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Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Big Apple Stroll with Flynn!

Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Big Apple Stroll with Flynn!

Orlando Bloom reunites with his wife Miranda Kerr and their two-year-old son Flynn while spending time together on Thursday (July 4) in New York City.

The 36-year-old actor is back with his family after finishing up work on The Hobbit trilogy recently. In case you missed it, watch a short clip of Orly‘s last day on set!

The happy family was joined for the afternoon stroll by their beloved dog Sidi.

Last weekend, Miranda looked gorgeous in a floral print dress while heading to an office building for a meeting in the Big Apple.

FYI: Orlando and Miranda are using their Baby Jogger stroller.

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orlando bloom miranda kerr big apple stroll with flynn 01
orlando bloom miranda kerr big apple stroll with flynn 02
orlando bloom miranda kerr big apple stroll with flynn 03
orlando bloom miranda kerr big apple stroll with flynn 04
orlando bloom miranda kerr big apple stroll with flynn 05

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49 Responses to “Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Big Apple Stroll with Flynn!”

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  1. 1
    we Says:


  2. 2
    Cara Says:

    The 36-year-old actor is back with his family after finishing up work on The Hobbit trilogy recently.

  3. 3
    Shippers Delight Says:

    Amazing that no one saw him while he was filming in NZ and he’s back in New York (after sightings of him in Italy and the UK) and there he is with her, Flynn and Sidi. How anyone can think she doesn’t call the paps for her daily strolls is just nuts. It is very sad that Flynn now looks at the camera and smiles – wonder who taught him that. New York is a big city so please don’t insult anyone’s intelligence by saying they just happened to spot them. Fame ho is back and is using her husband, child and dogs.

  4. 4
    twixnMix Says:

    Nice to see them together as a family, it’s been a while.

  5. 5
    jean Says:

    That baby loves the camera. He always engages the paps and follows the camera. I like him.

  6. 6
    nguyen tran gia linh Says:

    Flynn Is CUTE

  7. 7
    Dee Says:

    @#3 why do you care so much? What is it to you? I like Bloom, and it is nice to see him, & his kid is adorable, I could care less about Miranda either way, so if he stays with her, fine, if he divorces her, that is fine too, it is none of my business, I like some of his films & he seems likable enough, so it is It’s really insane to me how some of his “fans” act. I remember how Kate was attacked, and now it is Miranda, I have never, and I mean never seen a celebrity like Bloom have such possessive, obsessed fans. Not Brad, George, Johnny, Keanu, nobody! Their fans have a take it or leave it attitude about their significant other, (until brad left Jen, but not too many of his fans cared that much really) I checked out the Delphi boards to see what the fighting was about out of curiosity, and I was sickened by the bitter anger on that site. Why are you guys so angry, why do you take everything they do personally? If you do not like her, then ignore her and get a life for crying out loud. You all seem pathetic with your obsession, and that is exactly what it is. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings but you seem like a small group of crazy stalkers.

  8. 8
    @3 Says:

    Unless one makes a special trip, there aren’t any paps in NZ so of course he wasn’t photographed. And he apparently went through the airport in Italy, but I haven’t seen any evidence that he actually stayed there. And if he was in the UK, his house is in the country. Again, no paps.
    But NY does have paps, and they are a famous and popular family, so it makes sense that the paps follow them. Why are you pretending that you don’t know this. You’re ridiculous.
    Are you just mad that someone pointed out your MO on a previous thread? You know, where they pointed out your hypocrisy. They said that while on that thread you were claiming that Orlando and Miranda were broken up because they hadn’t been seen together for a while, you would turn that around and scream “set up” the next time they were photographed together.
    Looks like they were right. LOL.
    But I guess that wad pretty easy since you idiots are so predictable.

  9. 9
    @3 Says:

    Uhmmm, every baby is taught to smile at a camera. It’s what we do every time we take a picture of a little one.
    Flynn is way too young to know the difference between a pap and anyone else behind a camera. When he gets older, he will be able to understand the difference in motivation and attitudes.
    But right now all he knows is that someone wants to take his picture.
    There isn’t anything sad about childhood innocence.

  10. 10
    sara Says:

    Such a gorgeous family!
    I guess that rehearsals will be starting soon for Romeo and Juliet.
    We just bought tickets, and I’m so excited!

  11. 11
    Steph Says:

    They really are a beautiful family, aren’t they.
    Love all three of them. Well, all four of them if I include the four legged family member. :)

  12. 12
    @1801 Says:

    This cute family is back!!! I love them.

  13. 13
    Lolllolll Says:

    Look at that fabulous gay couple behind them in the third photo

  14. 14
    kate Says:

    Where is Orlando’s green hat

  15. 15
    @shippers delight...#3 Says:

    Last year Miranda & Flynn stayed with Orlando for 2 MONTHS in NZ while he was filming the Hobbit & there were NO papparazzi pics.
    The same when they joined him in SA for 6 WEEKS when he filmed Zulu.

    So this completely proves your theory WRONG that Miranda calls the paps.

    All the rumours started last year that they must have broken up after Miranda returned to NY for her modeling committments even after spending all that time with Orlando simply because there were no papparazzi pics of them together.

    Miranda had posted some landscape pics of NZ & SA so we knew she &
    Flynn were with Orlando.

    As has been explained MANY MANY times before, most NY apartment buildings do NOT have underground parking so most celebrities have a car & driver. That’s why you see so many pics of celebrities entering & leaving their apartments because the paps know where the celebrities live.

    Hugh Jackman is often papped taking his kids to school, Ann Hathaway with her husband, Kelly Ripa out shopping etc etc.

    As I said in a previous thread after you had claimed they had spilt up you would no doubt say it’s a publicity stunt or a set up if they were photographed together in NY.

    Didn’t take long for you to prove me right, talk about being a hypocrite.

    Orlando has been away filming in NZ & has now returned, it’s as simple as that. No conspiracy theory, just plain fact.

    Miranda is beautiful, successful & happily married with a content child.
    No matter how many times you post lies & comments full of spite & jealousy it will NOT change that fact!

  16. 16
    loll Says:

    #7 Stop pretending you’re just a causal fan honey. Anyone that writes such a long and passionate post like that and knows too much Is as obsessive as the the person you’re trying to call out.
    #8 lol keep making a fool of yourself. The paps don’t hang around in NZ (especially during the filming of the much anticipated hobbit) but they hang around in a pap-free country like South Africa? And it just so happened that Orlando was filming a movie there… But the paps were around for that because Mrs Bloom visited. Now I know she’s your everything but you’re not stupid enough to claim that she’s more important than a movie production that’s why the paps magically appeared when she visited Orlando on set, or are you really that stupid?
    And please, New York is bigger than some countries if the paps keeps spotting you and know of your every move,YOU HAVE THEM ON SPEED DIAL Common sense. You don’t have to go to school to know that one.
    The lady is a famewhore deal with it.

  17. 17
    prettylittleliar Says:

    @@shippers delight…#3: There were a couple pap shots of them in SA, because she calls them, all the time and they find her everywhere, at a tiny airport, at a friend´s house( how would they know that she is there except for her calling in advance), at some private island.
    A lot of celebs who are much more famous than little Miss Famewhore live in NY and they go weeks if not months without getting papd. because they don´t call them.

  18. 18
    prettylittleliar Says:

    @@3: There are plenty of people who dislike Miranda because of Miranda, it has nothing to do with Bloom. I couldn´t care less about him, it´s not 2003 anymore.

  19. 19
    prettylittleliar Says:

    @loll: and hypocrite because she can´t stop complaining about her intrusion of privacy by the paps she called herself, lol.

  20. 20
    Zac Says:

    You can find more pictures Here

  21. 21
    Pauline Says:

    ok this is a kid who loves camera so what he’s used to it . rather that than him crying , being scared

  22. 22
    jean Says:

    @@3: #9

    I stand by my statement. The baby engages the paps and loves the camera.

    Why must you get your panties in a bunch over my harmless statement? Silly@ss.

  23. 23
    jean Says:


    The celeb don’t cry, but they do seem to dislike the paps being around, or they ignore the paps.
    But this little fellow, Flynn, is very aware of the paps presence and engages them.

  24. 24
    @16 Says:

    Actually most, if not all, of the pics we saw of them in SA were pics from normal people who posted them on twitter or FB. And if the one in the “tiny” airport was from a pap, then we would have had more than one picture.
    And no, paps don’t hang out in NZ, because of the closed sets, remote locations and privacy minded locals. So unless they made a special trip, they aren’t there at all.
    As for NY, how can you be surprised that we get pap pics from NY? NY has a lot of paps, because a lot of celebs live there. And the comment about it being “larger than some countries” only shows your ignorance about the city itself. Most celebs in NY live on the island of Manhatten. And in the area between just above Central Park, to the edge of the Financial District. What is that? 6-7 miles? A pap could cover that area on foot. Quite a small country if you ask me. And in that small area, there are celeb hot spots, such as the upper east and west sides, SOHO, Chelsea, etc. It’s actually a very small area that paps have to cover. Why else do you think we get so many pics of celebs in NY? You claim that Miranda calls the paps, or else they would never find her. Are you then willing to claim that Hugh Jackman calls them, too? We sure see a lot of photos of him out with his kids, so he must call them too, right? I guess that he doesn’t care about privacy either, right? If you aren’t willing to admit that he calls the paps, then you are indeed a hypocrite. But as others have said, we already knew that, didn’t we.

  25. 25
    @22 Says:

    They were responding to #3, who claimed that it was “sad” that Flynn smiles at cameras. You even typed @3 in your response, so I don’t know why you thought that they were talking to you, “silly @ss”.
    Unless you are ALSO #3, and are using sockpuppets, you should not have been offended. LOL

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