashion campaign to save her life.
    Now tell me since does dimples make people sexy? It’s known to make people look cute. Stop making Miranda out to be what she isn’t. The only time she’s sexy is when she’s completely nude, which is why she keeps stripping . She’s not a master like Adriana Lima. Gisele Bubdchen is pretty perfect at sexy too. Miranda. Not so much.

  • trustin

    she is the most model i know !!! a beautiful face a good body she is amazing !!!

  • pop

    Hehe… I love that last lengthy post. Full of truth. And what the hell kind of tacky magazine is that? I guess she’s right at home

  • @15

    “Stop making Miranda out to be what she isn’t”
    That applies more to you haters than it does to any fan.
    You are trying to make her out to be unsuccessful. You are trying to make her out as a failed businesswoman, you are trying to make her out to be a slut. All things that she isn’t. When you stop doing that, we will “let go”. Until then, we will be here revealing your lies and irrational theories.
    You are also still trying to discount the fact that she not only made the Top Earner list, but also the Top 100 Celebrity list.
    You claim that you can’t “bring her down for it”, just after you tried to do that exact same thing. That says that you are a hypocrite, who is only here to throw out insults.
    You claim that Jalouse is “no Vogue”, but then you won’t give her credit for her multiple Vogue covers and editorials. Again….hypocrite.
    And what fake stories? Are you calling the idiotic blind items, fake? Then that’s the only intelligent thing that you said in your entire post. Or are you one of the insane haters who claimed that the man arrested for threatening her life was fake? Are you really going to try to convince anyone with a functioning brain that a man is willing to sit in jail because her PR paid him too? I’m just curious about how stupid you really are?
    And I love how you are calling The Golden Globes, the Vanity Fair party, The Met party, the CFDA party, and Global Green “any kind of event”. That means that you are in complete denial.
    And really? Miranda isn’t sexy? LOL! Then why do magazine polls always have her on or near the top? And was it Esquire who named her the sexiest woman alive? There’s that denial again.
    See. The only people “making Miranda out to be what she isn’t”, is you haters. Why you continually stalk her just to spread lies and to be exposed as the obsessed idiots that you are, is beyond me. You need a hobby. One that doesn’t require that you spend each day wallowing in that hatred. Your life would be so much better if you did.

  • @12

    “Little Bloom is over two years old so dragging in old info to make a point is, well pointless. She is no longer breast feeding…”
    I agree, dragging in old articles to try to make a point IS pointless. So why did this particular hater feel the need to post it?
    And people were talking about her breastfeeding Flynn, because they made a big deal about her privacy requirements in that TWO YEAR OLD article. Love how the author thought that a woman wanting privacy while pumping was evidence of ‘diva’ behavior.
    “I agree with most that she was never a super model and is certainly not known as being a beauty model since her facial symmetry is off..”
    Actually, this means that you ‘agree with few’. Most people consider her beautiful. That’s one reason why she is so popular. You can see comments about her beauty all over the web. Most from non fans commenting on different articles or photographs.
    As for ‘supermodel’, I agree. I consider her a top model, but not ‘super’. Supermodel is over used. IMO, the ONLY supermodels out there right now are Gisele, Kate and Naomi. Adriana is not ‘super’, nor is Doutzen, Candice, Ale, etc.
    “She needs a lot of work before appearing in public…”
    Actually, she doesn’t. We’ve seen plenty of photos of her getting ready backstage, and candids that prove that to be false.
    “She’s too old to try passing as an early 20 year old”
    Where did she try to act like a 20 year old? In fact, she acknowledges her age, and acts accordingly. Notice that she isn’t the one still modeling lingerie for VS into her thirties. And don’t try to claim that VS dropped her for poor sales. You can’t claim that when they are still using her pictures to sell their products.
    As for the styling for most fashion shoots baffle me as well. I just don’t ‘get it’ I guess. But that’s my fault. And/or the fault of the stylist. It certainly is not the fault of the model. Not in any way, shape or form.

  • pop

    Lmao, magazines choose her to do sexy because they know she’ll strip down in a heartbeat.
    And I’m sorry but Adriana is considered a super. She’s no Kate Moss or Naomi Campbell but Doutzen and Candice are worlds away from her status. know her lasting power all too well. Her ability to work whenever she chooses says it all.
    And now you’re going to claim I’m a jealous Adriana fan

  • Ha

    You have to be an Adriana fan if you think that she is a supermodel.
    If she was a true super, she wouldn’t still have to work for VS. And her HF career would be far more impressive.
    Not a super to anyone but her fans.
    And I think that it’s funny that you claim that she works when she chooses. Is that why she showed up on the VS runway 10 pounds too soon? If that was her choice, it was a foolish one.

  • pop

    Yes it was her choice to do the show. She mentioned in many different interviews I’ve read that doing the show was her decision. Also, I can’t argue with you on Adriana not being a super model. There are many conflicting opinions about it and I understand both sides. It’s impressive though that lists her as s super. So “not a super to anyone but her fans” is kinda void if industry bosses like say she is.
    Tell me how being with VS equals to not being a super model? If I can recall correctly, Gisele had her best days when she was an angel. She was literally everywhere, doing everything, and was a legit super.
    I’m not denying I am an Adriana fan, all I’m saying is you will accuse me of being jealous of Miranda when in truth I’m not.
    Anyway, I’ll stop with Adriana because this is not her thread.

  • @22

    Just one last note. No one here ever accused anyone about the haters ( on this thread, anyway ) being “jealous Adriana fans”, yet you have brought it up twice.
    Could they be due to a guilty conscience, maybe?