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Beyonce Shares 4th of July Photos, New Blue Ivy Pics!

Beyonce Shares 4th of July Photos, New Blue Ivy Pics!

Beyonce shows off her patriotic side in these new photos from her Fourth of July celebration posted to her Tumblr page.

The 31-year-old entertainer spent the day with her husband Jay-Z and their 17-month-old baby girl Blue Ivy driving around in a classic Rolls Royce car.

Bey also shared photos of their Independence Day feast, which included lobster, corn on the cob, and watermelon.

Other photos of the family boarding a helicopter and Beyonce and Blue at a park were released.

15+ pictures inside from Beyonce‘s new update to her Tumblr page…

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beyonce shares 4th of july photos new blue ivy pics 01
beyonce shares 4th of july photos new blue ivy pics 02
beyonce shares 4th of july photos new blue ivy pics 03
beyonce shares 4th of july photos new blue ivy pics 04
beyonce shares 4th of july photos new blue ivy pics 05
beyonce shares 4th of july photos new blue ivy pics 06
beyonce shares 4th of july photos new blue ivy pics 07
beyonce shares 4th of july photos new blue ivy pics 08
beyonce shares 4th of july photos new blue ivy pics 09
beyonce shares 4th of july photos new blue ivy pics 10
beyonce shares 4th of july photos new blue ivy pics 11
beyonce shares 4th of july photos new blue ivy pics 12
beyonce shares 4th of july photos new blue ivy pics 13
beyonce shares 4th of july photos new blue ivy pics 14
beyonce shares 4th of july photos new blue ivy pics 15
beyonce shares 4th of july photos new blue ivy pics 16
beyonce shares 4th of july photos new blue ivy pics 17
beyonce shares 4th of july photos new blue ivy pics 18

Photos: I Am Beyonce Tumblr
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    Get it Bey :)

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    you go bey jay and blue I love the Carters god bless proteict them for life

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  • Verity

    People always have to be hating on Beyonce but secretly wish they had her life. Get over it.

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    I think it is silly how people put BeyoncĂ© in that so revered status. She had that one really great first album. The rest of her music has been okay. She is pretty and can dance and sing a little and is rich–. Other than that she is likely a good mom and wife, which a lot of people are. So why is she so revered and treated like she is better than just because she can sing and dance?

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    More pictures here

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