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Kaley Cuoco Grabs Coffee for Two After Date with Henry Cavill

Kaley Cuoco Grabs Coffee for Two After Date with Henry Cavill

Kaley Cuoco starts her Independence Day off by grabbing coffee for two at a local Starbucks shop on Thursday (July 4) in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

The 27-year-old Big Bang Theory actress took her relationship with new boyfriend Henry Cavill public by holding hands while grocery shopping together.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kaley Cuoco

If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure to go check out Henry‘s latest movie Man of Steel, in theaters now!

FYI: Kaley is wearing Dana Rebecca Designs earrings.

10+ pictures inside of Kaley Cuoco getting her morning coffee fix…

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kaley cuoco grabs coffee for two after date with henry cavill 02
kaley cuoco grabs coffee for two after date with henry cavill 03
kaley cuoco grabs coffee for two after date with henry cavill 04
kaley cuoco grabs coffee for two after date with henry cavill 05
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  • Superman’s GF

    I never knew this girl’s name or face until 3 days ago, honest to God. Now every single celebrity blog is inundated with pictures of her getting her nails done, riding a horse, getting coffee, going to the grocery store, getting more coffee. I have seen this girl in more outfits in 48 hours than I’ve myself in all week. Well-played, girl, well-played. You’re officially at the top of the Fame Wh*re food chain.

  • catnip



    she everywhere now …are her pr people paying you to post pics

  • patri

    I hate this bi*ch

  • Henry

    Superman ‘s GF, you’re so right.

  • Anna

    @Superman’s GF:


  • Convenient Rebound

    I lost respect for this girl when I found out she changed into 4 different outfits for the paparazzi yesterday. Seriously go check it out. She is loving this.

    I think Gina dumped Henry’s ass at a time when his PR firm was very worried about all the gay rumors so they set these two up.

  • hmm

    @Superman’s GF:

    You nailed it. suddenly this b actress is going to be on every celebrity site…by her “dating” with HC…this is all escalating to a big red carpet event…we will undoubtedly see them at the Emmy Awards and that will be her glory! We will no doubt start hearing her name tossed around for a film role. The wheels have been set in motion.

  • Lula

    I had never heard of her but lost my respect for her as soon as I heard her name. She is gross and such a fame whore. She is loving this.

  • kimmy

    one thing that makes think this has something of PR, Kaley NEVER go out combed, groomed and well-dressed, she is very sporty; maybe they like to each ohter but at the same time is publicity; is that necessary?

  • Beard

    The latest Hollywood stunt couple. It’s 2013 people, stop hiding.

  • OhCanada

    Used to be a big HC fan. Even liked KC. Not anymore of either of them.
    Pathetic. Sure if the relationship is legit, good for them…but why so public with it all? Allow yourselves to have a private life and love if this is so real.

    Besides, every single Superman actor has met some tradgedy and their careers never take off. HC better be careful. He should be focused on his career, not being a fame whhhore and pulling off bad PR stunts.

    Control your image, do some positive PR things that doesn’t involve who you are shagging. That goes for you too Kaeley.

    That is 1500 Canadian Dollars, please.

  • rmadz

    in her defense…

    Kaley Cuoco has been in the industry long before Henry Cavill. She’s been in successful TV shows like Charmed, 8 Simple Rules and currently she’s in The Big Bang Theory. She hosted the People’s Choice Awards twice now. Plus she’s not a big party girl.

    Henry Cavill broke up with his fiance on August 2012. He dated Gina 3 months later. They broke up last May and two months later he’s dating Kaley. He leaps from one relationship to another in a single bounce…kinda like Superman.

    I would say that it’s unfair for you people to call her a w**** or a b**** just because she’s now dating one of the hottest man in the world and you’re not. Besides you didn’t know who HC was until he started taking his shirt off.

    C’mon people, a little common sense will do the world good.

  • Effy

    This is totally a publicity stunt like 1/2 the other relationships out there.

  • siennagold

    @Superman’s GF – YOU ARE SPOT ON, GIRL!

  • Lula

    This Kaley Coconut is so freaking ugly, homely, boring, obnoxious and manly looking. No one knows about her and she is not interesting.

  • Boring

    Get yourself a Keurig honey, and have your coffee at home. You’re already boring. Nothing to see here folks.

  • WHAT

    ok you can assume its a pr stunt. but why all this name calling??? insulting her doesnt make you classy at all.

  • Akasha

    Weird ,short legs and bad sense of style…

  • cali

    @Lula and others: It cracks me up when people come on here and say that no one knows who she is. She has been on 3 successful TV shows, the last one is one of the top Sitcoms on tv right now and is played over and over in reruns. She has been on countless Talk shows, and the major ones, like Letterman, Leno, Kimmel, possibly Fallon, Chelsea, etc. She has hosted awards shows, etc.

    So if people don’t know who she is, then they must live under a freaking rock. Her face is probably more recognizable than Henry Cavill’s. More people watch tv, than go to the movies. And while people may recognize him as the guy who played Superman, it doesn’t mean that he is more well known.

    As far as changing her clothes, well lets see, Do you change your clothes after horseback riding? Yes, Do you change your clothes after going for a hike or fitness walk? yes, And do you change your clothes when you go out with your BF? Yes. Why is that so hard to believe? I often change my clothes 2-3 times per day, especially if I am working out, and then running errands on my own, and then again if I am going to hang out with my BF.

    You people just looking for something to pick at. And of course, as is typical, the woman gets more hate than the man. If you are going to hate on this situation, then you should apply that without bias. The fact that so many are attacking Kaley and giving Henry a pass pretty much gives away the true issue, which is jealousy

  • Ishka

    I love her. Even though I’m intensely jealous of their r/ship, I still love them both. I’ve always been the “it’s not always jealously” girl, but some of the comments I’ve been reading online are so blatantly are!

  • eerie.

    @cali: AMEN! Kaley has NEVER been a famewh*re, she’s already successful in TBBT so why would she seek more fame?

  • Ariadne

    Seriously guys…you are talking about a 1 rime SAG awards nominee who is also the star of one of the top rates shows in US!She does not need the PR and he Definetly does not need the PR at this stage.I mean…no one has something to promot and both of them (especially him) have all the publicity they need at this stage(before their romance surfaced)! I think they are a real and genuine couple.And the paps ohotos were to be expected.Ever since the rumors started paps photographed her getting her nails done,riding a horse,meeting with friends,even picking up coffe from starbucks(2 times).They only calmed doyn when they got “The Henry Cavill” shot with her.

  • Ariadne


    Correction : 2 time SAG awards nominee.

  • Maria

    @Cali i agret with everything you said.You are spot on!

    And is so stupid that they are attacking Kaley because they think she is out of his league.She is not ecev ugly,for crying out loud!

  • Marcia

    Are you guys kidding. Kaley is on of the biggest tv shows on the air right now, and this dude just made it big with one movie that came out 3 weeks ago. If she was a fame***** she would have gone out with someone a lot more famous along time ago.

  • Emma

    We’re ragging on Kaley because this is a pap snap of her and she knows the heck what she’s doing. She wants more money. Greedy.

  • fiona

    who’s she?

  • derrick

    Jealous haters in this thread. Kaley is a star actress on the number one sitcom for like 6 years, The Big Bang Theory. The shows been nominatied for like 3 dozen Emmys, Golden Globes, Teen choice awards etc. Not only that she was on 8 Simple Rules for dating my teenage daughter and Charmed. She’s been around longer than this Cavill. That’s it. It’s women jealous because your not her. Women are so predictably jealous. You’ve never heard of her cause you don’t know much.

    If you don’t know who she is that only shows how square and out of the know you are.

  • derrick

    “we will undoubtedly see them at the Emmy Awards”
    She’s goes to the Emmy’s every year as she’s been nominated for the last 3 years for her tv show “The Big Bang Theory.” Get a clue.

    ” We will no doubt start hearing her name tossed around for a film role. ”
    She’s been in movies since 1995.

    @ Lula “I had never heard of her but lost my respect for her as soon as I heard her name. She is gross and such a fame *****. She is loving this.”
    You’re just dumb. There’s nothing intelligent in your comment and you start off speaking from a point of ignorance.

    @SHINE “are her pr people paying you to post pics”
    There’s papparazzi everywhere and they get money for pics. You don’t need to pay PR. Plus she’s on a long time hit tv show. She doesn’t need publicity. Also youv’e come to a celebrity gossip website and you’re mad at the notion that PR people would push photos? You’re kinda clueless huh?

  • Ximena

    well…. they are getting fun LOL C’mon guys you also date, aren’t you young as they are? (Ellen, Gina, Kaley, HCavill)

    as a fan I don’t want this becomes bigger (yes, I’m jealous LOL) but at least she is fun.

  • Superboy

    He also dated Jakey G. Ooops, was that supposed to be a sekrit?

  • Kristin

    Who holds hands grocery shopping anyway? They obviously want us to know they are dating. LAME!!

  • gcet

    I’m a Henry fan but I like Kaley Cuoco as actress a lot, she’s great!! I don’t understand how is possible some people here are saying they don’t know Kaley Cuoco (maybe too old to see her work??) or say she’s using him…are you serious??? Kaley Cuoco is more famous worldwide and in USA than Henry Cavill will ever be, she’s in the industry since she was a kid, her last tv series is as famous as “Friends” used to be…she’s in every talk show every month, while Henry has been in 3 talk shows in all his carrier, she has been the host of People Choice Awards twice in 2012/13 and also of the Teen Choice Awards 2011, she’s the most talented comic actress of the moment and pluri awards win and nominated actress, so do you’re homework well before writing crap. She goes out with friends like Ashton Kutcher to watch the Lakers…she doesn’t need Henry for publicity since she’s all over the tvs and Magazines all her life.

    They’re are just knowing each other, stop the hating, they’re lovely together and Kaley isn’t cold as Henry’s previous women, she’s a sweet spontaneous girl and will help Henry also “melt” a bit, since he’s always too serious for his age. Henry doesn’t mourn about his ex-es (real or fake ones)…even when he split from his only ex fiance`Ellen, he didn’t wait long to go out with a woman called Jessica and 1 month later with Carano.

  • Fan Girls

    Henry’s fan girls think he is a big star, LOL. He is “that guy who played Superman.” Kaley is a far bigger star just surprised she’d do the bearding thing.

  • cali

    Nicely put @gcet

  • SOFI

    SHE IS CUTE BUT I HATE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I LOVE HENRYYYY….

  • so fake

    It doesn’t matter if she’s more famous than him ,she’s still fugly with capital F!

  • danielle

    wish them all the best!

  • lilo

    They both use to be so private. Its a shame to see them going down the obvious PR road.
    For those saying it can’t be just for PR because they’re both already successful and have nothing to promote; they’re actors, they have themselves to promote. And together they’ve gotten more mainstream press in the last 5 days then either has had in their entire careers. They both use to be in relationships that they kept quiet. They could have done the same thing here. Instead, you get a rumour on Sunday, confirmation on Monday and hundreds of pictures between Tuesday and Wednesday. It screams PR.

  • SirD

    Hold on your man tightly bec next time you’ll see he is with others arms as he just used you. hahaha poor girl!!!!

  • rmadz



  • Aviana

    I can’t believe people are asking who she is?! Kaley has been around a lot longer than he has. She comes across as very down to earth. He seems to jump from relationship to relationship.

  • Ann C

    I am british and proud that Henry is doing so well but women please give Kaley a break. I am so with Cali – she is well known already (and here in the uk – my friends and I love her) and does not need to hook up with a film star to get more fame. What is wrong with you people? sisterhood ???? You just make yourself look like jealous nasty pieces of work and all those things you are accusing her of being like a b**tch an a wh**re. She is far from ugly but even if she was not Miss World beauty comes from the inside – something you people should think about!!

    I wish them both well (even I do wish I was her!!) and is it is a publicity stunt so what? It is not the first and won;t be the last!!

  • Haters Suck!

    Y’all need to get a grip. Geez take a breath before your blood pressure spikes. Kaley is awesome she’s on one of the best shows on tv maybe some of you need to watch so u can chill. If its a “pr” stunt, honestly is that the only thing people can say these days, well that’s none of your damn business.

  • weird

    @Haters Suck!:

    I agree with you 100 percent. I like her from watching the show and the fact she seems normal, not fake and plastic like a lot of people in Hollywood. Poor girl, just b/c she’s dating a good looking guy you have to be all mean and call her ugly..that’s so messed up. She’s far from ugly, she’s actually really cute.

  • Pffff

    I love how everyone is saying how private Kaley is meanwhile she has been changing outfits 4 times in one day for the paparazzi, and tweeting pictures of of her gawking at the guy she is dating.

  • Jerkface

    @Superman’s GF: Ha! I think you’re right. A few more pics of Kaley getting coffee, and she will officially knock Minka Kelly out of the top famewh*re slot. Though, it will be neck and neck for a while. Minka is getting herself papped with Chris Evans a lot more lately, since news of Henry and Kaley broke. So, there’s clearly some stiff competition for the top famewh*re spot. Poor Henry and Chris. Superheroes they may be, but smart guys who know how to pick decent women? Not so much.

  • kylie

    She’s out getting coffee. It’s not like she’s dressed to the nines with her hair all done and in full makeup. Give this girl a break. She seems like nice enough girl. No need to get all vicious on her because she’s seeing Cavill.

  • Yep

    @Superman’s GF:

    Same here! I never knew who this girl was until a few days ago (I don’t watch BBT). I guess this showmance is benefiting both of them – he gets to look straight and she gets more attention.