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Robert Pattinson Not Dating Riley Keough (Exclusive)

Robert Pattinson Not Dating Riley Keough (Exclusive)

Contrary to reports that the pair were recently spotted together in his car, Robert Pattinson is not dating actress Riley Keough, can exclusively confirm.

Riley isn’t dating Rob,” a rep for the 24-year-old Mad Max: Fury Road starlet told “And I can confirm that Riley was not photographed at all this weekend,” her rep added, confirming Riley was not in the car with Rob.

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Robert and his ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart recently ended their on-again off-again relationship after dating for years. Riley, who co-starred alongside Kristen in 2010′s The Runaways, was previously engaged to English actor Alex Pettyfer but parted ways earlier this year.

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  • Anna

    I cannot stand this girl for whatever reason…don’t understand why they are tying to make her an actress…she can’t act to save her life…

  • ava

    it’s kristen in the car

  • bob

    poor Riley srly she is a good friend of kristen

  • nonbert

    shut Kristen is done with him. Kristen seen happy away from Rpatzz. Keep running Kristen. I never seen her so happy

  • Sarah

    Sadly, the only reason she was ever linked to Pattinson is because she has red hair and the girl in the truck had red hair. Yes, this is how the media works. I don’t really expect much from entertainment journalism, but dang, it makes you wonder about every “story” that is out there.

  • me

    Riley Keough dating with Nicolas Hoult in april/may, what happens – did they split? JLaw must be begged him back to her after dumb for awards season.

  • Rylan

    People get so upset when any girls name is mentioned in the same sentence as Roberts its kinda sad & pathetic especially when you don’t have a chance with him. Of course it was Kristen in the car, but no one wants to hear that.

  • http://yahoo Katy

    So sad Rob is not dating Riley she is cute

  • me

    BTW, I saw indie movie with her Jack and Diane – she and Juno Temple were great. Ryley 10X better actress that Kristen.

  • Me

    It’s not Kristen either. If it was, why would she allow her friend and “boyfriend” be bashed in the media for having an affair? That would take a crappy person to allow that. We know her morals are questionable but I don’t think she is that low.

  • http://yahoo seinna

    Always knew Rob was not dating Kiley …..but she was a definite upgrade from the cheater

  • http://yahoo seinna

    Yes Riley is a million times better than Kristen , i really hoped Rob was dating her .

  • niagirl

    No shit sherlock. They got their info from twitter just like they did with Katy Perry. Whoever it was they need to help the dude dress. That raggedy ass jacket and those runover,raggedy,free shoes need to be replaced. WTF Dior.

  • Lauren

    All eyes are on Rob now and the Robsten is unbroken fruit cakes that are much worse than Will Farrell portrayed are pushing that was Stewart in the truck. It will all play out and consequences if it goes that way. Stewart will never regain support and Rob has made it much worse for himself with that display moving his stuff in the truck. If she somehow manages to weasel her way back in they are done within 3 years. I’m calling it now. Fed up with the games and the sick relationship with the sick fans. Check the Robsten fans out if you want a good laugh!

  • http://yahoo katrina

    Well Rob is free now , he can date anyone he likes , Pity he is not dating Riley , she is gorgeous

  • anne

    poor riley, people were hating her for no reason, she is such a good girl. Loved the two together btw:)

  • at last

    Finally, people can move on. Just Jared confirmed the break up. Just Jared knows Kristen’s friends. He would know what the deal is. Twilight fans can move on now. Rob looks happy at concert. Kristen looks happy in Paris. Both are going to work soon. Both moving on separately. Shouldn’t everyone move on too?

  • me

    Is anyone knows Riley Keough and Nicholas Hoult still together?

  • http://yahoo katrina

    Yeah ! hope people move on ! Rob is doing great , he was looking so happy at Beyonce concert .wish him the best

  • http://yahoo ashley

    Rob is such a gorgeous man inside out am so happy that he is finally free of kristen . Hope he enjoys his single life for now and hope he finds the true love of his life sometimes in his life definitely .

  • OpportunistMuch

    B*tch got free publicity. The reps waited days to get maximum exposure before denying the dumb rumor started by the crazy fans. Sad for R who still has to be linked with the trashy hipsters.

  • twilighter

    Now that you have done a good job of dashing this nonsense, other tabloids will simply chase after someone else as the redhead. For more nonsense about the so-called Rob & Kristen breakup, see

  • http://yahoo avk

    Sad about Rob not dating Kiley but very happy that Rob has moved on from Kristen finally . Finally we will read about Rob without the mention of her . Future looks good

  • Anna

    I don’t really believe Rob and Kristen broke up. I mean, they never confirmed it. It was a rumor and it’s still a rumor. I kinda think that tabs started this rumor and they’re trying to convince the public that they really broke up. At first they said Rob was dating Katy. Than Katy was spotted with John Meyer,so they picked up Riley and her publict denied she was with Rob. Tabs want to convince us about this rumor thing. They decide what kind of pictures to publish and when they have to come out.

  • niagirl

    I am going start a rumor on twitter that the mystery girl is really a buffybot (krissybot) created by Spike for Robert.

  • Power of Twitter

    You know who how media “identified” this as Riley? They didn’t actually. When those Rob pics were released on Monday,a lot of R/K fans started speculating about the mystery redhead’s identity and some of them said that it was Riley since Riley is Kristen’s friend and a redhead and trashy media just went along with. Only JJ and GossipCop bothered to contact her reps and clear the confusion

  • http://yahoo pity

    Riley is gorgeous but Rob and Riley are just friends !! what a pity !

  • http://yahoo At last

    Rob is free to live his life without the sourpuss kristen . Have fun Rob . Waiting impatiently for the Dior Ad and all your movies . They all sound delicious

  • http://yahoo At last

    @Power of Twitter: This is the way most articles are written but this one was cute . Like the idea of Rob and Kiley together

  • It’s NOT Kristen

    @ava: Kristen is not a redhead. You can clearly see that her hair is BROWN. The girl in the car is a natural redhead, all the way to her roots. He dumped Kristen 8 weeks ago and hasn’t looked back. He deserves better than a cheater.

  • Kristen’s Roden Army

    @me: Jennifer’s DUMB awards season? You mean when she won the Oscar and every single other award possible?

    You must be a fan of The Cheater, and loser actress, Kristen Stewart. Her fans are the most ungrateful whiney bunch in the world. You make Bieber fans look mature.

  • LOL

    I actually am starting to feel sad for Pattinson..horrible actor but his whole career is tied up with first having dated Kristen Stewart her cheating on him…their reconciliation their break up and now the guy can’t even catch a break..if he sneezes next to a female he has to deny ANY form of dating context because fan might go rabid….I would not be surprised if either him or Kristen go into a deep depression and become suicidal..they are imprisoned by their fame and having played those dumb characters in Twilight.

  • http://yahoo katrina

    Rob is a strong man . He is happy to be free . Some Robsten fans are beyond help . They thought Rob is Edward and will stay with Kristen forever even though she cheated on him .

  • http://yahoo katrina

    He really looked like his old self in the videos from the Beyonce show . He was happy , it was good to see him like that

  • Sarah

    @silkybedroomvoice: Ah. Another great entertainment journalist. How do these people get jobs. Seriously.

  • http://yahoo silkybedroomvoice

    One of theDior journalists tweeted..

    Debora Attanasio @NualaSantini

    Writing down #RobertPattinson interview from recording. Stopping every 5 words because his voice is too hot #DiorRob @MarieClaire_it

  • Megan

    @Me – Kristen didn’t say anything because Rob and Kristen never speak out about tabloid reports whether they’re true or false. The only time Kristen did was during the scandal last summer because it was such a major headline, after she got ripped apart from making that statement, I doubt she wants to make any more now. She certainly doesn’t have to acknowledge tabloid fodder when it’s not true. That could have been Kristen in the car, it could have not been. It could have been a friend of Rob’s, it could have not been. It’s not Riley though, and the hoopla created around him “riding in cars with girls” is the dumbest thing ever.

    This reminds me of the time he went to the movies with his agent and people thought it was his mother. It’s almost as funny as when in 2008 he was spotted leaving a club with Nikki Reed and “his blonde girlfriend” who turned out to be his sister. Clearly these Hollywood “reporters” aren’t very good at fact checking and reporting.

    Rob and Kristen are one of the only celebrity couples that have confused the media with their relationship status, why would they stop now? They might be done, they might not be, but there’s zero doubt that they’re “media ninjas” and they throw tabloids off their game because they can’t stand them to begin with.

  • Chris

    Perpetual RPatz’s excuse was that ‘he is very private’ – but really it was just his free pass to shake off responsibilities and leave Kristen to be exposed to all hate and madness. He is disgusting. Kristen rules Paris these days, endorsed by Chanel. RPatz wqithout her boring and lame. Dior or no Dior (for hags only)…

  • Jane

    What girl would date Rpattz? He might be a nice guy but he comes with a truck load of baggage in the form of massive tabloid attention, and worse – his demented fanbase. It’s not fun to be called ugly, talentless, fat, unclean etc. With social media it’s impossible to ignore all of that and Rob’s fans abuse Kristens friends and family constantly online.It escalates until it is a hige tabloid story like this Riley thing. Kristen put up with it for 5 years and you can see she found it tough but she obviously loved him enough to put up with it. I feel bad for Rob that he can’t date a girl normally so to not upset the freaks (did he ever even bring Kristen on a date or hold her hand in public?) but i totally get why Kristen was frustrated with it all too. Dealing with that on a day to day basis wears you down.

  • What???


    So now it’s Team Kristen or Team Rob….
    All this animosity because he wants to move on. But what about when she shamelessly was getting felt up by her director last summer.

    They are both doing fine in their endorsement arena no one is what uping the other.

  • Louann

    It is interesting to me that Rob and therefore his fans are so adamant that he doesn’t have a PR person and doesn’t talk to press… yet why is it that People (the source Rob fans insist is reliable and the one publicist always use) magazine’s sources were all from Rob saying how ‘moody/volatile’ Kristen was. It’s all been leaked from Rob’s side. He totally threw her under a bus in order to come off as ‘Poor Rob’ again. He knew the media would jump on it and his psycho middle aged fans would get their claws in.

    Total douche! Onwards and upwards Kristen. Your future is bright.

  • http://yahoo Robisthebest

    Kristen PR army has arrived !! You guys are shameless like their idol .Kristen cheated on him , the break up was inevitable . The only mistake Rob made was taking her back after july.
    Better late than never , Rob has moved on and is happy

  • http://yahoo Robisthebest

    Rob did not throw her under the bus . She threw her self under the bus by cheating on Rob with a married man with kids in broad daylight.
    For once put the blame where it is due .

  • http://yahoo katy

    @Chris: Rob is a private person and he never talks about his private life . Kristen put him thru hell for publically cheating on him . I am so happy that he has dumped her

  • hmmm

    Me smells a PR stunt from both Rob and Kristen. Last year was her cheating scandal and the entire summer was spent speculating about their separating and Rob being angry..Then it was a big PR orchestrated Robsten reunion which lead to the final Twilight film being together..Now this summer their breakout and who he is or isn’t dating.

    I bet any amount of money this is another PR stunt geared to their big REUNION and $$$.

  • shelia

    Rob throw her under the bus???!! The f*ck people? Kristen Stewart isn’t some hapless victim that we should get behind and coddle. Enough. She is a selfish young woman that purposely cheated with a married man, broke up her own relationship and had a hand in ruining the lives of 2 innocent children who have a broken home. now that’s reality.

  • http://yahoo katy

    You are right ! pathetic , dimwit Kristen fans can never stop blaming Rob for Kristens faults . They are so butt hurt that Rob has dumped her .

  • Louann

    that’s all any Rob fan can say ‘wahhh she cheated on him’. It doesn’t excuse the fact that he himself is a liar when he says he doesn’t talk to tabloids… yet all the ‘sources’ are from Rob’s side saying that Kristen is moody and selfish and poor Rob couldn’t handle it any more. He called the paparazzi to catch him leaving with his stuff in a pick up truck, just in case people didn’t see all the suitcases and trash bags and their dogs. He left in broad daylight right when the speculation was at it’s highest. He is a total hollywood famewhore. He could have been discreet, moved his stuff during the night so paps weren’t around, gotten a friend to get his stuff – he does have an assistant after all (just a reminder for those who think he’s too ‘real’ to have an assistant lol)

  • Mary

    where is the proof that Rob dumped her? It’s all wishful thinking by his fans. Looks to me like Kristen threw his sh!t in trash bags and kicked him out! Good girl Kristen!

  • http://yahoo delusional

    You have NO proof of anything Rob did it is all speculation But there is ample proof that Kristen cheated on Rob with a married man with kids on a road side . She made his life into a media circus .
    Rob fans are sane unlike delusional K fans .
    Rob is living his life do not try and find hidden meaning in simple actions