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Leonardo DiCaprio: Fourth of July Grocery Shopping!

Leonardo DiCaprio: Fourth of July Grocery Shopping!

Leonardo DiCaprio stocks up on groceries at a local Ralph’s market on Thursday morning (July 4) in Malibu, Calif.

The 38-year-old actor stocked up on food, bottled water, and cans of Diet Coke and Fresca. Perhaps he is planning an Independence Day celebration?

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“Good News! President Obama Pledges Support to #StopWildlifeCrime in Africa,” Leo tweeted earlier in the week along with a link to a World Wildlife Foundation article detailing the news.

15+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio grocery shopping…

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leonardo dicaprio fourth of july grocery shopping 01
leonardo dicaprio fourth of july grocery shopping 02
leonardo dicaprio fourth of july grocery shopping 03
leonardo dicaprio fourth of july grocery shopping 04
leonardo dicaprio fourth of july grocery shopping 05
leonardo dicaprio fourth of july grocery shopping 06
leonardo dicaprio fourth of july grocery shopping 07
leonardo dicaprio fourth of july grocery shopping 08
leonardo dicaprio fourth of july grocery shopping 09
leonardo dicaprio fourth of july grocery shopping 10
leonardo dicaprio fourth of july grocery shopping 11
leonardo dicaprio fourth of july grocery shopping 12
leonardo dicaprio fourth of july grocery shopping 13
leonardo dicaprio fourth of july grocery shopping 14
leonardo dicaprio fourth of july grocery shopping 15

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  • HW

    Leo looks like Jack Nicholson here, no? Nice one, Leo. Nice one!

  • Bershka

    @HW: Same thought.
    “Is that Jack Nicholson?” In a younger version of course.

  • S

    JJ – why do you describe it as “good” bottled water? An oxymoron, no?

  • lolaila

    With these healthy drinks maybe his actions will make sense.

  • http://- Kate

    @HW: That’s exactly what I was thinking!

  • Rita

    @S: use the dictionary

  • Leo Fan

    Good to see Leo back in LA:)

  • 2013 trend

    paparazzi at the grocery store is the new thing, right?

  • léonie

    Oh my God he basically looks like Calvin Candie here with that grown beard and hat. Doesn’t he have a home in Malibu? Maybe he’s planning to throw a party there indeed.

  • vagabond

    I believe he owns a couple of houses in Malibu,not sure how many exactly.He really needs to replace them shorts they are getting

  • well….

    Anyone remember the brunette girl who was with her in Venice? The one who was mistaken to be Toni. She was Kristina Romanova. She posted a photo on her blog on July 2nd (facebookish site called a photo called ”Hampton get away”. You can see Leo’s back in the photo with a couple other people walking. FYI.

  • bm
  • LOL

    You’re right he does look like him.

  • Lorelei

    This is old news. BTW, why isn’t Toni with Leo at Ralph’s doing the food shopping?

  • arrow

    For someone with his opportunities and resources, Leo’s world seems very small. He needs to broaden his horizons.

  • @well…

    Here is the picture
    We can see that Leo is wearing the same clothes he had on while bike riding in NY with his godson Milan.
    Seems like it was taken the same day.

  • Hmm

    I’m thinking that the Hamptons was just another friendly outing. There was more than just those four there, as #11 pointed out. I’m 100% convinced that Leo and Toni are not dating. Without a doubt, she’d be with him on all of these solo outings if they were anything more than friends. Also, has anyone considered that maybe they asked the girl to delete the picture so that people wouldn’t get the wrong idea?

  • @#16 + @#11

    OMG! LOOK HERE: Photo 81.

    hahaha, they did not just go the two of them (Toni and Leo), they went like 9 people + to Hamptons (many models included ! )

    And seem like, as usual, Leo is more attentive to his cell phone than to any model there…Toni walks 50 feet in front of him, theyre not holding hands – nothing!!

    You can see the girl with the white trousers and black sweater is Toni !! Clearly!! … she has the same head-shape, blonde hair, pony tail, but very funny they dont even walk close to one another.. just a whole bunch of people like some suggested here could be a theory. Just a whole bunch of friends going to Hamptons! Thats why Louisa also tweeted going to Hamptons many days, they all probably wanted to -getaway haha ;-)

  • @17

    How can people know who spends that day or night with Leo just from pics taken in an hour out of a WHOLE day. And when there are pics of her with him its apparently only proof of their ‘friendship’. Of course if she were with him in these particular shots. It’ll be staged shots, deconstructing her looks and guess how not-in-love they were right?

  • Yeah

    Toni said before that she knows Leo through various events. It wouldn’t be surprising if they hang out from time to time when their in the same city (Cannes, Versailles, NYC). Maybe they have mutual friends as well? Maybe this was all one big innocent friendly get together that everyone has blown out of proportion, perhaps? I say this because every time they are together it is with a big group of people. It’s never a one-on-one thing.

  • léonie

    @17: I know half of me did. On the one hand I thought maybe they wanted to keep it on the down low for a little longer and be more cautious but on the other hand I thought maybe they just didn’t want people to think it was something that it’s not. I think with the new info @11 posted things are kind of adding up? Maybe it really was just a friendly outing. I won’t rule out the possibility maybe they’re friends with benefits. But from that new photo it definitely seems like a group outing and not some romantic double-date with just the four people who were on the jetski pic.

  • @#16 + @#11

    *crossing fingers Kristina Romanas album wont be shut down, too*… look : her whole album.. this girl must be younger than 20 !!! my goooood….. SHE is young. Like a CHILD. How and why does he invite these kiddddds to come with ?????? where do they meet him, theyre not even legal entering a club ? I get she is a photo model, I can see her album, but…. come on, she is a baby!!

  • haha

    “You can see the girl with the white trousers and black sweater is Toni !! ”
    Sorry but it’s not Toni. Toni is very tall and slim.

  • summer

    what if he was dating Kristina? She was with him in Venice and now the Hamptons?…

  • @19

    Do you have some info that we don’t? Because it seems like you’re speculating just as much as everyone else. Don’t be so rude.

  • @summer

    excellent point! There are several other models that he’s been seen with on different occasions in the last few months, but because Toni fits his demographic, everyone assumes they are dating. Let us pray that he is NOT dating Kristina because she is definitely too young. I don’t think she’s even 18 yet.

  • Odd

    Agreed, I’m not really sure if its her. The head looks the same, but that girl appears to have hips. Toni is much slimmer

  • Hallelujah

    On the bright side, it looks like he took those stupid socks off for once!

  • also…

    It’s nit the same clothes he wore on this picture that he had on while riding his bike with Milan. Maybe the shirt ( at least similar color ) but it might have been different days. Not that it matters a lot…

  • summer

    I think she was born in 1994 but I’m not sure,someone said it on a site,I don’t really remember but yes she’s young. and even in these candids,it wasn’t Toni but Kristina because someone had posted that pic on her VK when it came out

  • @#16 + @#11

    Now I accept theyre nothing but casual friends. I was waiting to comment that, I always had a feeling theyre just friends, but this photo.. its so not double date, man…. its just people wanting to leave nyc and all noise for a while . The way he shut the mouth of Louisa Warwick was probably just cause he was pissed at the rumors, I believe OR.. like also said Louisa must be afraid her profile was going to be the blame for a new relationship-story in the media, and wouldnt like to get unpopular for Leo because of that – maybe she even saw the link at Lainey and wanted it not to blow bigger and get multiple links, cause maybe she saw that comin… and that would put her in a VERY bad light if it is not true they are dating, right ? …. ya, I just think I solved it. ;-)

  • léonie

    Really don’t think she (Kristina) is her girlfriend either. Same story we’ve been discussing regarding Toni basically: It’d be natural for her to be around him if they were dating. If I’m correct she wasn’t the only girl traveling along to Venice right? Same thing at the Hamptons. She’s just part of a group he took to Venice and Hamptons. Probably just a ‘friend’ also. That’s the way I see it at least. We still can’t know for sure though.

  • summer and that’s Kristina too so.. I really don’t know. Maybe he’s dating Toni but this Kristina has been around too.

  • young, younger, youngest

    Well…. what happens when you bring young girls with you is nothing bad Im sure when you do, cause Im sure theyre all nice, but what happens is that they always post a cell phone picture of you everywhere on the internet afterwards :-D … not a smart move to bring kids with you if you wanna have privacy SNH ..

  • also…

    LOL! The plot thickens! Kristina in Italy, then Toni and then both in the Hamptons? Busy bee! lol Let’s see who made it to Malibu!

  • summer

    I don’t think the medias will notice though.She’s not that famous and VK isn’t as big as twitter or facebook.

  • young, younger, youngest

    @leonie : Come ON !!!!! :-D I can agree that 20 is young, and having doubts he might date a 20-yrold, but hellooooooo not even Leo dates 18 or 18- !!!!!!!! are you CRAZY ????

  • also…

    @summer: If he is dating Toni why was he seen travelling with his entourage and only Kristina? Not Toni?
    I also think it’s friends, casual, friends with benefits…

  • SUBurb

    @summer – she is too young to be even considered a date by a normal brain-functioning journalist . Of course Leo is not dating the russian girl. Now has everyone suddenly jumped the hedge from Toni to Kristina just from one picture to another ? :-) LOL THATS hilarious.

  • summer

    I said “maybe he’s dating Toni” but this Kristina thing is weird. Also he hung out with other models in Cannes so let’s see.

  • SUBurb

    Oh my GOODNESS … I give up this forum is absolutely INSANE! First everyone waited to the last minute to double check if Leo really wasnt dating Toni.. NOW, just cause Kristina was in the car in Venice sightseeing and now in Hamptons getaway (as an 18- year old everyone knows its dangerous for her to walk alone in anywhere past seven so to speak) then KRISTINA is Leos date all these past weeks with clubbin and partying with just the same people and sometimes Toni came in ??? hahahahahahaha

  • summer

    not by just one picture. I was just pointing out that Toni is not the only one thats been travelling/hanging out with him several times lately. So prob he’s not really dating Toni, just friends with benefits maybe.

  • also…

    @42: I agree. It’s like he is still playing the field but with less contestants than in Cannes.

  • SUBurb

    Sorry I wasnt laughing at anyone IN particular, just the WHOLE dating-whirlwind !!!!! its total mess !!!!!!!!!! LOL and sooo far out to just suddenly assume its an 18 year old cause she was seen , too :-)


    I think hes going to make dinner for them ;)

  • léonie

    Lol. I’m just laughing right now tbh. It has become one hot mess and probably not even worth talking about anymore until we have more info. I know that at this point I will be very surprised to find out that he actually is dating Toni. Strange how my thoughts have changed so fast. After the jetski photos I was positive it was on. Then that girl deleted her entire account and I thought hmmm, maybe not.. And now, after this new info, as I said I’d be really surprised to find out that they are indeed dating. I guess I’m with the ‘friends with benefits’ concept. Today at least lol.

  • @43

    Also : Give it up already. They are not dating . Dont pretend.

  • @32

    “Really don’t think she (Kristina) is her girlfriend either. Same story”

    - Why do you say “her” about Leo? Its “his”, he is a male, not female.

  • léonie

    @48: Oh really? I thought he was female. How dumb of me!
    Lol it’s a typo. Calm down.

  • also…

    Seriously? You pick on a mistake like that?